The Twilight Saga

This is my first fan fic, so please be nice.
Basically its a bout a vampire (duh) who hasn't meet the cullen's (yet) but is already on the animal diet. I'll write more if you like it. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I don't want anything. most of these idea things come from SM and I don't claim any credit for when her characters are introduced.
P.S this is for AFTER breaking dawn. lol.

Chapter 1.
I like it out here, in the woods. It is peaceful, quiet.... and most of all, deserted. I am completely cut off from humanity- from the temptation. I like all the little things, things that a city wouldn’t show you. The extra stars, the wild flowers... beautiful. I have a little wooden cottage that I had made myself. It wasn’t a hard thing to do- it only took me and hour or so. There were 3 rooms in my little cottage. A lounge/library area, a bedroom and a bathroom. My bathroom was tiny; just a home-made shower and a mirror. I have a large tank around the back of my cottage which caught the water when it rained, so nobody knew I am out here. My bedroom is almost empty. Sure I have a bed but it was just encase I was ever struck with the desire to lie on a comfortable place while reading. There was something undignified about laying on the ground. Surrounding my little home was a beautiful garden. I took my time making it perfect. What else was I going to do? I had nothing BUT time. I was never interrupted. It had been many, many months, perhaps years, since I last spoke to anyone other than my reflection in the mirror, or the animals I hunt. I am a vampire, humans were my food, my pray. But, out here, away from... life I had no pray. And that was greatly annoying, and burningly painful. Lucky for all the wildlife... not. Sure it tasted disgusting, but after 150 years you get used to it. It’s not so bad. I didn’t remember my change. No, scrap that. I remember pain. Searing, burning, unbelievable pain. Then... nothing. I was here, in the woods, completely alone. Flickers of my past had shot through my mind, just little things that I now had trouble recalling. Things like my name and age flash past. But otherwise it was a blur. The pain had ended in my body, but my throat still burned. I remember running, faster than anything I had ever seen, and then stopping in the very clearing I now call home. I could see everything. Hear everything. Smell everything. That was when I first devoured my now normal pray. An old bear had wondered into the clearing, and was sniffing the air with its greying muzzle. I didn’t think twice. It was dead within minutes and I was semi satisfied. I had continued to hunt, until my thirst was completely controlled. Deer was worse than the bear, so I tried to avoid that. Now, 153 years later, nothing had changed. I was still Aurora Caelestis, which ironically means “Heavenly Dawn” in Latin. I was still the beautiful 16 year old girl I had been when I was changed. I had long black hair that waved down to the middle of my back. All of my features were exact, defined. My once beautiful hazel eyes were now a golden colour, a colour that changed to black as my thirst grew. I was stunningly perfect. It annoyed me that I was so perfect. It gave me nothing to work towards, nothing to improve. So I just concentrated on making my only little world reflect my beauty. Almost everything I had I made myself. Once, when I was around 20 years into my immortal life, I had run from my clearing until I found a town. I had felt sorry for many of the store owners who had woken to find their shops ransacked and the car owner who found their vehicle missing, but I took some simple essentials that I needed. That’s how I had furnished my home. I made my own clothes- the fabric shop in town had become a regular target of mine. After around 1 and half years of trying to stop the robberies, they gave up. Instead they laid out a range of fabrics, and left a note addressed to “the robber” to only take this, because they no longer needed it, it was cheap and they could afford to lose it. In return I left my own note saying that if they continued this kindness, I would return the favour by keeping the town out of danger. There were several confused months worth of notes after this statement, but they no longer questioned me when the town fire suddenly disappeared BEFORE the fire fighters came. They gave me real silk the month after that. That is my life- so far- in a not so small nutshell. Every night I ran the perimeter of the town, and ran through it, making sure nothing was out of the ordinary. Nothing ever was. Sure from time to time I had to stop some little thing, or leave warning of an incoming storm, but other than that the town had stayed completely safe for 132 years. There hasn’t been any issue raised about the fact I’m still helping them.... surly they are wondering about the age factor- but I guessed they had guessed I wasn’t human. It is always sunny here. I loved to lie in my garden, in the sun, and watch my skin glitter, watch the rainbows I cast dance on the grass and flowers as I tended to them. But today I was pouting. It was pouring down. I stood by my one and only window staring out at the sheeting rain. I took in a huge breath, praying silently for the rain to stop so that my plants wouldn’t drown. I froze mid breath. I couldn’t believe the scent that had trailed lazily into my house. Human.

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Write more!
Chapter 2.
Oh no. This was the only thought running through my mind. No! It had taking me longer then what it should have to recognize the scent. The rain had made it softer, harder to detect. My animalistic instincts took over, and I let out an automatic growl. I breathed in deeply again. Ah. There is more than one. 3 I guess, maybe 4, the rain made it hard to tell. They weren’t far out. I listened carefully closing my eyes for better concentration. I can hear them walking towards my little cottage. No! I’m going to be exposed or... I shuddered at the second thought that ran through my mind. A new growl rose in my throat, but this time I was growling at myself, telling myself that no, I wouldn’t kill these people. I waited at my window for what seemed like eternity, waiting for them to come into the clearing. The rain cleared to just a light drizzle, and their scent became stronger; more potent. I could see them, pulling them into my clear sight. When I focused on them, I could see each individual detail of each of the men. I was right, there are 3 men. All of them have a glowing like light surrounding them, like another layer of skin that was made of pure light. Two of them were older, between mid twenties and mid thirties, while one was only 17 or 18. The older men have dark, uncomfortable gray aura’s. But the younger one’s aura is so bright it’s blinding. When I spotted him, the other two became insignificant. His dark brown hair was only made darker in the rain, turning it to a deep black. His eyes were the most beautiful perfect green. His skin was a clear, pale. He looked perfect... I smiled through the glass, even though I know they wouldn’t be able to see me.
“Hello?” one of the older men call out. The rain was misting now, so my garden was enveloped into a semi hidden meadow. I stepped out of the house and danced toward them, grinning the whole time. I held my breath- I don’t want to kill them. Their scent lingered seductively on the back of my tongue, almost begging me to have my first human meal. I stopped not far from the men, all of whom were stunned into silence, and smiled.
“Hello. Can I help you?” I asked politely. I am well aware of the fact that that I wouldn’t be able to talk for very long without breathing. Hopefully they would leave every quickly. I had nothing to offer them. I saw the two older men look me up and down slowly, like big cats who had cornered a wilder beast, then grinned at each other. I quickly glanced down at what I was wearing, before looking at the younger man. It was a simple dress, one of my favourites, but it hugged my curves, and was incredibly short. I was basically a walking sex advertisement. If I could have blushed, I would have. The younger man’s eyes didn’t leave my face and he was respectively blushing. I turned back to the older men, slightly uncomfortable with the way both of them were undressing me with their eyes. I’m 169 for god sake! I may look like a 16 year old innocent, who is easily persuaded into unsafe situation, but I was an ice cold vampire. I know they don’t realize that.
“Are you alone out hear little lady?” one of the men asked probingly. I smiled, nodding. Another grin flashed across the man’s face. He is pleased at this fact. The other older one took a step forward. He is closer to me now, only a metre or so away.
“Well aren’t you going to invite us in? It really cold out here and you,” he paused eyeing me again “aren’t really dressed to be out in this weather.”
“Nick!” the younger one called, an appalled tone in his voice. The older one, Nick, didn’t even react to the boy’s response. It was the other un-named man who did. He stepped forward and smacked him right across the face, hard. The boy toppled to the ground, dazed, but not unconscious. I let out a growl, taking a step towards the fallen boy. Nick stopped me, grabbing my arm tightly, and a devilish grin appeared on his face.
“He’ll be alright. He just needed to learn some manners is all. Now, how about me and you go into that house and have a little... chat.” His eyes moved from my face to my chest and lingered there. I took a deep breath to tell him I was not going anywhere with him, breathing in his scent. For a second I lost all control. I bit him, my teeth sinking into the flesh on the side of his neck like a finger through water and met the most intoxicating taste I will ever taste. It’s like all of the worlds delicacies put together in a mouth watering combination. Only a minute passed before I dropped his lifeless body to the ground. I instantly wanted more. The other man, who was still distracted by the fallen boy, didn’t notice my slow approach. I was crouching they way I did when I hunted. I launched myself at him, barely noticing the fact that he had been kicking the fallen boy even more senseless. I was done with him in only a minute or so. I then turned to the young boy. He was lying, now unconscious, on the ground, blood streaming from his nose. I breathed deeply, letting the intoxicating smell engulf me. Then I lowered my head to his neck, and began my final meal.
Chapter 3.
I was full. The boy sat, half drained, practically begging to be eaten. But finishing the others had filled me. And I had hunted only a few days ago. It would be gluttony to finish him. I felt sorry for him- his life ending as a half eaten snack. How... depressing. I stood, planning to quickly run into the house and change before dealing with the bodies. I was just inside the door when the screaming started. I rushed out; what could possibly be happening now?! I watched as my half meal started to thrash around, screaming and shouting.
“PUT IT OUT!” he screamed at me. I flinched. The pain must have been intense.
“What?” I asked quietly. How could he still be alive?
“THE FIRE!” he screeched “IT’S BURNING! PLEASE KILL ME!!!” I stood, shocked. I know exactly what he is feeling. He is changing. But how? Why him? Why hadn’t the others changed too? I walked over to him and picked him up, he was so light it was like picking up a book, and carried him into the house. I placed him lightly on the bed, adjusting his body so he wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. All the while he was screaming, thrashing and moaning- it was horrible. I covered my ears from the screams, the desperate shouts for the pain to end. It didn’t help. I took off into the forest, running until his screams we drowned into the background. I sunk down against the nearest tree. I needed time to think! I thought it over carefully; what had I done differently to him, then to the others. Let’s see... I bit them. I fed on them. They were lying lifeless on my lawn. Wait! Could... biting him have caused it? Biting and leaving some blood? I had commonly felt the liquid rushing I when I hunted and the excess flow when i scoped the town, but could it really be... venom? I dwelled on this for a while, watching as darkness set over the sky. It was still early... the black clouds were darking the forest, bringing on an early night. I ran back to my cottage when it had become so dark that it must be well into the night. I wasn’t eager to return to the screaming. I could hear it as I ran in, getting closer and louder. When I reached the door I was almost deaf, the boy was screaming so loud. Was I like that? I wondered into the bedroom and leaned against the door frame, watching as he twitched and screamed. It was painful to watch, and the knowledge that I had done that to him only made it worse. I walked over to the bed and kneeled by his side, taking his hand into mine.
“Boy? Can you hear me?” I asked in a firm voice. I doubted he could... he was just screaming to loud! His head rolled wildly in my direction, and I gasped when I saw his perfect green eyes. They were melting into a dark, more sinister colour. Slowly, but surely. They held fear, worry but most of all a crippling unbearable pain.
“Please...,” he said, rather quietly for his previous volume, “please...just kill me. It hurts... too much... I’m burning!” I stared. He was still mostly human... I could kill him. No. I killed the other men by accident! I won’t do it on purpose. And they were bad men, I could tell. He was innocent, kind... he would make a good companion.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered remorsefully “I can’t.” His teeth gritted together and he moaned in agony.
“I have to go... I’ll be back in an hour or so.” I continued. I smoothed the hair on his head a little, it had flown wild his tossing, and turned to leave. I ran as quickly as I could to the town and preformed my promised duty. I wondered if maybe the boy would ever be able to come on one of my runs. 4 eyes were always better then 2. Especially if they are supernatural eyes. As I ran past the fabric shop I smelt fresh ink among the human. Ah they had left me a note. I quickly ducked inside and picked it up of the counter.
Robby, it read displaying my nickname among the town, there have been some unpleasant people come into town this morning. There were three men, told older and one a young chap. The younger one seemed friendly, and paid his fees. The older were not as nice, and we discovered after they left that we were missing quite a lot of money. We believe that these men have stolen it. Could you please look into it? From Old Gray. Old gray was the name of the town.
I quickly scribbled a replay along the bottom of the note with a nearby pen- all ready taken care of. I ran off full speed to my cottage. Looks like I have some money to find.

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Love it!
Very very good.........
do write more please............

Addition to chapter 3:
I ransacked the bodies. It made me feel dirty for stealing from the dead, but they had stolen from the living, and right now the living needed it more. I grabbed everything I thought the town would need or would be able to salvage, then ran it back to town. I moved as fast as I could, trying unsuccessfully to block out the screaming from inside my house. I returned the stuff with a second note that said that I had “chased the men away.” I then swiftly returned to my house- dawn was breaking and I didn’t want to be caught in the sun near were a human could spot me. As I got closer to the clearing I noticed something eerie- it was silent. I ran closer to my house. That’s when it clicked. The boy. He had stopped screaming.

sorry I forgot to put up the ending.... lol
that was so awesome please finish write more
Here we go again, eh? chapter 4, going up!

Chapter 4.
I was by his side in an eighth of a second. My ears told me he was still alive, his heart beating fiercely. My eyes told me he was breathing, his chest moving up and down slowly, but defiantly moving. But still, I panicked. It was strange that only a few hours ago his screams had made me feel horrible as they ripped at my over sensitive ears. Now, I craved for them. What was the cause of his silence? I poked him in the arm so lightly that I barely brushed his skin. I instinctively knew that poking him to hard would only hurt him more- he was like a delicate feather, damageable with the slightest touch. Meeting him and the other men had made me understand why human’s smelt so good, why they were our intended pray- they were weak, easily defeated. They were the first human’s I had ever met, and they were the worst people that could have welcomed a species to me. It just made them more... appealing. The boy, who was still twitching slightly in his noiseless stupor, practically fell of the bed. It was like my touch had given him an electric shock. His face wheeled to find mine, his now deep marron coloured eyes locking onto mine.
“Have you come to kill me? Please? End the fire!” he said almost shouting.
“No boy, I haven’t,” I said quietly. I was determined to be completely calm, even though his eyes scared me. They were getting lighter. “I’m sure your change will nearly be done soon. The pain will end then. Tell me, why did you stop screaming?” he looked at me then thrashed his head from side to side for a minute, before re-focusing on me.
“Screaming didn’t help. No-one came. No-one could hear. But you came after a while. Why? Why did you come not to stop the pain?” he accused wildly. He sobbed for a moment, no tears leaving his eyes. My eyes stung a little, as they had for the past day, but I didn’t cry. I had never cried. Not since my change.
“I’m sorry...” I whispered. He just shook his head. Then he screamed at me. He begged. Put out the fire. Anything, just make it go away. I couldn’t stand it. I left the room.
2 more days passed. I sat with him whenever he was quiet. When he screamed, it was too much, and I had to leave. After his first silent hour he screamed for around 6. Then, silence again. I had sat with him then. I tried to tell him what was happening, what he was becoming. But he didn’t believe me. And then, he would scream. I watched him slowly change, his face becoming perfect, his mussles turning to flexible diamond. I had showered on the second day after his bite, after finding that I was bloody and dirty and that my clothes were ripped from the meal I had made out of his companions. When I stepped out I was shocked at my refection- I had glistening blood red eyes. They didn’t look real. Horrified, I had thrown on a homemade jeans and shirt, before taking off into the forest to find some animal pray. If it could get rid of the red, I would drink it gladly. I finished off 3 deer and a small wild cat, before hurriedly checking my eyes. The red was dulled, like an orangey/ brown colour. I knew that after a few more meals I would have my normal gold back. Or, at least I hoped. I fed as much as I could in the next couple of days, despite the fact that I felt like I was going to pop. My eyes got more gold each feed, but that was the only thing that kept me eating. I was reading when I first heard the change. Perched on the end of the bed, I laid my book down next to me and crawled up to his side. His heart was flying wildly. Any pitch his voice had reached in the last 2 days was beaten by the height of his screams now. His body was twitching, tossing, turning. I figured that this must be the end of the change, because as he twitched his fingers and toes slowly became still. Soon, his arms and legs were slowing, then still as well. His heart beat faster still; it sounded like it would collapse just from the effort of surviving. Then, almost suddenly, it stopped, and he was still and quiet. He seemed... dead.
“Boy?” I whispered almost silently, concerned. I blinked when he flew from the bed to the wall in a blinding speed that even I could barely follow. A steady growl was vibrating from his lips, his eyes- bright, vibrant red- glaring at me in my seat. I didn’t move. I had been told once, many, many years ago that newborns were unpredictable, unsafe. They were extremely fast, and strong for around the first year of their lives, then their strength would start to fade and they would be normal. But any untrained older vampire was greatly at risk. I watched as his growl slowly eased to a stop, most likely at my terrified expression. He slowly took a step forward. I sighed in relief.

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I like it. I wonder what's gonna happen next.
Still I wonder. She has never been around humans before? Seems a little improbable since she protects a whole town. That part seems a little off to me. Especially because she did meet other vampires and the told here about newborns.

Anyway, that's just my thought. Overall I like it and want to read more.
the shes never met a human in person
and she has met another vampire.... who it was will be reveled in coming chapters
this is so good u have to rite more please were begging you let me know ASAP when u rite the nest chapter
I"ll add you as a friend then email everybody when the next chapter


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