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This is an All human story, An Alice and Jasper story... Jasper's childhood sweetheart Anna had died, when both of them were 12 years old... now Jasper is 18 years old while his sister Bella is 17, but both especially Jasper still cannot forget Anna.


One day, three new students came, Edward Emmett and Alice...and surprise surprise!! Alice resembles alot about Anna. the only thing different is that Anna had long wavy black/brownish hair while Alice has spiky hair. So will Jasper forget about Anna? and start to love Alice? or will he just date Alice to remind him of Anna?


Jasper and Bella Swan = Siblings

Alice, Edward, Emmett Cullen = Siblings

Rosalie Hale = Most Popular girl.


1)All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. Except a few which i created myself.

2)Please do not steal, borrow my idea. thanks!!




Jasper's POV

12 Years old


I knocked slightly at my sister, Bella's room, grinning from ear to ear. When I swung open the door quietly, I found Bella standing near her bed with a flustered look.


"Did you do it...? Did you...? Did you?!" She asked me over and over again. I just nodded, still grinning. “Omigodddd!!!” I heard Bella squealed happily and was dancing around the room. I just laughed at my lovely sister, who was still dancing. “Praise God… Praise the Holy Spirit… Praise the Virgin Mary…!” She chanted over and over again. I smacked her with her pillow, laughing.


Bella looked at me, her smile so wide I could fit a peanut butter jar into it. “It took you long enough!! 2 years…! My goodness… finally!!! So…how was your first kiss with Anna…?” Bella asked immediately, tugging my sleeves impatiently.


I turned a slight pink when she mention Anna’s name. Anna…the light of my heart… Anna…my angel...


“It was…” I paused, trying to find a perfect word to describe the kiss. “…sweet… and nice…and soft…” I told Bella dreamily. Bella squealed again. She did her little victory dance again. If it wasn’t because I threw her pillow at her, she would have started the chanting again.


“Bella…BELLA!” I nearly yelled at her. Bella stopped her victory dance, and looked at me. “What was that for…?” She whined and picked up her pillow. She hugged the pillow tightly and sat beside me.


“Chill, Bella… it is just a first kiss…” I reminded her, but was still grinning. “You naughty brother…! What are you up to now?” Bella asked, laughing.


“God Bella… what are you thinking in your mind? Nothing…! I’m just going to act normally, see her at school everyday…” I said dreamily… the thought of seeing Anna makes me smile.


I was sure she was an angel in disguise… Anna was gorgeous in many ways. She was petite, with long black wavy hair. When she smiles, it lights up my heart… nobody could smile like Anna. Her smile was so angelic… so loving, and so sweet.


“Earth to Casper the friendly ghost…!” Bella yelled


at my ear. I looked at her angrily for interrupting my thoughts. “Stop calling me Casper, Bella…I’m Jasper…with the J…not Casper…with the C!” I exclaimed. I hate it when Bella teases me… naming me after a cartoon ghost…! Bella just grin maliciously.


“Well…I’m beat Bella…I think I’m going to bed now.” I announced and walk out without saying anything else. I was smiling when I finally doze off to my dream land.




I bet you guys are wondering this:

"Who the heck is Anna?"

"Where is Alice...?"

 "I thought this is an ALice and Jasper story?"

Well, read on to find out, and YES this is an Alice and Jasper's story. Alice will appear soon! No worries.


Glad you liked it, and be sure to check out my other fan fic Tear of the Phoenix


And My Collab Fan Fic with Alice, Thanks!




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That was so sad! I hope she will be ok! Please post more soon! Hreat chapter!
write it please
Oh my she has lung cancer that is so sad is Jasper going to lose Alice like he lost Anna the first time.
Alice’s POV

The minute I said that I have cancer, everything went blur and wrong, Jasper edge away from me, shock plastered on his face…

I started sobbing when I realized I had scared him away. He didn’t deserve this, and now he was going to suffer together with me. “I’m…I’m sorry…” I gasped as I grab the nearest towel. I dabbed the towel as soft as I could on my nose. Was it bleeding again? I have to check.

Nope, the white cloth was still white. I must look like a total zombie In front of Jasper. I felt sad and pain when I realized Jasper was looking, wild eyes straight ahead. As if he was thinking of something.

I knew it. It was a clear mistake that I told Jasper about my sickness, of my disease. Tears kept on pouring down without stopping.

I knew it was over.
I knew I had lost Jasper.

But just as I turned away from Jasper he grabs my hand gently and entwined his left fingers into mine as his right hand touched my cold pale cheek gently.

As softly as he could, he turned my face towards his, and before I knew it he had kissed me softly on the lips. It lasted for quite some time, but it was a soft and passionate kiss. Finally he broke free and gaze longing into my eyes.

“About time for our first kiss…” He said and laughed.

Jasper brushed my hair away again before saying…

“I love you, Alice Cullen. I forever will and forever must be.” He said softly as he kissed my tears on my cheek. He gave me a crooked smile, and I laughed softly.

“I…I thought…you were…going…to…to…go.” I shuddered. Jasper’s expression turned into a serious one.

“You thought I was about to leave you? Leave you when you need me the most? No way Alice, had I promised to love and protect you the whole time. I can’t just leave you like that.” Jasper said and I smile in relief.

I lean in closer to Jasper and kissed him again. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. He was such a gentleman, not talking real advantage of me. He was taking it slowly.

I had never kiss anyone before…I was always either too sick, or my brothers were protecting me from dating or any guys. Normally, guys don’t look at me…guy’s don’t realize I was even there. Because I was mostly in the hospital and not in school, I had missed out a lot of things. Things every average teenager should know.

Things that I did not know…

“Ahem, AHEM…!” I heard a loud cough as we broke apart. I looked shyly and saw Emmett and Edward looking at us. Edward smiled, approving of what we just did while Emmett just growled. Seriously…he has to work on the attitude. At least Jasper and I weren’t like him…kissing in a public place where thousands of eyes were looking.

“Exactly what…are you doing?” Emmett hissed at Jasper.

Jasper stood up confidently.

“Emmett and Edward I know you guys probably won’t allow this, but please let me date your sister. Please let me make her happy, Please…let me be her boyfriend!” Jasper said.

All of us gasped. I didn’t see that one coming!

Edward was chuckling now, so I assumed he had agreed. But the problem was…Emmett. He narrowed his eyes, frowning at me and then to Jasper.

“Em…come on…I’m not seven years old…I’m seventeen. I should be allowed to do this.” I said as I held Jasper’s hand tightly.

Emmett frowned again.

“Emmett…” Jasper started but then, another voice came in.

“Emmett…come on you seriously think you should be doing this to your sister?”

It was Rosalie’s!

“Rose…” Emmett started to say but Rosalie held one finger up.
“Nah Uh, Emmett…I’m not allowing this. Alice needs her freedom and I’m sure Jasper will take care of her. Please, Emmett, for their sake. You won’t want Alice to be all sad and alone all the time now, do you?” Rosalie convinced.

Emmett finally gave up.

“But with one condition…I don’t want you to be doing…doing things that are…you know...beyond your age!” Emmett said to me and Jasper.

“Oh no Emmett…you can’t be thinking that far…!” I gasped, knowing what he had meant. Jasper just laughed as he pulled me closer.

“Just agree please…!” Emmett said and we nodded in agreement.
“Of course…we’re too young. Yes. We can always do it next time when we’re older!” Jasper said and grinned at Edward, who grinned back.

Emmett rolled his eyes.

I knew this was supposed to be a happy moment, but I couldn’t help feel sad and angry when Jasper mentioned the sentence ‘next time when we’re older’. I started crying as I pulled away from Jasper’s grasp.

Everyone was shock now.

“Oh no, oh no what did I said? Alice…” Jasper said panicky as Edward and Emmett hurries to my bed side.

“It…I…don’t…” I just kept crying, couldn’t finish my sentence.

I was hoping any of them could understand, but none did. Only…only Rosalie did though.

“You stupid fella…! Didn’t you just say the taboo word?” Rosalie said and smacked Jasper’s back angrily. She comforts me as I threw my arms around her.

Still, all of them were confused.

“I don’t understand…” Emmett said stupidly. Rosalie rolled her eyes before mentioning the sentence I had gotten hurt from.

Jasper, Edward and Emmett finally understood and Jasper quickly comforts me. Nobody knew what to say…they couldn’t say that I could live for long…I might die any second. I might even die the next day. All that could help me was chemotherapy, which I hated with all my might.

“You…I…I’m sure you will be okay, Alice…nothing is going to happen to you.” Jasper said and I cried even more.

“Li...Liar! I’m a…a can…cancer pat…patient! I had…had already been through this…I don’t…I know that…that…I might not…live…longer!” I said through my tears and I saw all of their bodies became stiffed.

“I’m…I…In the…stage…four…of…this…cancer…! Sur…Surgery is hope…hopeless. I…I can only…rely…on…Chemo…whi…which…I Hate!” I continued even though I know they were not willing to listen.

“It…It’s just…just a…a…matter of…time…before…before I…” I wanted to finish but Jasper covers my mouth with his, to silent me.

Emmett coughed loudly.

“Silly girl, why are you worrying about tomorrow? You can’t be sure yet…” Jasper said as I finally shut up. I tried to protest but he continues.

“Yes, we’re very much aware that stage four is…is…dangerous…but we mustn’t give up before we try. Chemo is nothing, okay fine…it hurts a bit, but I don’t mind following you to it every single day if you want me too. Alice, I promised you, you’re my life, you won’t and you can’t die now. No. I won’t let that happen!” Jasper said his short speech and I sniff.
Jasper wiped away my tears and smile warmly to me.

“No matter what, Alice I’ll be here with you. Every step of your day…” He said and kisses my forehead.

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I loved it! Great chapter! Perfect!
yay!!! emmett agreed!
Okay I love this part - "About time for our first kiss…” He said and laughed.

“I love you, Alice Cullen. I forever will and forever must be.

Crying sad tears and happy tears!!!!
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