The Twilight Saga

This is an All human story, An Alice and Jasper story... Jasper's childhood sweetheart Anna had died, when both of them were 12 years old... now Jasper is 18 years old while his sister Bella is 17, but both especially Jasper still cannot forget Anna.


One day, three new students came, Edward Emmett and Alice...and surprise surprise!! Alice resembles alot about Anna. the only thing different is that Anna had long wavy black/brownish hair while Alice has spiky hair. So will Jasper forget about Anna? and start to love Alice? or will he just date Alice to remind him of Anna?


Jasper and Bella Swan = Siblings

Alice, Edward, Emmett Cullen = Siblings

Rosalie Hale = Most Popular girl.


1)All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. Except a few which i created myself.

2)Please do not steal, borrow my idea. thanks!!




Jasper's POV

12 Years old


I knocked slightly at my sister, Bella's room, grinning from ear to ear. When I swung open the door quietly, I found Bella standing near her bed with a flustered look.


"Did you do it...? Did you...? Did you?!" She asked me over and over again. I just nodded, still grinning. “Omigodddd!!!” I heard Bella squealed happily and was dancing around the room. I just laughed at my lovely sister, who was still dancing. “Praise God… Praise the Holy Spirit… Praise the Virgin Mary…!” She chanted over and over again. I smacked her with her pillow, laughing.


Bella looked at me, her smile so wide I could fit a peanut butter jar into it. “It took you long enough!! 2 years…! My goodness… finally!!! So…how was your first kiss with Anna…?” Bella asked immediately, tugging my sleeves impatiently.


I turned a slight pink when she mention Anna’s name. Anna…the light of my heart… Anna…my angel...


“It was…” I paused, trying to find a perfect word to describe the kiss. “…sweet… and nice…and soft…” I told Bella dreamily. Bella squealed again. She did her little victory dance again. If it wasn’t because I threw her pillow at her, she would have started the chanting again.


“Bella…BELLA!” I nearly yelled at her. Bella stopped her victory dance, and looked at me. “What was that for…?” She whined and picked up her pillow. She hugged the pillow tightly and sat beside me.


“Chill, Bella… it is just a first kiss…” I reminded her, but was still grinning. “You naughty brother…! What are you up to now?” Bella asked, laughing.


“God Bella… what are you thinking in your mind? Nothing…! I’m just going to act normally, see her at school everyday…” I said dreamily… the thought of seeing Anna makes me smile.


I was sure she was an angel in disguise… Anna was gorgeous in many ways. She was petite, with long black wavy hair. When she smiles, it lights up my heart… nobody could smile like Anna. Her smile was so angelic… so loving, and so sweet.


“Earth to Casper the friendly ghost…!” Bella yelled


at my ear. I looked at her angrily for interrupting my thoughts. “Stop calling me Casper, Bella…I’m Jasper…with the J…not Casper…with the C!” I exclaimed. I hate it when Bella teases me… naming me after a cartoon ghost…! Bella just grin maliciously.


“Well…I’m beat Bella…I think I’m going to bed now.” I announced and walk out without saying anything else. I was smiling when I finally doze off to my dream land.




I bet you guys are wondering this:

"Who the heck is Anna?"

"Where is Alice...?"

 "I thought this is an ALice and Jasper story?"

Well, read on to find out, and YES this is an Alice and Jasper's story. Alice will appear soon! No worries.


Glad you liked it, and be sure to check out my other fan fic Tear of the Phoenix


And My Collab Fan Fic with Alice, Thanks!




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Alice’s POV

When Jasper walked back in with Edward behind him, I knew something was wrong. Although Jasper was smiling, I could see that his smile was stiff and hard. There weren’t any love in his smile…

Why am I acting like this? I’m acting as if I do not know why Jasper is doing this. It’s obvious that he was grief, sad and angry. Why? Me.

Jasper was silent, but I knew he must be thinking of a million things in his mind. He sat next to me, his eyes straight ahead. Everyone was quiet now. Esme was looking at the ceiling, while Edward and Bella were looking at each other, deep in thoughts. All four portraits were still clutched tightly on each fist.

“Edward.” I broke the silence. Everyone looked at me now, except Jasper.
“Yeah…?” Edward asked softly.
“Where’s Em?” I asked.
“Volleyball practice…” Edward answered stiffly.

Again, everyone was silent. Esme and Bella kept looking at the portrait that I drew of them, each deep in their own thoughts. I tugged gently on Jasper’s sleeves. He looked at me, pain and angry in his eyes.

“Jasper…? You…okay?” I asked, although I knew the answer already.
“Fine, I’m fine…” Jasper replied, looking at me intently.
“What are you thinking?” I asked again, trying to break the silence in my ward. Jasper moved uncomfortably, looking at Edward thoughtfully. Edward looked back. They were somehow having a mental conversation.

Jasper nodded a few times slightly, and Edward nodded back. I was confused and curious.
“What…?” I tugged on Jasper’s sleeve again. This time, Jasper smiles warmly at me, although there were clearly no changes in his eyes. Edward, Bella and Esme somehow decided that they should leave, and they did.

“Nothing baby, just wondering how your wish list is going on…” Jasper shrugged. I smiled.

“Only one more to go…” I said happily, although Jasper’s expression remained the same.

“What is it?” He asked.
“Stars, looking at stars…” I replied. Jasper nodded.
“We’ll do it tonight. If it’s okay with you…?” Jasper gave me a weak smile.
“Of course it is.” I hugged him tightly and he hugged me back even tighter.

“Oh, Jasper…” I suddenly said.
“Do you think it is troubling if I called Rosalie here? I want to…draw…her.”
“Is it okay?”
“Most probably... Don’t worry, I’ll call Emmett and tell him.” Jasper smiled, kissed my forehead and disappeared out of my room.


“Hold on Rose…just a little bit more…” I muttered as my hand swished and flicked across the sketch pad in a speed that no one but me could do it.

Rosalie chuckled.

“It’s okay Alice…how many time must I tell you?” She asked.
“Don’t change your expression!” I ordered and smile.

She chuckled again.

“Gorgeous.” I whispered to myself when I finally finished.

Rosalie jumped up from her chair and rushed to my side. She peered onto the sketch pad and gasped.

“Oh My God...”

I handed her the sketch pad and she kept saying oh my god over and over again.

“I can have this?” She asked and I nodded, glad that she was happy.
“I’m going to have this frame…my goodness…” She said and tore the page off.

Rosalie looked at me suddenly, sadness in her eyes.

“Thank you, Alice. For doing this…” She said.
“You’re…welcome.” I manage to choke out the sentence. Both of us shed a tear almost at the same time.

“I’ll go call the rest in, okay? I bet they are dying to see the portrait.” She sniffed and manages a weak smile. I nodded and wipe away my tears. Rosalie opens the door and called out.

“Hello, guys? You can come in now.” She said within seconds, Esme, Edward, Bella, Jasper and Emmett came walking into my room.

“Yo sissy... Finally..!” Emmett said in a playful tone. I smile in relief. At least there was someone that didn’t show off the sadness in a way that would make me feel sad as well. I can always count on Emmett to cheer me up.

“Let me see…” Emmett snatched Rosalie’s portrait and held it up beside her face. Everyone laughed. Emmett was trying to compare whether my portrait was same with Rosalie’s actual face or not.

“Wow. Not bad sissy.” Emmett praised me and handed the portrait back to Rosalie. “Thanks Em.” I chuckled. I had already given him his earlier and he was delighted. Well, who won’t be?

I glanced at the clock and it showed 6.30 p.m. Who knew time flies so fast? I was flustered for night time to come, flustered to gaze at the stars with my whole family, with Jasper.

A/n: Sobx. =( Ending, so very very very soon.T.T

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