The Twilight Saga

this is a story that happens in BD. when the voltrui come they do not listen to the cullens and start a fight. renesmee runns off with jake and they are living somewhere in south africa.
but it is also some what of a mystery story.

chapter 1
My life has ended B's prov
i looked at my daugher whom i loved vary much. "baby remember no matter where we are i love you and me and your father will always be with you in your heart!" i was holding renesmees hand. her eyes where welling up with tears.
"no momma!" renesmee cryed. i was sobing.
"i love you." then i went to jake. "jake keep her safe. and remember.... you will always be my best man." i said and tryed to smile at the end. he wined and put his head to my chest. i peted him.
" i love you guys." i said. "remember i will always be in your heart. and so will your father. we love you." i told renesmee and toughted her locket. "i love you to momma." i ran next to edward trying not to look back.
"momma! " i heard her yell. i turned around. "i love you rensmee carlie cullen!" i yelled. edward hugged me and we where about to face our death "Demitri is mine." he remeinded me. then he kissed so passonitly i couldn't help but kiss back. "i love you edward anothey mason cullen"i murmred.
"i love you to isabella marie swan." he said and kissed my forhead.
"and edward, alec is mine." i wisperd. and we ran off to fight.
kate on jane, carlisle on aro with elezar with him. tanya was on marcis bhlaa bhlaa bhlaa.
i was protecting everyone here. it was hard but i was not going to let alec or jane get to them.
i ran up to alec. i stricked him hard on the face. he was looking at me trying to use his power.. nothing. i gave him an evil smile . i saw edward take down Demitri. now renesmee and jake could get away. and so would alice and jasper. i hope they can find each other. edward came to help me and i shilded him. i focesed on shilding him kate and zafira. and the fights contunued.
eather they would fall or we would.
renesmees prov
"momma!" i screamed. i needed my momma. i love her! i was not going to let them hert her.
"jaky please i want momma and daddy!" i yelled. my jakey was crying to but shoke his biggy head no.
"but jakey i love them please!" i showed his a picture of my family. first mom then dad. they grandma esme and grandpa carlisle and charlie. them aunie alice and aunie rosey. then unkey jaspy and unkey emmett.
but he just kept running just like my momma told him to.
i cryed the hole ride and fell asleep on jakeys fluffy back. when i woke up we where somewhere hot. and i was in a bed.
"jakey!" i yelled. he was by my side in a second. "what is it nessie."
my eyes welled up. "momma."i coked out. "oh, nessie!" jakey took me in his arms.
he was owll warm! "here nessie." jakey passed my something. i took it. then i totched his neck.
"it's a letter from your mom." he said. it was huge. packed with papers. i asked why it's so big with my speical power.
"i don't know. it is a love letter to you. i gess she wanted you to know that she loved you alot." he said.
"did you get one jakey??" i asked outloud.
"yes i did." he said waveing a envalope not as big and fat... but still big.
"are mommy and daddy going to die?"i asked. jakey pased. "i don't know nessie. you know what maybe they will live and find us one day ness. maybe one day..." he murmerd. "will you eva die jakey?"i asked.
"as long as your alive i will be to. and remember, mommy and daddy are alive in here." he said pointing to my heart beater.
i toughed it. i remembered the last thing my momma said to me.
"i love you renesmee carlie cullen!"
tell me what you think?? should i wright more?
and even though i said it is a vary emotinal story it does have a happy endding. maybe not as happy as most of you would want but none the less happy.

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awww omg my little cousins name is imogen she about to be two anyway i like this stoy
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