The Twilight Saga

me and my friends came up with a story and wanted to know if ppl would read it here is the info

Quote: What if you first true love was your enemy?
Key Points!!!!
*Bella and Rosalie are bffs and r withces
*Rosalie has a boyfriend named Nick
*Emmet,Edward,Jasper,and Alice are new comers to the school and are all friends
*E,E,J,AND,A are all vampires
*Emmet has a girlfriend named Amber
*Jasper and Alice are together

Summary:Bella and rosalie r bffs but when the Newcomers come to school bella gets sidetracked with edward but there is a secret between both of them they r ENEMYS will they still love after they find out or will they fight forever???

thnx tell us what u think :)

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I like the idea of it It sounds good
thx we will post a chap when we get more comments that say they like it :)
its a really good idea it sounds like it will be fun to read
sounds very good cant wait to read it pls let me know when u post!!!!!!! L=
totally write more
i lke the idea and i hope yu make things go hey wire
i want something a little wierd because you get the same thing every time edward love bella
how about bella and jasper or maybe bella and edward or even she gets them all
i always read the same thing even if its a little diferent
ohh, pretty good idea :] i want to read on to see what happens, lol
i like the idea i would love to read it and if you do post it keep me updated
OK so I'm one of the writers for this thing...and I'd like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I'll be posting the first chapter very sooooon! XD
ya i'll post next and then sidney can post afta me sooo chop chop on the first chap lolz :p
You already know what i think! It is awesome!
lol thx werewolfchick:)


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