The Twilight Saga

Its 6 years on after breaking dawn and renesmee looks around 14


I stood there looking at jacob

my jake

my best friend

he had to tell me something but i didnt know what and i am getting nervous.


Nessie i-i-i love you" said jacob

"oh jacob i love you too your my best friend silly" i said

jake looked kinda sad after i said that.

"whats wrong" i asked

"nothing i gotta go bye nessie" jacob said and then he ran out of the door

Renesmee come down here me and your dad want to talk to you NOW" said mom


"Nessie your starting school tommorrow" said dad

"really cool is jacob at that school aswell" i asked

"no nessie sorry"said mom

"oh ok" i said

"now get to bed ok" said dad

as soon as he said that i ran straight up to my room and fell asleep.

"nessie Rensemee Renesmee Carlie Cullen get up for school NOW" Alice said quirkly

"ugh alice" i groaned

"come on up" she shouted

"fine fine im up" i said

I got dressed super quick and then mom and dad drove me to school.


I walked into the doors of Forks High School and i noticed all the people in the hallway staring at me and my parents. Like they were amazed by our beauty.

"Come on nessie keep up" dad said

"whatever" i snarled.

We walked into the admin office

"im Edward Cullen this is my wife Bella and this is our SISTER Renesmee she is starting here today" dad informed the secretary.

"oh yes here is her timetable" said the secretary

"ok we better be going bye nessie" my parents said as they walked away.

ok i thought biology first . As i walked into the classroom everyones eyes were on me . The Teacher directed me to an empty seat beside a boy who had dark hair and hazel nut eyes .

He stared at me i stared at him. Then we both looked down at our books and continued with our biology assignement.

At lunch i had no one to sit beside unitll a quirky girl called Nicole sat beside me.

"hi im nicole your renesmee right OMG you know that guy you sat beside in biology his name is Tyler. I think he likes you he keeps staring at you" nicole said.

Just as she said this Tyler walked over

"Hey renesmee mind if i sit here" Tyler asked

"NO i dont mind" I said

"cool so your Renesmee right" he said

"Ya but you can call me nessie" I replied

Nicole Butted in

"uh oh im late see you later Nessie" Said Nicole

Tyler looked right into my eyes and i looked right into his!

The the bell rang and i ran to my next class

Chapter 3

As i hurried out of the canteen i can hear Tylerss friends whistleing at me


next class im in is AP English

"Ah Ms.Cullen welcome to english im Mr.Flynn umn here sit beside Tyler and Nicole" Mr.Flynn said as he directed me to my seat.

"So we meet again are you stalking me or something" said Tyler

"Ha ha very funny tyler " i laughed

"Hey Nessie will you try out for cheerleading with me" Nicole asked hopefully

"Ya ok" i said

cool i thought i have made 2 friends on my very first day !!!

After School i rang Dad

"Hey dad can i try out for cheerleading with my friend Nicole" i asked

"umn ya ok but be home by 5 ok" he said

"ya ok bye dad" i said then hung up the phone and me and nicole went to the gym to warm up"

My legs hurt all over but atleast me and nicole got on the squad

"thanks Nessie cya tommorrow" said Nicole

Tyler walked over then and messed up my hair

"watch it tyler" and i pushed him on the ground .

The he climbed a nearby tree "come and get mE CULLEN" he shouted

I was just beneath the branch he was leaning into to my face,My heart beated faster than ever before and then it happened his lips against mine. The electricity between us was estactic

I realised Alice could have seen this i pulled away

"sorry i have to go call me " i said "bye

I ran home as fast as i could.

I went inside to find everyone in the room including jacob.

Chapter 4

"Whats going on" I asked

dad looked angry. Oh my god he must have heard me and Tyler oops.....

Alice spoke up "Umn Nessie we have bad news"

"What?" i asked

"Your friend Nicole i saw her in a car crash it didnt look so good"Alice said sadly

What this is impossible i thought......But then why was dad soo angry

Alice continued "Tyler your other friend was on his bike it got in the way of the car ,they swerved into a tree"

Oh so thats why dad is so angry

"Is there any way we can stop it" i asked hopefully

"I'm sorry it wasn't a vision its on the news"Alice replied

I burst out crying I may not have Nicole long but she was one of my closest friends besides Jacob...

"Carlisle is treating her in the hospital now"Dad commented

"Is she dead"I sobbed

"No but she may fall into a coma or make a recovery we dont know"Dad said

Jacob gave me a hug it was comforting and warm. Wait do i feel something for My Jake My best friend.

But what about tyler he is so cute.I'm soo confused but right now im focusing on Nicole

The Phone rang i answered it was Grandpa

Me:Hi grandpa

Carlisle:Hello nessie i have some news

Me:Good or Bad

Carlisle:Umn well...................

CHapter 5

Me:Just tell me

Carlisle:well she is stable but could go into cardaic arrest

Me:oh thanks grandpa

I hung up the phone

Just after that the doorbell rang, Alice answerd it. "Nessie its your friend"Alice shouted. I ran to the door.

It was Tyler. "Oh hi Tyler"I said

"Hi Nessie umn do you wanna come to the hospital with me to see Nicole"He asked nervously

"Uh...i thought for a moment Ya ok"i replied

"mom can i go to the hospital with tyler'I shouted

"ya sure" She replied

I walked with him it was kind of akward at first.

By the time we go to the hospital it was closed

"This sucks tyler i cant believe visiting hours are over"I said angrily

"Im sorry nessie"he apologised

"It s'ok lets go to the park"I suggested

I was still confused but i love jake 'cause he is my best freind but i really like tyler and i feel something for both of them

We sat on the swings for like a half an hour.

He looked at me for a few secs and then we were was magical.

Tyler pulled away

"Whats wrong"I asked

"There is a wolf or something over there"he pointed

"I think we should go"I said

We just got up off the swings and the wolf ran fast towards before we had time to react he jumped on Tyler

This wasnt a wolf it was a werewolf and it was jacob.I was furiuos. Jacob got up and ran away

"Tyler are you ok?" i asked

"Ya it didnt hurt me at all maybe i should bring you home?" he said

I was at the front door and tyler asked"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Sure"I replied happily He said goodnight and kissed me on the cheek

I opened the door to find jacob

"What the hell Jacob you cant just jump on my friends"I shouted

"Nessie im sorry i was protecting you"He replied

"Thats a load of crap get out"I was screaming now

How dare he do this to me

"But..."he said

"Out"I said

"Hey mom i didnt see nicole"I shouted

"Umn Nessie Nicole Went into cardiac arrest you need to go to the hospital now Shes not doing well"Mom said apologeticly Uh oh this was bad very bad.I ran to the hospital at fast speed. I asked the receptionest what room was nicole in. I ran up.Grandpa her parents and one other girl from school were in there.

"How is she"I asked

"Not too good shes gone into a deep coma we dont know if she will wake up"Grandpa

Chapter 6

"Oh"I said sadly

"She will be with her mother soon"Mrs.Flangan said (Nicoles guardian)

Her other friend ran out of the room

"She will survive"I sobbed

Grandpa Took my outside the room...

"Grandpa why dont we make her a vampire"I suggested

"I dont know nessie"Grandpa replied


WHat was that i thought

"Shes awake"I said

Where is her Parents

"They have gone"Nicole whispered

"What?" I said

"She swereved car that crash into tree she did this"Nicole replied

"Grandpa did you hear that?"

"Yes Nessie its time for you to leave now say goodbye to Nicole"grandpa said

As i left the hospital Jacob came over to me

"Nessie i'm sorry"He said sadly

"Leave me alone"I ordered


"No go away"I interupted

I ran over to the park and sat down on the bench

I saw tyler by the tree,So i was about to shout his name and then a tall blonde girl KISSED HIM.

Tyler saw me and started to look like he didnt care.

How could he do this to me

I ran home before alice or Mom could say anything and slammed my bedroom door to find somone i missed

"I have missed you so much"I said

Chapter 7

"You think i didnt miss you"Jake said

i walked to him and gave him a hug

"I broke up with tyler kind of"I said Happily

"And why are you soo happy'Jake questioned

" Cause i just realised who i want to be with"

"Oh who?"Jake asked sadly

"Well..... its YOU"I said

"Really 'cause i love you Nessie"

"I love you too Jacob"

We hugged!!!!!

Alice walked in

"Oh im sorry i disturbed you"She smiled

I rolled my eyes "Bye Alice"

Jake kissed me but then Dad walked in angry

"Get off my Daughter Dog""Dad roared

"Dad stop"I shouted

He calmed down a bit

"Sorry i overeacted"Dad replied

He punched the wall with his fist

Mom ran in

"Edward stop now leave Jacob and Nessie alone"Mom pulled dad out

Jacob went home soon after that

"Nessie im sorry about that earlier on"Dad apologised

"It ok"I replied

I was too busy planning a welcome home party for Nicole shes staying with us for a while since her adopted parents took off

beep beep God another "sorry" text from tyler. I.Hate.Him

I ignored it......

Everyone was in the living room talking about stuff for the last hour

I listened in.I heard something that shocked me

It was ALice "I had a vision"......"Volturi coming back"

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Chapter 8
Suddenly i heard my dad coming towards the door i was about to run off but he caught me
"Renesmee why were you listening in"dad quizzed me
Oh no i forgot to guard my thoughts
"Like you can talk keeping secrets from your own daughter"I replied smugly
Alice walked over
"Edward we might aswell tell her now"Alice commented
Before dad had time to answer i went into the room
"So would someone like to fill me in on whats going on "I demanded
"Well Nessie Alice had a vision of the volturi coming to forks but we dont know why yet"Jasper replied
Uh oh this did not sound good
I finally said after about 5 minutes "Is that Bad"
Everything went quiet.........
Alice had a vision right there and then
"Oh no they think Nessie is a threat since you have been growing up soo fast"Alice suddenly said
I ran out of the house I needed to find Jacob I had to tell him
Oh no i can pick up a scent of a Human. I ran Faster
I suddenly felt very tired and then i Fainted
I woke up all blury and in pain!!
"Well Nessie are you happy what you've done to me" a voice said
Chapter 9
"T-t-Tyler is that you?"I stuttered
"No its not its his brother Kevin"He said smugly
"What did you do to me and why"I asked angrily
He gave me a look
"Tranquilesier gun I hunt!........And you broke my brothers heart"He added
"He cheated on me" I shouted....How dare he..Tyler broke my heart not the other way around
"and i did nothing to YOU"I added
"My brother is part of me"He said getting angry!
"You are weird and im going"I said a bit meanly but still!
I struggled to get up.
"Where do you think your going"Kevin commented
Suddenly A wolf appeared and Kevin stood there without moving an inch
Something clicked it was Jacob i could recognise him
Jacob growled in his face . Kevin looked at his gun it was beside me
After he figured that out he ran off in a shot.
Jacob ran in behind a bush and came out in human form
"Oh my god jake you like saved me"I thanked
"No prob" he replied coolly
"I have something to tell you"I said in a serious voice
"Oh "He said sadly
"The Volturi are coming back.....And the want me" I said scared out of my mind
"Oh its just that"He said like there was anything worse than that
"What"I screeced
Realising what he said "Oh no i didnt mean it like that nessie i thought you were gonna say somethin else
"Oh like WHAT"I demanded
"It doesnt matter"
"Well whatever...Come on lets go back to the house"I ordered
I ran back home with jacob right beside me
I went inside when i nearly fainted.....again
Eveyone was gone and i was left there alone whith the volturi arriving any minute
I picked up the scent of a vampire and just like that the doorbell rang.
Me and Jake started at each other speechless
Jake went to answer the door
I stared at the figure in the doorway shocked as anyone could ever be
"Ah Renesmee am i right"The figure said

Chapter 10
"umn y-yes can i help you"I stuttered
"Yes you can follow me"He ordered in a politly manner
I turned my head around.
"Where's Jacob"I blurted out
This man was already out my door
I stood my ground
He looked at me as if i was crazy
"Do you know who i am"He growled
His face did ring a bell...
"No i'm afraid i dont"I said smartly
Everything went silent.....
His "Friends" were coming towards me , i took a few steps back.
He spoke up "I am Cauis,i am going to eat now you better be here when we get back"
They walked off
I ran out the back door trying to pick up scents of my family.Nothing!
I started shouting in my mind to try and contact dad
I seen a vampire running ahead of me...It looked familer
It was..Mom
"Mom"I shouted
She turned around and stopped
"Nessie what are you doing here Alice said you were in la push the volturi are aorund us YOU must go"Mom said super fast
It all clicked in my mind
"I know i went home and this cauis one found me"I replied
Mom's face dropped
She grabbed my hand and ran!
We ended up in The outskirts of Seattle
"Nessie if i had known you were at home me and your dad wouldnt have left im so sorry"She hugged me
I seen dad.I ran up and gave him a hug
"What are we going to do now"Dad asked mom
"Mom guy in forest attacked me then Jake saved me,we went back home Volturi guy came and then jake left"I was nearly crying now. "Ill get the coward species if a dog"dad roared
"Dad just forget" I replied
Grandpa came towards us
"Its not alice's fault ok we need to leave america"Grandpa informed
I spoke up"But where are we going to go?"
Grandpa looked at dad and dad looked at mom
"The Uncharted Isle Esme"Grandpa said proudly
"Isnt that grandma's name"i said
grandma appeared
"Yes it is but we must go quickly"
Alice looked awfully sad
"Carlisle we need to go NOW"she said in an urgent tone
Oh no what about Nicole"I replied
"She's staying with her aunt in Washington shes fine"Alice commented
We hurried to the airport
I was worring about 2 things
1.If the Volturi followed us
2.What if they got Jacob

CHAPTER 10 (This is Cauis POV of chapter 10)
'Why would the cullens leave their offspring by herself tut tut"
"I know cauis i cant smell bella or edward"Jane said quitley
"Do speak UP Jane'I said angrily
"yes master"She replied obdiently
I rang the doorbell
The wolf answered. He backed away he knew who I was
"Ah renesmee am i right"I asked already knowing the answer
"umn y-yes can i help you"She stuttered
I rolled my eyes do they not not teach children english i did a silent growl
"Yes follow me"I ordered
"Where's Jacob"She blurted out
She took a step back my men started walking towards her
I smiled He was taken care of
Is she crazy or something why isnt she moving she must not know who i am
"Do YOU know who I am"I growled
"No im afraid i dont"She replied
I cant wait to destroy this narky teenager
"I am Cauis im going to eat now,you better be here when i get back"i said
I signaled to one of the guards to keep an eye on the house
Around 15 minutes later
"Shes gone"One of the guardsmen said
"What shes gone"I growled
"Jane come here at once,get the wolf and then come back for further instuctions"I ordered
Jane came back 10 minutes later with the wolf in human form
"What have you done"He growled
"Patience my friend"I said calmly
"Master what should we do now"Jane Asked
"Track them at once you go south"I pointed" and the rest go north bring wolf boy here with us"I growled
How could they let her escape I am furiuos with my guardsmen when this is over ill have them exucuated
This should be fun I get to kill edwards child and her little boyfriend aswell !!!
TO BE CONTINUED.........Chapter 11
You think a girl that was about to go to a tropical island would be happy,But me I was sick with worry
Something happened to Jake I know it he wouldnt leave me alone with the Volturi!
Dad was sitting beside me on the plane.
"Nessie i know your upset but im sure jacob"He snalred at the world"...Is fine"He added
"I looked up at him and leaned my head on his shoulders and fell asleep....
"Nessie wake up we are landing now"Mom said softly into my ear
"In Isle Esme"I asked
"No silly its uncharted we are landing hmn i forget the name but anyway Carlisle is flying a private plane from there to Isle Esme"She said in a matter-of-fact tone
I yawned!
I thought in my head poor Alice she never had a chance to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes for Isle Esme
Dad laughed.I smiled up at him.
We landed and are now on our way to Isle Esme.Its where i kinda began.Eww i thought.
I sighed i still am worried about Jake.I need to pull myself together he obviuosly left me in front of Death itself!
"Omg is that Isle Esme"I blurted out
"It sure is"Mom said grinning
Its soo beautiful.Grandpa Landed the plane
We went up to the house.Humongus and gorgeous.I suddenly forgot altogether about Jake and the Volturi
Mom and Dad went off exploring the island with Grandpa and Grandma
ALice and Jasper went to the Beach
Rosalie and Emmett well they were upstairs.I'll say no more
I wish i had my Jake here....... Even thought he left me
I was so sad..
Then Bubbly Alice came in
"Nessie I know you are upset but...She pause suddenly
It was a vision.She looked like she was about to faint
"They Have Jacob......And They are in seattle Jane is boarding a plane but i dont know where its going"
I was gobsmacked..

Chapter 11 (Cauis POV)
Damn it where are they
"Jane I thought you said they where in Seattle"I growled
"Master I Smelt them"She literaly whispered
I do wish i Could capture her
"Jane Get Amnius he can track "I ordered
SHe got him
"Yes Master What DO you want me to do"Amnius Said
"track the Cullens and be quick or else"I said angrily
How can a 6 year old who looks about 14 escape from the Volturi
I walked over to the wolf
"Ah hello there wolf....Looking forward to me killing your little girlfriend"I said smugly
He growled although he was still in human form
"I'll kill you if you hurt her"he shouted
"Tut tut young wolf like you will have a chance do you take me for an idiot you will be killed shortly after her"I smirked
He growled once again and i grinned.
'"Master He knows where they are"Jane announced
"Where are they?"I asked impatiently
"Amnius come here"Jane shouted
"Sir they are In the Ocean"Amnius announced
IS he joking or something
"WHAT"I shouted.I was reaching boiling point
"Sir I smelt them off the coast Of south America I looked on map there is no Island that Is Close enough"HE replied
This Amnius one is going to be excuted after he leads me to the Cullens
"Uncharted Island Idiot,Now Jane Board a Plane To South America Take Idiot here with you so he can help you track oh and Steal a private plane to wherever they are"I ordered
"Is that it Master"Jane asked
I whispered in her ear "Kill Amnius when your done"
After that I also Boarded a plane to South America I dont trust Amnius and I would like to kill him myself
I hope That Alice one sees this coming, I can give her the joy of knowing that i am going to kill her beloved niece.I grinned

Chapter 12
"What" I screeched
"They have Jacob"I added.This can't be happening.The Volturi the face of evil have my Jake and could be coming to Isle Esme. Mom and Dad walked in.
"Whats going on " Mom asked
"The Volturi....Coming.....They have Jacob"I said nearly crying
The look on Mom's face was terrible.Dad he looked worried.Alice ran off to get grandma and grandpa to tell them.
Jasper went upstairs to get Rosalie and Emmett.This was a family crisis.
"Dad what are we going to do"I asked growing impatient
Dad said nothing. Mom was in pure shock.I was annoyed that no one would answer my question.
Soon enough everyone was in the room.Grandpa and Alice were talking quietly and Dad was trying to calm mom down.
HELLO i was the one they're coming after not them!
"OK lets not panic they're coming for Nessie as they thing she is a 'threat' but no-one is around Isle Esme So following their own rule that would not be right if that doesnt work we will go to any length to protect family"Grandpa concluded as he said those last word he looked at me with his assuring eyes.It still did not ease my worry.
Everyone was silent.Mom and Dad were beside me.Aunt alice was in Uncle Jasper's Arms.
Rosalie and Emmett looked confused.Surprise.
Dad spoke suddenly"They're here,I can hear their thoughts". Grandpa stood up."OK eveyone,lets go"He said nervously but calm.This was it!

Chapter 12 (Cauis POV)
I brought the guard with me to help me get to the cullens faster.Now where is that useless tracker,Whats his name oh yes Amnius.
"Amnius come here at once"I ordered
"Yes sir"He replied with complete obiedence.
"Did you find the Island yet"I asked becoming impatient.I was going to explode but then Jane came along
"Master I found the Island"she spoke quickly.I rolled my eyes. I wonder how my dear old friend Carlisle is doing
Ha i laughed.
"What are you standing there for come now we must go"I ordered her. Ooh i musnt forget about Amnius
"Amnius you were bearly any use for me,its been nice having you in the guard" I said trying to contain my excitment to kill him.It hit him after 2 minutes.Mind you the look on his face was priceless
"No sir i beg of you "He pleaded
I laughed once again.Time to eleminate his senses.Done.I teared off his head with ultimate force.
Then after a few more delightful things he was dead.
"Come now Jane lets go"I said happily "Yes master she automaticly replied
Now time for my 2nd killing of the day or maybe more.After nearly 20 minutes on the speed boat.I am growing impatient
"Jane where is the Island"I growled
She hesitated for a moment and pointed "Over there master"
I landed on the beach with the guard not far behind me. I started running seeing a house in the distance
"Slow down Jane i want to enjoy this"I said grinning

Chapter 13
I walked with my family into the forest..We were side by side.I was about to say something but with all the tension i decided it was best i dont.Mom whispered something into dads ear but all i could here was "What if..".
Grandpa signalled us to stop.A few moments later a voice said "Ah we meet again"
Dad went into defence mde automatically.It was Cauis and the rest of the Volturi.I gulped rather loudly as mom looked back but her head swung round fast so she would not miss a thing.
"Cauis we meet again"Grandpa said rather cooly
Dad growled.I rolled my eyes of course dad couldnt contol his anger but this time he had a reason.
"Hmn yes i think you should know why im here"he said rather smugly
"yes we do,there is no reason for you to be here,,nessie is no thrreat on Isle Esme and we plan to stay here for a while so please leave"Grandpa ordered.
Cauis looked shocked at this little speech "We will have to consider these 'terms',tommorrow we will decide if she stays or dies"He said trying to hold back a smile.I was frightened would Cauis really back off this easily???
I seen a familer figure emerage.Jake!
"Jacob your here"I said running for a hug
"Nessie i missed you soo much,the volturi they kidnapped me"He said excited to see me.
I was about to reply but I big Force pulled me to the ground.I was dizzy and becoming unconsciuos.The last thing I seen was dad coming and growling "Cauis".

Chapter 13 Cauis POV
I was trying to hide my enormous grin but it was hard to hide my excitement.Todays was the day I ruin my enemies life,how could you not be grinning?
"Jane where are they?"I asked impatiently
"Umn master they are in the clearing ahead"Jane replied obdiently
I know excalty what they are going to do,But i have 1 last trick up my sleeve.
I sensed we were close very close
"Ah we meet again"I said coming out of the shelter the trees gave me.
I laughed to myself as i saw Edward get all defenseful
"Cauis we meet again"Carlisle said rather calmly
Edward let out a growl.Everything is going to plan even edward is playing his part...
"Hmn yes i thing you should know why Im here"I said smugly
.Of course they would know thanks to that Alice one.Carlisle gave one of his speeches
"Yes we do, there is no reason for you yo be here,nessie is no threat on Isle Esme and we plan to stay here for a while so please leave". Ah good ol carlisle predictible as the day i meet him.I pretended to look shocked.
"We will have to consider these 'terms', tommorrow we will decide if she stays or dies"I said trying to hold back my smile.
"Release the dog he should see this"I whispered to Jane.We started retreating to the forest.I nodded to jane,to bring the guard in on the signal. I ran to a part of the forest ,where i can see the back of the girl. I then jumped on top of her with all my force.She fell on the ground.Edward growled at me and the started coming after me.I signalled jane and the rest of the volturi to move in.

TO BE CONTINUED................
Chapter 14
What just happned?Where the hell am i?Why is everything black?
I tried to shout Mom...Dad but it came out like a faint whisper.
As i started moving around i got a shooting pain up my legs.
Oh crap..I thought
the last thing i remebered was a big force pushing me down to the ground and then blacking out.
Omg is mom dead...what about dad?? and grandpa? and grandma? Oh what about alice and jasper adn rosalie and emmet??And m-m-my Jake?
"Nessie....Nessie where are you?"A familer voice called out
"over here"I sturggled to say
"Shes not here guys"It said
"wait ...dont go"I said but no one seemed to hear..
I slowly stared crawling around...wishing i was dead
I reached into my pocket to get my cell.
surprise theres no signal.
I saw the sun starting to rise at the horizon. long was i out
A four legged animal was running towards me..
"Jake?"I said unsurly to the "wolf"
He nodded and put me on his back
"Nessie"Mom exclaimed"you're okay"
"Yeah what happened?"I asked
Alice came up to me
"you dont know"She said surprisingly
I looked around
Something wasn't right
It suddenly kicked in..
someones not here

Chapter 15
"Where is he"I shouted
"Nessie calm down"Alice said softly
"NO wheres dad"I shouted turning to mom
Mom was close to tears..but i didnt care
i just wanted my dad
Suddenly i got a flashback and felt myself falling
Jake caught me
"Dear old edward..would you like to watch me kill you're daughter"Cauis Snarled
"Never..ready to go to hell"Dad growled
Cauis and dad went head to head
Suddnely Cauis retreated and dad followed him
"Nessie we dont know where they are"Alice said coldly
"we have emmett....jasper..and carlisle looking for him"Mom added
I was furious
"what kind of WIFE are you even care?" i growled
Mom looked hurt but i didnt care
I had this insticnt to where dad was
I ran faster than i ever had before
"nessie wait"Jacob pleaded after me
But i was faster then him and the others
Soon i realised I was deep into the forest
But dad was near
I saw a tall figure in front of me
"Dad?"I asked

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Chapter 16
The tall figure didnt reply..
As i started getting closer I saw it was standing over a dismebered body.
Then i started worrying that it might be Cauis standing over dad
It couldnt be could it ?
It turned around
"What are you doing here?"he said coldy
"DAD...where were you?"I exclaimed
"GO back to the house"He ordered
"Why"I asked
whats with him?
"We need to get out of here"He replied
"The rest will find out what happened and i need to get you and your mother to safety"He added
Then he sped off and I followed him..
Did he mean the Volturi??
The out of nowhere i felt it
They knew ....
and they were coming
With cauis dead...god only knows what would happen next....
"Renesmee"A blond figure hissed
"Jane"I replied
"Aren't you a smart little vampire....Freak"She said
Suddenly dad and mom sprung themselves in front of me
Jane looked at dad and he fell to the ground in agony...
She then looked at me but nothing happened...
She then became frustarted or something and started walking towards me
A pack of wolves came out of nowhere and knocked jane back
She obviulsy didnt like that and used her weird powers on one of the wolves
First it went back into human form and collasped on the ground
I ran towards him
"Jake"I screamed

TO BE CONTINUED.............

Chapter 17

Mom pulled my back.i turned around to see jane smiling. 

"what is wrong with you"i screamed.

It was hard to even get those words out..there was a huge lump in my throat.I couldnt just breakdown in front of jane.Not like this.I cannot give her the satisfaction she is getting to me. 

"You may have got to cauis..but this stops here cullens"Jane hissed

Mother had a look on her face.It was a look of pure hatred. I had never seen her like this before

"you are right jane...this is it..i have been dealing with you for long enough now"Mom replied calmly.

I was grabbed from behind 

It was emmett."what are you doing" i demanded

"saving your ass"He replied smirkly

"What about mom"I asked suddenly worrying about her.

"shes fine alice and rosalie are on their way now"

I broke free of emmetts tight grip.

"Im sorry..but jake...i have to go"I said fastly nd then running..

i heard emmett calling after me..But i was younger..faster..he already knew that i was gone ..

I can see 5 blurry figures ..but i can't see them well..then i see mom fall to the ground and another 3 figures with her.

"NO " i screamed..I was overcomed with a hot sense of anger and hate.

I ran to the clearing and saw Jane laughing. My sensation became stronger and stronger..

"Oh Renesmee Cullen will be dead in one think you can overcome my powers is unlikely and foolish on your behalf"Jane smirked.

A hot burst of light coloured energy shot out through my arm.I  didnt know what was happening.Jane crippled to the ground and just well dissapeeard. I ran over to jake..It seemed like i was running forever.

I just couldnt get to him.I became dizzy and fell to the ground.

Everything went silent and black..........


TO BE CONTINUED..............


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