The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Bella having another baby. But it is while she is still a vampire. Takes place 20 years after Breaking Dawn. So nessie has married and moved out with jake. Please enjoy and im open for any ideas and suggestions for the next chapter. Live, Love, Twilight. Enjoy...

Chapter 1:Spoons BPOV

It was just a typically drizzly day in Forks WA. Yes, we are back in Forks I mean it's been 20 freaking years. But anyway, I was sitting in the arms of the most wonderful husband in the world.Watching Emmett and Jasper playing cards, Rosalie and Alice looking through fashion magazines, and Esme arranging flowers. Where's Nessie you ask? well she and Jake have their own house and are happily married. So back to reality. "Bella," Emmett yelled. "Do you want to play cards with me and Jasper," he asked and then he gave me  the puppy dog eyes that I couldn't resist. I sighed, "Sure why not." They were playing Spoons. I was always good at this game when I was human, but I decided against telling them. I walked out of Edward's arms. He pouted, I laughed. Then I went to join Jazz and Em on the carpet. While everyone gathered around to watch.

1 Hour Later

After whooping Jazz and Em's butts for the 100th time I decided to stop. Emmett went to pout in the corner to pout and muttering curse words under his breath. Jasper complemented me on my playing skills. Edward was playing my lulaby at his piano, so I decied to join him. But when I got up I was suddenly dizzy. I felt tired and weak. Then I collasped. The last thing I heard was Edward screaming my name and the running footsteps of my concerend family.

I will be writing more but i will wait until I get at least five comments from different people. And if its not that good it will get better. Please no harsh comment I am only 12.

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Hey love your story pleez write more soon and keep me updated?
i like's sounds interesting..........hope to read more soon
love it keep going
Me want more asap
omg plz keep me updated its really good
i loved it u have to write more soon plz keep me updated :) plz wit puppy dog eyes
I like it keep it going
this is good keep on going! =)
ok ok ill write more im sorry i kind of forgot the whole thing but here it is.This one is gonna start out in EPOV but end in BPOV

Chapter 2:Can Vampires Vomit?EPOV

Oh No, not my sweet Bella whats wrong with her. I carried her upstairs while everyone but Rosalie came to help. Rosalie was calling Nessie and Jacob.So as I was saying we all rushed upstairs to Carlisle's study. I laid Bella down on the medical table and waited, "Carlisle .." I said anxiously. "Relax Edward I'm almost done," he said with the utmost confidence. "Don't worry Edward," Alice said to me. "She'll come around in about 5 minutes." I just sat there trying to think of what was wrong with my Bella, my love, my whole reason to live. Then Carlisle finished checking over the love of my life with a sigh. Right then Nessie burst through the door and went to Bella's side, and then looked at Carlisle for answers. Carlisle sighed again, "I don't really know whats wrong with her I guess vampires can swoon," he said. "We will just have to wait and see if she knows whats wrong when she gets up." I nodded, never taking my eyes off my Bella. Why did this have to happen to my Bella.She has done nothing to deserve this. "Edward, two more minutes," Alice prompted me. "I nodded and everyone left the room except for me. Two more minutes of agonizing torment.

2 Minutes Later BPOV

I had finally come back around but I had not opened my eyes I could hear Edward calling me "Bella please wake up I love you." He sounded so upset. Then my eyes opened and I could see Edward face just inches from mine. "BELLA!" he shouted in pure joy and relief. Everyone ran upstairs to give me a hug but Edward wouldn't let me go. " Come on Edward we wanna hug Bella too," Alice wined.I laughed and wiggled out of Edward's arms. And hugged everyone,saving my beautiful daughter for last. "I'm glad you're okay mom I was really worried for a second." Nessie said. After I had hugged everyone Edward pulled me back into his arms. "I really had you worried there didn't I?" I asked Edward. "Yes, yes you did," he replied solidly. 'Is an I'm sorry and a kiss okay with you." "Yes he replied. "I'm sorry," I said and then I leaned in to kiss him. But right before I could kiss him I felt a funny jolt in my stomach. I finally realized what was about to happen and I wasn't going to do it on Edward. So I let go to his disappointment, and ran to the bathroom and lock the door. Then I hurled and I could hear Edward banging on the door. I hadn't thrown up this much since I was pregnant with Nessie... Oh No, I think I finally know whats wrong with me. Crap!

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn lol dramtic music so leave a comment I know its not long im only 12.
Keep on going. It's fine.
i would hope that it would be fine im waiting for five comments
kk i loved it please keep writing !! and keep me posted
nawwwwwwwwww this story is soooo good. please keep me updated :)


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