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Hey Everyone!!! This Is gonna be my first fan fic. plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me if you like it!!!!!! Its called Why Is LOVE Soooooooooooooo Hard!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?(ALL HUMAN)

Should i actually write it cuz im not sure wat u all will think. If i get at least 25 comments, then i'll rite it, but if not. imight post anyway. idk yet but heres a inside scoop.


Bella lives with her dad Charlie and her twin sister alice in Sacromento,California near a beach. Bella's mom died in an earthquake when her and alice were only 6yrs old. Charlie is a life guard and he's a baker in Mariana's Best Pasteries.


One day when she was on the beach, she decided to take a swim. when she went to look at the different types of fish, her foot got caught in seaweed and almost drowned. when she thought her life was gonna be over, a tall,muscular, and built guy came to save her. He gave her mouth to mouth since she wuz unconcious. when she opened her eyes, she thought he was gorgeous.





Wat do u think, should i write it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?




















Chapter 1


"Bella, get ur butt up NOW!!! We're gonna be late 4 skool"

"fine Alice, im up!"

I never get Alice. I mean she's sooo excited all the time. Weird. I kno we re twins, but we act nuttin alike. she expresses herself, i just sit back,she loves to dress up, im good with a t-shirt and jeans, the whole skool is her friend, ihav only 2, shes sooo happy in the morning, and im still TIRED!!! But i do luv her to death. I rushed to get dressed, brushed my teeth, and ate Chex Mix cereal. the next thing i kno im in Alice's Yellow Lamborginnie and we head to skool. why cant our skool name be something else instead of Paris Hilton High School. i mean really. tht gurl has soo many things wrong with her life. lol. i went to chemistry first. it wuz awful. we had 2 disect a frog. i ran out the class while everyone looked and laughed at me cuz i puked. i mean seriously. everyone does it. gosh!!!!! thk god i wuz in the bathroom 4 the rest of the hour til gym came around. it wuz better than chemistry. thts for sure. we played volleyball. if the rules said tht we can surve the ball backwards and hit my coach and team mates on the head wit the ball, then my team wouldve won the game, but because of me being sooooo clumsy, we didnt. i dominated when it came down to running. no one could touch me in tht area. my mile time 6:23:63. the fastes time in our whole skool. not bad for a sophmore. A SOPHMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap!!!!!! i forgot. mine and Alice's birthday is tomorrow. ( things like tht might reminder her of something). she and i will be turning 16. I kno Alice is goona be happy, but me on the other hand, not tht excited. i luv my birthday in all, but we're supposed to go to the beach. its not tht i hate the beach either, its ALICE!!!!! She bought both of us a bikini set and the one she picked out for me is a little to sexy. watever i think is is too sexy, alice knos she picked out the perfect thing.













Srry its sooo short. homework. wat do u think is gonna happen 2morrow at the beach when bella and alice go 2 celebrate their birthday?!?!??!?!??!

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Write it pleasse
yeah ohh yeah please do n update me ohhh yeah thnx!
Sounds interesting write it.
this is so interesting to read..
Thx. love ur support
i really like it, keep going lil sis

plz write more sn


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