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What if another newborn escaped the clutches of the newborn army, and helped Fred in his quest to help discover what happened to Bree? In this little short story you'll find out. Unfortunatly though for Fred he later discovers Bree was killed. Sakura the other newborn helps Fred with the grieving process. They eventually fall in love and come acrost the Colvez Clan and the Cullens. But what happens when the Volturi discover that they lived? Will they strike back, or just sorta forget it (we all know they won't ever really forget)?

Read "Hidden In The Shadows" to find out.






Sakura As A Vampire ^^



Chapter One- "Awoken"


   I was running as usual from the cops. I was homeless and I was an alcoholic. I had just gotten drunk, and hurt another person. This time I was really done for, because this time it had been Sarabella the governer's daughter. Then again she had been the one who had asked for it anyways. Trying to smash my car, beer, and what not just because she was trying to be nice. Well guess what Sara, being nice does not fly well on the dredges side of town. Maybe at your precious daddy's house it does, but not here. It was very dark out, and cloudy. It looked like it might rain any minute. But I was used to it. I was also used to being hungry and thirsty all the time. I drank from rain water, and ate from the garbage. Any money I did get from my little job at the bar went to my drinking. I had no home, I lived in the tunnels of Seattle. That night as I was walking on with my only pair of clothing on, I spotted him. My clothes by the way is only a pair of faded dirt stained jeans, and a blue stained t-shirt and purple flip flops that had worn out soles. Like I said as I was walking by in the dead cold chilly night, I spotted him. He was extreamly handsome, and he seemed somewhat angelic. His features were perfectly angular, and robust. I could not imagine any one hotter than he. He was standing agaist the wall to the abandoed Wall- Mart building right next to my tunnel entrance. Inside the tunnel I had a mattress, some beer, and my old watch. I was about to ask him what he was doing here in the dead of the night, when he spoke up.


"Hey, do you want to go get a drink and some food down at the bar?" He motioned to me with a flick of his hand. And. Oh. His voice was spectacular- it was the voice of angels. It was like music to my ears. Of course I agreed, and I let him take me to his care. I fell asleep there, and it was the best nap I ever had. When I woke up we weren't at the bar, instead we were at some random run down house near some lake. I was confused, and I demanded to know what was up. I was just about to gowl at him and ask for an explamation. But he only looked at me.


"Miss, this is gonna hurt. But when it is over you will be stronger. And you won't be homeless or an alcholic. Do you trust me?" He asked me in a soothing, lulling tone. I had no choice, but to answer yes. I already knew what he was going to do. But then again I didn't understand some parts of it. Oh well I thought. I braced myself for anything, and was surprised when I felt a sharp object pierce my throat. Okay then so I was going to be another murder that I had read about in the papers. Not that it scared me, I probally deserved it. With running away from my caring family and sister Lexis when I was only fourteen. I closed my eyes fully, hoping death would come quickly. To my surprise all I felt was a tremendous burning sensation. So I guess this meant I was sent to the bad place. Oh well like I said I deserved it.


Three days later I woke up. My senses were better, and I was stronger. It was then that I realized that he was wrong about one thing. I wasn't an alcoholic. I was a blood -aholic. That in my mind was the worst thing ever, I had to find a way to not drink their blood. I was in the abandoed wall mart store with the boarded up windows. A few minutes later I smelt that another vamp was here. I assumed an instintive defensive position in case anything went wrong. It had seemed to be the boy I had met before the fire, but I couldn't be sure. My memories of then were already blurry. One thing I noticed right away were his mahagony red eyes. It chilled me to the bone. Right then and there.


"Oh. Hello, Sakura. I see that you have adapted well into this new life. Don't worry blood lust is common for a vampire. And if you drink it will make you stronger." He told me, but I just whipped around at top speed and snarled.


"I don't want to drink humans. I refuse to." I growled at him. He just laughed. And then he said, "Good luck with that. I am sure you will have to drink a human when you see one. After all they are just tasty snacks ya' know." He laughed again his harmonous laughter not fitting his monstrocity.


"Follow me." He commanded, and I followed him to the boarded up house. Once there I went inside. Ready for anything, and prepared to fight if necersary.


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Chapter Two- "Monster I Have Become"

It was still night out, although I couldn't really tell. All the windows were boarded up, and painted over black. Just in case. The leader vampire must have thought there would be a fight or something the way he acted. I didn't care, and I also did not want to stay here. I still remember my tunnel home, and since I was the only one living there I wouldn't have to kill anybody. Sure I may have been an alcholic in my old life, but I still had and have morals. One of those is to never kill another human being. Sure I am not one anymore, but I had been one before. I'd rather starve than drink a human. I growled to my self at the thought of drinking a human. The thought alone caused my throat to burn, and seize up as though I had been wandering in the Sierra desert for days. That vampire who had changed me caused all of this. I wish he had never been born. I climbed out of the strange house, and crept into the fading night towards home. I wanted no part in this vampires gang. I wanted to be free, and remain myself at all costs.

Now that I was stronger, I decided to sneak into the Quickmart near my home. Once there I kicked the door open, causing it to fly though the store and land near the back entrance. Strange. I had only really mearly nudged it, and it still flew ten feet. No human would ever get to do this, and in a way I felt sorry for them. At the same time I envied them, because there was no such thing as blood thirsty thirst for them. I walked into the dimly lit store, and walked over to the clothes section. I picked out a pretty purple t-shirt out and a lacy white jacket, and some jeans out. I also raided the store for books. I loved books. But I never read much in my old life, because of my problem. I now had a much bigger problem now, and I knew it by the sweet smell that flooded through the store. I hadn't noticed before, because I had my nose in a book. But there was a bright light that went with the smell. I heard keys jingling, and distintive footsteps coming my way. I also heard the; thump, thump, thump of a heartbeat.

"Hello. Is there anyone there?"

It must be a guard I thought, before my thirst took over. I had no idea what I was doing until it was too late. I had just destroyed the guard some guy named Patrick, and it had felt so good. I drank him dry, and headed back to my home. Scolding myself for what I had just done. I needed to find a better way to do this.

After words I changed into the new clothes I had bought, because my old ones were stained with bright scarlet red blood. I was glad that at the old Wal-Mart there were still working shower stalls, so that I could wash my clothes. I knew I couldn't exactly sleep, but I could day dream. And I decided to do this. That way I could remain as close to my old life as possible. Who knows, maybe another beer would help me feel better. I curled up on my old matress, and picked up my drink and took a sip. Ugh. It tasted horrid almost like cardboard. I sobbed, but there were no tears. No matter what I could not make them fall down my face. Since there was an old mirror in my home, I picked it up to see what I looked like. To my horror my eyes were no longer green, my freckles were gone, and my face full of pimples had dissapeared. Instead my eyes were a scarlet red color, my face as pale as a sheet, there were purple bruises under my eyes, and my face was absolutly perfect. Compared with my human self, I looked like a goddess. But nevertheless it wasn't me. I hated my new life, and right then I vowed to get revenge on the vampire who created me. I sobbed once more and cried my heart out.
Chapter Three ~Meet Me In The Shadows~

After awaile I noticed the faint light coming into the cracks in my tunnel home. I had revamped it since a week ago when I first saw my transformed self. My new life was so boring and dull. Everyday and everynight was the same exact thing. I read a book or listened to a CD from the first signs of dusk until the first light of dawn. Then I'd get up out of my tunnel home, go take a shower in get dressed in the rundown Wal-Mart, and then I'd go hunting. I had no choice, but to hunt everyday. My thirst seemed to consume me after awaile, and cause my to lose all my remaining humanity. Not that I ever had much humanity to begin with though. Every now and then I saw two newborns like myself running around. One was a slight young fifteen year old female with chin-length dark hair and newborn scarlet eyes. The other one was a male, and was maybe a year or two older with dark black hair. I remember hearing their names once as they sped off towards the Ocean. Their names were absolutly lovely Bree and Diego. I had no clue where they were going, and had no wish to follow. I didn't trust that group of newborns they were all up to something, but I had no idea what. And quite francly so long as they didn't drag me back there- I didn't care what they were doing.

It was nearing morning now on my 60th day as a vampire, and I knew today was another revamping and shopping day for my new home- the abandoed Wal-Mart. It was perfect for a home what with walls and everything, and it hid me and my beuty from unsuspecting human males. After all I generally hated myself for enjoying their honey and lilac sweet blood. The old Wal-Mart was still in decent shape anyways. The paint might have long since peeled away, but the siding was not rotted. And there was only one small hole on the ceiling. The tile was white, chipped, and gone by the hole in the ceiling. The wall had yellowed wall paper that was ripped away in some spots. But all in all it was a better home than a tunnel, and less conspcous than a tunnel. During my secretive nightly raids I had gotten an old couch with holes in it that someone had trown out. The couch was yellow in color, but it was naturally yellow. I had also bought a new white dresser, and a yellow lamp. I had also gotten a portable TV and DVD player, and I used it to watch TV and movies at night. I had also bought a fridge where I stored blood from blood banks that were destined to be ridded of. But since I couldn't ever get sick again this was my best bet at trying to not eat the neighbors. One particular night I began to feel repelled for some reason, and I wanted to run away from my Wal-Mart home. That night I also heard light breathing near my home, but it was spaced out differently than humans. That was when I realized that they must have come back for me. So I whipped around in a spin and hissed as loud as I could and took off in a flying sprint.

"Wait it's just me. My name is erm... Fred. I was just passing through." The harmonious low voice of a vampire spoke. I turned around and saw the blonde hair and scarlet eyes of another newborn.

"Oh. Hi then. So you're not here to take me back?" I asked in a worried, anxious voice. He rolled his eyes and shook his head no, and turned to leave. I grabbed his shoulder or more accuratly his black jacket.

"No, Fred. Please tell me everything you know about the others. I know they are up to something, but what?" I asked as I looked him straight in the eyes. But his head hung low and his eyes scanned the ground, and he began to dry sob.

"The others- I have no idea what happened to them. I left to go hunt in the middle of the fight that Riley(I hissed at the name) and the women I do not know started. I never did like fighting. But I saw Diego get his head ripped off. (I too began to dry-sob at this) But my friend Bree I do not know where she is. She told me she'd meet me at the park. I waited for her there, but when she did not come back I went to look for her. That's when I met you. So, can you help me find Bree or at least learn what happened to her." He told me in a begging, pleading tone.

"You seem friendly enough, Fred. By the way how old are you? Because you seem to be twenty." I asked him with my one eyebrow raised above my left eye.

"That's the thing erm... (Sakura I told him)... Sakura. I look kinda younger than my true age. I can only get away with twenty because of my looks and my brains. But I'm actually twenty five" He mumbled to me looking off in the distance- obviously embarrased.

"Well don't be embarrased at least you're smarter now and stronger right?" I asked. He mouthed sure, and motioned for me to follow him. So I did, and thus a new comrade-ship began.


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