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What If Bella worked for the C.I.A and was sent on a mission to kill Edward but she fell in love with him?

tell me what you think would it make a good story?

COMMENT PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it's differnet(differnet is totally good for your story) ....i want to see how it plays out
plz write soon
k i've got to go 2 my grannys right now but i willwrite aboutlunch
"Ms. Swan would you please meet me in my office in 10 minutes I have a top secret mission for you." said the chief Hawk
"Yes sir." I replied. I loved my job, I worked for the C.I.A. I had the wonderful job for destroying the supernatural. In my latest mission i had to stop three werewolves befor they destroyed a whole city. "Sir," I said when I got to the chief's office,"do I take my partner or do I go alone?"
"Bella, you know not to call me sir when we are alone."
"Sorry dad, now do i go alone or do i take my partner?" Yes my dad was the chief of the C.I.A.
"You will have to go alone on this mission. You will be taking the jet to Forks, Washington there you will encounter the Cullen family. thier names are Carisle, Esme, Jasper, Alice, Emmet, Rosilie, and Edward, thier vampires. We've never had to stop vampires before so you may want to research them first."
"Sure dad, when do i leave?"
"In ten minutes, you are packed and ready to go."
"K, cya later dad." As i was leaving the office and heading to the jet i was thinkingof the cullens. Alice and Rosilie, were have i heardthyose names before? When dad said thier names he said it likehe knew them, loved them even. "ready to leave Agent Swan?" asked the captian.
"Ready as I'll ever be." Well I was on the plane with nothing to do for two hours I guess I could sleep.
i like the story u should continue.can you keep me updated if you go on plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank, i will write more this evening
this is intresting. and i'd love to see where your going with this. please let me know when you post more
I was dreaming, I was standing in a burning house with my dad, mom, and two other little girls, one was black headed and one was blonde. Dad kept calling the Alice and Rosilie, then i woke up. "good thing you woke up Agent Swan, we're landing" I looked out the window to see the airport and to my shock it was raining, i hope dad packed me a coat I thought. As i got of theplane my phone started to ring i looked down to see who it was dad "Hello " i answered.
"Hey honey,did you get there all right?"
" Yes dad i got here fine now i gotta go i see one of the vampires" I said asi hung up. I worked up all my courage and walked right up to him.
i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!
more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more

keep me updated.
He was tall, muscular, and had beautiful bronze hair. I stopped a few feet away to look at him helooked so familiar, I knew i coudn't kill him I needed answers about these dreams i was having. I walked up to him and grabbed him by the arm "I need to talk to you." i said in a low voice that i knew only he could hear.
"If you were smart you would take your hands off of me!" he said just as low but in a more forceful tone.
" I know your a vampire so can we please work togeather i just need answers" I whispered in a pleading tone.
"How do you know what i am?"
"I was sent here to kill you and your family, I work for the supernatural department of the C.I.A. but i'm not here to kill you. I think i'm related to two females in your family, Alice and Rosilie?" I was begining to worry he looked at me like he owned me i didnt know what he would do, i've never encountered vampires before.
"Come with me," he said, "We are going to my place after I get Carisle." Just about then a tall man that looked like he could be Zues's younger brother walked up to us and said "Edward dont be rude please introduce me to your new friend."
"Actually, I dont even know her name." Then they both turned to look at me.
"Isabella Marie Swan, but people call me Bella"
" Well Bella," said Carisle "Do you have a place to stay you may stay with me and my family."
"thank you Carisle, but i have busniss with you and your family so i would like to talk to you and your family about it?" I hope I ain't making a fool of myself
"Why of course dear Bella." And with that we were off.

this is really good. please let me know when you post more
me 2.update soon.PLEASE=[


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