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Hiya guys, this is my first story time posting a story so try to be gentle. I might mistakes here and then but tell to fix it and  I will if it will help. I want to be a writer and I see this as a practice so if you can help me in anyway, please do !








I hugged my mother for what be the millionth time; I couldn't help it though, imagine leaving the one person who has loved you through every stupid mistake you ever made. The one person who was there from day one even when she didn't understand what was happening with her daughter. And even when her husband left her because he knew his daughter's black magic would bring trouble and didn't want to be part of, but she stayed .

I kissed her cheeks and whispered,"Promise me you won't let him hurt them, promise me?"She nodded once, stroked my reddish hair and told me to take care. And just like that she was gone and I was left to take care of myself but that wasn't exactly true, I had my David.

As we started to fade out from everything we loved, I look up at him- he was a lot taller than, as i was 5 ft 7 and him being 6 ft 4- wanting him to tell it was going to be okay, that we didn't just leave everyone we knew but instead, a tear escaped burning it's way to the ground. Traitor.

I blinked it back and as I was starting to turn away ashamed, he cupped my face. I though he was going give, I wanted him to so that the pain of leaving my five days old twins would at least stop hurting as much as it. So that the fire would cool down but he didn't kiss me, not where I wanted him to anyways. He kisses my forehead and wrapped his arm around me.

My Thyia and Drew would be just fine, how could they not be? They would taken of by the women who took care of me, the most forgiven, amazing being and I was more than proud to call her my mother but deep down I couldn't help wondering. Unlike David I was sick with worry and ever since I found out that I had to leave them, that what if game danced around my mind and wouldn't take a break.

What if ? What if we were normal? What if I could stay and David and I could argue about stupid human things like bills and who going to what ? What I didn't have part black magic in me and what if I was safe, king pure breed like David? These question along with 20 million more wouldn't leave me which is why I wrote them letter so that when they turn 16, when they would need us most, David and I would be there in some shape or form.

My beloved Thyia and Drew,

I cannot believe what God has blessed me. My babies so beautiful in every way and today you turn 16. Today, you can be what you were born as, today you can take of the mask and turn into your true colour. You must be confused so let me start by telling who I am.My name is Julie Lee Carter,  we share we the last name because I am your mother. Before you judge me or tore this paper into little pieces, hear me out. Your father, David Lee Carter and I didn't want to leave you but I guess we don't always get what we want. You, my children, are witches. On his/her 16th birthday can she/he use their power and today you must discover yours. You may not want it but you don't have a choice: This is who you are and I hope you can learn to love it like we did. You are different like me, you are unique and can use never seen before black magic but unlike me, you are even more unique. you are twins and your strength and power together is amazing. The only two people like you were killed the day they we born, 10000000 years ago but I won't let that happen to you: Which again is the reason why we left. To protect you. They don't even you are alive and for them to know, they need your father and I which is why we aren't with you.You will find this hard and sometimes confusing but don't lose who you are. Remember we have every faith in you and we will always be there just like we are. I love you so much and I hope in the next life, we can see each other. Take care.

Your parents,

Julie and David Lee Carter.


I know this isn't long but chapter will be longer and please feedback >3333


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:( anyone?

Ahh this seams so sad.

You amaged to capture her emotions on leaving her mother very nicely.

I like the phrase

"a tear escaped burning it's way to the ground. Traitor."

it seemed to sum up her emotions.

Best wishes




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