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Chapter 41/Epilogue - Nessie's POV


Aro ran. He freaking ran away, the old coward. Jake moved as if to chase after him but my dad stopped him. I was glad he had―I definitely did not want my husband going after some heartless monster alone. I didn't know what I would do if Jacob had somehow ended up losing that fight once he caught up to him. I didn't want to raise the twins without him.

The rest of the Volturi were stuck in place like they literally couldn't move. They all held the same expression as Aro had before Renata snapped him out of it. It was almost unnerving. None of us knew how to proceed.

"So...what should we do?" Bella inquired.

Emmett chuckled darkly. "I say we rip apart every last one of them. They deserve it. And now that we got a brainwasher on our side, why not?"

I frowned, shrugging. "I don't want Catori―or Jacy, even―to grow up thinking that she can just solve her problems by using her gift. I don't want her to take advantage of it."

"So, what? Do we just let the Volturi go then?" Emmett continued. "You would honestly just let them go now? After all they've done? But c'mon! I wanna rip some heads off! This is the best part―and they can't even fight back!" I looked toward where the Volturi were standing―all forty of them―and saw their ruby eyes staring incredulously at my daughter in Esme's arms, oblivious to what their dark fate was about to become.

"I know..." I muttered.

"Carlisle?" Emmett pressed.

He sighed, watching the Volturi out the corners of his eyes. "They've inconvenienced us for so long. But is it right to kill them?" he asked.

Emmett snorted, "Yes," as though it were obvious.

"How would that make us any better than them?" Carlisle continued.

No one had time to answer, though, as Catori suddenly began crying and confusion and eventually recognition entered the Volturi's crimson eyes. They immediately knew just what they were getting themselves into, just how powerful we had become with the addition of Jacy and Catori. They knew how much of a dangerous position they were in though they tried not to show it, and once they realized Aro was not standing alongside them anymore they went ballistic.

Many began to move their feet, charging toward my family. I clutched Jacy closer against my chest instinctively and prepared for the impact we were sure to experience. But it never came.

I heard Jacy screaming, and I saw my husband, along with the other protective males in the family, standing on guard while facing the Volturi. I peeked around Jacob and looked just in time to hear a collision, though nothing I could see had been hit. My eyes widened as forty plus vampires soared backward like they'd just been pushed by an unknown force.

It was unbelievable. The Volturi couldn't touch us because of Jacy's gift.

Their backs scratched against the ground roughly as they made contact with it. Damian was the first one back up on his feet, and the second his face came into vision I knew whatever he was planning wouldn't be good. As he stared at my father, the most vile smirk crept onto his face. What was he thinking?

My father suddenly let out a malicious growl, rooting from deep within his chest. It was the angriest I had ever seen him, no doubt about it. He bent his legs into a crouch and sprang before any of us could stop him.

"Edward!" Mom cried out in a panic.

Dad crashed with a loud boom into Damian, sending them both flying backward. They tousled like two jaguar's fighting for their prey. It was beyond frightening. The other Volturi members were about to step in when, suddenly, they stopped. That far-away look in their eyes returned and I had no one to thank but my own daughter.

Though Damian was as good as disabled, Dad finished him off with nothing to stop him. He tore him to pieces single-handedly before finally reaching into his pocket and setting him on fire. A million thoughts and emotions crashed into my head at the same time.

Damian was dead. Gone. I'd never have to be subjected to him again. He couldn't hurt me anymore. He couldn't remind me of what he had done to me anymore. He couldn't hurt my family anymore. But most importantly, he couldn't threaten to take away my children anymore. His death initiated the bulky weight on my shoulders to perish, for which I was thankful. It allowed me to breathe again.

But it wasn't finished yet―or, at least, my father wasn't finished yet.

The murderous glint in his eyes had yet to expire as he glared crazily toward the remaining "brainwashed" Volturi members. He stalked toward them so slowly, so dangerously, I couldn't even be sure whether he was moving or not.

Mom touched my shoulder gently before pacing slowly but surely toward her husband and stepping directly in front of him, making him stop in his tracks with her hands resting on his shoulders. She gazed up at him with such love and assurance it was hard not to smile.

"Our family will take care of the others," she said softly, sliding her hands down his arms only to grasp his own hands. "Come." Mom started pulling him toward me, though she didn't turn around. She kept her eyes on him until she knew he was OK, until he smiled bashfully.

When they reached me, Dad immediately pulled me into his arms, being careful, though, not to squish Jacy in between us. "It's OK now," Dad murmured into my ear. "He can't harm you anymore."

"I know, Daddy. Thank you."

It had been decided. The Volturi would cease to exist within a few short minutes. They weren't fit to control our world anymore. They had been too blinded by their obsession for power and strength to see to the right decision regarding anything.

Especially Aro.

Unfortunately, for the time being, he would remain alive. Him and Renata. Their whereabouts held a major part in this decision because, really, how could you kill someone if you didn't know where they were? They could've been across the country already for all we knew. It simply proved how much of a coward he was by running away.

I watched as my family tore apart the Volturi. Esme had handed Catori to me so she could help them, being the angry mother bear that she was for her adopted children. I held Jacob close to me while he held Jacy, since he had phased back to human knowing the danger was finally gone. He ran his fingers through my hair soothingly, kissing the top of my head.

"I love you so much, Nessie," he kept whispering. "I love you more than anything."

I gazed down at Jacy and Catori in between us and smiled, chuckling quietly. "They saved us. Who would have thought they'd be the ones to make us, like, almost literally unconquerable?"

"I know," he chuckled. "It's unbelievable. Do you realize how powerful they could be together?"

"I do now."

Jacob placed his free hand on the side of my face, cradling me, before licking his lips and slowly leaning forward. That, right there, was the last thing that occurred before the Volturi were destroyed.


Epilogue - 3 Years Later

"Daddy! Daddy! Look, watch!"

Jacy bent over and put his head and hands on the soft grass beneath him and pushed himself forward, performing a sideways somersault. Since Jacob helped teach Jacy how to do them two days ago he wouldn't stop. It was the most precious thing getting to see the genuine, happy expression on his face, which was almost an exact replica of his father as a child. It was almost scary how much they looked alike.

"Did you see, Daddy?" my son yelled, his wide, dark chocolate eyes gleaming with excitement.

Jacob ran over and scooped him up in his arms, spinning wildly while Jacy laughed. "I did see," Jacob chuckled. "You're getting so good at it, Jace."

It was amazing getting to experience my kids growing up, but also sad. I never wanted to see them grow up. I wanted them to stay my babies forever. Knowing this, I couldn't imagine how my parents had gotten through my very short childhood. By the time I myself was two years old I already looked like I belonged in elementary school. I felt blessed that so far my twins were growing up normally.

Well, mostly normal.

I saw from the corner of my eyes Seth standing up while Catori sat on the grass watching him, giggling. When Seth started toward the house I became confused. He had never left her presence willingly.

"Seth!" I called out, walking toward him. "What are you doing?"

"Catori wants a cookie," he said in an odd voice, continuing to walk.

"I told her she couldn't have a cookie until after dinner," I said.

"She wants a cookie."

Seth wasn't usually like that. He usually listened whenever it involved Catori since he never wanted to cross paths and make things hard for himself. But then again, my daughter was a sneaky one. I had realized in her three beautiful years of life that she was more like Emmett than I thought possible. She definitely inherited the crazy gene. That little girl was one intense ball of energy.

"Catori?" I called out sweetly to my daughter, taking gentle steps toward her. I knelt in front of her. "Sweetie, did you make Seth go and get you a cookie?"

An expression of sorrow crossed her face at the realization that she had done something wrong, along with her heartbreaking little pout. She nodded her head regretfully. "I'm sowwy, Mommy."

"OK, baby. Just don't do it again, all right? It not nice taking advantage of people."

"What's dat?" she asked curiously.

"Taking advantage of people?" She nodded, looking up at me with her innocent dark chocolate eyes. "When you used your power on Seth, you were making him do something without his permission. It's not nice to do that, right?"

"Yeah... Sowwy Mommy."

"It's OK, baby," I appeased, kissing the top of her head. "Why don't you go and stop Seth, then?"

OK, Mommy," she responded quickly, jumping up on her toes. She started running toward the house. "Sephy! Don't take da cookie!"

I chuckled and stood up, thinking that even though she was a bit crazy, she was still a sweetheart. The sweetest little girl. It almost made me excited to see what the future was going to hold and how she was going to grow up. I was excited to see her become her own person and follow her own dreams. Yet I still wanted her to be my baby forever, always staying little and having the time of her life. I loved her to death.

Of course, I couldn't forget about Jacy.

Jacy Mason was the most docile, softhearted little man one could ever meet. He held such a big heart, and the gentlest touch. He was my little Romeo, and his sister's best friend. But even though he had his mushy side, he also had his (very) protective side―especially regarding to his sister.

Just the other day Catori was running around outside with him on the playground and she fell off one of the higher platforms. The most heart-wrenching snap tracked down and struck my ears, causing me to flinch. Her screams and cries filled the air, alerting everyone in our yard.

Jacy ran over to his sister quickly, as he was the closest one to her. "You OK, sissy?" he asked concernedly. When she showed him her arm, it was the most precious thing. He literally bent down and placed a gentle kiss on her skin, trying to soothe her cries of pain. That was his mushy side.

I tried to get to my daughter along with Jake and Seth, as it looked like something was really wrong, but I was shocked when we couldn't.

"No!" Jacy yelled at us, though still not looking away from his sister. "Catowi's hurt." It was that moment when I realized just how powerful my children were, and how much stronger they could get as they grew up.

Jacy would not let us go near them, using his physical shield to keep us away. He felt so scared and so distraught over the fact that his sister got hurt that he couldn't think straight. In a way, I understood. He just wanted to make sure no more harm came to his sister. But, to be perfectly honest, it almost frightened me. If Jacy was capable of simply that...what else was he capable of?

But no matter what happened, nothing he, nor Catori, could ever do would make me stop loving them.

"Jacy?" I called softly. "Jacy, honey, you have to let us in. We have to make sure your sister's OK." She was still crying and it was breaking my heart.

"Jacy, we can't help her if you won't let us through," Jacob said. "It's gonna be all right, buddy. Just relax and let down your shield."

My son's face was so torn. "Catowi?" he cried. "You OK, sissy?"

"My awm h-hurts," she sniffled. "Mommy!"

"Jacy," I urged calmly. "Just relax. I need to help your sister so she can get better. Seth, call Carlisle, will you?"

Jacy was having trouble containing his power. But after a minute or so, he must've realized his sister needed help and lifted his shield, letting us through.

"Sowwy Daddy," Jacy sobbed, clutching Jacob's leg. "Aw you mad?"

"No, buddy, I'm not mad," I heard him say. "You did the right thing by protecting your sister. You just wanted to make sure she didn't get hurt more, right?" Jacy nodded, wiping his tear-filled eyes. "It's all right, Jace. No one's mad at you."

I raced toward my daughter while Jacob calmed down Jacy. Catori sobbed as she tried to speak.

"Mommy, I-I phink my awm's bwoken." She looked up at me with such pained eyes and her rosy, tear-stained cheeks as she clutched her arm to her body, trying not to move it.

"Shh, honey," I appeased with a small, reassuring smile, wiping away her blue tears. "Everything'll be OK. Your Grandpa Carlisle will be here soon to make sure you're all right."

I could already tell her arm was broken. Beside from the horrendous crack I heard before, I could see that her arm was swelling up and that it didn't look right compared to her other one. I wanted to cry for her.

Seth came up beside me at that moment, looking more worried than I'd ever seen him. "Carlisle's on his way. Is Catori OK? Is her arm broken? God, I should've been watching her better."

"No, Seth, it's not your fault. But yes, I think it's broken." My baby was powerful, yes, but it didn't mean she couldn't still get hurt.

"Sephy," Catori whimpered. "My awm hurts."

"It's going to be OK, honey. Carlisle will fix it for you." Softly, as if she would break if he put on too much pressure, he pressed his lips against her cheek and then pulled back to wipe away her tears with his thumbs. I adored how careful he was with her.

Carlisle came then with his first aid kit and quickly attended to her, making sure nothing else was hurting her beforehand. He told us that her radial bone was broken and that he needed to realign it in order for it to heal properly. Which, in simpler terms, meant that my three-year-old daughter needed to have surgery.

The surgery went perfectly fine, though. Catori walked out of Carlisle's office with a beautiful smile on her face, sucking on a green lollipop. Carlisle put a splint on her arm and sling around her neck to keep it elevated.

Catori would be absolutely fine within a few weeks time.

I smiled, now thinking back to how happy Catori was just to have her lollipop.

She came running outside with Seth and headed straight for her brother. "Jacy, let's go play on the playground! C'mon, brother!" She took his hand and they started for the huge playground Jake and I had set up for them a few months ago.

"Be careful, Catori, OK?" I yelled out to her. I most certainly didn't want another one of her bones to break.

She stopped to look back at me, placing her free hand on her hip. "I won't fall, Mommy. I'm a big girl," she stated as if it were obvious.

Jake and I laughed while I took his hand and sat on the grass with him, my head leaning comfortably on his shoulder. His arm wrapped protectively around me as we watched our children playing with Seth on the playground.

"So what happened with Catori before? Did she do something?" he murmured, kissing the top of my head.

I closed my eyes, reveling solely in the feeling he was giving me, and took his hand so I could play with his fingers. "She made Seth go to get her a cookie when I told her before to wait until after dinner. She used her powers against him." I moved my head so I could look up at him. "This was what I was I afraid of. They're too young to know right from wrong. It's hard for them to control their powers. What if they grow up relying on their powers to deal with their problems?"

"We just have to try to teach them right from wrong," he said.

"I know." I pressed my face against his neck and kissed his warm, smooth skin, pulling myself as close to him as I could get. "It's just...what if Aro comes back and realizes they could be a threat?" Aro had yet to grace us with his presence within the three years he had been missing. We hadn't seen him since the day we destroyed the Volturi.

Jacob chuckled, taking my hand and kissing my knuckles. "I don't think we have to worry about him anymore, honey. Even if the old bastard did come back he would be severely outnumbered."

"But what if he's raising an army?"

He looked at me like I had grown a mustache. "Another army?" He laughed. "I doubt that. The man's a coward."

"Which is exactly why he'd build one! So he doesn't have to fight himself," I argued.

Jacob thought this was hilarious. "You worry too much, baby. I wouldn't be surprised if you started growing grey hairs."

"Haha, very funny." I cuddled up closer to him, basking in his warmth. "I love you, Jake."

"I love you, too, Ness."

I rested my head back upon his shoulder, his arm wrapping securely around me, and watched as Jacy tried multiple times to climb up the slide and Catori gave Seth heart attacks by pretending to fall over. The moment was perfect, and I took the time to erase everything that worried me out of my head to just enjoy the moment. This was what my life had turned out to be. Just me and my family...

And Seth, since he so clearly would be apart of our lives forever.

While I knew that Aro might come back for us one day, I wasn't worried. At least, I shouldn't have been. I had my whole family with me, and nothing―especially him―could penetrate through our connected hands and break us apart. We were indestructible, even without our powers.

While I knew my children were powerful beings and could possibly become the ultimate superrace just by themselves one day, I loved them unconditionally. They would always be my babies, and I was glad that they actually had the chance to have a (somewhat) normal childhood, whereas I didn't get the chance because of my fast-paced growth. They were going to have the time to enjoy their childhood.

The sun just decided to peek out from behind the clouds, and my children still weren't sparkling. It excited me to know that if they wanted, they could go out and have a normal human experience without getting weird looks for sparkling skin. My kids loved seeing me in the sun, though. For some reason they got a kick out of my sparkles. It didn't take long for them to notice.

"Jacy, look! Mommy's spawkling again!"

I chuckled as they ran over to me, touching the skin on my arms as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. Their smiles lit up my world.

"Mommy, can you make me spawkle like dat?" Catori asked excitedly.

I chuckled. "Do you want to be magical like you're mommy?" She nodded excitedly. Even Jacy did. "OK then. C'mere, kids." I took the small bottle that I always kept from beside me and squeezed some of the sparkly lotion onto my hands while the twins squealed with delight. "Who wants to be sparkly first?"

After a couple minutes both Jacy and Catori were dancing around like lunatics under the sun with Seth, most likely off from some sort of sparkly high.

Jacob was chuckling as he spoke. "If I didn't know any better I don't think they would mind being all sparkly forever."

"Would you mind being sparkly forever?" I asked him.

"If it made you happy, then no, probably not." He smiled, prompting within me the most beautiful butterflies in my stomach. He never failed to amaze me.

It was then that I got an idea, and I called the kids over. "Guys, how would you like it if Daddy became sparkly too?" I inquired buoyantly, sneaking an evil grin in my husband's direction.

"Yeah!" they both screamed. "Gimme spawkles!"

After Jacob tried backing away playfully, his kids attacked him with the lotion in their hands, spreading it all over his face and arms. He played along with them and pretended to try getting away, yelling to them that they were all going to get it. I giggled at my sight of my husband becoming all sparkly like I was. It was very entertaining.

The kids finally stopped after every inch of his exposed skin was covered in sparkles. Catori, her silly little body, actually fell over from laughing so hard.

"Now Daddy's spawkly too!" Jacy exclaimed.

"That's it," Jacob and his sparkly self chuckled. "Now you guys are gonna get it." He made sure they were far enough away before phasing, his clothes scattering on the ground. In his place was the familiar russet-colored, oversized wolf that I loved, rolling on his back on the ground waiting for them.

Even though the kids have seen him in his wolf form before, they still didn't understand that it was actually him. It was actually quite funny to see their faces.

"Mommy, where did Daddy go?" Jacy asked curiously.

I laughed. "He's right there, sweetie," I said, pointing to him.

"But dat's a big doggy, not Daddy," Catori stated confusedly.


"That's Daddy, go get him!" I exclaimed, clapping my hands to get them excited. They always figured it out in the end.

While they went to go attack him, Seth phased too and chased after them. I chuckled, just before running after them. This was my life, and I loved it more than anything.

One more line came from Jacy's mouth before I reached them.

"Mommy, when did Daddy get so hairy?"

And I laughed, knowing that moments like these would fill the rest of my life.



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