The Twilight Saga

Bella, a poor 17- year old who is forced to work as Edward Cullen's personal maid!

Edward, a rich, spoiled 17 yr.old, who is dedicated to make Bella's life miserable while she works for him.

Despite all their bitter treatment towards each other...They will soon FALL IN LOVE.

But what Bella doesn't know is that she is the long lost daughter of Charlie Swan, a rich business tycoon...the arch rival of the Cullens. Which will turn everything upside down.

Tags: Bella, Edward, alice, all, carlise, comedy, cullens, emmett, esme, hired, More…human, jasper, love, rom-com, romance, rosalie

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another nerve racking moment,,,,,,,,,,,,,
so romantic
awww please keep me posted!♥
I love this it`s so sweet :) I hope you post more soon! Hopefully a couple chapters or a really long one.. lol ( Wishful thinking)
I hope so too, but I dont have time. but I'll try.
Next chapter will be very sweet it'll make you sick. LOL. (:kidding:)
AWWWWWW ! omg sooo sweet !!!
Awww thts so cute plzzzz write more
that was beautiful!
I love it!!!! = )
Post more soon!!!!!!!!
the last part of the chapter makes me cry.. i love it!! i hope edward will not hurt bella..
Im really glad you guys liked it!! At first I thought it was too sweet. I didn't expect positive reactions! Thanks y'all!! Im posting soon. Kylie
please keep me updated awesome chapter kylie


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