The Twilight Saga

Bella, a poor 17- year old who is forced to work as Edward Cullen's personal maid!

Edward, a rich, spoiled 17 yr.old, who is dedicated to make Bella's life miserable while she works for him.

Despite all their bitter treatment towards each other...They will soon FALL IN LOVE.

But what Bella doesn't know is that she is the long lost daughter of Charlie Swan, a rich business tycoon...the arch rival of the Cullens. Which will turn everything upside down.

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update soon.
posat like nowww

CHAPTER 9—Please answer me…


He just stared at me, eyes wide.

Three minutes. And counting.

“Don’t…Don’t you love me??”

“Of course Bella, I love you too. I was just shocked. You know.”

“Are you sure? It took you three minutes. I was counting.”

He chuckled.”Of course, Bella. I’m sure. I love you too.”

“Okay.” We kissed again.

I was the one to move away.

“Time to sleep, babe.” He said

“Yeah.” I sighed

“You’ll sleep beside me right?” He said

“Of course, as long as you still want me.” I smiled

“I’ll always do.” He said warmly

We went to his king-sized bed. It probably costs more than our house. I curved into a ball and wrapped my knees with my arms.

“I want to watch a movie.” Edward said

“Sure, let’s watch a scary one.”


“What about ‘paranormal activity’” He suggested

“No!! I’ll have nightmares.”

“Good, then when you’re sleeping. You’ll hug me tighter. Because you’re scared.” He teased

“Fun for you. Let’s just watch ‘Shutter’ okay?”

“Fine. That’s even scarier.”

We watched the movie. The original Japanese version. (Author’s Note: Im not really sure if its Japanese, but dang it was scary.) I curved into a ball while his arm is around me. I would scream oftentimes. When the ghost was in a ladder scene, I loosened my ball position and I placed my head in Edward’s chest, he just laughed at me.

“Aren’t you even scared?” I asked him


When the movie ended, Edward turned off the lights. We lied down, my head was in his chest again.

“I’ll have nightmares for sure.” I said

“Don’t worry, babe. I’m here.”

“That’s the cool part.”

He hummed my lullaby, and I fell asleep in his arms.



Damn, its 9am.


I missed school! Not that I minded but…I’ll miss an opportunity to see Emmett again. I really like him. Funny, handsome, awesome body and very carefree-to –be-with that I forgot my problems. His friends are very cool too, Edward and Alice. Even though they’re ‘enemies’… I still have my own free will, I’ll hang out with who I want to. Besides, I hate the enemy thing. I mean, it’s just business.

Edward’s girlfriend, Bella…there’s something about her. Her big brown eyes, exact same shade as my father Charlie’s. Her pale almost translucent skin just like mom’s , because she’s part albino. Charlie and Renee told me they had a long-lost daughter, my sister.

Could Bella be my long lost sister?

But of course they wont believe me when I say hey, Bella’s my long lost sister, Emmett’s cousin and a Cullen’s girlfriend. Of course, they wont believe me, I needed proof. I need to know the truth.

But how??

I like Bella, she’s cool. It would be nice to have her as a sister.

Then it hit.

I texted Emmett

Hey, Em. Wanna hang out after school?? Rose

Im gonna go to Ed’s place later. Sorry, baby. Emmett

Perfect. It’s like fate…wants to help me out to find out if Bella’s really my sister.

Really? Too bad. I’m all alone in the house…of course, the maids are here. but still…:( Ok then. Have fun. Rose

Really sorry, rosie. I just cant ditch Ed…wait, you wanna cum with us?? Emm


I’d love that. Thanks Emmett baby.Rose


All I need is Bella’s dna sample. Then I will find out.

Ok, I know this chapter is boring but just wait until Rosalie finds out Bella is her sister, that's when the real drama begins. Because Cullens and Swans are enemies..

This is really good! Please write more soon... I am really excited in the part when they announce that Bella is also actually a Swan... Can't wait, so please write more soon! ^_^
I love it!
Cant wait for more :-)
way cool, hehehe hope rose gets what she wants
thasts soo good! write more!
ahh i cant wait for the nexxt chapteer! I cant wait to see whay happens when Edward finds out that shes a swan his enemyy?! awesome chpatteerr
loved it!
it was really sweet!
please post more soon! :)
love it write more soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
so i mean rose is a swan and she hangs out with the cullens but thats her not bells i really want 2 c how she reacts


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