The Twilight Saga

Bella, a poor 17- year old who is forced to work as Edward Cullen's personal maid!

Edward, a rich, spoiled 17 yr.old, who is dedicated to make Bella's life miserable while she works for him.

Despite all their bitter treatment towards each other...They will soon FALL IN LOVE.

But what Bella doesn't know is that she is the long lost daughter of Charlie Swan, a rich business tycoon...the arch rival of the Cullens. Which will turn everything upside down.

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CHAPTER 10--Please...I really want to know


So we hung out, after school. Edward, Emmett, Bella and I. It was very fun. I hadn't expected Edward to be so nice, he used to be in so much trouble before. He even went to jail several times, you can see sadness and anger in his face now he's completely different, as they say love heals all wounds. He's always happy now and always smiling. That's all because of Bella.

We were all great friends eventually.

But I found out something, but I dont know if it will help me find out Bella's identity.

Bella was Edward's maid.

Well, that's fine to me. But I thought of it, poor Bella. If she really was my sister...a Cullen and a Swan. A Romeo and Juliet kinda thing...

It was time to go home.

"Thanks guys, I had fun."

"Sure, Rose. Feel free to come here again, that's if my parents aren't here." Edward smiled. I laughed.

"Ok, bye Edward. Bye Bella." I went to Emmett's car.

Im going to ditch school again tomorrow. I need to talk to Bella. Without Edward.

* * *

When I arrived at Cullen mansion I was very lucky that Bella was the one who opened the door. Again, seems like fate wants me to find out.

"Hey, Rose"

"Hi Bella, can I talk to you?"


She led me to Edward's room.

"I hope you will allow me to ask these questions, they're a bit sensitive"


"Bella...are you adopted?" She looked confused. But I wasn't. It was all clear to me now.


I prepared for what I was about to say.

"Bella, I need to get straight to the point. You have the same hair color and curls as my father, you have the same skin as my mom's. Bella...I think you're my long lost sister. I need a few strands of your hair, and I need you to sign these documents for the DNA test. I know you want to know the truth as much as I do..."

She was speechless,of course. It was a while before she answered me.

"Yes, I--I will give you my hair strands. Where do I need to sign?" I gave her the papers.

I already stole hair strands from my father and mother. She was the only one I've been waiting for.

After I placed her dna sample in a zip-lock bag. I kept all the documents and headed to the lab for the DNA test

"Thanks for doing this Rosalie. I owe you."


I went to the lab. The guy said I can get the results in a few days. Of course I payed him a...tip.


The lab doctor gave me some papers. The DNA results.

I scanned the paper.

It was positive.

Bella really is my sister.

I sighed. What will happen to her and Edward?

a Cullen and a Swan. a Montague and a Capulet.

A/N: Sorry, its short. Im in a rush. Its all I could write.
ahhh whatss edward going to thinkk?!
ahhhhhhhh!!!! need more now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was amazing!
What will Edward, Esme and Carlisle do when they find out.....?
Cant wait for more :-)
wow, i just read everything, ad it was PERFECT! please update me! and ii'll cross my fingers for u to upddate soon :D
write more....wdz going to happen if edward finds out?? will he leave her???
Awesome please write more and keep me posted :)
wow, solunds like a bit romeo and juliet....please update me....thanks!
wow i loved it soo juch plzzz upsate soonnn love ur storyyt
wow good and bad at the same time!!!!!!!


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