The Twilight Saga

Bella, a poor 17- year old who is forced to work as Edward Cullen's personal maid!

Edward, a rich, spoiled 17 yr.old, who is dedicated to make Bella's life miserable while she works for him.

Despite all their bitter treatment towards each other...They will soon FALL IN LOVE.

But what Bella doesn't know is that she is the long lost daughter of Charlie Swan, a rich business tycoon...the arch rival of the Cullens. Which will turn everything upside down.

Tags: Bella, Edward, alice, all, carlise, comedy, cullens, emmett, esme, hired, More…human, jasper, love, rom-com, romance, rosalie

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Whens the next chapter!!

i love it soo much :D
plz write,i can't wait
hey new reader and wow ur story is really awesome and i loved it!! write more asap!!! and plz keep me updated! :)
love this story cant get enough!!!!!!!!!!
Please write more. This is an awesome story and I love it. :D
this is so good plz post more and update me
I'm a new reader and i LOVE this story please write more!!!!
you must continue!!! or else.........

THE CAT WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! so save the cat and rite more soon!!!!!!!!!
OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz rite more. it is soooooooo good. Scratch that, its Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLeaseee carry on! I got so hooked :')


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