The Twilight Saga

Bella, a poor 17- year old who is forced to work as Edward Cullen's personal maid!

Edward, a rich, spoiled 17 yr.old, who is dedicated to make Bella's life miserable while she works for him.

Despite all their bitter treatment towards each other...They will soon FALL IN LOVE.

But what Bella doesn't know is that she is the long lost daughter of Charlie Swan, a rich business tycoon...the arch rival of the Cullens. Which will turn everything upside down.

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CHAPTER 1—I should’ve seen this one coming


Rain. Great. I’ve been surrounded by rain all my life. Just perfect. I lie here in my bed thinking about everything. My life here in Forks. I am Bella Davis, well I am adopted and Davis is my adoptive parents’ last name. I don’t really know my REAL last name (A/N: Which is Swan, of course). My adoptive parents has been real kind to me, considering that I am adopted and they cant have children. Yeah, but we’re poor. My dad Ricky is the Biology teacher in Forks High School. Well, his salary is not so high in the small town of Forks. Well my mom Beth came in.

“Bella, I have sad news.” Beth said

“What is it?” I asked anxiously

“He’s fired… Ricky is fired from his job.”

“Oh, mom” I hugged her.

“That’s not all. We don’t have money to send you to school anymore, we don’t even have money to feed you anymore… But there is an option…” She said, she was crying now.

“What is it?” I said. I would do anything for these kind people who adopted me and took care of me.

“Well Esme Cullen, the wife of Carlisle Cullen…you know them right?” She said. Of course I know them, who doesn’t? Carlisle Cullen owns a medicine company and a bigtime electronics company. They were too rich for their own good. They have two children Edward and Alice.

“They offered a job for you…as their maid… They said they would take care of your education. You don’t have to accept it honey.” She said sobbing harder. I would do it. For my adoptive parents, I would.

“I’ll do it, let’s just think that it’s a training for my independence.” I said. Beth hugged me and well…let’s just say it was a farewell scene.


Well, three days of goodbyes, packing and… goodbyes. Esme’s driver picked me up and the car was a Mercedes, well who uses a Mercedes just to pick up a maid?? Huh. After too many hours of travel, We arrived at their palace-like L.A mansion. It was so beautiful and exquisite and elegant. I swear I didn’t move for the last five minutes.

“You must be Bella.” Esme said waking me up from my daydream. Esme was very beautiful even though she’s in her forties, she looks so youthful.

“Yes, I am Bella Mrs. Cullen.” I said.

“Okay. This is your maid outfit. My daughter Alice designed it herself. She insisted on the maids to wear this outfit.” My mouth fell open. The dress was black and MID-THIGH! Dang, its so short. It was black that has white apron. It was really kind of sexy and short.

“Okay. Thank you so much Mrs. Cullen.” I said

“No problem, Bella…And you will be my son Edward’s personal maid.” Esme said kindly. Edward Cullen? The hot, spoiled, maniac player?

“Bella you will receive more pointers from Amy, our head maid here.” With that Esme left and a plump woman in her fifties with red hair came.

“So, Bella. I am Amy, the head maid. As Mrs. Cullen said you will be Mr. Edward’s personal maid. Mr. Edward has school so you have to wake him up at around 6 am. And when he wakes up he has to have breakfast ready for him . You have to clean up his room, make his bed and most of all, YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING HE ORDERS, understand?”

“Yes, Amy.”

“Okay, he wil arrive at 4pm. I will introduce you to him and address him Mr. Edward okay?”


Yeah, Im totally nervous.


School is so..ugh. I know im the moSt popular guy in school, but still. Esme called me to say I have a new personal maid. What do I care? I don’t want some ratty old woman to be my maid… Yeahh, life sure is hell.

I arrived at our LA mansion, just leaving my Volvo in front of our door. The guy maids would park it wherever they park it. I checked my face on the mirror. I sure do look hot. My bronze hair untidy (which the girls think is hot.) and my green eyes just perfect. When I came in Amy, the head maid welcomed me. She was with a hot girl with wavy brown hair and cute brown eyes. She has ivory complexion and wearing that sexy maid outfit emphasized her long legs.

“Good Afternoon Mr. Edward, this is Bella, your personal maid.” Amy said

“Good Afternoon , Mr. Edward.” She said nervously.

Really? This hot, sexy girl is my personal maid? This is so unexpected, but a good one. Hmm…You should be nervous Bella, because this job is not ordinary especially when YOU’RE MY PERSONAL MAID. I smiled wickedly.

Looks like I’ve hitted jackpot.

“ Come on, let’s go to my room.” I said with an evil smile.She cringed at theword ‘my room’. I smiled even wider. She followed me to my room. When we reached there…

“So, Bella huh?” I said


“I want you to…”

“to what?”

“to always stay here in my room and never leave. I want you here.” I said. I stared at her eyes. You guys, may already know, but I’m exceptionally good at flirting.


I know, and I’m sure that many extraordinary and chaotic things will happen here in this room for the rest of Bella’s working experience here. Yes, I will make her life miserable until her top comes off. I smiled another wicked grin.
CHAPTER 2—Well, this is so not an ordinary job



Damn. Its 5 am and… dang Im still sleepy. But I should be used to it.Im supposed to arrange Mr. Edward’s food. That Edward. I sighed. I was about to quit this job before hour one because I AM EDWARD CULLEN’S PERSONAL MAID!! Edward Cullen, the rich, spoiled 17 year-old who knows nothing but to experience the pleasures of life without having to work hard.

After preparing the food I went to his room and wow…just wow. Edward’s face looks so angelic when he’s sleeping. That bronze hair. That face. Perfect in every way. Like a long lost sculpture of a sleeping cupid. Damn.

“Ed—Mr. Edward, wake up.” I said, while slapping his shoulders lightly. He just groaned.

“Mr. Edward…” I said, slapping harder.

“FINE!!!” He said waking up.

“Your breakfast is downstairs.” I said. He went to his walk-in closet. I decided to arrange his bed. After I arranged his bed, I cleaned up his room. It took a while to clean it up completely. It was seven times the size of my room at Forks.

“Bella!” His velvety voice called from his walk-in closet.

“Coming.” I called. I opened the door of the damned closet. Well, lets just say it was just as big as his room.
But that was not the reason why I am wide-eyed and open- mouthed right now.

Edward Cullen is standing in front of me…wearing his pants only.Half-naked…in front of me. As I said, it was like a long lost sculpture of a Greek god. And those green eyes, they so get along with the bronze hair.

“Uh.hello? Earth to Bella?” He said

“Oh. Er—what do you need?” I said

“My closet is so messy, I cant find my blue checkered shirt.” He said

“I’ll find it” I sighed. I went through racket of clothes. I realized Edward was always staring at my back when I looked down. Huh. After a few minutes I realized he was staring at my…

“Will you stop staring at my butt?”I blurted out, out of frustration. Damn.

“Sorry, Honey. You just have a nice figure, that’s all. Very sexy.” He said. I was shaking with anger, what a maniac this boy is!!

“You—“ I said. I coulldn’t think of a bad word. He was MY BOSS after all.

“Problem?” He said, He’s enjoying this. Wonder if he did this on purpose. I handed him the shirt and walked away. When he left for school, I was practically free for the day. Esme said she’ll get a private tutor for me. Wow. I don’t mind being home schooled…but they’re just so kind to me.

4PM—Where in the world is Edward?? He’s supposed to arrive NOW.

6PM—No Edward still.

8PM—I never believe my thoughts, but I’m getting worried.

10PM—Where is he??

Then Carlisle Cullen arrived with a couple of men dragging Edward...a drunk Edward.

“Mr. Cullen, what happened?” I said.

“He was caught driving drunk…well you get the picture,” He turned to the men. “Bring him to his room” Being his personal maid, I followed.

“Bella, I leave it to you to take care of Edward.” With that, Carlisle and the men left. I got some wet towel and wiped his forehead and whole body. I got a pail ready just in case he throws up. Well, looks like I need to change his clothes . I shuddered. I got some shorts and plain white shirt for him. I changed his clothes, but I swear even with the smell of alcohol he smells kinda like honey.

Then something unexpected happened
While he was still lying on his bed, Edward grabbed me and half my body is on top of him ( I’m still standing,my feet is still on the ground…you get the picture) He hugged me tightly.

“Just…stay…here…don’t…leave…me” He said

“Umm…sure” I said. I kind of…like it.

“I…need…you…” He said. We just stayed like that for a while, until he fell asleep. I slept on the sofa near his bed.

Yeah, things are gonna be pretty interesting around here. Can you believe this is just my first day here?
CHAPTER 3—Thank goodness Alice and Emmett are decent


Bella is even prettier when she sleeps.

Why in the world is she sleeping on my bedroom?

Hmmm… Oh, I got drunk. I stared at Bella’s sleeping face on the sofa near my bed. She’s so beautiful. Her brown hair is a contrast to her ivory complexion. The effect is quite mesmerizing. I was moving closer to her face when she woke up.

The moment she opened her eyes my face were inches from hers. I stared at her brown eyes, mesmerized.

“I—um. Ed—“ She said hypnotized too. I moved away.

“Sorry. You’re cute when you sleep.” I said

“What the—You were watching me sleep?” She yelled at me


“You bast—“ She retorted.

“Whatever. Just clean my room. Emmett’s coming.”

“Emmett who?”

“Darn it Bella. Are you my maid or my mom? Just do what I say.” I said.


“And Alice is coming home from a fashion conference thing. Mom said I have to introduce you to her. Just make sure you look…decent. “ I said. Alice. Ugh. My little twerp of a sister. She’s very supportive and nice to me, but of course…she can be very annoying when she wants to. She’s my best friend and all. Wait, Emmett is my best friend. Well both of them are. The three of us are inseperable. We hang out and have fun. When one of us has problems we help each other out. And THEY’RE BOTH COMING NOW.


I waited in the living room. The door opened. I stood up.

“Eddie!!” Alice said. She jumped so that she could hug me. With our heights…

“Look who missed me…” I chuckled.

“I really did miss you, Ed.You wont believe those snobbish girls from New York… It’s just so..ugh. Never mind.” Alice said. We both sat on our expensive couch.

“BELLA!!” I yelled

“Who’s Bella?” Alice said. Bella came in.

“Alice, this is Bella, my personal maid.” They shook hands. Bella left after that.

“Your personal maid is a hot one, Ed…are you being…decent?” Alice said
“Yes, of course. What do you think of me, sister dear? And by the way. Emmett’s coming.” I changed the subject to not discuss furthermore on the things about Bella.

“Really? That’s cool!!” Alice said

When Emmett came, we did the usual stuff we do. I just realized how much I missed them both. Talking, laughing and joking. It was so much fun.

I told them about my new personal maid.

“She’s hot huh?”Emmett said

“Very. She’s funny the way she reacts when I do ‘maniac’ things to her.” I said

“Huh. You’re impossible. You’re gonna do that for the whole time she works here?” Emmett laughed loud
“Yeah. Until her top comes off.” Emmett and I laughed louder.

“Will you boys shut up? You’re acting like you’re 10. And stop being mean to bella.” Alice said. I don’t know why or how but Emmett and I are dang scared of little Alice when she scolds us like this. But she cant stop me on Bella.

When Emmett left and Alice went to her room, I went to my room too of course. And Bella was there too.

“Hey.” I said to Bella


“You sleep here in my room, okay?” I said using my flirting charms

“Sure.” She said. Then she walked towards me, her face inches from mine. Then she moved to my ear and whispered.

“But you’re not the only one who knows how to flirt.” She said so seductively that I want to kiss her. I stood there. Bewildered. Her face moved farther away from mine.

“Mr. Edward, do you still need anything?” Bella said

“um—just…stay here.” I said not knowing what to do next.


I don’t really know why I did that. Flirting with Edward Cullen. Huh.

Maybe I just want to show him that he cant just do maniac things to me and get away with it. And that I wanted to know if I attracted him. Most of all HE’S NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY DIRTY.

Can a good girl go bad because of him??

I stared at Edward’s back as he walked away from me.

I can feel it. There’s more to come.
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