The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward have met before, back in the 1930's. Bella is a Salvatore and is an 'old' kind of

vampire, although never got around to telling Edward. Now, over 70 years later, Bella is back as well as Edward. Will they love again, or will the love they once had be lost forever. Read to find out.

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History Repeating


     It was 1846 when my brother, Stefan Salvatore, and I were born, our other brother, Damon, was born in 1840. We were all killed in 1863 and brought back to life a month later. We are all now the older versions of vampires, the kind that burns in the sun and has fangs. Then there are new vampires, they don’t burn in the sun and don’t have fangs or the powers we have. We call them the newbies and we are the oldies.  This is the story on how I fell in love with a newbie.


                  I stared out the window as my plane landed in Port Angeles, my new home for a couple decades.  My brothers are currently living in Mystic Falls, Virginia, with their latest toy, Elena Gilbert. I feel so sorry for the girl, being tossed around by my brothers like a rag doll. She hasn’t figured out it’s all a game yet. I tried warning her, but she wouldn’t listen to me, said Stefan wouldn’t do that.

I used to live with them until the 1930s’, that’s when I met him. His name was Edward Cullen and it was love at first sight. We tried to ignore with the differences between us, he thought I was human, but it was impossible. Especially on my 18th birthday, which was really my 86th birthday. I was opening his mother and father’s present to me when I accidentally cut myself, causing the youngest member, Emmett, to attack me. He was so quick that I didn’t have time to react. I ended up getting hurt seriously, but of course it healed almost immediately.

                  Edward was convinced he was too dangerous for me, so he left me.  After that I was in pain for many years. I went on the run and ended up killing many people and blaming it on gangs. The newspapers called it the gang decade (AN: I don’t know if it was, this is just my imagination). Soon enough the newbies leaders, The Volturi, got involved and killed many of their kind thinking it was them, not my kind. That’s when I realized it was time to stop and get a hold of my life. I went to live in Athens, Greece where I studied Greek mythology for 10 years. I then moved to Paris, France and got my masters in history; I remained there for 20 years. In the 1970s’ I moved back to the United States, joined the Military, and became a general. I got my release in the 80s’and then roamed the country again, this time not killing. Throughout the 90s’ I switched between living with my best friend Lexi and visiting my twin brother, Stefan, and my evil, overprotective, loving brother Damon.  Then after that I decided to go back to school in Phoenix, Arizona. You may be wondering how I can go in the sun without burning, well I have a special ring. It was made for me in the 1860s’ and protects me from the sun.

                  Now, after 80 years I’m back where Edward and I first met, Forks Washington.


                  Oh, oh, oh, how was I supposed to know that you were o-over me I think that I should go!

                  My alarm screamed out Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) by All Time Low, telling me it was time for me to get up and get ready to go to school. I put on my shirt and some jeans and of course a ring that Damon gave me that was a snake, he says I am as fast and sneaky as a snake, and my Lapis Lazuli ring, and a gold necklace with a Pegasus on it. Edward had given me when he found out I loved Greek mythology. Gosh, I need to get over him; it was over 70 years ago.

                  I hoped nobody would recognize me; I looked the exact same although I had different hair.                 

Crap! It was 8:10; I have to be in school at 8:20! I ran at vampire speed to my silver Mustang and sped off to school.


                  “Edward! Come on, we are going to be late!” My sister Alice yelled at me from downstairs.

                  “Coming!” I yelled.

                  I ran downstairs grabbing the keys and heading out to the garage. Wow! It was 8:10; I’m going to be so late. When I got to the garage I saw my family already in the car waiting for me to get in. I finally got inside the car and turned on the ignition. Halfway there Rosalie said something that I would have never thought she would bring up.

                  “You were thinking about Bella, weren’t you? That’s why you were late getting to the car,” Rose asked.

                  “What?” I asked surprised.

                  “You still miss her, don’t you?” She replied.

                  “Rose, stop it. This isn’t a good time,” Emmett said.

                  That was the first time he ever sounded so serious. He should be serious about it, he almost killed her. That was over 70 years ago, she was dead now. My love, Bella Salvatore, was dead. The rest of the ride was very awkward and quiet. Finally we got to school and as I was about to pull into my regular spot some jerk, cut me off and stole my spot.

                  “What the hell?!” I yelled.

                  “Dude, calm down.” Emmett said.

                  As if on cue I felt calm come over me and all the anger disappeared.

                  “Thanks Jasper,” I said.

                  I found another spot and started walking to the front office when I saw something I thought I would never see again. Bella Salvatore was the jerk. 


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Chapter 5


                  I followed Edward out the door and into the forest. As soon as he started in the direction, I knew exactly where we were going. When Edward lived here before he always went to this meadow, he claimed it helped clear his mind. I was the first person that he showed this meadow to, so automatically it became ‘Our Meadow’.

                  “I’ll race you,” I joked knowing it would get on Edwards nerves. He had always seemed to think he was the fastest creature on Earth.

                  “You’re on,” he smiled before taking off deeper into the forest.

                  I counted to ten and then followed in pursuit behind him. Running had always been one of my favorite activities when I needed to clear my head, mostly because I didn’t have to think when I ran, only concentrate on the world around me. When I arrived to the meadow Edward was nowhere to be seen, but he was heard. I could hear feet pounding against the ground about two miles away, and he muttering about how there was no way I would beat him. I silently laughed to myself as I ran my hands over the wild flowers that had just blossomed. A few seconds later, Edward burst into the meadow with a look of astonishment written across his face.

                  “How did you beat me?” He nearly yelled.

                  “I thought we went over this, I’m faster than you, by a lot,” I smiled.

                  He just grunted and moved to the middle of the meadow. I trailed behind and sat in front of him. Both of us were waiting for the other to speak, but neither was willing.

                  “Bella, when we left it was for your safety, not because I didn’t love you,” Edward started.

                  “Then why did you lie to me?” I asked raising my eyebrow.

                  “It was the only way to get you to believe me. I knew that if I told you the truth then you would have put up a fight.”

                  “I could have handled the truth, I’m an adult Edward.”

                  “In my eyes you were too young for the truth. I thought you were eighteen, not eighty something.”

                  “Maybe if you had actually paid attention to me more often then you would have caught on!”

                  “I paid more attention to you then anyone else, Bella!”

                  “Yeah right, it was always family this, hunting this, and Bella can’t handle this! I’m so sick of your crap Edward!” I screamed at him.

                  “Bella, the only reason I was like that is because I couldn’t handle the thought of loosing you. I love you more than anything can’t you see that? After we left I was in misery for many years. When Alice and Jasper first came, they were scared to come near me. Emmett stopped joking around, Rose just moped and started fixing cars, Esme did nothing but sit in her garden and stare into the forest as if she expected you to burst out from the trees. To make things worse, Carlisle couldn’t stand the thought of you not at the house when he got home, so he took two jobs at completely different hospitals that way he wouldn’t have to come home to his depressed family. It took years for us to get back to normal again all because of you,” Edward yelled back.

                  “This is what I always hated. You always put things bac-“ I was interrupted from my yelling by Edward crushing his lips onto mine sucking me into a passionate kiss.

                  It wasn’t long till my hands found his hair and his hands were busy pulling me closer to him. We stayed like this for a few minutes before I broke away.

                  “I hate you,” I joked, smiling into Edward’s eyes.

                  “Love you too, Bella,” He smiled.

                  The next few hours were spent laying in each other’s arms telling about the years we had spent apart. I could stay like this forever, I thought to myself. That was another thing Edward couldn’t read my mind. It was a defense mechanism that I had acquired when I was changed.

                  “Bella, I hate to interrupt this moment, but school is going to start in an hour,” Edward said while stroking my hair.

                  “Do we have to go?” I whined.

                  “Unfortunately, yes, but in a few hours we can come back. There is blood testing in biology today so I plan on skipping the last half of the day,” he explained.

                  “I would, but I can resist the blood and I need to be there so that I Mr. Banner doesn’t think that I like to skip,” I sighed.

                  “I understand. It’s time for you to go, I’ll meet up with you at school.”

                  “Do you have to leave, you could come with me.”

                  “I’m sorry love, Alice has plans to torture me with her sense of fashion. If I don’t leave now you might never see me again.”

                  I lightly laughed before reaching up to give him a kiss.

                  “Goodbye Edward,” I said before disappearing into the forest headed towards my home.

                  Running back was worse than any run I had ever been on. Every step I took I felt part of myself fading away and going with Edward. I had only felt this once and that was when I first left my brothers. I knew a short cut to the house so it was only a matter of minutes before I burst out of the forest and into the driveway of my house. I ran upstairs and went straight to my closet; today’s outfit would have to amazing in comparison to any of my other outfits. After picking out my outfit, ( I walked out the door and headed towards my car. Rose had been kind enough to drive it back when Edward and I left for the meadow.

                  On the dashboard of my car was a folded up piece of notebook paper with my name on the front.

                  Bella, I know we have never gotten along in the past but I would like to make that up to you. Next Saturday Alice and I are planning a shopping trip to Seattle, would you like to join us? If so, meet us at our house 4 o’clock sharp.


                  I smiled at the paper before putting it into my back pocket and taking off towards the school. The roads were icy today so I tried not to drive fast but with me driving fast is unavoidable.  I pulled up into the school and parked in the same place I parked in the day before.

                  “Okay, Bella, we have to work something out, cause this isn’t working for me,” Emmett’s voice boomed throughout the parking lot, while he pointed to my car.

                  “I don’t see the problem, it’s just a car,” I replied.

                  “It’s in my spot!”

                  “Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.”

                  “Are you heartless too, Bella?”

                  “You’re one to speak,” Edward interrupted wrapping his arms around me from behind.

                  “As are you, Eddie,” Emmett fired back.

                  A growl vibrated across Edward’s chest, it was obvious he hated the name Eddie. Emmett just burst into laughter and walked away to join Rose, Jasper, and Alice.

                  “I missed you,” I whispered.

                  “As did I,” he muttered pulling my head up to his lips.

                  RING!!!!!!!! The warning bell for first period went off signaling it was time for Edward and I to separate once again. I pulled away from Edward, looked him in the eyes, and then smiled.

                  “Bella, let’s go already!” Alice whined pulling me away from Edward.

                  Of course Alice had this much energy in the morning, I swear she was like a pixie that was high on caffeine.

                  “Rose told me that she invited you to go shopping with us on next Saturday. You have to come, I need to find out what kind of clothes are your style,” Alice pleaded.

                  “I was going to go to Seattle anyways. My house is completely empty because my brothers took all the stuff from this house and sold it as a joke a few years ago. To say the least, I was not happy,” I explained.

                  “Great! When Rose said four you know it meant four in the morning right?” she asked.

                  “What?!” I practically yelled.

                  “Of course silly, why would it be in the afternoon?”

                  “I don’t know, cause that’s when normal people go shopping!”

                  “Last time I checked, we definitely aren’t normal.”

                  At that Alice and I both cracked up laughing, that was definitely true. I hadn’t been normal for a long time. We were still laughing when we walked into Mr. Mason’s class. He just gave us a look and motioned for us to sit down. This school year was going to be great.

A/N: Sorry I know this chapter really sucks. I have been sick all week so I didn’t really think much of how this chapter was going to go. Don’t worry though because I have the next chapter all put together and even a new story idea. The next chapter is the shopping trip and someone makes a guest appearance. See if you can guess, the person who wins will get the honor of saying they guessed it. Sorry can’t think of anything else to give out. Review!!!!! Love y’all- Bella Willow


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