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Please read the first part of this story Love in La Push: Unknown Imprint to find out what happened first!!


Hope's POV

"You imprinted on me?" I screamed at him. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

He took a step back. "Hope, I couldn't tell you. Your father told me I had to wait. You needed time to find yourself." He reached out for me.

"Don't." I shook my head and started backing away from him. "Don't bring my father into this. He has nothing to do with us. I trusted you, Seth, and look where that's gotten me. NO WHERE! I hate you." I screamed.

I turned and ran. He yelled my name, but I ignored him. 

As I ran I felt the anger coursing though my veins. The heat of it so intense that I started to feel like I was burning. Then something exciting happened.

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aww cute: Possible Names: Devin, Steven, Dorian, Luke, James, Kendall, Logan

Here are some names:







Neil (Ah, White Collar)


I love this story, I Hope you continue soon!

Love it Rach:) i like the name Hayden.

I love White Collar!!! Neil is just so HOT!!! lol

Love your list of names!!!

What about Ray?

Chapter 4


Paul's POV

"His name is Gabriel Ryder." I said to Seth as I came in the house with Rachel and Gabe.

"Cool. I like it." Hope was jumping up and down around Seth trying to get his attention. "Yes, Hope?"

"I helped pick out his name. Mommy and Daddy couldn't pick which one they liked the best so I picked one for them."

He picked her up and kissed her cheek. "Well done, my little angel wolf." She giggled and hugged his neck.

"Do you want to hold him, Seth?" Rachel asked walking over to him.

Seth took a step back. "Umm no thanks. I'm good." Hope giggled. "What?"
"Are you afraid to hold him? Cause I held him. There's nothing to worry about."

"No I'm not afraid to hold him." He stuck his tongue out at her making her giggle again.

"Seth!" Rachel said.

"What?" He said with an innocent look on his face.

"Don't you dare teach our daughter to stick her tongue out at people."

He hung his head. "Yes, mommy." He winked at Hope and laughed. Rachel laughed to and smacked his arm.

"Paul, do something about your pack brother, will you?"

"Yes, Babe. Let's go get everyone else for the welcome home party." I kissed Rachel. "Be right back, hon. You should rest." She nodded her head and went into the living room as Seth and I went out the door.

6 Years later

Hope's POV

Today's the day. I'm thirteen. Finally a teenager. Life has been crazy since my brother Gabriel was born. You know how you're all excited when they bring the new baby home. Well it doesn't last. He's been a pain since he's got here. Everyone thinks he's just so cute and perfect. Ugh no. He's the devil himself. He's always in my room taking my stuff and getting into trouble. Does he get in trouble for it? Nope. He's mom and dad's perfect little angel. He can do no wrong. The only one who isn't taken in by him is my best friend Seth. He knows all about Gabe's evil, and he understands. Says he was the same way with his sister Leah. We laugh about that all the time.

"Hey, Hope. Happy Birthday!!" Seth said as he put his arm around my shoulder.

"Hey, Seth. Thanks. So what's on the list for today?"

"Oh you know the usual right of passage to teenage hood in La Push." He said it like it was no big deal.

"What?! Sweet!! I can't wait. Mom and dad actually agreed to this?"


"Seth, are we doing this without my parents permission?" He hung his head and nodded. "Don't look like that. This is awesome!! You're the best." I hugged him and kissed his cheek. 

I can't wait for tonight!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!! Thanks for all the names!!! Took me a while to pick but I finally found the best ones!!! Can't wait for your comments!!! :)

aww lol :) I loved when Seth called him Mommy! lol so funny. I wonder how things will go now as Hope is older

It's so cute how excited Hope is because she helped to name the new baby!  The sibling rivalry at a later stage is also very funny!  Luckily Seth is on Hope's side!  After all, he was once a little boy too!

And what is Seth planning?  Maybe cliff diving?...

I think that Gabriel works well as a name, it fits with the others.

What has Seth planed for tonight with his little angle Wolf? Lets hope that Paul won't be too upset.

Great chapter.

Best wishes


He's so taking her cliff diving!

Chapter 5

Mom's Worry


Later that day

Something is going on with Hope and the pack boys. They must be planning something. I looked around for my husband and finally found him in our bedroom wrapping Hope's present. He looked up when I walked in.

"Hey, babe, what's up?"

"Do you know what the pack is planning for tonight?"

"Just the usual. Bonfire, games and stories. Nothing to bad. Why?"

I looked out the window and saw Gabe sneaking around the side of the house. "What is that boy doing?"

Paul looked and saw him. "Oh he's probably just trying to find out his sisters secrets. Now why did you ask about tonight?"

"Well the guys seemed more hyper then normal and it can't lead to anything good."

"If your worried I'll ask Jake to stop in and make sure they're behaving themselves."

"Whose idea was it to let all of the teenage wolves take my little girl out tonight and spend it doing who knows what?"

Paul looked a little sheepish. "Seth's." He became very interested on tying the bow just right on her present that I sighed and walked out. I went outside and saw Hope and Seth leaning close together talking, then I was Gabe in a tree above them listening in.

"Gabriel Ryder, you get your butt out of that tree this instant." Hope and Seth jumped then looked up. Hope said something to Seth which caused him to nod and run off. 

"Gabriel, get out of that tree or so help me I will come up after you and drop you on your head." Hope said as she walked to the base of the tree ready to climb up. I laughed as I saw Gabe start coming down as fast as he could.

"Hope, don't hurt him to bad. We do have your party tonight and I don't want to spend most of it at the hospital." She looked at me and rolled her eyes then looked back up the tree. I walked away knowing I wouldn't want to see the rest. I walked to Jake's to talk to him about tonight.

"Hey, Jake, are you home?" I said after I walked into his house. 

Nessie came walking out. "Hey, Rach. Jake's out back talking to Seth. How's the b-day girl?"

"Right now? Getting ready to kill her brother. Otherwise she's good." We laughed then went to look for Jake. "How's the baby?" I looked down at her swollen belly and smiled.

"Oh just fine. Very active like his daddy." She smiled and put her hand on top of her belly.

Jake and Nessie had been married a year and a half and are expecting their first in about two and a half months. Carlisle said she's doing great.

We found Jake just about to come inside when we came out. "Oh hey, Rach. What's up?"

"I was just coming to ask you if you could check on the party tonight that the kids are having for Hope? Make sure they aren't doing things they shouldn't be?" 

He looked away and answered. "Sure. Shouldn't be a problem."

I left then and went home. Something about the way Jake answered had me worried. I'm going to have to make my own trip down there to find out what's really going on.

Hope you enjoy!!! :)


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