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This Twlight Saga Fan Fiction will be written between two TTS memebers, Jada Blackwater and Envy Breeds Hate, who will alternate between chapters. Chapter one, is being written by Jada Blackwater.


This story will be in two different Point's of View.


One writter, will write in the point of view of a werewolf...



One writter, will write in the point of view of a vampire...



We hope that anyone who reads, will enjoy the story we are working so hard on. We thought of this and ideas just went flying left and right, back and forth, and just about everywhere. We have come up with a solid idea for it and wish to share it with our fellow TTS members.


Any readers, please, leave comments so that we know you enjoy it. Thank you :)





Hot Winter, Cold Summer

A Twilight Saga Fan Fiction Partnership Piece






Prologue (Written by Envy Breeds Hate):




A dark, cold feeling took over me as lay here. Unable to move, I screamed in pain into nothing but pure black darkness. Out from the corner of my eye, I saw something. Bright crimson red flashed past me.

I screamed.

What’s happening to me?

As another scream began to come through me, a dark figure stood above me and covered my mouth. The figure had deep crimson red eyes that burned through me. I couldn’t move, speak, or even think.

The figure moved closer to me and I could feel its sharp teeth move over the skin on my neck. Before I could think about what was going to happen, the teeth bit through me.



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A very exciting chapter.I enjoy it all the way through.

I like your description of Paul's reaction when he thought Rebbeca was threatened .

Best wishes




Chapter Sixteen – Talk

“Why didn’t you stop her?”

I heard Seth’s voice raging through the house from downstairs as he came through the front door. He was angry… at me? At Edward? I don’t know… but he’s angry. I can feel it in the air and I don’t like it.

“I couldn’t. She was across the border before I could catch up to her. She’s faster than me…”

Edward’s voice trailed off at the end of his sentence. Emmett’s voice then took over in his booming, excited, tone. Completely changing the entire feel of the air around me.

“Faster than you? Holy… someone is faster than Edward? No way! Rose, did you hear that? She’s faster than Edward!”

Although they were all downstairs while I sat in my room, I could tell the way him and Edward are looking right now. I can feel Emmett’s excited smile and big shocked eyes and Edward’s annoyed stare at him with a slight amount of hurt. What is he hurt about?

“I guess she has a power sort of like Jasper’s and Alice’s too. She knows exactly what we are doing and feeling right now, as if she is in the room with us. And by the way, Emmett, she’s only faster because she’s still a newborn. I’ll be the fastest again later on.”

Edward told the room of vampires and Seth.

“Where is she?”

Seth’s sweet voice asked the room as his anger and hyped up excitement toned down. I guess now would be a good time to go downstairs and face everyone. I was half way down the stairs before anyone could answer him.

“I’m right here…”

I kept my gaze downward, at my feet, and away from everyone that stood in the living room. Everyone being Seth, Emmett, Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Rose. Carlisle and Esme went hunting soon after I got home and Bella is at Jacob’s house now… I saw her at Emily’s but only for a second before she was taken away by Jacob.

Seth’s arms wrapped around me and held me close to him as we stood on the steps, in front of the Cullen children, and he kissed my head. I couldn’t help but let a small smile out when he did. It was so cute.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah… I’m fine. I… I’m… I’m sorry, Seth…”

His arms tightened around me as he hugged me closer. I glanced at the living room to see that everyone had left. It’s nice to know that even though they are against me liking him, they have enough care to not hate us now for it. The Cullens are beautiful people… in more ways than one.

“Don’t worry, Angelina. Even though you broke the treaty…”

He signed and I moved out of his arms and made my way the rest of the way down the stairs. I moved slowly, not wanting to even move at all, and sat on the couch. I feel like crap… how could I do this to him? I just made everything worse for him and for the Cullen family. They should kick me out of the family. All I have done is hurt them and make things hard since I showed up here…

Seth followed me down the stairs and sat next to me, putting his large, muscled, arms around me. He lay on his back and I fell into lying on my belly on top of him. My head lay on his hard, smooth, bare, chest and my eyes closed. I feel… at home.

“I made things worse, didn’t I?”

He was silent for what seemed like forever before answering me. His fingers moved in circles on my back as he spoke and I could feel the warmth of him through my light blue tank top.

“Well… you didn’t make anything any better… Sam likely won’t let me back in the pack after this. And my sister is still trying to kill me… Paul is ready to kill me…”

I sighed as his words sunk into me. Nothing is any better with him and they just got worse for the Cullens… because of me. I messed up. Maybe I should just leave…. No. I can’t leave them to fight against what I caused.

There was a knock at the door and I could smell the wolf that stood outside. But I can’t tell who it is… then I saw Jacob, standing outside the Cullen house, and waiting for someone to open the door. So, does this mean I have two powers? I haven’t moved anything in a while… maybe I only have one. Or… maybe…

I thought hard about the door opening and then, it did. I sat up from Seth and looked at the open door. There stood Jacob Black, confused, and looking around the opening of the door. He wore a pair of grey shorts and that was it. He didn’t even have shoes on. I stood up and walked over to him. He spoke first.

“Where’s Seth?”

I turned my head and looked at the couch where Seth was sitting up.

“I’m over here, Jake. What do you want?”

“Just to talk.”

“Are you going to just stand there or come in?”

With that, Jake took the step in and I closed the door behind him. I followed behind him and he sat on the other end of the room, across from Seth, and looked at me as I stood behind the couch Seth sat on.

“Do you want me to go away or…”

“No, you can stay; I would tell you what happened anyway.”

I looked down as I walked around the couch and sat next to Seth. I didn’t look at him but, I could feel Jacob’s eyes burning a hole in me. I thought about the room we all sat in and I could see it. I saw me sitting there, looking at the floor, and I saw Seth, who sat in all seriousness, with his gaze on Jacob. I could see Jacob sitting awkwardly with his eyes glued to me. The air was tense.

“What do you need to talk about, Jake?”

Seth broke the silence and glanced at me before looking back at Jake. I kept my eyes on the floor.

“I wanted to talk about Angelina but, I don’t want to fight.”

At this point, I looked up, and saw the room with my own eyes and not in my head.

Author's Note: Hopefully, updates will keep going up with quickly. Hope you guys liked this chapter. I had a lot of fun writing it :) And I'm excited for writing the next one so don't forget to comment and tell what you guys are thinking :)


- Dajah



Loved it! Can't wait to start writting the next chapter.

Angelina has some interesting powers!  Will Jacob be willing and/or able to help them?  Can't wait for the next chapter!

Hi there,

Will Jake be a good friend to Seth or not? He was brave to go to the Cullen's house alone.

I like the way you get Edward on the defensive about his running.

Best wishes


ooh can't wait to see what happens now

Love it!!!!

have totally updated myself and cant wait for the next installment

Dark One

Chapter Seventeen – Jake




“What about Angelina?”


I sounded more defensive than I had intended to.


“Relax; I’m not here to start anything. I’m not here to hurt her.”


He looked away from Angelina and focused on me now. He seemed torn. Like he didn’t want to do this, but he knew he had to. Like even just sitting her and talking to me was going against the pack. His eyes, that seemed to always sparkle with happiness, didn’t. He looked drained as well, as though something had drained all his energy like a battery. He sighed and continued.


“You know Paul will never understand right? He’s too focused on the fact that she is a vampire. He won’t look past that for any reason.”


I know, neither will Leah. What does that have to do with Angelina?”


“You know how id does. They’ll do anything to get to her. They believe that she is the cause of all of this. They’ll never understand.”


I saw something new in Jake’s eyes. I saw pain and more importantly, sadness. A deep sadness that I had never seen before. What could cause him so much sadness? He was nothing like the Jacob that glowed with happiness and warmth?


“Do you?”


When Angelina spoke it reminded me that it was more than just the two of us in the room. I really needed to stop doing that. Jake looked over at her.


“I wish I didn’t, but I do.”


He looked down at the ground, like he could avoid everything around him if he didn’t look at anything else but the floor.


“How do you understand and the rest of them don’t?’


Angelina’s voice was curious. I guess she wanted to know all she could. Maybe she thought that she could so something to change all of this. Jake looked back up at her.


“They really haven’t told you anything have they? Figures, we have to tell you everything. I’m not surprised he didn’t tell you about it.”


He chuckled without humor. I realized what he was referring to. It wasn’t her fault that she didn’t know about that.


“Jake, it’s not her fault. They haven’t had time to explain things to her. Everything is just happening so fast. Did you really expect Edward to tell her about that?”


He stood up and walked to tone of the many windows. He put his right forearm above his head and against the window, looking out.


“I never expected him to, but I still think that it is ridiculous. He wants his house and his family to seem so perfect. Like they have no faults. That’s probably why he hasn’t told her that.”


He clenched and unclenched his fists as he spoke. This was more painful for him than I had thought.


“Tell me about what?”


Angelina had stood up now. I could tell she wanted to go toward Jake. I stood up and put my hand on her shoulder.


“Angelina, no. It’s not – “


“Oh, let her hear this. She’ll find out eventually anyway. Edward can’t hide it forever. Even he slips up.”


Jake had cut me off and was facing away from the window now. He continued.


“You obviously know about Edward and Bella being together, but there is another side of the story. He loves her and that’s obvious, but I do too. She’s always been blind to the love she has for me. I could have been so much better for her. Yet she chooses him and is willing to throw her life away for him. I’d do anything to show her how much she means to me.”


By the time he had finished talking he was looking away from us and out the window again. In a second Angelina was beside him. She put her hand on his arm to try and comfort him, but he stiffened instead. I went to he and pulled her a few inched away form him.


“You have to remember that wolves don’t like being touched by vampires. It’s not a comfortable feeling.”


As I spoke to her, she reminded me of a child again. She didn’t know any better. She just thought that she was comforting him. She looked at me somewhat confused.


“But you don’t mind me touching you and you’re a wolf.”


I was about to say something, but Jake cut in first.


“It’s because he’s different. It’s because he loves you. That’s why I understand. I know what it’s like to love someone, but you two have each other. I don’t have Bella and I know I probably never will.”


Angelina opened her mouth to say something, but someone from behind us broke in.


“Jacob! What are you trying to do? Are you trying to get Angelina to feel sorry for you and help you get Bella? She chose, so you should move on.”


We all looked toward the voice and Edward, Emmett and Jasper were at the bottom of the stairs.


“He’s probably here to make sure out defenses are down so that they can attack!”


Emmett spoke as though he was ready for war. NO doubt he was. I looked over at Jasper and his eyes were fixed on Angelina while Emmett and Edward were focused on Jake.


“He’s not here to cause any trouble.”


Angelina spoke with a determination that I had never seen before. Why was she so determined to help him? Did she want to give him a chance?


“Bull! He is a wolf and they can’t be trusted anymore! They could kill us all!”


Emmett growled so fiercely that is seemed as the whole house could have shaken. Angelina stood her ground though.


“So does that mean Seth can’t be trusted anymore?”


This was a side of her that I had never seen. Where did all of this come from? She was so determined to stand her ground and stand up for me and Jake.


“Of course not. Emmett is just concerned for everyone’s safety. He didn’t mean it like that.”


Edward spoke calmly to Angelina despite the fire in his eyes toward Jake.


“What if I did mean it like that?”


It was like Emmett was testing us. Seeing how far I would go before breaking. Maybe he was testing Jake to see how much he would defend the pack. Could he also be testing Angelina and see where her alliance stands? No. She is his little sister now and he would never question her. He would hurt anyone who dared question her.


“I would never do anything to hurt you or the pack.”


I blurted out the first thing that came to mind that I was actually willing to say.


“Oh yeah. Like when you almost killed Angelina when you got angry. Don’t act like that can’t happen again!”


I looked down at the ground. Of course Emmett was still mad about that. I had never meant to hurt her. It was an accident.


“He would never hurt her on purpose and you know it! He couldn’t control himself. Maybe that’s another thing you bloodsuckers will never understand!”


Jacob barked at Emmett. Now I had both Angelina and Jake defending me. I never asked them to, but they were anyway.


“You leave her out of this, mutt!”


Edward growled through is teeth and went for Jake. Edward got him to the ground before any of us could react. He growled like nothing I’ve ever heard. Emmett and Jasper grabbed Edward, while Angelina and I grabbed Jake. We pulled Them away from each other. Edward tried to get away form Emmett and Jasper, but failed. Jake on the other hand stood calmly in front of me and Angelina


“You tell those mutts to keep their hand off of her!”


Edward growled once more at Jacob.


“Relax, leech. They won’t touch her. That was only Paul’s idea. It was shot down by sam immediately. They won’t hurt her, but there is not telling what they might do to Angelina.”


Jacob now had the voice of a well tuned, wise leader.


“Why should we believe you?”


Emmett’s voice was still cold, but not as much as it was before.


“I will tell you this once and only once. They plan on attacking.”



Authors Note: I know I said that I might not be able to write the next chapter, but it kept my mind off of things. I also didn’t want to confuse you guys by messing up our whole system. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. It’s long, I know. Thanks for reading!

Great job bringing all the underlying tension to the foreground in this dramatic chapter!  And poor Angelina and Seth are caught in the middle of everything!  It's also interesting to see familiar events from a fresh perspective!  Let's hope they can find a solution to the problem before things explode!




I have just read this whole thing and I love what you two have done with this. I think Seth is a pretty awesome dude, don't you? Ha-ha. Hey, Envy Breeds Hate, will you keep me updated?

Sure thing, Seth! So glad you liked what you read :)


- Dajah


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