The Twilight Saga

I was thirsty, and I knew it. My eyes were dark and my blonde hair was wet from the light rain that fell. Philadelphia was a dark place, on this day at least. No one was on the street but a elderly man sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper and whistling. His cheery attitude did not fit this picture.

I knew standing in the rain would attract attention, so I ducked in to a little café. It was not a large shop, small compared to other places on this street. The walls were painted a dark red with white curtains that hung in front of the windows. There were about ten little tables that were scattered through out the front room. The floors were covered with dark wood, no rugs. There was a crystal chandelier that hung in the middle of the ceiling that gave a small glow to the shop, and lights mounted on the walls that shined brightly. There was also a small counter, or bar I suppose, that was in the far back of the room. Three stools with red covers surrounded the small area in front of it.

Only a few people sat and spoke, sipping on what smelt like coffee. It was a sad scene from my point of view. One man sat at a small table in a long, brown trench coat. He wore a faded red shirt and black pants, also wearing black leather shoes. He was speaking to a older women wearing a purple dress and white shoes, no coat. Odd on this rainy day.

I was aware that I was fighting against my nature, to attack the people. To saturate my thirst. But I did not attack. I just watched. I heard the pulse of their hearts, the blood running in their veins..... I had to stop thinking of that. I wanted to be good. Not bad. I wanted to be normal. To have a life.

A man worked behind a small wooden bar. He was wearing an apron and a large hat that was to big to fit around his head. He was speaking to a young woman. Not a woman, but a girl, no more then 19 years of age. She had short, spiky brown hair that pointed in every direction. She was thin, in the extreme, with small features. Almost pixie like. She sat at the bar not eating or drinking. It seemed like she was waiting on someone, but I was not sure.

As I entered the cafe the girl at the bar turned. She smiled at me like a little kid on Christmas. I realized at once what she was. With her white skin and the strange smell that circulated in this place. I knew what she was. She was a vampire. I tensed, not knowing whether she meant to attack, for that was all I knew. My nature. She continued to smile as she hopped down from the stool at the bar and came towards me. I watched her carefully. Not taking my eyes off of her.

"You’ve kept me waiting a long time," she said. Her voice was high, but yet still attractive.

I ducked my head like a good southern gentleman, like I was raised and said, "I’m sorry, ma`am."

She held her hand out, meaning for me to take it with mine. The emotions that were coming from her were nothing I ever experienced before. I inhaled and raised my hand to meet hers. As our hands touched I felt hope for the first time, in a long time. I exhaled and smiled a little. Her smile grew, showing her perfect white, teeth. I looked into her eyes and noticed for the first time that they were not blood red, but a light golden. It shocked me. For now I was questioning what she was. She smelt like a vampire, but she acted odd.

She turned, my hand still in hers and walked to the counter. We walked a normal human pace. I did not mind the slow pace but it bothered me. Walking slow was a waste of time for me, but there were witnesses so I kept pace with her. She sat on the red leather stool and motioned for me to sit on the stool to her left, dropping my hand at the same time. I sat and waited for her to speak.

"I’ve been waiting for you to show up. I knew today I would finally meet you. I can see the future, but only small glimpses." she looked at her hands, folded on the counter in front of her as she spoke. "My name is Alice. I know nothing of my human life. I was abandoned and no where to go."

I stared at her while she spoke. Why was she telling me this? What was she to me? What should I tell her about me? Should I talk at all?

She was gifted. Seeing into the future was a handy ability. I should know. I can manipulate emotions. Vampire or not. Her voice was just above a whisper, only meant for my ears. I could understand that. We had a secret to keep from the rest of the world. We were predators. We were vampires.

" I know you," she continued, not noticing the silent discussion in my head. "I know your past, and some of your future." She grimaced when she said the word, some. "Your name is Jasper Whitlock. Born and raised in Texas. Lying to the officers, saying you were twenty when truly you are only seventeen at the time," she laughed. "Just to get in the army. It’s sad really. Men wanting to be war heroes when the may never some back from war. Never to see their families again."

She looked at me then, as if she forgot I was there. "I’m sorry if I am disturbing your privacy and all. Some people think I interfere and know to much about them. I get carried away when I speak about someone. I like to focus on what I talk about."

"I don’t mind," I responded quietly. "Seeing the future is impressive, I must say. Never seen anything like it."

She chuckled once and said something I’ve never heard anyone say to me before. It surprised me. Of course people can’t see the future. "You know I do believe that you, Jasper are cuter in person," she laughed again, finding humor in this.

They way she said my name sent an unfamiliar emotion though me. I didn’t realized at first that I felt joy, happiness. I chuckled once without humor and said, "Thank you, as weird as it sounds."

We looked at each other for one short second and laughed. Her laughter was like music. Beautiful and perfect in everyway. Our laughter fit together nicely. Soprano and bass. I laughed again at this thought.

I never felt this way about anyone before. And I had only known this girl for a short time. It was weird they way I saw her. She was special, different from anyone I’ve ever meet. I looked into her eyes and saw the same thing I was thinking in hers, like I could see into her mind.

"Your not the only one with a hidden ability, you know," I said to make conversation.

"Really? And I though I knew everything about you. Apparently I was wrong. I’m usually never wrong. So tell me, what can you do?" she asked.

"It’s nothing compared to seeing the future, but it comes in handy. I can control the emotions of a person. For example, excite a crowd or calm an angered person. It has it’s perks." I watched her face brighten as I said this to her. I felt a smile stretch across my face as I watched hers.

We continued to sit there for hours. Telling our stories, our hobbies, things about us. Our conversation lasted the rest of the day and into the early night. She amused me by telling me what she saw in her visions, telling me everyone of them that she can remember. I told her of my brief time in the Civil War and my early years as a newborn vampire, gruesome as it was she seemed to like it. By the time we had told each other everything it was like we had known each other our entire lives. We knew everything about the other and even our secrets that we told no one, until now. It was like magic. Finding someone you wanted to spend the rest of your existence with was amazing. Being around Alice was a climate I enjoyed. Always happy.

We sat there for a moment in silence. I looked at Alice’s face. It was blank. Like looking up from a deep grave.

"Alice? Alice!" I was abruptly worried. Is something wrong with her? As soon as I called her name she blinked. Then focused on my face and smiled.

"I just had the second greatest vision I `ve had yet!," she exclaimed, suddenly becoming excited.

"Second?" If that was her second, then what was her first?

" The greatest was seeing you. You were my future. You were where my life was heading." Alice’s voice was thoughtful, concerned, but yet worried. There was about six inched between us. We were facing toward each other. She sat to my right. I looked into her eyes and saw my future. I loved her and there was no way around it.

I leaned toward her, watching her closely. She was relaxed, like she had given up. The my lips met hers. It was different kiss. Slow, but building. Not crazy, but passionate, understanding. She pulled away after a minute, cradled my face in her hands and said, " I love you, no matter what happens."

I stared at her word less and then said, " I love you. You are my life now, more then ever." She smiled at that and reached over to me. Wrapping her thin arms around my neck, she embraced me, hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her back. It was a great moment for both of us. We found our soul mates. I whispered into her ear, once again, " I love you." She laughed this time and pulled away. She sat on my lap, her arms still around my neck in a loose embrace. She smiled and asked, " Now, would you like to hear my second greatest vision?"

"Yes. I think I would," I responded.

"I saw a coven. Not a coven, but a family of vampires that stay together for love and not survival.” I made a face at that. Love instead of survival? What an odd lifestyle. Alice saw my face then and continued, speaking swiftly. “It’s different, I know, but they’re good. Their leader, Carlisle Cullen, created them. His wife Esme Cullen, and their children, you could say, Edward and Emmet Cullen, and Rosalie Hale. I’m not sure where they are exactly but I want to find them. To meet them at least."

Was she crazy? She wanted to meet them. They could be dangerous. I’m not sure I could agree to let her go find them. But I trusted her and her judgment no matter how crazy.

" I want you to come with me," she added seriously.

" I `ll follow you anywhere, no matter how crazy the idea," I laughed. She laughed with me this time.

We got up from our place at the counter and, hand in hand, walked out of the cafe. The street was quiet with small puddles on the bricks from the rain. The sky was beautiful. With all the stars that decorated it, it was magical. The moon was white and round, a full moon. Though compared to Alice, it meant nothing. It was ordinary, plain.

We walked the streets, talking and laughing. Making jokes or goofy faces. We were ourselves with each other. When we saw the forest, we walked right into it and then started running at full speed. I was wonderful to share this moment with her. She wanted to start looking right away for this coven of vampires, and I agreed. Anything to make her happy.

Alice had a general idea of where they were but not a pin point location. They were somewhere located in Canada. It was cold this time of year and the sun was not out so I did not worry about the sun touching my skin. When it did, it showed what I was, a vampire.

I needed to hunt. Soon. I hunted the normal way, but I did not like it. I could feel the fear that my prey felt. That was one of the cons of my ability. Alice knew how I felt about it. We had no secrets. So we hunted her way, so I could try. She hunted animals. Deer, elk, mountain lion; anything that wasn’t human. I liked it better then my way, even though it was unappealing to me. There is no fear in her way. Our way. I decided I would stop hunting humans, even though that was how I lived all my vampire life. My eyes will eventually turn a golden, like hers. It’s better then bright red in some ways.

Alice and I searched for days at a time for this, “coven of her dreams". It frightens me how she talks about them like she all ready knows them. Like she did with me. They were already family to her in ways. But they don’t ever know her. Once again I think of her as odd. I loved her, so it did not matter to me.

We eventually tracked down a hospital with a doctor by the name of Carlisle Cullen. Alice believed it was him, their leader. So we followed him. Alice was right, as always. It was the one vampire we have been looking for.

" Can you believe it, Jazz," she said, using the nickname she had given me, " it’s really him. I’m so excited." She was literally bouncing up and down, she couldn’t even sit still.

"Yes, I can believe it.' It always pleased her when I answered her questions.

Alice had decided that we would just walk up to his front door and knock like tourist passing by. It was ridiculous. Anything was worth it to make Alice happy. So I agreed with her plan.

We walked down to their house and knocked on the front door. Three brisk taps. A woman came to the door. She had caramel colored hair and golden eyes. She was not much taller then Alice, maybe five inches. She had a look of welcome on her lovely face.

Alice startled the poor woman by saying her name like an old friend, " Hello Esme. How are you?"

Alice had totally lost it.

"I’m fine, dear. Please come in." Esme acted like she knew Alice, though clearly she did not.

" I am so sorry, that was very rude of myself," Alice said suddenly. " I know that you do not know me. But I know you. My name is Alice and this is Jasper," she gestured towards me. I smiled a little and nodded.

" It is a pleasure to meet you both." Esme exclaimed. She had a sweet voice. A little lower then Alice’s tone. It seemed motherly, like she was soothing a child.

" Is Carlisle home?" Alice asked.

" Yes. I’ll go get him. Why don’t you to make yourselves comfortable," Esme gestured towards the living area. It was a medium sized room. A large white sofa dominated the room, facing toward a small television. The floors were wooden. A delicate sand color. The walls were a plain white with no pictures or art work.

Esme filtered out of the room and returned a few seconds later with a man. He was handsome with blonde hair and golden eyes. He was a little shorter then I was. He also looked younger compared to Esme.

“Hello. It is a pleasure to meet you. What brings you here?,” he asked, sounding confident.

Alice answered with unnecessary cheerfulness, “Well, I can see the future and I saw of how you and your family lived and I wanted to meet you. It was very interesting to me. I have never seen anything like it before so I had to investigate.” She smiled then, showing all her teeth.

Carlisle stared at her for a short moment. The way he looked at her was intriguing. Like a kid in a candy shop. New information about abilities in vampires must be exciting for him. It was, I could feel it.

“You can see the future? How interesting.” A smile was beginning to spread across his face. “I’ve never met someone who could do that. Tell me, for I am honestly curious, how long have you been having these visions?” he asked.

“My entire life. Though I do not remember my human life at all.” Alice answered.

“ Really.” He looked at me then, curiosity in his eyes. “ Can you do anything special?”.

“Yes.” I answered. “I can manipulate the emotions of a person. Like now I can tell that you are very curious with this new information.” I smiled and added that last part for his benefit.

“Marvelous. Absolutely brilliant.” he smiled slowly.
We continued to sit there all night, speaking of our past. And for Alice, the future.

Carlisle told of his time in London and how he was changed. I felt sorry for him. He studied medicine and became a doctor to save human lives because he felt like that was the right thing to do. Even though his human life is no more.

Esme was changed my Carlisle after she jumped from a cliff in a suicide attempt after her first and only child died a few days after his birth. I could tell by the way she looked at Carlisle that they were deeply in love. He gave her life and she gives him love in return.

Alice told of her past and all of the visions she ever had. She told of the day we met. The conversation we had. Esme was quiet through that conversation. Listening closely. I told them of my past, even though I was not proud of it. They could tell I was different, but the many scars I have acquired over the years of my newborn life, gave it away.

We were interrupted only once when the rest of their family arrived home from hunting. There were three of them. One was a tall, lanky boy with untidy, bronze colored hair. There was another boy with short, curly dark hair and had a sly look to his eyes. He was very muscular and never stopped smiling. The last was a girl. Her blonde, wavy hair stretched to the middle of her back. She was beautiful, though not like Alice was. She seemed shallow. Self preservation came to mind.

When I thought that the lanky boy smiled and chuckled under his breath. He was a mind reader. Interesting.

When they came through the front door, Alice got up from beside me to greet them.

“I’m Alice and this is Jasper,” she gestured toward me. “ I know you, but you don’t know me. Your Edward, and Emmett, and Rosalie.” She shook their hands as she spoke. They were surprised when she knew their names.

“ Great. Another mind reader,” Emmett grumbled.

Alice laughed. “ No. I can’t read minds like Edward. I can see the future. I know everything about you. I saw you and your family and came to meet you. It was interesting to me.” She laughed again.

Rosalie stared at Alice like she was insane. It angered me in some ways, so I calmed her. She relaxed and even smiled a little. She was odd in her own way.

Edward smiled again at that thought.

“ Whoa, you can see the future. Wish I could do that. Lucky.” Emmett sighed.

Edward and Alice laughed together this time. I smiled. Emmett was funny in his own way.

“ Well I’m not the only talented one,” Alice continued. “ Jasper can manipulate the emotions of someone. Like to calm or excite them.” When she said that Rosalie looked at me and narrowed her eyes. She noticed when I did it on her then. She hissed under her breath. I just smiled at her. She glared at me for another moment and then walked out of the room.

“She’s just like you thought she was,” Edward said to me.

I laughed and said, “ I can see that.”

“I’m not deaf and I can still hear you idiots,” Rosalie hissed in a menacing tone.

“Rose, be nice for once please,” Emmett said.

Rosalie just snarled at him.

Alice, Edward and I laugh. We were going to get along. I could tell.

Alice and I stayed with the Cullens through out the years. Becoming truly like a family.

Emmett, Edward and I would wrestle almost every night. Edward always winning because of his mind reading. Rosalie and Alice talked fashion twenty for seven. Alice never let us wear the same outfit twice. Carlisle worked at the hospital in any town we moved to and Esme renovated houses, truly loving it.

I changed the my last name to match Rosalie’s. I was now Jasper Hale. I fit me well. With both having blonde hair, Rosalie and I pretended to be twins. That was the public story. We were supposedly all adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife. It was true in some ways.

I continued with the way the Cullen’s hunted. Animals were not as appealing as humans but I did my best. Human blood was much more of a challenge for me to resist then anyone else. They understood that. I attended high school with Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice. Public story again.

Edward and Alice became close. But not close enough for me to worry and Edward understands that. I loved Alice more then anything in the entire world. And our love continued to grow through out the years. My life was finally where I wanted it to be. Happy, and surrounded by people I love.

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