The Twilight Saga

A/N;Bella And Edward Have Been Friends Since Grade And Middle Shool.Bella Has Had A Crush On Edward Ever Since 7th Grade,But Never Had The Guts To Tell Him.Now There In High School And He Has A Girlfriend.Will A Horrible Event Bring The Closer Or Rip Them Apart?Will Friendships Last?


















And Others

(All Charicters Belong To The Author Of Twilight)




Chapter One


Beep Beep Beep

My alarm clock went off.I turn around and looked at the screen.It was 6:30.I got outtta bed and took a nice hot shower.When I got to my room my phone went off and i smiled to myself when i relised it was Edward.


 "Bella are you ready for school?Dont make me come down there."He laughed his sweet amazing laugh.

 "Yes im ready.Met you at school."

 "Alright Bells.Love you"My heart skips a beat everytime he said that.

 "Love you too Edward"I smiled and hung up.

I had to think of something amazing to wear.Edward always looks so good,no wait try AMAZING!I ran to Alice's room and shook her lightly.

 "Ally wake up"She turn over and asked me what time it was.

"It's 7:00"She jumped outta bed and ran to her closet.She handed me a V neck dark blue tight shirt and some skinny jeans.

"Alice Lets Go!! EMMETT!"

Emmett ran down stairs and hnded me the keys.

"Bells You Can Drive"I was happy.Emmett never let me drive.We all loaded up into Emmett's dark green Jeep.I was pushing 60.I was in a hurry to see Edward.I was day dreaming and I didn't even notice the red light.A large truck hit the side of the car.My head hit the dash and the next think i knew i was looking at Alice laying next to me bloody.Before i could even move I fell into the Blackness.




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