The Twilight Saga

Years before Bella, Edward has another human girlfriend named Kate. When Kate is lured into doing the unthinkable, she tries to run away before Edward and his family can get to the bottom of things...But what happens when Edward falls for Bella, and Kate comes back? Who will Edward choose? Read more to find out!!
A/N I changed the plot a little, I will update it again when I figure out how its going to end! :D

Chapter 1 Finding Kate

Edward's POV
I've gone 80 years with a black,starless sky. 80 years without a light to guide my way. 80 years without a purpose. I've spent 80 long years waiting for her.The one that will give me light. The one that will give me purpose. The one I can give my entire existence to. I finally find her. Shooting fast across the sky, silencing every cry I have ever had. Alice tells me her name....Kate. My beloved Kate. I Love You.

Bartlett High School.
Anchorage, Alaska

That's where I find her. Sitting across the cafeteria by herself, trying not to be noticed. But I notice. Its impossible for me not to. Her cheeks flush red when she sees me staring. So beautiful.I can't stand not being near her...Rosalie warns me not to, but I go over to where she's sitting.
Don't go! She can't know about us, she thinks.

"Don't worry," I whisper quietly. "She won't. I have myself under control."
She sees me coming over and quickly looks back down at the table.
"Hello." I say in my polite vampire voice.
"Um.Hi," I hear her say.
I can't hear anything else, however. Odd. Maybe I'll have to wait a little longer to hear her thoughts.
"My name is Edward Cullen. May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"
"I-I'm Kate Keslington" she replies, blushing.
"May I sit?"
"Uh.Sure." She scrambles to move her books."Here you go.
I sit, and then tense up when a person runs by the table,blowing Kate's scent towards me.
For some reason, when the breeze brushes past her, I don't feel the urge to kill her. Not like I have with other humans. I don't smell anything coming from her. No scent at all.Odd. What a strange human.
I wonder...Ah! I still can't read her mind. What is wrong with me?
I do a quick check to see if I can read the other children's minds in the cafeteria.
Yep I can:
Who is she?
Why is
he sitting by her?
Oh, I hope he looks over this way.
I want to get to know her.
She's pretty.
He better keep his mouth
This last thought was from Rosalie.
I turn slightly to wink at her. She seems enraged by my gesture.Oh well.
I turn back to Kate.
"So, Kate. What brings you to Anchorage?"
" My dad is in the military and I move every 4 years."
"4 years? That's a very short time." I have this strange feeling that when she leaves, I will follow.
"Yeah.It is.Its not a very long time to get to know anybody."
"Its enough to get to know me...If you want." Please want to.
"Okay," She replies, clearing her throat."Let's start with..."
She hesitates, and looks around the table searching.
She reaches in her bag and brings out a piece of paper and pen.
"I'll write it down, cause I don't want anyone to hear."
"Hear what?"
She writes something down on a piece of paper.
She slides it across to me, and looks me in the eye.
"Don't lie to me Edward," she says."I know."
Since I still can't read her mind, I look at her puzzled.
"What do you know?"
"Just read it."
I look back at Alice and she nods her head.
I open the paper.
It reads:
Edward. What are you? I'll know if you're lying to me.
Confused, I write back, What exactly do you know?
She writes, I know…that…you’re a vampire.
Hiding my shock, I write back calmly, And what makes you think that?
She replies,
Because... I used to date one.

I hope you like it!
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I hope you like it!
Thank you! Here's the link:
I hope you like it!
CHAPTER 2 Discovery

That's when I discovered that I was unconditionally, irrevocably, in love with this woman. This human. I mean, Alice told me I would fall, but not this hard. I'd do anything for this human girl. Anything. So instead of being rational and immediately denying her words, I say "Fine. Okay. You’re right.” I mean, what else could I do? She already knew.
“Okay,” She says. “Thanks for not lying to me. So… Wanna go on a date?"
“You’re really asking a vampire on a date.” I say, completely in awe.
“Sure why not? I’ve done it before. No big deal.” She shrugs.
Ah. And that’s when it kills me. Someone else told her the secret. The secret that I could’ve told her eventually…sometime...maybe.
I regret that I wasn’t the one to tell her, but I cannot be mad at the fact that she already knows. Its sad that I don’t have the option, but on the other hand, there wouldn’t be anything to hide from her. Everything is out in the open. She knows it. I know it. Its….refreshing not having to hide secrets from the one you love. Its ...peaceful.
“So,” I say casually, trying to hide my reaction, “Where were you thinking about going?”
“Maybe the Snow City Café at 6? Since I know you don’t eat…food, you can hunt in the woods outside of that area.
“That is very…thoughtful.” This strange human keeps shocking me. “But I would never hunt in front of you. It’s too dangerous.”
“My ex did and I’m still here.” She seems kind of sad that I wouldn’t take her with me.
“Well I’m not him.” I say, trying to display the difference.
“Who said it was a he?”
I blink once, shocked…again. I’d never thought about that. True. She never said it was a male…but I just thought…maybe we could still be friends? No, that wouldn’t be enough. I don’t know what to do about that. I cant just-
Kate bursts out laughing, getting the attention of surrounding tables. They went back to their own conversations when her laughter died down.
“I’m sorry, but you should’ve seen the look on your face when I said that! It was all stressed and confused. Oh, man pure GOLD! I wish I recorded that.”
Behind me, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and, of course, Emmett, were silently laughing. It was all Emmett could do not to burst like Kate did.
Oh, man. She had you Ed, Emmett was thinking. I think I like her. She’s funny.
“Shut- up!” I whisper almost silently. “What if it were Rosalie that said that?” He shut up quickly, eyeing Rosalie suspiciously. Though Emmett could hear me, Kate could not, thankfully. I think that Kate shocked me so much in these short 15 minutes that my heart would eventually start beating again.
I turn back to Kate and say,” That was so not funny.”
“Sure it was!” She says smiling. “It was harmless and it also showed that you…cared for me.”
“Really?” Did she suspect how much I cared? I hope not, because I don’t want to scare her away.
“Sure. It seemed like you were deeply hurt that my ex might not have been a guy… Almost like you were hoping you had a chance and once I said it, you were taken completely off guard. It was kind of funny.” She shrugs.
“So you are into…guys…right?” I say hesitantly. “Because if you aren’t, that’s okay too I just...could…maybe…I don’t know…maybe try and-”
“Whoa! Slow down! I just said it was a joke! Jeez! Relax. Its like you’re sweating buckets- I mean if you-you know-like could. I’m totally into guys. My ex was a guy too. Don’t worry about it.”
If I could blush, I would. I felt totally ridiculous. A human making me feel embarrassed? Wow. What’s wrong with me?
“You are a very strange human. I don’t know what to say about you.”
She replies, “How about what you can say to me, ‘See ya later?’.”
“What? Why?” I say confused.
“The bell’s about to ring.” She starts gathering her stuff.
“Oh. Right.” I don’t want to leave so soon. “So do you want me to meet you there or…?”
“Yeah Just do that.”
“Okay then, I guess just uh, see ya later.”
“Bye.” She smiles.
“Bye” I stand there as she walks away.
The bell rings. I walk back to my family.
“Don’t say a word.” I warn.
They stay silent, but their thoughts are like a bus full of screaming children, teasing me about what they heard.
I can hear Alice, I told you so.
"Yeah, I know. You were right. I love her"

I hope you like this! Comment, and more will be coming soon!
i love it :)
keep me posted
Thanks! I updated again!!
Chapter 3 The Snow City Café
Edward's POV

At exactly 4:30 I arrive at the Café. I get a table and wait an entire eternity for my star angel to come.
“Hey.” She says to me at exactly 5:45. "I hope you haven’t been waiting long."
“No. Not really,” I say and I realize that…she’s early too. That makes me smile. I get up to pull out her chair. She’s wearing a striking red dress that contrasts beautifully with her light skin. She gracefully sits down.
“Wow. My ex never did that for me.” She says thoughtfully.
“Well I am pleased to say, once again, that I am not your ex.”
“Yeah. You’re not. That’s for sure.” There is a strange note in her voice. It seems like she’s sad that I’m not him.
“What is the difference between me and him?”
“Well for one thing, your eyes are gold. His are red.” She looks thoughtful again.
“I hope that’s a good thing." I say wishing.
“Oh yes that’s a very good thing its just kind of… different.” She's still disappointed.
That’s when I remember the conversation we had earlier: “ can hunt in the woods outside of that area.
“That is very…thoughtful, but I would never hunt in front of you. It’s too dangerous.”
“My ex did and I’m still here.”

Also,she just said: “ …your eyes are gold. His are red”
“I have just one quick question…"I say."Did he…kill humans?”
“Yeah, obviously. His eyes were red.” She still looked thoughtful.
“And he hunted in front of you.”
“Yes. Clearly, I said that earlier. Are you forgetting all of a sudden? I thought vamps were supposed to have a good memory.”
She, clearly, did not get what I was trying to say. It was all I could do not to find this ignorant ex of hers and rip him apart and burn the pieces. She doesn’t understand!
“Kate,” I say trying hard to control my anger, but not getting all of it. “Your ex- VAMPIRE boyfriend HUNTED HUMANS in FRONT OF YOU?!?!”
“Yes he did. Just relax. I’m still here aren’t I?” She says, trying to calm me down.
“That is so not the point. You could have been killed! Distract me so I don’t go find him and rip his head off!”
“I don’t care if you do," She says bitterly."But you can’t”
“And why Not?” I say, still angry.
“Because you didn’t ask me the most important question.”
“What is that?” I ask.
“Who told me?”
“Oh. Right.”I say tensing up a little. “Who told you about us?”I ask.
“It was a vampire” She says, hesitating “named James*.”

*Same vampire from Twilight!!*

If anyone can make me a banner with Calmilla Belle, Edward, and Bella on it, that would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
OMG !!!!!! James!!????
keep me updated pleeease. I looove it
These next couple of entries are going to be short because they are all part of chapter 4...I'm posting them on different days....


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