The Twilight Saga

Years before Bella, Edward has another human girlfriend named Kate. When Kate is lured into doing the unthinkable, she tries to run away before Edward and his family can get to the bottom of things...But what happens when Edward falls for Bella, and Kate comes back? Who will Edward choose? Read more to find out!!
A/N I changed the plot a little, I will update it again when I figure out how its going to end! :D

Chapter 1 Finding Kate

Edward's POV
I've gone 80 years with a black,starless sky. 80 years without a light to guide my way. 80 years without a purpose. I've spent 80 long years waiting for her.The one that will give me light. The one that will give me purpose. The one I can give my entire existence to. I finally find her. Shooting fast across the sky, silencing every cry I have ever had. Alice tells me her name....Kate. My beloved Kate. I Love You.

Bartlett High School.
Anchorage, Alaska

That's where I find her. Sitting across the cafeteria by herself, trying not to be noticed. But I notice. Its impossible for me not to. Her cheeks flush red when she sees me staring. So beautiful.I can't stand not being near her...Rosalie warns me not to, but I go over to where she's sitting.
Don't go! She can't know about us, she thinks.

"Don't worry," I whisper quietly. "She won't. I have myself under control."
She sees me coming over and quickly looks back down at the table.
"Hello." I say in my polite vampire voice.
"Um.Hi," I hear her say.
I can't hear anything else, however. Odd. Maybe I'll have to wait a little longer to hear her thoughts.
"My name is Edward Cullen. May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"
"I-I'm Kate Keslington" she replies, blushing.
"May I sit?"
"Uh.Sure." She scrambles to move her books."Here you go.
I sit, and then tense up when a person runs by the table,blowing Kate's scent towards me.
For some reason, when the breeze brushes past her, I don't feel the urge to kill her. Not like I have with other humans. I don't smell anything coming from her. No scent at all.Odd. What a strange human.
I wonder...Ah! I still can't read her mind. What is wrong with me?
I do a quick check to see if I can read the other children's minds in the cafeteria.
Yep I can:
Who is she?
Why is
he sitting by her?
Oh, I hope he looks over this way.
I want to get to know her.
She's pretty.
He better keep his mouth
This last thought was from Rosalie.
I turn slightly to wink at her. She seems enraged by my gesture.Oh well.
I turn back to Kate.
"So, Kate. What brings you to Anchorage?"
" My dad is in the military and I move every 4 years."
"4 years? That's a very short time." I have this strange feeling that when she leaves, I will follow.
"Yeah.It is.Its not a very long time to get to know anybody."
"Its enough to get to know me...If you want." Please want to.
"Okay," She replies, clearing her throat."Let's start with..."
She hesitates, and looks around the table searching.
She reaches in her bag and brings out a piece of paper and pen.
"I'll write it down, cause I don't want anyone to hear."
"Hear what?"
She writes something down on a piece of paper.
She slides it across to me, and looks me in the eye.
"Don't lie to me Edward," she says."I know."
Since I still can't read her mind, I look at her puzzled.
"What do you know?"
"Just read it."
I look back at Alice and she nods her head.
I open the paper.
It reads:
Edward. What are you? I'll know if you're lying to me.
Confused, I write back, What exactly do you know?
She writes, I know…that…you’re a vampire.
Hiding my shock, I write back calmly, And what makes you think that?
She replies,
Because... I used to date one.

I hope you like it!
A/N: If someone could make me a banner with camilla belle,edward,and bella on it, that would be greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU!!

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please write more soon.... :) can't wait to read more... :)
Wow. Nice chapter but left us wanting more, and more, and more. LOL. Post more soon and keep me updated when you do.
sorry that tock so long i been in school all most done i cant wet for the next chapter.
please please please post more !!! :)
oh wow it's getting good why you stop.
I am so sorry! Here is more!!




 Chapter 11 Kate

Previously on How Do I Follow My Heart…

"Look, I have something to say..." I start. The doorbell rings, and Emmett gets up to answer it.
"The child is not Edward's. Its..."
"Mine." James says from the doorway.
Everyone turns to see Emmett leading James into the living room.
A shocked silence fills the room. Alice hisses. Edward sighs.
Emmett walks back to stand beside Rosalie, and I turn around to face James.
"Hey, James. I think I'm pregnant." I say to him. I move my hands so that he can see my stomach.
He takes one look at it, and lunges.


I felt James’s hands closing around my throat as he sunk his teeth into my neck. A scream rang out from somewhere in the room.

Esme, I thought as my vision began to blur. Dying is not as bad as people think. It’s worse. I felt an extreme burning sensation as the life was being drained out of me…

Why is no one helping me? I thought. Then suddenly, as if they read my thoughts, someone snatched James off of me and flung him into the wall.

“Stay away from her.” The person growled. I knew the voice was familiar, but I couldn’t place it because the pain was intensifying. It felt like some insane human being was burning me alive. The flames came from the wound on my neck and slowly spread throughout my throat. I began to panic as I finally realized something. I couldn’t scream.

James freed himself from the wall and threw himself at my protector. Emmett and Jasper jumped from where they were standing and tackled James to the ground.

“Why the heck are you trying to protect her?” James spat into Emmett’s face. “She has a monster growing inside of her!”

“Because it doesn’t matter what she has, she’s still human.” My protector said. I finally realize that this voice is Edward’s. Why is he, of all people defending me? After all that I’ve done. Even with what's about to happen....

“Oh, really? Well not for long, because I’m pretty sure that after my venom spreads through her veins, both her and the thing will die. Well, Kate will be a bloodsucker of course.”

“James is right.” Carlisle says. The vampire process takes only three days to complete. At this rate, Kate’s baby, if she is indeed pregnant, will be dead within the hour.”

“But Carlisle,” says Alice. “Could it be that James’s venom would change the baby too, and it just be born as a full vampire?”

“I’m not exactly sure, but I doubt it. The venom would either be too strong for the child, and would kill it instantly, or it would completely change the child as it did its mother. The problem with the last scenario would be that the child would never be able to escape. It would rip and tear at Kate’s womb, but since Kate would be a vampire, it would heal almost instantly. The child could then be trapped inside Kate forever. Or without a proper source of blood, the baby would have no way to feed its hunger and eventually the child would die. Or if- ”

I grunted to remind everyone that I was still writhing on the ground in pain. Edward rushed to my side as Esme crouched down on the other.

“Tell me how to help her.” Edward said to Carlisle.

“I’m not sure how-”

“You have to suck the venom out, for Pete’s sake!” James interrupted. “That’s the only way.”

“And how would  you know that?” Rosalie asked him.

“Because I’ve done it before.”

“And you expect us to believe that you, a human-blood drinker, were able to control yourself long enough to suck the venom out of a human? Please, yeah right.”

“I don’t expect  you to believe anything. But just because you don’t believe something doesn’t mean it’s not true. What I said was true.”

“Okay, then how are we supposed to know what you’re saying is true?”

“Well, the person I sucked the venom out of is in this very room.”

“Who is it?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Alice, of course.”

“But she’s a vampire.”

“Exactly. I never said that it worked. I lost control. But it seems that Edward here would have a better time controlling himself. Well, since he’s in love with my girlfriend and all.”

“I guess it couldn’t hurt to try.” Rosalie said.

“Really, Rose? You’re seriously going there?” Edward replied.


“I could kill her!”

“And? It’s not like there aren’t plenty more where she came from.”

Edward begins to growl at Rosalie.

“Rosalie, Edward. That’s enough” Esme said in a stern voice. “Kate is dying. Edward, if you’re going to suck the venom out, you need to do it now.”

“But I-”

“Edward! Now!

Edward kneels down beside me and places his cool fingers on my face. Why is he doing this for me? I’ve been so horrible to him…

“Don’t worry,” he says to me, reassuringly. “You’re going to be fine, I promise.” I look into his eyes and even though I want to believe what he says, I can tell that he wants to believe it as well. He’s still not sure if he can control himself.

It doesn’t matter, though. I think. He’s not going to live for much longer anyway…I almost feel bad about what is about to happen, but not really. As Edward bends down and begins to suck the venom out, I whisper, “Goodbye.”

I feel a slight pull on my neck as Edward places his teeth to my throat, and for a quick second, I regret what is about to happen.

But Edward’s body stiffens and he starts to gag.

And by then, it’s too late.



I hope you like it!

- ♥ Mikaila

I loved it!! Really missed this story!!

Please keep posting :)

i just found it again and reread it till here hun u did a gr8 j ,, keep up the good work and finish writeing it ty ur friend bk ..... let me know k thx
That was unexpected.  Not sure why he gagged.  Great story though so keep going and keep me posted.

Edward crumpled to the floor, choking and he died. The end.

I can't believe I ever wrote this.....

I might actually finish it.

I don't know. :/


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