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So this is my second fan fic. My first one (which is complete) is "Renesmee's Story... After Breaking Dawn". Anyway, only a few people have known about me writing this. I had told them that I wasn't going to post it but I changed my mind. Enjoy! :D Thank you soooo much Pierre for this banner! I love love love love it!!!! Photobucket Image and video hosting by TinyPic How much can one heart take? Preface: This is what I think would have happened if Bella hadn’t jumped off of the cliff. It takes place around two years after Edward left. The Cullen’s are now all living with the Denali coven. Edward gave up on trying to track down Victoria- he is also beginning to give up on being away from the love of his life. Can he be persuaded to go back to her? Will Bella actually jump off of the cliff to die? Will Edward make it in time to save her? Will she forgive him for the pain he caused? Chapter 1: It had been two years since he had left me. The pain wasn’t getting better, nor did it look like it was ever going to. Everything reminded me of him or his family- which just ripped that hole in my heart even further. But, how much can one heart take until it reaches the breaking point? I have already graduated from Forks High School... finally. I was close to dropping out a few months ago because that place just caused too much pain. So after graduation, I decided that I wasn’t going to college. That was something that I wanted to do with Edward. I cringed at just the thought of his name, which also meant hugging myself until the throbbing ended. I still live with my dad Charlie in Forks but I didn’t have much interaction with him... or anyone for that matter. Jacob eventually just gave up on me and I was okay with that. The pain that I was causing him wasn’t worth the friendship. The day he told me this was still crystal clear in my memory... *flashback* I had spent the whole day sitting on Jake’s bed staring out the window- which was typical for me- and Jacob just sat next to me watching something on tv all day. Finally he broke the uncomfortable silence and sighed. After a few more moments of nothing he stood up, pacing in his tiny living room. I could tell there was something going on. “Bella...” I already knew where this was going but I figured to just let him say it. “What’s wrong?” I at least had to put up the charade. He stopped pacing. “Bella... I can’t do this any longer. We just sit here every day, you won’t talk, I try to feed you but you won’t eat... So, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m done. I’m done trying to help you. I’m done trying to help you get over him. I’m done loving you. I’m just done.” I nodded and stood up. He just stood there in front of me with his eyes closed, waiting for me to put up a fight. “Okay. Goodbye.” I wasn’t mad at all because nothing mattered to me anymore, just him. The him who never loved me and never would. *end of flashback* After the first time that someone left me I thought the second time would be just as hard. But I was wrong. I didn’t shed one tear for Jacob Black- the only tears that escaped were the ones for my absent love. Its pretty pathetic how the only person you really love is the one you can’t have. I keep waiting for him to show up but it never happens and it never will. Sometimes I just lay in my bed and cry- hoping it will help... It doesn’t. I was just about to start crying again when I heard Charlie’s car pull up in the driveway. Pretending for him was just a waste of time now- everyone can see through the mask that I try to put on. “Hey, Bells.” He never sounded happy anymore. I guess my depression just rubs off on everyone around me. “Hi.” My voice sounded so lifeless. He was carrying a pizza box, as usual. I stopped cooking for him a long time ago, also around the time that I pretty much just stopped eating. Charlie hadn’t even been asking meif I wanted anything to eat anymore. He went into the living room to watch the football game he’d been waiting for. “Dad, I’m going to take a shower then go to bed.” Just like every night. “‘Kay Bells. Goodnight.” I went up the stairs into the bathroom and took the shower. After that I snuck back down into the kitchen. I did this every night. Charlie would be upset when he found out that I’ve been taking sleeping pills every night. Chapter 2 Edward’s POV If I ever thought my life was hell before I met Bella, that was nothing. I spent every second of every day thinking about her- there was no way around it. Everything I did reminded me of her. Sitting in the forest outside the Denali’s house was the worst. It made me think too much about that day a little over two years ago... the worst day of my life. I wish that day never would’ve happened, just completely erase that from our history. And I wasn’t the only one in pain either. Everyone in my family was also hurting. Esme especially. Esme was the one that cared the most about her kids’ happiness. Ever since Carlisle had changed her, she was always concerned about me. She hated that I was the only one who didn’t have their other half, the only one who needed to be completed. I was completed... for a while. I could be happy right now, holding Bella in my arms, hearing her laugh, hearing her heart beat accelerate every time I touch her. But I wouldn’t sacrifice her life just so I could be happy. I just hope that she is doing okay. Maybe she’s in college, or dating Jacob, I’ll even settle with her being with Mike, anyone, I just want her to be happy. Or... maybe she’s suffering like me. She could be waiting for me to show up on her doorstep, begging for forgiveness... I’ve already thought about that hundreds of times but I always come up with the same answer: She hates me for what I did to her. We were in love and I had to go and ruin it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she turned me down if I went back to Forks. But on the other hand, Bella wasn’t one to hold a grudge... Suddenly I heard a quiet knock on the door. I forgot that I was sitting in my bedroom of the Denali’s house. I recognized the timid knock- Alice. “Come in.” I said quietly, knowing she could hear. She had an expectant look on her face, like she was waiting for me to explain something. “What, Alice?” She actually looked happy (which I haven’t seen since we’d left Forks). “I just had a vision We need to get going ” “What...?” “Forks I saw us going to Forks ” Oh. My. Gosh. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bella’s POV After having an okay night of sleep, I decided to get out of bed. Charlie was, of course, fishing like he does every single Saturday. Sitting in my room was tiring, so I decided to go for a walk. After a few minutes of wandering, I finally looked up to see where I was. It shocked me, I’d never been here since that day two long years ago. In fact, I was standing in front of the same tree that I was by when he said goodbye. “You... don’t... want me?” “No.” That part right there was where my heart broke. The throbbing in my chest started again just thinking about it.. “It will be as if I never existed.” He was so wrong. He thought that I would just forget about him because he isn’t actually here. Well, I was having hallucinations for a while but they stopped. “You’re not good for me, Bella.” I always knew how true that was from the moment I saw him. The one question that I’ve always had in my mind appeared again: Why did he ever pick me in the first place? He had all of those other girls drooling over him and he picked me of all people. He picked me Then he left me. I sat by the tree and marveled over that fact. Edward, of all people, chose a human... After thinking for several hours, I noticed that the sun was just starting to set. I got off of the damp forest ground and starting to slowly walk back towards the house- Charlie would be worried if I wasn’t home. Once I stepped through the break of trees, I saw that he was already home. Great. I now started walking faster. As I entered the house I realized that my face was soaked, and not from the rain; it was from tears. I quickly dried my face and went into the living room where my dad was, once again, watching some big sports event. He suddenly shut off the television when he heard me entering the room like I was a child who shouldn’t be able to see whatever he was watching. He stood up and looked at me. “Bella... I don’t know how to say this...” Oh boy. “Dad, just get it over with.” “Okay... Bells, you need to stop mopping around. All you’ve been doing is sitting around and crying He isn’t coming back Haven’t you realized that by now? ” The second he said my name I could feel the tears coming. He was right. I wasn’t loved anymore. Love. Life. Meaning. Over. I had no one left to love me. My dad would be fine without me. I hadn’t called Renee in months. Jacob gave up on me. Edward... my Edward. I started crying. “I know. What do you want me to do about it?” “Just stop doing all of this Stop crying Start eating Start sleeping without taking pills ” Okay, so maybe he did know about that. “What are you going to do if I don’t? Kick me out?” It was quiet for a few long seconds. This can’t be good. “Bells, you know that I don’t want to do this, but... You either need to stop doing this or move out.” I couldn’t believe he really said that. I never thought that I would see the day when Charlie would do this. Once again it was quiet. “Fine. I’ll go pack.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edward’s POV Alice was still trying to convince me that the right thing to do was to go back to Forks. We had been arguing for over an hour. “Edward, please You know you want this I saw it in your eyes as soon as I said ‘Forks’ ” Ugh, she’s never going to give up “Alice, stop I can’t go there, it just isn’t right I said that it would be like I never existed and I can’t go changing that now. Believe me, I wish I never would’ve said it.” “Edward ” She said it like she was exhausted. I wish. “We have to! She loves you Edward. You love her. Lets go. Now.” This wasn’t her persuasive voice anymore. This was her ‘listen to me or I will rip your head off’ voice. “Fine. We’ll go.”

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awwwwwww bella and rose made up and now everything is perfect again or almost perfect
awwww sammi told you it would be good. anyway i loved it
W0W just read ur whole story. i love it. please update me? thAnks:)
that was really good i want more
Thanks guys! I'm glad you all enjoyed it. So did that clear everything up??? Thanks again. =]
Loved the chapter!!!! It totally explains everything!!!
Thanks! Good, I was worried it wouldn't. Thanks for reading! =]
Thanks for reading! :)
sammie dear,what a great story you have soon sweetie..miss you badly!
Thanks Jess! I miss you too, talk to you soon! <3
Hey! I know this took a while, sorry about that. It isn't super long either. But better than nothing. Anyway, enjoy and read the author's note at the bottom! :)

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Chapter 12
Bella’s POV

The next month was great with the Cullens. They helped pay for Charlie’s funeral and burial. That day was extremely hard, but with Edward by my side, everything was fine. I’d never loved anyone than I do now. He is my everything; always has been and always will be.
We were sitting in the living room with the rest of his family when I worked up enough courage to ask him about his time with the Denali vampire coven. I could tell that it was going to be a touchy subject. He’d always shied away from talking about the time when he had left me. “Edward, can I ask you something?”
He smiled, “Of course. What is it?”
“Well, when you were with the Denali coven, what were you doing there?” His smile faded to a grimace.
“Mostly sitting around and moping... I sat in their guest bedroom for a good portion of the time I was there. Everyone knew that I didn’t want to be bothered, so for the most part I was alone.”
“And when you weren’t...?” I prompted.
He shrugged, “A few of them tried to come in and talk to me, but I didn’t pay them much attention.”
“Who is ‘them?’”
“The Denali’s. They were so nice for letting us stay there, even when Irina was so upset at us for some reason. She said something about Laurent, that part I heard... I never made any sense of what her problem was. We never did anything to him, he’s still out there somewhere...” Edward looked lost in his thoughts, as was I.
Hadn’t they heard? Laurent was taken care of by Jacob and his pack that day so long ago. “Laurent? He’s dead. Nothing to worry about there.”
“What do you mean, Bella?” The other six pairs of golden eyes flashed to mine. They had all been doing their own thing while apparently listening in on our conversation.
“The wolves killed him a long time ago.”
“Wolves?” I forgot they didn’t know about Jake. I had to tell them, even though it wasn’t my secret to tell. Maybe I could just make something up instead of the truth.
“Bella, is there something we need to know?” Carlisle asked me.
“Um...” Something would have to do. I could just say that they are giant hamsters or something. Yeah, that could work!
“Just spit it Bells,” Emmett said. He was going to lose a limb if he didn’t start calling me by my real name, not those stupid nicknames he comes up with.
I decided to distract myself instead of killing my vampire brother. “Jacob is a werewolf.” The look on everyone’s faces was priceless. I had to laugh.
They all sat there stunned into silence. I sat there until everyone recovered. “Seriously?” Edward said.
“Yeah, there’s a whole pack of them down in La Push.”
“I didn’t see that one coming.” Surprisingly that came from Alice–she usually saw everything. That is her special power.
“You didn’t see them? Why?”
“I don’t know... That could be why I couldn’t see Bella’s future before, whatever the reason might be. Maybe they are an exception to all of our powers,” she suggested.
“No, that can’t be. At prom, when he tried stealing away my girlfriend, I could read Jacob’s mind.” The way he snarled the name made me jump. I hadn’t heard that in so long.
“I thought the line had died off long ago? There hasn’t been any new wolves in years.” Rosalie said.
“We thought it had. I wonder what triggered it to start again.” Carlisle was clearly stumped.
“Jake told me why.”
“Really?” All of the eyes turned back to mine once again.
“He said it’s because of you guys. Werewolves and vampires are enemies; when the vampires moved here they started phasing again. As long as you... we are here, they will be too. Jake said that while we harm the people, the wolves protect them and stay true to the treaty. I tried explaining to him that the vampires here are ‘vegetarians,’ not the kind who prey on the humans, but he wouldn’t believe me.” That day was hard, talking about the vampires, the ones I wanted to become, when he kept trying to convince me that they were bad. I wouldn’t listen, just like he did with me. We had ended up screaming at each other.
“How many are there?” Edward asked.
“I’m really not sure, I haven’t been there in so long. But he did say that a while after you had left, that there had been fewer joining the pack.” When I spoke about not being there, I couldn’t hide my obvious sadness.
They were shocked about not knowing any of this. The world seems so dull and boring on the outside. Take a magnifying glass to it and see all of the secrets, the hidden treasures, the different aspects of the world you thought you knew so well. There is way more than what meets the eye. Looking a little closer can change your life forever. Only so few people know what magical kingdoms are below the surface.
Suddenly I remembered something. The treaty. Vampires aren’t supposed to bite a human. The treaty has been broken even further than it was before. Had the others noticed that?
Apparently they had not, since when I brought it up, a riot was almost formed. Alice started shaking as she noticed that she was the one that had bitten me, Emmett got up and starting jumping around, saying something about starting a fight, Edward was getting frustrated, and only Esme and I stayed calm. Rosalie just got up and left the room. I thought about following her out, but then decided against the idea, since the argument was pretty much based on me anyway.
“Calm down!” I yelled, trying to regain order. I sounded like a judge. Nobody heard me over the growing chaos. “SHUT UP AND LISTEN!” Now they heard me. Feeling like I was a bank robber, they all sat back down, and Emmett even raised his hands above his head like he was about to get shot.
“Are you guys done?” they nodded. “Okay, then I have an idea. I think we should just call Jacob and tell him about what happened. Isn’t it better to be told about an incident rather than finding out on accident later?”
Edward agreed. “That actually sounds like a pretty good idea, Bella. Who should call?” Everyone pointed at me. That was when I started to regret bringing up the stupid idea. Of course they would make me do it. I rolled my eyes and took the cell phone that Edward was holding out to me.
I went to dial the phone, until my eyes started to fog over like they do right before I am shot into another world. Only this time I wasn’t glad to be where I got thrown. I saw the faces of the Cullens, Quileute wolves, and ancient-looking red-eyed vampires. Even though I didn’t know who the other vampires where, I shrieked as they advanced closer. There was something about them that was eerie. Once they got just close enough Edward bent down into a crouch, ready to pounce.

Author's Note: Can someone make me a banner? I would love it if you guys could make me one. Thanks!


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