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Hey guys! This is a story based off of my best friend and I, she made me be the main character >.< anyways lol thanks for reading! :)


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PreFace: His eyes stared into my soul, I knew he was the love of my life, but in this same moment he had lied to me. Had tried to keep it a secret, how could I forgive him?


Chapter 1 : LaPush



The tiny yellow house was just enough for my brother, Aiden and I. We hadn't been to LaPush in ten years. Not since mom and dad were killed, not since we moved to Tampa, Florida to live with our Gran. Gran knew I was leaving, she was getting up there in age, but never in a million years did I expect her to make me take my fifteen year old tempremental brother too."It's yellow," Aiden made a face, I laughed. "Be nice some guys down the street painted it," It was getting dark outside so I went outside to start unpacking before it got to dark. Aiden grabed four bags and went inside, I grabed the handel of a suitcase and of course it wouldn't budge. I pulled and pulled and it just wouldn't move! Then an arm reached around me and pulled the bag out I turned to thank Aiden, but I was suprised to find it wasn't  Aiden...  He was super cute, very muscular, tanned and shirtless. He caught me staring and I blushed fiercely. Aiden came outta the house, "Who are you?" He asked , " I was just gonna ask that," I said. "Wow PerciAnne, you don't remeber me?" He asked, pretending to be hurt,  I starred at him, we knew each other? "Sorry ten years does that to a person," He smiled, "Jake, Jacob Black," I gasped,"Jake? What happened to you?" He chuckled,"I grew up and appearently you did too," He said looking me up and down. I blushed, " Who's that?" He pointed to Aiden,"This is Aiden," I smiled. It was his turn to gasp,"How old is he?" He asked me, " I'm fifteen now stop staring at my sister creep!" He scowled. "Aiden!" I yelled. Jake laughed, " If it makes you feel better I have a girlfriend," He said smiling," It doesn't " Aiden muttered grabbing the bag from Jake and storming into the house, "Sorry he's been moody lately ... I don't know what's with him, he's constantly in PMS mode." Jake stared at me for a minute, "Wanna go to a bon fire tonight?" He asked out of the blue, "What about Aiden?" I asked," He can come,"  smiled."Okay... sure," I said hoping Aiden wouldn't mind, "See ya at seven!" He said. And I rushed to get ready


~~~~~Bon fire~~~~~


After pleading with Aiden for half an hour I  managed to make sure he and I were dressed and ready for when Jake came,  " Why do we have to go with that perve?"  I glared at him, "That perve was being nice so chill ok?" He nodded. Jake knocked on the door then," He's here be nice," I hissed. I opened the door and Jake and two other guys stood there," Quil? Seth?" I asked they laughed at Jake, "Told yeah she'd remeber us!" Quil said hugging me. "Aiden what's up man?" Seth asked, Aiden remebered him. Seth was only a year and a half older than him. Seth had been Aiden's idol when he was young. "Hey!" He said. That was a good sign. We left after a little bit of catching up. We walked outside and there was Jake's ancient rabbit, I smiled I remebered when Billy drove it. When we got to the beach  the flames where throwing high already. Jake and I walked behind everyone else, "How's Bella?"  I asked he smiled. "Married,"  My eyes widened, there was no ring on his left hand, when we were kids. "Her husbands sister is my fiance," Before I could respond a beautiful girl ran into Jake's arms, "Jake!" She said delighted, I was happy for him, "Ness, this is my friend, PerciAnne. We grew up together," She smiled and shook my hand. "Common I'll introduce you to everyone, " She said dragging me down the beach."You know Seth and Quil, That's Emily and Sam, Jared, Leah, Paul, Brady, Collin and that's Embry," I made eye contact with the last one, he was staring like I had said the smartest thing in the world, his eyes where a chocolate brown with mint flecks. I knew I liked him he was handesome, I think he liked me too. "Embry," Sam and Jake said at the same time. Embry got up, " Bye," He said. I blushed,"Bye," I watched as they walked away. "What the hell was that?" Aiden stormed after the were gone. I stared at him, he was shaking,"PerciAnne why do you flirt with every guy you see?" He boomed, "Aiden," Quil warned. " I do not ! " I protested, "And why the hell do you care anyway!" I yelled he glared back,"Ugh!" Was all I heard from Aiden then fabric ripping and a howl, Where Aiden had stood was a wolf the size of a horse. " Oh dang," I said as it charged me, everyone was so stunned and then the wolf came.


a/n hey guys tell me what you think should I continue?

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OMG!!! PerciAnne, this is really good so far!!!! Can't wait to read more!!! :)

thanks so much!:) glad you like:)


I like it!

This is great!(:

yes please please please more 

You have to post more i’m dying here !!!!

i want to read more !!!!!

pleas pleas !!!!!

You got me hooked !!!!

Loved it so much !!!!


Chapter 2:
The Werewolves Curse.

A shreiking howl let loose from the woods just beyond the beach. "What in the hell was that?" I screamed! What the hell had happened to my brother,"What was in that food? Did someone spike my drink? Please tell me I'm going insane." I said, refusing to believe what my own eyes had just seen. "PerciAnne," Seth said. "Seth please don't try and explain this. There is nothing logical coming to my head, so just give me a minute." Just then Embry burst through the tree line. He ran to me and grabbed my hands, I felt instant euphoria,"Did he hurt you? Are you ok? " he said looking me over, making sure there wasn't a scratch or a bruise. "I'm fine," I said blushing. "I was... worried about you." He said seeming still concerned on finding something wrong. He could find nothing. Embry smiled down at me, "Hey, do you want to go for a walk?" He asked me. It seemed perfectly innocent, so I accepted. "Can we talk?" He asked me. I nodded.


Werewolves. How much of this myth stuff actually exsisted? I wondered. An imprint. A lifetime soul mate. I had just met this boy and he talked about soul mates? Was I ready to commit myself to this wonderful glorious boy? Ok stop! I thought. He said that he would be anything I wanted him to be even if it was just a friend. I lay in my freshly made bed, i starred at the ceiling unsure if I would ever be able to sleep. There was a sharp knock on the window. I jumped. The scary movies of the chainsaw wheilding murder flashed through my mind. What if it was sommeone who was coming to kidnap me and take me away. Get a grip. No chainsaw weilding kidnapper would be poliet enough to knock. I got to the window, only to open it amd have to jump out of the way as Embry came sumersaulting through the window."Em?" I asked, he had said I was allowed to call him that if I wished, I thought it was cute. "Hi, I um couldn't stop thinking about you." He said blushing. I blushed as well,"Me either." I admited. I had been thinking about him since he had said goodnight when Jake, Seth and he had dropped me off. "Are you cold?" I asked noticing he was without a shirt and it was cold outside,"No, I always have a high temperature running it's a ... wolf thing" he said quietly. "Do you not like talking about it?" I asked quizzically. He laughed,"It's not that it's just we aren't really suppost to tell anyone, but our imprints and the Elders. I've neve rreally talked about this with anyone so, you're the first." He said sheepishly. "Well I am honored." I said smiling, but then i yawned. "Here go back to sleep,I'm sorry I woke you." He said heading back for the window."wait! You didn't wake me, um could you ... stay?" I asked timidly. He smiled a dazzling smile that made my heart leap. "Sure." He said. I climbed into bed making space for him. He took off his shoes and climbed in next to me. I grabbed his arm and made him wrap it around me. He was so warm and inviting, I just cuddled into him. "I want you to know I normally don't let total strangers into my bed," i said giggling. He smiled. Soon I dozed in Embry's strong grip. It wa sthe best sleep I had ever had.

A/n: Hey guys! I hope you like this chapter I am going to be updating this story now mor efrequently:) thanks and happy reading!<3

Awesome!! Love the moment between them, so sweet!!!

Can't wait for more!!! :)

Wow!  Everything with her brother and Embry happened really quickly!  I wonder what they would do if she saw something like that if she wasn't an imprint?

I also like  the sweet moment between her and Embry in the end.  It really is something special for him to be able to talk to someone outside his normal circle about who and what he really is.

Chapter 3: Questions and Answers

I woke up freezing. Where was Embry? I thought. I got up and walked out to the kitchen , there was a note on the counter. I picked it up

I'm sorry I had to leave, but I had to patrol. If I didn't have to go I would have stayed. I get off at noon. I'll come and get you as soon as I'm done so be ready to go to the beach:)

I sighed and leaned against the counter. Sam said he'd be dropping Aiden off at around one. Good, I thought, this way another fight doesn't start. I went to my room and unpacked clothes. 17 bathing suits to choose from. Hey when you live in Florida you have to have a lot of bikinnis! I picked a black one with white poka dots and white lace. I put on white shorts and a black tank. I was ready when I heard Embry's car pull up. I walked out to his car, and opened the door. "Hi," I said smiling at him. He smiled his award winning smile and said hello. "You look beautiful." He said smiling. I sat in the car as he backed out of the drive way. "So First beach?" She asked him. "I forgot, you know all about this place." He said, "Yeah, how come I never knew you when we were kids?" I asked him. He laughed. "I knew you, you were the most beautiful girl in the class and every boy had a crush on you!" He said, "I was one of the shiest kids in the world. I couldn't even get within ten feet of you without shaking!" He admitted running his hand through his hair as they pulled into the parking lot of the beach. "Awww!!!!" I said blushing. Knowing how shy he had been made me feel better. "If Jake wasn't with Nessie and Bella and he never became friends I wonder if you would be my imprint. He would have clamimed you!" I blushed at his words. "I'm not pretty enough to attract Jacob, and besides I would never want that with Jacob. He's just a friend." Embry looked at me from the corner of his eye. "What?" I asked feeling selfconcious. "You talk in your sleep." He said simply. "I do not!" I said getting defensive. Oh good what had I said this time. "Well you said Jacob once and then every other time it was Embry," he grinned, I blushed a deep scarlet. "I'm gonna die." I said sinking in my seat. "You know back to the 'your not pretty enough to attract Jacob' thing. You know all the guys like Seth and Collin who don't have imprints were getting so pumped to meet you they fought over who got to see you first, just incase you were their imprint." He said laughing at the stupidity. "Wait you didn't fight to see me?" I asked a little hurt. He gave me a sympathetic look and then explained. "If you are going to imprint on a girl, it isn't the first guy who get's to her. It's who's ever DNA is the most compatiable with to make children. I knew if I freaked out and went there like the other idiots I'd just freak you out instead. So I didn't and when none of them imprinted on you they just thought you were a normal girl, not a werewolf girl like Emily, but then I saw you and everyone saw I had imprinted on you by the look on my face." He said summing it up. I nodded. "So what are we doing at the beac I asked. "Cliff diving!" He said. I had forgotten all about cliff diving! "I haven't cliff dove in so long! I don't know if I remember how! " I said getting out of the car. He and I walked to the cliffs,"Well I can show you then." He said. Standing next to him I actually realize dhow tall and muscled he was, he was around 6'6" and he wasn't one of the tallest wolves, he was a full foot taller then me. "Why are you so tall?" I asked,"wolf thing" he grinned making the flecks of green in his eyes shift around, "ah." I said. I put my bag down and wiggled out of my shorts and tank top. He was checking me out the whole time. "Can i help you?" I said laughing. "Ummm..." He said trying to find words, "first one down pays for dinner tonight!" I said and I ran off the cliff and jumped. I screame dthe whole way down till my feet hit the water then i close dmy mouth

Embry had jumped too and when I came up I saw him so i swam to him. The water was like ice, in Florida the water is always 80°'s and this was no where near eighty. I clung to Embry, remembering how warm he was. "I win." I said. He wrapped his arms around me, "you may have won, but I am paying for dinner." He said. I smiled and then I had the overwhelming erge to kiss him but what if he didn't kiss back? I went for it anyways, I kissed him and the fireworks soared. I was left with the breath knocked out of me. "Wow." I said. "Wow." He said. This is what imprinting felt like. "That was amazing," he said. "Let's try it again." I said and this time I kissed him with all my might, leaving him breathless. "Wow, you're very good at making me speechless." He said and I blushed. "Let's go, I'll take you home so you can get dressed up and we'll go out to this fancy resturant in Port Angeles." I laughed,"Em, let's just go to the little burger place down the road, you don't have to buy me a fancy meal!" I said laughing. He smiled,"Perciphony, I think I love you." He said grinning. "I think I love you too." I said and then we kissed, "Nope, i do love you." He said and i smiled.

Awww that's so sweet!!!

A guy knows he has a winner when she's happy just to go to the burger place!!! ;) lol

Can't wait for more!! :)


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