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Hey guys! This is a story based off of my best friend and I, she made me be the main character >.< anyways lol thanks for reading! :)


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PreFace: His eyes stared into my soul, I knew he was the love of my life, but in this same moment he had lied to me. Had tried to keep it a secret, how could I forgive him?


Chapter 1 : LaPush



The tiny yellow house was just enough for my brother, Aiden and I. We hadn't been to LaPush in ten years. Not since mom and dad were killed, not since we moved to Tampa, Florida to live with our Gran. Gran knew I was leaving, she was getting up there in age, but never in a million years did I expect her to make me take my fifteen year old tempremental brother too."It's yellow," Aiden made a face, I laughed. "Be nice some guys down the street painted it," It was getting dark outside so I went outside to start unpacking before it got to dark. Aiden grabed four bags and went inside, I grabed the handel of a suitcase and of course it wouldn't budge. I pulled and pulled and it just wouldn't move! Then an arm reached around me and pulled the bag out I turned to thank Aiden, but I was suprised to find it wasn't  Aiden...  He was super cute, very muscular, tanned and shirtless. He caught me staring and I blushed fiercely. Aiden came outta the house, "Who are you?" He asked , " I was just gonna ask that," I said. "Wow PerciAnne, you don't remeber me?" He asked, pretending to be hurt,  I starred at him, we knew each other? "Sorry ten years does that to a person," He smiled, "Jake, Jacob Black," I gasped,"Jake? What happened to you?" He chuckled,"I grew up and appearently you did too," He said looking me up and down. I blushed, " Who's that?" He pointed to Aiden,"This is Aiden," I smiled. It was his turn to gasp,"How old is he?" He asked me, " I'm fifteen now stop staring at my sister creep!" He scowled. "Aiden!" I yelled. Jake laughed, " If it makes you feel better I have a girlfriend," He said smiling," It doesn't " Aiden muttered grabbing the bag from Jake and storming into the house, "Sorry he's been moody lately ... I don't know what's with him, he's constantly in PMS mode." Jake stared at me for a minute, "Wanna go to a bon fire tonight?" He asked out of the blue, "What about Aiden?" I asked," He can come,"  smiled."Okay... sure," I said hoping Aiden wouldn't mind, "See ya at seven!" He said. And I rushed to get ready


~~~~~Bon fire~~~~~


After pleading with Aiden for half an hour I  managed to make sure he and I were dressed and ready for when Jake came,  " Why do we have to go with that perve?"  I glared at him, "That perve was being nice so chill ok?" He nodded. Jake knocked on the door then," He's here be nice," I hissed. I opened the door and Jake and two other guys stood there," Quil? Seth?" I asked they laughed at Jake, "Told yeah she'd remeber us!" Quil said hugging me. "Aiden what's up man?" Seth asked, Aiden remebered him. Seth was only a year and a half older than him. Seth had been Aiden's idol when he was young. "Hey!" He said. That was a good sign. We left after a little bit of catching up. We walked outside and there was Jake's ancient rabbit, I smiled I remebered when Billy drove it. When we got to the beach  the flames where throwing high already. Jake and I walked behind everyone else, "How's Bella?"  I asked he smiled. "Married,"  My eyes widened, there was no ring on his left hand, when we were kids. "Her husbands sister is my fiance," Before I could respond a beautiful girl ran into Jake's arms, "Jake!" She said delighted, I was happy for him, "Ness, this is my friend, PerciAnne. We grew up together," She smiled and shook my hand. "Common I'll introduce you to everyone, " She said dragging me down the beach."You know Seth and Quil, That's Emily and Sam, Jared, Leah, Paul, Brady, Collin and that's Embry," I made eye contact with the last one, he was staring like I had said the smartest thing in the world, his eyes where a chocolate brown with mint flecks. I knew I liked him he was handesome, I think he liked me too. "Embry," Sam and Jake said at the same time. Embry got up, " Bye," He said. I blushed,"Bye," I watched as they walked away. "What the hell was that?" Aiden stormed after the were gone. I stared at him, he was shaking,"PerciAnne why do you flirt with every guy you see?" He boomed, "Aiden," Quil warned. " I do not ! " I protested, "And why the hell do you care anyway!" I yelled he glared back,"Ugh!" Was all I heard from Aiden then fabric ripping and a howl, Where Aiden had stood was a wolf the size of a horse. " Oh dang," I said as it charged me, everyone was so stunned and then the wolf came.


a/n hey guys tell me what you think should I continue?

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A new chapter will hopefully be up tomorrow! :)

Chapter 4: wolves, burgers and the exceptional teenage wannabe's

The burger place was called, Al's Burgers and Dogs. Very classy might I add! Complete with paper plates, plastic utensils and vinyl booths. It was perfect. It was just tiny enough that Embry and I were off to ourselves but not too isolated. I was far to embarrassed of myself to do that yet. I didn't want to say something completely stupid. We had sat in a booth Embry on one side myself on the other when the waitress who was around our age came up to the table. "Embry!" She smiled warmly ignoring my presence. He nodded to her but didn't take his eyes off me. She was clearly annoyed by this so she snapped her pink gum. "Anything for you?" She asked curtly. "A cheeseburger, fries and a coke." He said. "For... you." She said not in the least bit hiding her dislike of me just by the tone of her voice. "Same please." I said feeling uncomfortable. When she walked away I asked the inevitable. "When did you guys date?" I asked shyly. "Alyssa Derrikson and I dated four months ago. She just uh hasn't noticed I don't want her. She was very clingy." He said. I nodded. "I understand." He smiled softly. "That's all changed. I only want you. I'm actually getting jealous" he said smirking. I frowned, "what have you to be jealous of?" I asked curiously. " the cook has been staring at you since we walked in." He said. "It's taking a lot not to say anything." He said laughing, I blushed. "Embry, if you had the choice would you have imprinted on someone else?" I asked him softly running my hand through my hair. He shook his head no. "I want you and only you." He said proudly. Alyssa came back with our food and set it down infront of us, all while eyeing Embry. She stalked off when he reached his hand out for mine. I laced my fingers with his. "You look cold Perci." He said and he got up and sat next to me. I cuddledinto him. He was so warm, I was almost in his lap before I realized what I was doing. "I'm so sorry!" I said blushing a deep scarlet. He smirked, "I liked it." He said grinning. "Eat your food will go cold." He said laughing. I took a few bites of my cheeseburger and looked over to see Embry was done already. "Whoa!" I said laughing. He smiled shyly. "Another wolf thing?" I asked, "Another wolf thing." He said. I finished most of my meal andpast the remaining fries and quarter of my burger. "Thanks." He said eating the rest in a matter of minutes. "Maybe I should take you home now." He said looking at his watch. I laughed. "Embry, I'm the guardian at home now. So I don't have a curfew." I said grinning. This made him brighten. "Let's go to Sam and Emily's and then we'll go home." He said smiling. I nodded, more werewolves.

Sam and Emily lived in a small house that you wouldn't think could hold so many werewolves but the place was holding up well. "New girl" some of the wolves said to me. I laughed. "Hey PerciAnne, what's up beautiful." Jacob said kissing me on the cheek. Embry tightened his grip on my waist. Jake laughed. "Defensive over Perciphony already?" He said laughing. "Don't call me that!" I said. "What your name?" He said laughing. " it's PerciAnne Jacob." I said. He nodded, "fine." I laughed. "Embry you look lime you're hungry again. Eat love." I said smiling. He nodded and came back a few minutes later with six muffins. "Wow." I said and in three minutes they were all gone. "How do you put up with being hungry all the time?" I said curiously. He grinned. "I don't know." I said smiling. "I love you." He said. "I love you too." I leaned up and kissed him. "Why don't we take you home." He said down to me. I nodded I was feeling very tired.

We got home, and i changed into my pjs and crawled in next to him. "Mhm this is nice. "I said. "I could lay like this forever." I smiled. I climbed on top of his chest and layed there. "You're freezing baby." He said. "I know and you are so warm!" I said snuggling up to him tightly. I wascomfortable on his six pack when there was a knock on the door.

Loved the chapter!  I hope that other girl doesn't cause problems for them!

Chapter 5:
Vists, Suprises and an Imprint

I got out of Embry's grasp and walked to the living room. I could hear Aiden snoring, he had been asleep when we got home and didn't even budge when the pounding on the door comenced. I sighed and looked at the clock on the wall one thirty. What the hell? I walkedto the door and opened it unsure who it was going to be. I was expecting one of the other wolves, I was mistaken. "JOEY!" I said gasping. There in my door way in La Push, Washington stood my best friend Joey, she and I had been best friends since I moved to Florida, and she was the most upset when I decided it was time to go home. I had told her to come visit, but I didn't mean the week I moved in myself. "What are you doing here?" I asked her, she stepped into the light. I finally got a good look at her. "Oh my God, Joey! What the hell happened to you?" Around her left eye was a large bruise and she was crying. "Mark happened." She said. "Mark hit you! I'll kill him!" She sniveled. "I caught him cheating on me the day you left with Marrisa Threadgold, (Marrisa was the easiest girl in our Senior class) and when I confronted him about it. Well he did this." She summe up. I was outraged. "Who is it PerciAnne?" Seth asked coming up behind me. "Embry, this is my bestfriend Joey, Joey this is my boyfriennd Embry." She started blubbering again. "You already have a boyfriend here! I'm going to be alone forever!" She sobbed. I ushered her into the house and Em stood there in sheer panic, he didn't know if there was some way he could help or if he should just run and hide. "I'm sorry to just burst in here like this. "She said finally calming down enough to blow her nose and catch the running mascara. "You're fine.mi casa su casa remember!" I said in a horrible accent, she laughed. "You suck at Spanish! You even said it wrong." She laughed. I laughed with her. "Why don't we get you set up in my room and we can sleep in there and Embry can sleep on the couch, roght Em?" I asked, he nodded finally happy that the conflict was over. We got situated and I propped myself up on my elbows and looked at Joey, "Why didn't you just call me? It's a five hour flight here. " i said, she shrugged. "I panicked" she said I laughed. Leave it to my bestfriend. "I'm calling Gran in thgje morning and she is gonna have some of her men workers beat Mark up. " i said angrily. She laughed, "Nah don't, he was with Marissa, maybe he'll catch something." She whinked and I laughed. We both fell asleep shortly after.

When I woke up I heard laughter from the kitchen, Joey wasn't nextto me. I got up and walked out to the kitchen. "Hello Beautiful" Embry said coming up to me and kissing me on the forehead. "How'd you sleep?" He asked. "Well Joey snored in my ear all night, but other then that it was good." I teased poking Joey in the side. "I do not snore!" She said defensively. I laughed. "I'm just poking fun, girly!" I said laughing. Joey stuck out her tounge. "Your boyfriend can cook." She said pointing at the nice looking french toast. "He's never cooked for me." She said laughing "well now is your chance to try!" She said smiling. I laughed. I sat next to her and grabbed my plate. I started eating when I heard Aiden shuffle out of his room. He stopped dead in the kitchen. "Joey? What are you doing here? And what are you doing here?" He said scowling at Embry. "Hey Aiden!" Joey said jumping down from her stool at the counter. She could sense the tension I knew. "What are you doing here girl?" He asked spinning her around. "And who gave you the shiner? Was it mark? I'll have to kill him!" He said putting her down. "It was but it's all good." She said laughing. He nodded. "Well I was gonna head over t Seth's "do you want to come?" He asked everyone. "That sounds fun." I said smiling. "Cool go get ready guys." We finally got out of the house we pulled up to Seth's it looked the same as it had when we were kids. Joey and I got out. Seth was out back so we walked around. "Hey Seth!" I called, he turned and caught a glimpse of Joey. It was the same look Embry had given me three nights ago. Seth had imprinted on Joey.

That was fast!  I wonder how Joey will react, especially since she is a total outsider.

Great job, bromigo! XD Keep me updated!


Really cuz? Bromigo? Lmao youre so weird glad you like it.

Chapter six: a Joey, a Perci and a Wolfie

Joey looked at Seth too in aw, but she was very indignant and didn't want to show me that she had caught a thing for him. "What? Do I have something in my teeth?" She asked him. He shook his head no. "No, it's just that you are very pretty, how come I've never seen you around here?" He asked her meekly. She shrugged. "Just passing through. I'm PerciAnne's bestfriend. " she said matter o'factly. He nodded. "I figured. Why don't you girls go in the house and get the lemonade it's in the fridge. Glasses are in the left cabinet nearest the door. I need to speak with Embry and Aiden." We walked up the steps of the white two story. I wondered if Leah and Sue still lived here. After Harry died,Sue kinda fell apart. It made me sad to think because when I was younger Sue had been the most fearless woman I had ever know.

I sighed as I opened the fridge, lemonade. That was all that was in the fridge. Joey grabbed glasses and we went out to the yard to see the boys still discussing. They stopped when they saw us. "When did your mom move out Sethie?" I asked. He tilted his head. "How did you know? Were you snooping?" He aske din mock irritation I laughed. "No food in the fridge, dishes and your clothes are all over the living room. No woman puts up with that especially your mother!" I laughed. He laughed too. "Mom moved out about six months ago. She moved in with Charlie. They have been planning their wedding for over a year now." He said. I almost shot my lemonade through my nose. Seth chuckled, probably expecting this reaction. "Married?" I asked he nodded, then shrugged. "If it makes her happy I'm cool with it and I get Bella as a sister. The sister I always wanted but never had!" He said. "What about Leah?" I asked laughing. "Leah shmeah. She could care less. And besides I get Renesmee as a neice! What's not to love." I stopped sipping my drink. "Neice?" I asked quizzically. He nodded and then realized what he said. He motioned he'd tell me later. But i was very curious. I thought Renesmee was Bella's husband's sister. Atleast that's what Jacob had told me. Renesmee was too old to be Bell's daughter I decided. After all I was nineteen and Bella and I were the same age. Renesmee had looked sixteen atleast. Yes, Seth must have made a mistake. I went and stood next to Embry, "Maybe Embry and I should go and get you groceries Seth." I smiled, but got the death look from Joey. "What?" I mouthed towards her she shook her head furiously. I thought she'd want to stay with Seth. After all it wasn'tjust gonna be her and Seth, Aiden would be there too. She seemed to realize this and relax a bit. "Do you need anything imperticular Seth?" I asked him sweetly. He shrugged. I rolled my eyes. "Typical guy" I said. Aiden scoffed. I stuck my tounge out at him, "come on Em." I said grabbing for his hand.
When we got back from the store I smiled as Seth ran past me with Joey on his back. "PERCIPHONY ANNE!! Get me down!" She yelled laughing. "Nope the last time I tried to help someone from Seth's grip he pinned me down and tickled me until I told him he was better then Jake and Quil combined and Quillie wouldn'ttalk to me for a week." Embry snorted. "What?" I asked him protesting, "Quillie?" He asked laughing. "What I've always called him Quillie! Don't laugh at him!" I said Seth cracked a smile and so did Aiden. "So calling him that from now on." Seth Said putting Joey down. "How tall are you?" She asked as Seth stood back up from his squat position. "Six ten." He said. "DAMN." She said. "PerciAnne why are all the boys around here so tall? Why are you so short!" She asked laughing. "Hey!" I said pouting. Embry wrapped his arms around my waist. "I like you short baby." He said. Iturned and kissed him and Aiden and Seth faked vomitting. I flipped them off. Seth snickered and Joey grabbed the groceries. We all headed into the house. "So I wa sthinking about it and we should all go to Port Angeles and go see a movie," Seth said smiling. "That would be fun!" Joey said entirely too quickly. I laughed at her eagerness and she blushed. She was totally showing that she liked him. And I was going to have to them together before the week was out. There was no doubt.


haha gotta love a love a single guys reaction to other people kissing

awesome chapters!!

please update soon!! :)


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