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This is not a twilight fanfic. But I hope you all love it anyways!

It's Phantom of the opera instead. I had the idea and had to start writting. So here it is!

Pointers! The phantom's name is Erik. They all live in the opera house unless I tell you they don't very creatively. (hee hee!) And that pretty much covers it......NO IT DOESN"T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here. This helps with madame Giry's feelings for the phantom as the story goes on. I didn't make it but I found it and almost cried so that pretty much says it all. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(most of this wil be in her point of veiw.)


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How to Shatter Satin Slippers




Erik’s pov,


            I never thought I’d meet a good friend. My face surely prevented that. But her eyes shown full of kindness and love as she looked at me through the bars of the cage unlike anyone else in the crowd.

            She helped me escape even after I murdered my master. If she had just walked away what could I really have said? I was so lucky she stayed.

            But everything changed. She married and left. I didn’t understand. But I guess nothing lasts forever.

            I hadn’t seen her for at least a year (but then again I hadn’t been keeping track) she came back. With a baby! I didn’t know weather to be furious or happy, so I didn’t speak to her. Nor did I show my face. I found her crying more often then not. Unless she was in public. She put on and unreadable face and went on. I always thought she should have tried acting. She never did. Antoinette was dead set on becoming Prima ballerina (head ballerina). But she never made it. Instead she became the ballet instructor. I still didn’t speak to her. She left me. But I guess I couldn’t blame her. I’m a mess. Oh well. It’s not my fault she’s Madame Giry now. It’s hers.

            I saw her on the stage. It was midnight and she was mumbling something under her breath. I listened in…..
            “Erik……..if only you were here………if only I told you……maybe you wouldn’t have left……..” Then she began softly crying again.
            I hesitated to go up behind her…….but then I didn’t. She’d probably been talking about someone else anyways. I wasn’t worth it. So, I turned my back and silently walked away from the only friend I ever truly had.

She’ll understand. She always does.



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K! Chapter 1!!!!!!! =] Sorry for the cliffy! ug who am I kidding. No I'm not! HA! But you'll definatly have fun guessing! Oh and so all of you know some background info on madame she came back after her husbands died then she became a ballet instructor! JUST SO YOU KNOW! (hee hee. I could say more but I've said too much in my writing. BTW when you guess what's going to happen you need 4 things that back what you think up and I'll give any of you that are correct a star! Yes I'm useing bribery(is that how you spell it?)

Chapter 1
Just saying.

Madame Giry’s pov,

I was dead. I just didn’t care! Nothing was important enough anymore. I watched my ballerina’s prance around the stage with their usual grace but I wasn’t really there. I lightly tapped my cane on the floor and waved for my girls to keep going as they started to look towards me. My daughter Meg looked over at me worriedly and opened her mouth to say something, but I waved her away as well.
“Girls….. We have a performance coming up. Hannibal. There will be many people there but,” I was cut off by the voice of Monsieur LaFavor (sorry if I misspelled his name) calling my name. I turned slightly not really bothering to look at him but still telling him I was listening.
He sighed and continued. “Madame, I am retiring. Two men will be taking my place. I need you to make sure they do there job.” He said as he rested his hands on my shoulder causing some of the girls to snicker as my face grew cold and hard! I hated to be touched!
I turned to face him sharply! “Madame…..please….” he out his finger under my chin and looked at me pleading.
I flicked my cane back and forth quickly like an angry cat’s tail but I didn’t pull away. “Why should I? You’re hiring them! Aren’t you?!” I didn’t even try to hide my anger. Why should I!
His voice lowered to a whisper, “Madame, they refuse to believe in the opera ghost friend of yours which will turn into a problem.”
I stopped breathing! He knew about Erik! Black dots clouded my
vision, and I stumbled backwards. “We take this discussion to my dorm Monsieur….”
He nodded and grabbed one of my hands and my hip to keep me steady. “Ummm, girls your class is dismissed.” Then he practically carried me back to my dorm and set me down on a chair with arms to help keep me in it.
“You…….you know…..about…..him!?” I squeaked as I watched him pull up a chair to sit across from me and nod.
“Yes, he sent me a message awhile ago about his salary for keeping me and all the rest of you alive.”
I nodded. That sounded like Erik. “Did you tell anyone?”
“Madame, everyone already knows……I made an announcement on the note about 2 years ago.”
“Oh………..” I didn’t know what else to say. How could I not have known this!
“Madame……….I want you to……….” He started but then he quickly got up and shook his head.
He looked at the ground and slowly turned towards me. “Do you remember when I came to work here 10 years ago?”
I nodded. I remembered that day well. It was the day Erik stopped talking to me.
“I………never……..OH! MADAME GIRY!” He yelled!
“WHAT!? I CAN’T READ YOUR MIND!” I said a little bit softer then him but not much as I stood up still holding the arm of the chair!
He sighed and stepped closer to me till his face was only about an inch away from mine. “Madame……there’s….something….I’ve been…needing to tell….you…..”
I'm so glad you're liking this so far! There will be one song but it will be at the end and hopefully make all of you cry! =]
Thank you!
You will see very soon! =]
GRRR!!!! I'm very annoyed with you! Why? Because I will never understand this fanfic cuz I haven't seen OR read phantom of the opera! Damn!

When/if I do (lol) I promise I will come back and read!
YES ANOTHER ONE! You guys will probably laugh a little if not a lot! =]

Chapter 2


Madame Giry’s pov,

I watched his slow movements carefully as I opened my mouth. “What….might that be?” I could tell my eyes were huge, afraid of what the answer contained.
He put one hand on the small of my back and the other on my neck. “Antoinette, how close are you to your little opera ghost friend?”
I tried to look away from his deep brown eyes as I reluctantly answered, “He hasn’t spoken to me since you came……”
He nodded thoughtfully. “Then I don’t think he would mind if I did this. Would he?” He said as he pressed his lips to mine!
I tried to pull away, but his grasp on me was too tight! My foot pounded on the cold hardwood floor trying to get someone’s attention to my dorm, but it was hopeless!
Tears streamed down my cheeks out of anger as he backed me up into the wall! I was too weak to push him away from me! Then the candles in the room blew out leaving us in darkness.
“Too perfect.” Monsieur LaFavor said finally parting but as he ran his hand down the side of my hip.
“LET GO NOW!” I screamed as I tried to fumble my way around him.
He held me still and pressed his lips to mine again as the floor fell out from under my sore feet! I screamed as I fell and landed into a pair of strong arms that could only be Erik’s.
He put me down on the floor where ever we were and lit a lantern. “You ok?” He asked his voice tense.
I nodded wiping away my stray tears so he wouldn’t see them. I could see he hadn’t changed much since the last time I saw him.
“Didn’t sound like it, Annie. You sounded like an elephant had broken into you’re room stomping around trying to squish you.” He said with a very serious expression.
“Not much difference. LaFavor.” I said knowing he would understand for this situation seems to find me quite a bit.
He laughed. “I noticed. His eyes would bug out every time you would come within a five foot radius of him.”
I smiled. It’s hard not to laugh when Erik laughs. It’s a gift of his.
He helped me up and carried me down the hall a bit before I bothered to speak. “Aren’t I heavy……at least a little?”
“Nope! You’re a little munchkin that’s a thin as your cane that you just carry around to bean your little ballet rats with. Hense, you not weighing more then an over grown penny.” (Who here is thinking Emmett? LOL!)
I laughed and rolled my eyes. Oh how I missed my Erik!
Thanks you 2! I love hearing from you guys!!!!!!!!! =]
AWWW! Thank you!
*sniff sniff*
What's wrong?!

Chapter 3
Mothering never stops

Mme Giry’s pov,

I sat there in his arms as we watched the sun go down. I smiled remembering all the times we had done this as children, so naive to the world around us. I smiled as the sky turned orange then slowly pink, my eyes shut as Erik massaged my aching shoulders. I could sense him smiling at my comfort and his touch got softer.
“I missed you….” Erik said after a while.
“I did too…..I thought you’d left,” I replied.
He nodded and sighed hugging me to him. “You really are my best and only friend Annie. I can’t see how you put up with me.”
I smiled again, “well look at me I’m a cranky ballet mistress raising two teenage girls in the dorms of an opera house. I think I’ll survive being best friends with someone that doesn’t exist or at least isn’t supposed too.”
He chuckled and began tracing the gold pattern on my skirt mindlessly. I looked up at him. He was the only man I let hold me so close, let alone touch me. He smiled at me and hugged me tighter. I turned my head again to look outside. The stars were appearing circling and spreading out around the moon. It was gorgeous.
“It’s pretty when the sky’s right in between night and dusk….I forget what they call it though….”
“Twilight…….it’s called twilight…” I turned towards him a little and rested my head against his chest, listening to his heart beating. I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Erik’s pov,

I held her against me watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful. I stroked her hair and carefully laid her down on her bed. She sighed in her sleep but was still after that and I put the sheets over her and lied down next to her humming and holding her. She was kinder to me then I deserved after abandoning her. This was at least a little thing I could do for her. We stayed like that for the rest of the night. I fell asleep there, but woke up to the sound of someone pounding on her door so I naturally disappeared into the shadows.
Her adopted daughter Christine Deaa walked into the room looking frightened and lost. “Madame….”
Madame Giry woke up slowly and sat up. “What is it dear?”
“I had a terrible dream……I…I wanted to know if I could sleep with you tonight….or at least the rest of the night…..” Christine said as a few tears slipped down her cheeks.
Annie just smiled and opened her arms for Christine. The two hugged for a moment then Antoinette motioned for Christine to get into bed. The girl obeyed and got under the sheets next to Annie. Who lied down next to her and stroked her hair softly singing until they both fell asleep. I smiled and walked out of the room quietly shutting the door behind me. “Goodnight……”


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