The Twilight Saga

This is not a twilight fanfic. But I hope you all love it anyways!

It's Phantom of the opera instead. I had the idea and had to start writting. So here it is!

Pointers! The phantom's name is Erik. They all live in the opera house unless I tell you they don't very creatively. (hee hee!) And that pretty much covers it......NO IT DOESN"T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here. This helps with madame Giry's feelings for the phantom as the story goes on. I didn't make it but I found it and almost cried so that pretty much says it all. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(most of this wil be in her point of veiw.)


The banner was made by Russet Wolf! THANKS A BUNCH!






How to Shatter Satin Slippers




Erik’s pov,


            I never thought I’d meet a good friend. My face surely prevented that. But her eyes shown full of kindness and love as she looked at me through the bars of the cage unlike anyone else in the crowd.

            She helped me escape even after I murdered my master. If she had just walked away what could I really have said? I was so lucky she stayed.

            But everything changed. She married and left. I didn’t understand. But I guess nothing lasts forever.

            I hadn’t seen her for at least a year (but then again I hadn’t been keeping track) she came back. With a baby! I didn’t know weather to be furious or happy, so I didn’t speak to her. Nor did I show my face. I found her crying more often then not. Unless she was in public. She put on and unreadable face and went on. I always thought she should have tried acting. She never did. Antoinette was dead set on becoming Prima ballerina (head ballerina). But she never made it. Instead she became the ballet instructor. I still didn’t speak to her. She left me. But I guess I couldn’t blame her. I’m a mess. Oh well. It’s not my fault she’s Madame Giry now. It’s hers.

            I saw her on the stage. It was midnight and she was mumbling something under her breath. I listened in…..
            “Erik……..if only you were here………if only I told you……maybe you wouldn’t have left……..” Then she began softly crying again.
            I hesitated to go up behind her…….but then I didn’t. She’d probably been talking about someone else anyways. I wasn’t worth it. So, I turned my back and silently walked away from the only friend I ever truly had.

She’ll understand. She always does.



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aww so sweet :')
I know right! Erik's a sweet heart!
AW Thank you! =]


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