The Twilight Saga


How unfortunate for poor Brady, the only one in the entire pack without an imprint. It's sad, because even Leah has found someone else. Hell, Brady doesn't have a best-friend anymore, not after Collin started hitting on his new girlfriend. Of course, he keeps getting told that love will finally be nice to him and he'll have someone who takes away his breath from the first-time he sees her. He's just ready for that to happen.

No one knows anything about Stitch, the girl they found in the forest. She's been hiding in Sam's basement, but she's getting tired of hearing all the voices above her. She wants to go be social, she wants to make friends. Sure, she's the only one who knows her real name and she won't give a single detail about her past, but that's just a small thing until she knows she can really trust the people around her... If she ever can.


I admit that I own no character (except for Stitch and those other names you don't remember from the books) in this story. I wish I did, though.


I'd totally add the first chapter, if at least one person likes the summary. I just don't wanna write it out for nothing, y'know?

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i like the summary so post more soon

I like the summary. Please write more.

sounds very interesting, please continue!


post more soon

PLEASE write more! It sounds AMAZING!!!



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