The Twilight Saga

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Chapter One: Rosalie's POV

It was just another dreary day in Forks. I could hear everything. My Emmett downstairs watching a game on TV. Cars driving down the freeway. And all because of what I am. A monster. Memories of my human life flooded through me. Vera, and her baby boy. My good looks. Especially my looks. I tried not to remember my late fiance, Royce King. I wished the impossible. To be human again. I sighed, and returned to reality. I walked downstairs, and sat next to Emmett on the couch. "Hey, babe.." He murmured, and put his arm around me. I paid no attention to the game. Instead, I found myself lost in my past. I knew Edward was listening to me. He'd already heard it several times, but hey, he didn't have to listen to me. He could just tune me out like he usually does.

We pulled into the parking lot at Forks High School, just like any other day. Edward walked over to Bella as soon as he saw her. When I looked over at Bella, a stab of jealousy went through me. Jasper looked at me out of the corner of his eye. He knew how I felt about Bella. Emmett took my hand, and together we walked off to our first class. I passed through the day in a daze, not fully aware. At the end of the day, we walked out to Edward's Volvo, and drove -always way over the speed limit- to our home. Just as we were passing Bella's house, we all caught a scent. It wasn't werewolf. One of us. Edward, of course, went into automatic panic mode, because a vampire was so close to Bella. We drove up our driveway, and found Carlisle waiting for us.

When we stepped out of the car, he said to us, "As you all are probably aware, there is a vampire in town. We will have to keep our guard up, until Alice can find more about them." We all turned to look at Alice's blank, expressionless face. After a moment, she turned to us. "She just want to talk to us. Her name is Hasana. She has a special gift, but you guys will find out about that when she gets here in the next few days. And, there's something else about her, too..." She trailed off, trying to build our excitement, I guess. "And?" Jasper pressed. Alice's face lit up. "Hasana is a vegetarian, like us!" She said, trying to contain her excitement. "That's great, Alice!" Carlisle, said, smiling. "We will have to let the pack know, of course. Esme?" He asked. Esme walked out onto the porch "Yes?" She asked. "Could you go down to the Quileute border with me to let the pack know about our visitor?" He asked. "Sure," She said, and began running to the border, Carlisle following. I walked inside when my adopted siblings began question Alice about our visitor. I went into my room, and turned on some music to help me relax. Just as I wanted it too, it helped me forget my thoughts. If I could still sleep, I would be sleeping soundly.

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I will.
Be prepared for a big twist in the soming chapters. That means cliffies!
hehe -evil smirk-
i thot u sed u were gonna update!!
I don't think I'm going to continue this story.
School is killing me, and I'm going through a really rough time. I just simply don't have time to write anymore.
alright sorry to hear that. :(
if you wanna maybe someone else would like to write it?
i understand if you dont want anyone to.
No, I don't really want someone else to write it.
maybe one day u can finish
i hope you find the time to :) dont blame you :)
hey i love it
but rosalie is so freaking selfish
and now that I thought that I dont even know why i made her good in my story
if she dont go back to emmett i'm gonna go trough the computer an kill her
post soon please
I'm so sorry, but I'm not continuing the story.
This might come as a shock, but I don't really like Twilight that much anymore... PLEASE DONT KILL ME!
And I think I'm depressed now... [guy issues</3]
I may pick up my notebook and pencil and keep writing, but it's a lot easier said than done. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, they do. Maybe this summer I'll start writing again, but I have a lot of schoolwork, drama, etc.. :/
I LOVE this story! Don't stop writing it! D:
please dont stop writing *puppy dog eyes*
i luv your story..


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