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I knew there was no chance of escape but i had to keep going. I have no idea what just happened in that alley but i knew it wasnt good.  I looked behind me, they were catching up! But my legs were starting to ache. 'no' i thought to myself 'i have to keep going'.  I heard them, they were... hissing... how strange. But i couldnt criticize now not when they were about to kill me! "thats what she thinks" one of them said. At that remark i had to think... They're not going to kill me? Well then what could they possibly want. I finally wondered 'i didn't say that out loud so how could he have heard me?' this was not good. I tripped, it took me a second to notice but when i did i was grabbed and lifted up. Before i knew what was going on one of them had there head nuzzled into my neck there was a sharp pain but then a warmth all throughout my body.




Chapter 1  Survival 


I ran along the street, my throat burning. I need to eat something i thought. I just wasn't sure i wanted food. A trash can fell over, i could smell a human. That there made me take a step back, how could i smell humans when i am human? I couldn't think about this now i was way too hungry, suddenly i realized the human smelled really good, My mouth started to water. My gums began to hurt i put my hand to my mouth and felt something pointy, were those my teeth? before i realized, i had my teeth at his neck, i couldn't control myself and i started to drink. It tasted so good, but when i realized what i was doing it was to late for him. I dropped the body in disgust at what id done. I ran into an alley at super sonic speed. That was last straw of hope to being normal, i knew something happened but i wasn't sure what. I'm not canadian i thought and im not a kardashian, or am i... Nah What else could it be...

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