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I knew there was no chance of escape but i had to keep going. I have no idea what just happened in that alley but i knew it wasnt good.  I looked behind me, they were catching up! But my legs were starting to ache. 'no' i thought to myself 'i have to keep going'.  I heard them, they were... hissing... how strange. But i couldnt criticize now not when they were about to kill me! "thats what she thinks" one of them said. At that remark i had to think... They're not going to kill me? Well then what could they possibly want. I finally wondered 'i didn't say that out loud so how could he have heard me?' this was not good. I tripped, it took me a second to notice but when i did i was grabbed and lifted up. Before i knew what was going on one of them had there head nuzzled into my neck there was a sharp pain but then a warmth all throughout my body.




Chapter 1  Survival 


I ran along the street, my throat burning. I need to eat something i thought. I just wasn't sure i wanted food. A trash can fell over, i could smell a human. That there made me take a step back, how could i smell humans when i am human? I couldn't think about this now i was way too hungry, suddenly i realized the human smelled really good, My mouth started to water. My gums began to hurt i put my hand to my mouth and felt something pointy, were those my teeth? before i realized, i had my teeth at his neck, i couldn't control myself and i started to drink. It tasted so good, but when i realized what i was doing it was to late for him. I dropped the body in disgust at what id done. I ran into an alley at super sonic speed. That was last straw of hope to being normal, i knew something happened but i wasn't sure what. I'm not canadian i thought and im not a kardashian, or am i... Nah What else could it be...

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WHEN U UPDATE WOMEN??????????!?!?!?!?!?!? >:(

I will gosh!

Chapter 2 - I walked along the street disgusted at my urges to eat every person that i walk by, i never wanted any of this to happen so why did it have to happen to me... i still don't know what i am but i need to get home and go to sleep i needed to sleep on this and research what has happened to me. I saw my house in the distance and hurry up so i can get in there to the warmth. somehow im there within seconds but i brush that by and open the door. i rushed to the bathroom and splashed water on my face i then i looked up i almost screamed i had bright red eyes and i was deathly pale. I knew the vampire diaries were real but no,Jessi  always had to be right. I sensed a human in the house my mouth started to water, stopped that thought "No thats my mother i do not want to eat her" I scolded myself. I heard the noise of feet walking towards me and i knew it was her, my mother obviously thought someone had broken in. i couldnt let her see me like this. i flew out the door and onto the street, i walked away from the house with my head down. i heard the door open and a women yelling "Hey what were you doing in my house?" i kept walking i heard a gasp she must have recognized what i was wearing "Alison? is that you?" i turned my head and she let out a bloodcurdling scream. i started to run away as fast as i could go,i needed to get to Jessi's apartment i had no where else to go!. Jessi let me in but only because i knew things that no one else would know, "Jessi you need to let me in. its me Ali your best friend!"i said in a plea. "If you really are jessi than what did i wear to the halloween dance in grade 7 Huh?" I answered in a peppy voice "Thats easy you were a pretty fairy i was the dark fairy and you and Fey were dancing in front of the boys trying to get attention you were wearing a red sparkly dress and you tied it up at the back i swear every eye on the place was on you well me mostly cause i was right beside you but at least 6 maybe 7 people were staring at you tee hee!" She groaned "Yep thats you Ali come on in." she opened the door and let me in i walked to the couch and she made tea, "you know i was hesitant about letting you in youre voice sounds so different, What happened to you? you look positively scary!" i sighed  " I know, and i have no idea can we look it up? I tried to go home but my mom screamed at me then i ran away." jessi put down her cup and ran to get her laptop i sipped my tea and listened i heard a sound i yelled to her "Do you need help?" she came running back "You've got to keep your voice down!"  she said in hushed whispers "Why?" i asked her in the same hushed whisper. I heard someone ruffle some sheets and plant their feet on the floor,"You never told me you had a room mate." i said nervouly wondering who it might be. She said guilty "I don't" "Well then who..." i never got to finish my sentence cause  i heard someone coming down the hall it was a guy "Hey babe who's this, i never knew we had... woah Whats with your eyes?" he said scared. Jessi got to her feet and put her arm around his waist and he wrapped his arms protectively around her. "So alison i see you two have never met Well Ali this is Jeremy my boyfriend, Jeremy this is my friend from school, Ali, she has a problem and we need to help her. can you go get the laptop hon?" "Sure just one thing first" he said with a grin as he pulled her down for a kiss. He went down the hall and into the bedroom "So how long has he been your boyfriend?"I ask curious "well i met him actually in 8th grade and hes been my boyfriend ever since." she siad dreamily. He came back down the hall with the laptop, he sat down. he looked up at me then typed something looked back at me and typed something else. he clicked enter and then he gasped "What!" i said starting to be scared "look what came up in when i typed in a description of alison... it shows a picture of a vampire!

hmmmmm...fey=Ky? u said that me and her were dancing in front of the boys right?cause im kinda confused..cuase u replied to your on question in this.but other then that,good!!

and someones arogent!!!!!

that is great

what book is this from

Its an original story with some reference to other vampire stories!

My friend that i based ali off of wants me to change the nameso from now on her name is jade!

I love it keep me updated


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