The Twilight Saga

Huntress -- by Ellie!! and Amy Victoria ~I Am Alice Cullen~ :)

so, characters belong to SM except for the hunters :) MWAHAHAAA. 

this is about a huntress that goes by the name of Aleia, she's the best at what she does. but what happens when she decides that the volturi have gone too far? how many vampires are going to suffer? and how many people will Aleia protect by fighting the volturi? all or none? 


- Aleia [A-lay-uh]

- Silierlight [sill-ee-er-light] (this is a machete developed by the vampire hunters to help them fight the vampires. Aleia has a history of being a little too forceful with the delicate metal, causing splinters or parts of the knife to stay stuck inside the enemy. or she just breaks them. the other hunters take bets on how many she'll break in a year.)

- Ryanet [ryan-ET] (a device used by the hunters to cover their tracks and to make sure no one remembers anything to do with them.)

1. (Written by Ellie!!)

‘Mark my words Aleia, you’ll never get away with this. Ever.’ Aleia laughed softly as she stroked the silierlight machete that rested on her lap. The life of a hunter is a blessed thing, she thought. 

‘Which is a good thing, Felix. I enjoy being chased, but it’s a shame that the one’s chasing me always end up being the hunted. As you found out, not long ago. I don’t like being thought of as weak, Felix, and your actions brought about your own death. So don’t go blaming me about any of this. I’m just doing my job.’ She smiled as him as he called her any names he could think of, all in due time… all in due time; Aleia’s thoughts went haywire as her adrenaline came up to maximum. The best part of a kill was the torture before it.

‘Do you feel remorse for what you’ve done, Felix?’ Her sneer registered in Felix’s mind and the vampire in him sneered the answer back to her.

‘No. Do you feel remorse for what you’ve done, Aleia?’ She slapped him across the cheek, causing a small gash to appear in his skin. Clear venom rolled down the side of Felix’s face.

‘Wrong answer, vampire. And I don’t think you’re in a position to be asking questions right now, do you? And, for the love of god, Felix.. Give me the right answer, or there will be pain.’ Her eyes narrowed into slits as the words left her red lips. 

‘I’m always in a position to ask questions. And I welcome pain.” Aleia pursed her lips and brought the silierlight up to eye height, watching the light from the lamp dance across the smooth surface of the indestructible metal. She stepped forwards and pressed the point against Felix’s neck, enjoying the way the machete caused him to recoil.

‘Scared of a piece of metal? Well that won’t do will it?’ The huntress slit the vampire’s throat and laughed as the venom cascaded down the surface of his skin and was absorbed into his clothes, only to burn  through the fabric before Aleia’s eyes could blink. ‘I hope that cloak wasn’t expensive.’ The silierlight was directed towards the right shoulder this time and Aleia dug deep into the rock-like skin, twisting the large knife to either side. She moved slowly and with all of her strength, making a large cut from his shoulder down to his left hip. Felix struggled against his bonds, feeling weak and helpless as he yelled out in agony at the white hot pain that seared through his broken body. 

‘I thought you welcomed pain, Felix?’ Her voice harboured innocence as she mocked him. ‘Or was that too much pain?’ 

‘JUST GET IT OVER WITH, ALEIA!’ Felix had a loud voice even when speaking normally, so it shocked Aleia when she heard it reverberate around the small room. 

‘Are you trying to burst my eardrum?! And I had you down as the type of person who would endure the worst types of torture and never give out information under intense pain. And now you want to die? I’m afraid I just can’t do that. You see, I’m hoping this will give your masters a warning. The more humans they kill, the more of you die. I’m trying to hit you big. Weaken the whole coven by destroying the strongest first. And none of you will know it’s me until your judgement day comes. Isn’t it a brilliant plan?’ Aleia smiled happily, pleased that she came up with it by herself. Oh, the volturi had heard of vampire hunters, but they had never met any, and they had a brilliant disguise anyway. They were human to the untrained eye, the only thing that told people they were different, were the markings around their waists. The glyphs were a mark of a warrior, a hunter and  a strong will. The hunters were stronger, quicker and more agile than a regular human. Their brain processed things as fast as a vampire’s and their hearing was second to none. They trained in taikwondo, karate, wrestling and judo from the age of three. They were born to hunt, and hunting is what they do best. 

‘Your plan has flaws. You will go down.’ Felix struggled against his bonds again, hissing as the chains tightened around him.

‘Oh, I don’t know about that, Felix. I always get what I want.’ Aleia laughed as she cut Felix again, severing a few of his fingers. ‘Tell me, would your masters miss you if you died?’ She cut of his limbs, the bone slicing cleanly as if made from a soft butter. Aleia took her trusty lighter from her pocket and flicked it a few times, the flame flickered and the light emitted from it was reflected in Aleia’s eyes, symbolising that her very soul was on fire. 

Aleia flicked the lighter again and poured some petrol from a hipflask down Felix’s throat. She dropped a match inside his mouth and watched as he burned from the inside out. 

1.Aleia (Written by Ellie!!) {Main page}

2.Aro (Written by Ellie!!) {Page 1}

3.Alice (Written by Ellie!!) {Page 1}

4.Embry (Written by Amy) {page 1} 

5.Marcus (Written by Amy) {Page 4}

6.Aleia (Written by Ellie!!) {Page 5}

7.Jemma (Written by Amy) {Page 5}



^ this is Jemma from post number 4 :)




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Heyy guys
Just thought I'd introduce you a little bit more to Jemma with this banner:

Sorry for such the long wait, we've had exams all this week :S
Thanks for reading
This is a great story you both are doing a wonderful job on it. I cant wait till you post more pleae update me when you do.
thanks, DaneiMarie!! i really appreciate your comment :) we'll update soon and i'll send you a friend request :D
Ok heyy guys
I'm sorry it took so long for a new chapter, I've had exams.
I've seriously only just finished this chapter, and I was so desperate to give you an update that Ellie hasn't even read it (sorry Nell I love you but they need their fix of our awesome-ness :D)
Ok, here we go with chapter 5

5. Marcus
Marcus let out a rasping breath that was more habit than need, often he tried to restrict his breaths, but it was strange and irritating to not have the keen sense of smell that he took as the norm after so many years of his second life. He looked slowly around his quarters, the impossible luxury had begun to feel like a prison, trapped in the tower in fear of the man he had once considered his brother. Usually he didn't let himself think ill of his surroundings or of Aro, with one touch he could find out everything Marcus had ever thought, both good and bad, and there was nothing that could be done to prevent it.


A word he had been forgiven to think, never mind say for so long he let out a sigh of relief as he saw her beautiful face in his head. “Didyme” he breathed, letting the word warm his cold marble body, he loved her still, even all these years later, and was the reason he never left, he had to keep her memory alive, if not he had no purpose, nothing to continue existing for.

But Aro's little world was crumbling around him, little by little his guard was disappearing, at the hands of a vampire hunter, a creature Marcus hadn't heard of for many hundreds of years, it was his understanding they had died out, or at least moved on. He wasn't scared, the hunter was sloppy, she enjoyed torturing her victims, stringing out the death, and once of twice she had almost been caught, she was being too adventurous, and it wouldn't be long until one slip-up would be her last.

Marcus felt a certain wave of mediocrity pass through him as he thought of the hunter that had taken so many of his guard, how had she managed to wipe out so many, yet he failed to even remove himself from the tower in which he was imprisoned. He neared closer to the window and let the light wash over him, he was duller, his skin had a luminous look in the direct sunlight, but he didn't sparkle, not like the others, he was too broken, his body reacting to the pain his mind felt. Most of the time, he didn't allow himself into the sunlight, it reminded him too much of what he had lost, but now he was embracing it, more than he ever had before. His mind had been concentrating so much on everything but Didyme that he had almost forgotten how she looked, her smile, her calm soothing beautiful voice, and how much he had loved her. And how much he loved her still.


An emotion that was almost alien to the creature Marcus had become. Love never ending, painfully beautiful and always, always there lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce and shock you when you were least expecting it. Beautiful yet deadly, love was Didyme, she had always been so angelic, sublime, yet destructive, venomous, but his, always his, and always hers, always together.

Always together

Yet now they weren't, and now Marcus' life was empty, confused and depressing, he had no point to living, except for life (or second life) itself. No reason to be in this place but fear of death, death that he would embrace, so why was he shying away for the death he would embrace? Her, and her memory, the memory he had avoided for so long. The memory that would get him out of there.

Hope you all enjoy it :)
A little confusing but good. Cant wait for more.
Sorry, what are you confused about, and I'll be happy to explain some background for you :)
Poor Marcus! Is he locked up?! Is it because he could not handle what Aro did to Didyme, his one true love?! I cannot wait for the next chapter to reveal a little more goodness!!
Hey Wendy :) this is Ellie by the way, i made an update page 'cause i have too many friends to send an email to ;)

thank you for the comment, i'm thinking of doing another Aleia chapter, after all, she is my favourite :)
I think my second post has confused people a little {Sorry about that!!}, but Aro didn't do anything to Didyme in this story, he was trying to get away, so in that sense i suppose he did take a part in her death, but he was being restrained by other hunters when they killed her. so sorry for the confusion :)

i'm glad you're liking the story though :) it means a lot to me :)

Oh! OK! Makes sense...I know the more you write, the more we will understand...just be patient with us...we don't know what you already do in your head! LOL!! And yes, I am enjoying it a lot!!

I wish you were updating your "other" story! :(

Wendy D
~Stalker Fan/Beta Extraordinaire!~
The Rebelled Angel? it's not my turn to write the chapter :/ i'm waiting for Carmen to write it, i'm really sorry for the wait though!! and i'm sure the delay isn't intentional from Carmen!

i'm being as patient as i possibly can :D so don't worry about that! :)
hope Carmen hurries up...I want to know what is happening with Seth and Alexya....hope I spelled her name right...LOL!

Again....will patiently wait...somehow....painlessly....hopelessly....anxiously....

Hey sorry i havent commented yet but this ff is really good cant wait to read more


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