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Hurt: What if Bella gets pregnant when Edward leaves,but not with his child? PG-13 *Completed* (Sequel coming soon!)

Some of my ideas came from different fan fictions, so if it is similar to any fan fictions I'm sorry I don't mean any harm to anyone.This is my first fanfic,please go easy if you don't like it,I would appriciate banners and feedback! I hope you guys like it! I do not own any of these characters they all belong to the wonderful SM! The banner Below was made by Danielle Pattinson. Banner made by me
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Chapter 1 Accident

It had been a month or so since Edward Cullen a.k.a vampire/ex-boyfriend left me. I try not to think about it, but every time I relax or try to distract myself, memories of him always creep back into my mind. It seems like there is a gaping hole in my heart, that ripples with pain every time I think of him. He told me a thousand times that he loved me,but yet,he left me. When he left I found comfort in my best friend/werewolf,Jacob Black. But he has been ignoring me for some mysterious reason. I just needed to find out what that reason was. I heard somebody knock on the door, but froze in my tracks when a envelope with my name on it written in Jacob's messy scrawl. I picked the envelope up and started reading...


I'm sorry I haven't made any contact in the last few weeks. You see I haven't been able to leave from where I am. I sorta...kinda...imprinted...on...Leah. I haven't had enough strength to leave her just yet. I don't think we should stay in-touch or talk anymore,Leah's request.
I'm really sorry


While I was reading the note I started crying. First Edward Leaves,and now Jacob.I felt like the hole in my chest ripped itself bigger at the loss of Jacob. There was a knock on the door at that moment. Ugh,why can't people just leave me alone? When I opened the door,it was Mike,I didn't want to talk to anyone right now, especially him. Mike and Jessica previously had a fight and broke up.
"Hey Bella,uhhh wow have you been crying? Is this a bad time or something?"Why can't he mind his own business?
"No,no Mike it's an ok time, whats up? Why don't you come in?" I responded as politely as I could.
"No,it's ok I was just here to ask you if you wanted to go to a party at Angela's house tonight?"He asked. A party maybe this will be good for me, to take my mind off of things.
"Sure Mike, I'll come,what time is the party?"
"It's at 7:00, see you there!"
"Bye Mike"
"See ya Bella" At that he walked away and I shut the door. It was 6:00, I had an hour,but I should leave at 6:30, so I better start getting ready.After I took a shower,and got dressed I left a note for Charlie saying where I was and how to reach me and where dinner was. I really felt guilty because my truck gave out not too long ago and Charlie brought me a new car. It was a Hyundai accent it was black(sorry in the picture below I couldn't find a picture with a black accent.)It's a standard, so Jacob taught me how to drive it before he...left.As I drove out of the driveway,I was in a trance thinking about all the happy memories I had with Jacob andhim. I snapped out of the trance when I thought I saw a glint of gold in the trees. Ugh! Stupid! He's not coming back! Tears started welling up in my eyes and i couldn't see. What I saw were bright headlights coming straight towards me. It all happened so fast the last thing I heard and remembered was the horn of the semi truck blaring,a big bang as our vehicles collided, and cold arms wrapping around me,I thought I was hallucinating again but I couldn't open my eyes to verify. Then I blacked out.

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=O.....Keep going!!! The suspense is killing me!!!! WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!

By the way, this is really good! =D
omg! keep writing!
Hey this is kinda interesting.. Please update me if you post more!
Chapter 2:trust BPOV Part 1

When I woke up I heard a faint beeping,I hope that meant that I was still alive. I opened my eyes to bright lights and a feline like figure in front of me, when I finally reconized the figure I was working up a scream because the feline like figure had fire red hair.
"shhh,Bella don't worry I'm here to help,I promise I won't hurt you." I just nodded and she romoved her hand from my mouth. Something about Victoria made me fell like I wanted to trust her. But either way if she turned on me I wouldn't care,everything that was important to stay alive for in my life was gone,my own life didn't matter to me anymore. I finally found the source of what had drwan me to trust Victoria,her eyes weren't her usual crimson red but a that looked familiar to me,but it was obviously too painful for me to say their names. I had a few questions for Victoria,and she knew that I had those questions too.
"I can see that you have quite a few questions for me,well go ahead ask me."I just nodded and went to questioning.
"Were you the one that saved me from the crash?Why did you switch to feeding on animals?,not that I'm complaining?Again I'm not complaining but why did you stop hunting me down and trying to kill me?" I just blurted out all the questions I had without stopping. She looked amused by me.
"Yes I was the one to save you from the crash,I switched to feeding on animals because I was getting tired of feeding on humans and I can do whatever I want,I stpoed hunting you down because I found out James was just using me as a pawn in his sick games."
Victoria and I became the best of friends, she was like a sister to me. Victoria bought a house in Forks and I moved in with her. SHe bought me a new car to replace the one that got totalled by the semi, it was an Audi but I had no idea what year or type it is.

I'll post part 2 later!Sorry it's so short
Chapter 2:trust EPOV

It has been about a month since I left Bella. It hurts so much to just even think what I might have done to her. But I am putting her in constant danger,I needed to keep her safe,no matter what it will or has caused me. I am sure I love her that I wanted to be with her forever,but sadly if I am not careful I could be the one that injures her. I could not bare it if she got hurt on the account of my family and I,especially when it was my own brother who had almost killed her. I have not left my room since we got here,I have not even hunted,I feel no need to go out and satisfy my thirst,especially when I feel so empty inside,I feel like when I left,I left my heart and soul with her. The outside world will never hold interest for me without her,she was my world my everything,but we have to let somethings go in life,make some sacrifices. I spend all day in my room dreaming about her,remembering her scent,her face,the beautiful blush that colors her face. But now,now it it all gone, cruel faith has separated us. I have to remember that my world is no safe place,especially for someone with the sweetest blood I can imagine. I have always been gazing at a picture of us,we were at the prom and we were incredibly happy,carefree,the only thing we cared about were each other. I was taken out of my reverie by a picture popping into my head of Bella at a party,it looked like she was having fun,I was glad that she has moved on. Any other guy for her would be most certainly better than me,with the exception of that vile Mike Newton,whom has impure thoughts of Bella,he only desired her physically,and when he got that he would leave her. As I calmed down my thoughts,I remembered a certain something.
"ALICE CULLEN! THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM GOING TO TELL YOU! DO NOT LOOK FOR BELLA'S FUTURE!" I yelled so loudly that I would probably be heard within a 100 mile radius.Sorry Edward,I just thought it would help if you saw how she is. Alice thought to me.I needed to be strong for Bella,and my family.

sorry it's short I'll try to post more soon!
keep going!!!!!!!!!!!
Its just great..continue please
awesome! keep writing1
this is rele good x x
I really like this.....please keep going!!!!!!!!!
i like this story so far... keep it up... add me as a friend and keep me posted.aloa check out my my ff.
I luv it more please and please add me thanks.


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