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   She wasn't ugly, but not remarkably beautiful either. Not too fat, not too tall, not too loud, but definitely not shy. Steelly grey eyes that matched the clouds that hung over Forks under serious eyebrows made her look continually determined. This, paired with a jet black, short, shaggy bob gave her a tomboyish edge. A delicate jaw shape and heart lips redeemed and otherwise solemn face.There was really nothing very special about her at all, and yet still, much more than ordinary.  

These were the thoughts of the Cullen/Hale/Black family, back in their old roost or Forks, Washington for another round of highschool. It had been nearly fifty years since they were last here, and yet surrounded by totally new people, the town itself had changed very little. This was just fine for the Cullen/Hale/Black family, who themselves had not changed either.  As the largest group of supernatural beings living together in North America, they counted themselves lucky to have a place to retreat to.

Forks was where werewolf Jacob Black is the Alpha of the wolves in La Push. He and his wife Renesmee had remained on the reservation while the rest of the family went to travel the world.  

Carlisle Cullen is the founder of the clan, he created Esme, his wife, Edward, a mind reader, Rosalie, the diva, and Emmet, the jokester. They were later joined by Alice, who can see the future, and Jasper who can feel and manipulate the emotions of those around him.  During there last visit to Forks, Edward met Bella, who was a human at the time. After war and conflict and a messy love triangle and a wedding, Bella became pregnant with Edward's baby, only possible because she was still a human. She had Renesmee, a half human-half vampire baby. An overdose of vampire venom saved Bella from near-death, and Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. A stand off with the Volturi came to a draw, and the Cullen/Hale/Black Family dispersed for a while.

 They came back together for a short time when Renesmee and Jacob had twins, a boy and girl named Jurni and Caohme. They were the closest thing the world had to a wolf/vamp hybrid, so everyone held their breath for what would come. Other than a growth spurt more dramatic than Renesmee's, Jurni turned into a normal werewolf and Caohme remains ageless.

 Now they were back, and they were watching the newest member of Forks High School, Janessa Marquez. She seemed to slide right into the routine, as though there were no new school shock at all, though still in the first week of attendance. All of her teachers already liked her, not surprising seeing how she always got her work done on time, early even. Popularity was common for new students, but sophomore Janessa seemed to like the freshmen more.  She was not unaware of the Cullen/Hale/Black family(CHB). It was impossible to live in Forks and not know about the CHB. Not only was their 'father' the best doctor they had ever had, their seclusive tendencies and perpetual good looks made them hard to ignore.  Edward had been the first to really notice her. As a mind reader, he had learned to tune out the insipid voices of teenage thoughts. It wasn't until he was directly adressed by Janessa that he realized he could not hear her thoughts.   In Environmental Science, they were supposed to be writing an essay about landfills. At the end of class, she said something to him, but he hadn't caught it. Edward was used to just looking into a person's mind to see what they wanted, but it was like there was nothing there. the affect was not unlike missing a stair at the top of the staircase, or perhaps falling because the wall you meant to lean on wasn't there.  She stared at him, large dark grey eyes boring into him in a way that made him feel as if she were drilling into his very soul. Not used to floundering in this manner, Edward forced himself to speak.

"What?" he said, with an air of helplessness and an ounce of defense.  Now, she looked a little annoyed.

"I said, 'Your chair is on my bag.' Three minutes ago. When the bell rang." she said. Edward then noticed that the room was very empty, except for the teacher, Janessa and him.

"Er, excuse me." he muttered, moving his chair.

"Thanks." she said flatly, then left.  Edward was puzzled by this. The only person's thoughts who he could not hear, were Bella's. But that was nothing like this. Everyone's mind was like a speaker, Bella's talent was being able to cover hers. But Janessa didn't seem to have one at all.  He wasn't the only member of the CHB to notice that Janessa was strangley immuned to their supernatural powers. Emmett had her in his Geometry class. He made an off color comment in his usual fashion. This, however, earned him an icy glare from Janessa that made even his century old vampire skin crawl. Jasper, also in that class, immediately hoped to 'help', but could not find her emotions. Emmett had been feeling uncomfortable, and those around him were amused, but there was no emotion for the expression on Janessa's face.

 It was now lunch time. Of course, everyone at CHB table had food, but no one was eating, except Jacob and Jurni. Edward had conveyed what he noticed, Jasper and Emmet corroborated, and now they were taking turns studying her, because it would definitely be noticed if ten pairs of unblinking eyes were trained on one person. Janessa sat with a group of freshmen, talking and eating. She didn't smile, but she didn't look bleak or angry.

The freshmen around her would spuratically burst into laughter or call out, but she did little more than nod interestedly. Of course, Rosalie went snooping. Janessa was an emancipated minor living in the house that her deceased grandmother willed to her, her parents were also dead. Her grandpa was some kind of entrepreneur that traveled all over the world selling planes or something. she had a perfect record. She was also part Quiliette Indian.

 None of this information was remotely helpful. Nor were Jurni's thoughts. Edward was a litte uneasy with Jurni's infatuation, it was his grandson afterall. he also recalled similar thoughts from Jacob over fifty years ago, and how painful it was for him. If Jurni was meant to imprint on someone, it would happen the at first sight, right? It didn't matter what Jurni felt right now. However human Janessa seemed to be, without his mind reading edge, Edward felt exposed, threatened even. Whether she was just a girl with latent abilities like Bella was, or something more sinister, he knew it was imperative he find out.


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If no one is interested, i won't bother with the First Chapter.








Ok, maybe i will, since it's already written, but definitely not the second chapter.







I WISH TO BE KEPT UPDATED ON THIS STORY! :) It sounds FANTASTIC! I love the way you write! Update soon, please!



Hi Allyson,

This is really good and I enjoyed reding it a lot.

Please post some more.

I like the description of the stranger's face and how you have the CHB family working together.

Best wishes


 after Seeing how long you've been writing your Fan Fiction, your comment really means a lot to me, thank you Chris.






very interesting, please keep me updated!

Really good so far. Continue.

Chpt 1

 "I think she's probably some creepy vamp from the Volturi, you know how greedy they are." Jacob voiced loudly. The CHB were back in the Cullen house, discussing Janessa. Everyone else suspected the Volturi too, but it didn't really make sense. Edward had seen into the mind of the Volturi's leader on several occasions. Aro was a mind reader himself, but his ability relied on physical touch. He was power hungry and especially loved creating and 'collecting' vampires with special talents. He had, on several occasions, extended an invitation to the talents of the Cullen family, Alice and Bella in particular. If there was a vampire with the talent not to appear to be a vampire, it was quite possible that Aro would have it.   But Aro believed he was all powerful, he wouldn't send a spy. Not only would he consider it beneath him, but he knew that the CHB would be overly wary of such a trick. He did have people to 'check up' on them every decade or so, but no one ever lingered. While possible, it seemed unlikely that Janessa was one of the Volturi.  "Maybe she's just someone who's gotten used to being treated like she's weird. She must know she's different, I don't know a person alive who would stared down Emmett." Caohme snickered. "Yes, she does seem....unperturbed." Jasper said. "You can't sense her emotions." Rosalie reminded. "I can't read Bella's either, but it's not hard to tell when she's frustrated." He snorted.  Bella did look worried. She never fully recovered from her human experience with the Volturi, and she knew they would do whatever they could to break up her family. Though comprised of the strongest beings on earth, she was the only one who truly felt the fragility of their relationships.  Alice had been trying to summon a vision of the future. Over the past few decades, she had disciplined herself to see around the disturbances of werewolves, Renesmee and the twins, which were little more than fuzzy glitches in the picture. She detected no Volturi presence, but they had gotten around her before. There was also nothing about Janessa. Alice knew this was wrong, because she had purposed to talk to Janessa herself, even if the others chickened out. There was nothing but classes and walking through the halls. This was unsurprising, since Edward couldn't read her mind and Jasper couldn't sense her emotions, but it only added to the unease about Janessa.  "Do you think my shield might work on her?" Bella asked. "Or my gift, maybe?" Renesmee wondered. "I don't know...if it's a mind power, it's definitely worth a try, but we have to try it away from distractions, you know?" Edward said. "And just how do you think we'll get her alone? She doesn't like us, man." Emmett said. "No, she doesn't like you, Em." Rosalie chuckled.  Emmett scowled, his ego obviously still bruised, but he quickly changed tactics. "I guess we'll just leave that to Jurni, huh?" he said, pushing Jurni who had been sitting very quietly on the couch. He got up slowly, like an animal roused from it's comfortable position. "I think we're going to freak her out with any kind of interregation you have planned." Jurni said. Edward knew this was directed at him. "It's not an interregation, Jurni, we're just curious." Edward corrected. Jurni didn't answer and walked out of the house.  There was only a moment of silence, then the conversation started again. Jurni had been a bit of a rebel in the CHB. For a clan of vampires and werewolves, they were very open and friendly with one another. Except Jurni. He seemed to begrudgingly go along with the 'family thing', like a teenager might go along with a parent's religion. He was a lot like Jacob before he imprinted on Renesmee. Except Jacob was somewhat pleasant with his family and Bella. Edward never voiced this, but he knew that Jurni had the uncanny knack to see through fascades, even more than a mind reader, emotion senser and a seer could all together. It could just be the power of observation, but there were times when it seemed supernatural.  "Maybe Jurni's right, we can't just ambush her. If she is a Volturi spy, it'll be a give away. If not, it'll be overwhelming." Renesmee said. "Yes...well, I suppose there's only one other option. We befriend her." Edward said. "Wait, what was the first option?" Caohme asked, a little confused and suspicious. Everyone couldn't help but laugh a little.  The sound of a car coming down the drive alerted them that Esme and Carlisle were back from a shopping trip. Moments later, they came through the door with enough groceries to feed an army. Though only Jacob, Jurni and Caohme eat food, it was way more than the three of them could eat. It meant that they were expecting some kind of company, and the food was for appearance's sake.  Dr. Cullen and his wife have seven foster children, and they rent their rooms out to their 'cousins', the Blacks.  either way, it has to look like twelve humans live and sleep and eat in the house, ten of which are supposed to be teenagers. Rosalie hopped up to help Esme in the kitchen, as she was the one who liked to do homey things like cooking and cleaning. Caohme annouced that she was tired, and Renesmee said they were going home to get some sleep, insisting that Jacob came with them.  The Blacks were gone, Carlisle joined the rest, and was quickly filled in about the 'Janessa' situation. He listened carefully and quietly. "You don't think you may be over reacting about the whole thing?" he asked. Edward was becoming annoyed with these doubtful comments directed at him. "It's been nearly ten years since we last heard from the Volturi, fifty since we last faced them. It would be irresponsible not to handle this as a possible threat." Edward said. The immediate thoughts of the others made him realize his words were harsh. "I...I just don't want to be caught off  guard." He restated.  Carlisle nodded. "I understand. But as you said, it would be highly unlikely for the Volturi to send a spy. They believe that everything they want will eventually wander to them." He said knowledgeabley. Edward was still unconvinced. At their last interaction, they had been surprised when they brought the wives along with their army. They may be old and covetous, but they were not unwise.  "It's going to be okay. We'll make a new friend and do some more snooping, and when it's over, we'll realize it was nothing at all, just a girl that can do something cool." Bella said, taking Edward's hand. He knew she was still worried, but was trying to put on a brave face because she didn't want anyone else to know. He gripped her hand in acknowledgement to this, and the subject was dropped for now. "Don't we have homework to do?" He asked out loud to remind everyone that morning was fast approaching.

New Reader-I like this :) it's very intresting and you have a unique style of writting. It's good and oh just one tip. When a new person speaks put it on a new line as it gets very confusing and bit hard to read :)


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