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   She wasn't ugly, but not remarkably beautiful either. Not too fat, not too tall, not too loud, but definitely not shy. Steelly grey eyes that matched the clouds that hung over Forks under serious eyebrows made her look continually determined. This, paired with a jet black, short, shaggy bob gave her a tomboyish edge. A delicate jaw shape and heart lips redeemed and otherwise solemn face.There was really nothing very special about her at all, and yet still, much more than ordinary.  

These were the thoughts of the Cullen/Hale/Black family, back in their old roost or Forks, Washington for another round of highschool. It had been nearly fifty years since they were last here, and yet surrounded by totally new people, the town itself had changed very little. This was just fine for the Cullen/Hale/Black family, who themselves had not changed either.  As the largest group of supernatural beings living together in North America, they counted themselves lucky to have a place to retreat to.

Forks was where werewolf Jacob Black is the Alpha of the wolves in La Push. He and his wife Renesmee had remained on the reservation while the rest of the family went to travel the world.  

Carlisle Cullen is the founder of the clan, he created Esme, his wife, Edward, a mind reader, Rosalie, the diva, and Emmet, the jokester. They were later joined by Alice, who can see the future, and Jasper who can feel and manipulate the emotions of those around him.  During there last visit to Forks, Edward met Bella, who was a human at the time. After war and conflict and a messy love triangle and a wedding, Bella became pregnant with Edward's baby, only possible because she was still a human. She had Renesmee, a half human-half vampire baby. An overdose of vampire venom saved Bella from near-death, and Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. A stand off with the Volturi came to a draw, and the Cullen/Hale/Black Family dispersed for a while.

 They came back together for a short time when Renesmee and Jacob had twins, a boy and girl named Jurni and Caohme. They were the closest thing the world had to a wolf/vamp hybrid, so everyone held their breath for what would come. Other than a growth spurt more dramatic than Renesmee's, Jurni turned into a normal werewolf and Caohme remains ageless.

 Now they were back, and they were watching the newest member of Forks High School, Janessa Marquez. She seemed to slide right into the routine, as though there were no new school shock at all, though still in the first week of attendance. All of her teachers already liked her, not surprising seeing how she always got her work done on time, early even. Popularity was common for new students, but sophomore Janessa seemed to like the freshmen more.  She was not unaware of the Cullen/Hale/Black family(CHB). It was impossible to live in Forks and not know about the CHB. Not only was their 'father' the best doctor they had ever had, their seclusive tendencies and perpetual good looks made them hard to ignore.  Edward had been the first to really notice her. As a mind reader, he had learned to tune out the insipid voices of teenage thoughts. It wasn't until he was directly adressed by Janessa that he realized he could not hear her thoughts.   In Environmental Science, they were supposed to be writing an essay about landfills. At the end of class, she said something to him, but he hadn't caught it. Edward was used to just looking into a person's mind to see what they wanted, but it was like there was nothing there. the affect was not unlike missing a stair at the top of the staircase, or perhaps falling because the wall you meant to lean on wasn't there.  She stared at him, large dark grey eyes boring into him in a way that made him feel as if she were drilling into his very soul. Not used to floundering in this manner, Edward forced himself to speak.

"What?" he said, with an air of helplessness and an ounce of defense.  Now, she looked a little annoyed.

"I said, 'Your chair is on my bag.' Three minutes ago. When the bell rang." she said. Edward then noticed that the room was very empty, except for the teacher, Janessa and him.

"Er, excuse me." he muttered, moving his chair.

"Thanks." she said flatly, then left.  Edward was puzzled by this. The only person's thoughts who he could not hear, were Bella's. But that was nothing like this. Everyone's mind was like a speaker, Bella's talent was being able to cover hers. But Janessa didn't seem to have one at all.  He wasn't the only member of the CHB to notice that Janessa was strangley immuned to their supernatural powers. Emmett had her in his Geometry class. He made an off color comment in his usual fashion. This, however, earned him an icy glare from Janessa that made even his century old vampire skin crawl. Jasper, also in that class, immediately hoped to 'help', but could not find her emotions. Emmett had been feeling uncomfortable, and those around him were amused, but there was no emotion for the expression on Janessa's face.

 It was now lunch time. Of course, everyone at CHB table had food, but no one was eating, except Jacob and Jurni. Edward had conveyed what he noticed, Jasper and Emmet corroborated, and now they were taking turns studying her, because it would definitely be noticed if ten pairs of unblinking eyes were trained on one person. Janessa sat with a group of freshmen, talking and eating. She didn't smile, but she didn't look bleak or angry.

The freshmen around her would spuratically burst into laughter or call out, but she did little more than nod interestedly. Of course, Rosalie went snooping. Janessa was an emancipated minor living in the house that her deceased grandmother willed to her, her parents were also dead. Her grandpa was some kind of entrepreneur that traveled all over the world selling planes or something. she had a perfect record. She was also part Quiliette Indian.

 None of this information was remotely helpful. Nor were Jurni's thoughts. Edward was a litte uneasy with Jurni's infatuation, it was his grandson afterall. he also recalled similar thoughts from Jacob over fifty years ago, and how painful it was for him. If Jurni was meant to imprint on someone, it would happen the at first sight, right? It didn't matter what Jurni felt right now. However human Janessa seemed to be, without his mind reading edge, Edward felt exposed, threatened even. Whether she was just a girl with latent abilities like Bella was, or something more sinister, he knew it was imperative he find out.


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this are getting intresting

Interesting!  Who is Roman?

Very interesting, looking forward to what Roman will say.

Chpt 8


 Rosalie and Esme were following her

scent through the trees. Alice had taken a walk

earlier that morning. No one thought anything of it

until Edward mentioned that her seer talents were

gone. Jasper decided he was too angry to try and

comfort her, so Rosalie and Esme were looking for

her. They stopped where her scent seemed to spread

out. It was like she had run in dizzy circles for an

hour. They looked at one another, wondering where

she was. The slightest creak from one of the nearby

trees made them look up. Rosalie spotted her small

form through the branches and began to climb,

shortly followed by Esme.

"Well. I was trying to pick out an outfit today, but

you weren't there to help." Rosalie said, trying to

situate herself on a branch closest to Alice. She just

stared out onto the other trees. Esme reached them

and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Rosalie copied her, and they exchanged glances over

her head. Alice suddenly spoke.

"I wasn't really seeing anything anyway. Now that I

think about it, it was slowly getting weaker. Maybe I

was trying to hard to see around Renesmee and the

twins and the Werewolves...." she said, trailing off

like a human would if their throat was starting to

feel tight or tears were welling in their eyes.

"You'll be okay, Alice, there's nothing wrong with

not being able to see the future." Esme said.

"Yeah, it's not like that's the only reason we like you

or something." Rosalie said. Alice swallowed, trying

to rid her throat of the nonexistence lump. She

knew they still loved her, but she still couldn't shake

the hollow feeling she had.

"I don't know what it's like to have a gift like yours

or Jasper's or Edward's, but I do know about loss."

Esme said. Both Alice and Rosalie looked at her.

"I'm speaking, of course, of the baby I lost, the

reason I tried to kill myself. When I first found out I

was pregnant, it was exciting, yes, but that thrill

didn't last long. After a week, I was used to the idea.

To other people, it was amazing and enviable, but it

was second nature to me. Then I began to have

complications. I thought 'No problem, I just need to

see a doctor, I'll need to be extra careful'. I didn't

think for a minute that I would have a miscarriage,

there was no reason for me too. I was healthy, maybe

tired sometimes, but not less than that. When the

problems got worse, I wondered what people would

think of me if I did lose the baby. I wasn't exactly

talented or well liked, the being pregnant seemed to

be the only special thing about me." Esme said,

looking down. Rosalie and Alice were listening

intently. They had known that Esme tried to commit

suicide over a miscarriage, but she never went into


"Well, as you know, I miscarried. Complications

during the abortion made me unable to have

children even as a human. I don't remember too

much after that, just feelings of emptiness. Then of

course, becoming a vampire." She finished. They

were quiet as the story was taken in. Alice suddenly

began to laugh, which startled Rosalie and Esme.

"What are you laughing at?" Rosalie asked, staring

bizarrely at her sister.

"E-Esme, I'm sorry. I know you were trying to relate 

with me, and you did, you've made me feel much

better, but...." Alice said between laughs, unable to

restrain herself. The tree was beginning to quiver

and creak a little.

"But....?" Esme asked, bemused at her odd

behaviour. Alice's laughing began to subside into


"Don't you think you could have chosen a morale

story that didn't end in suicide?" she asked, trying

to keep from another laughing jag. Rosalie snickered

and Esme chuckled a little. Maybe it was an odd

thing to laugh at, but it was admittedly a poor move

to tell a depressed person a motivational story where

the protaganist kills herself. Once they composed

themselves, they climbed down from the tree and

began the trek home in a much lighter mood than

when they came.


  The Black Residence....

 Jurni woke with a start. It took several

seconds, but he relaxed when he realized it was a

dream. It had been a while since he actually had a

dream, an intense one at that. His life had been too

dull to want to relive when he was asleep. He shut

his eyes and tried to recall his dream, which was

starting to fade from memory already. Jim was there,

of course. She had been at the forefront of his mind

for a while now, which was a problem, now that he

thought about it.

  In his dream, he was standing between

her and the CHB. Edward was angry at him and

kept telling him to get out of the way. Jim's glare

told him he'd be sorry if he moved an inch. Jurni

did move though, not out of the way, but towards

Jim. She continued to glare at him, demanding to

know what he was doing and that he'd better get

back to his place. These words, like the rest of her

sharp dealings with him only seemed to feed his

unreasonable longing.

 Jurni clenched his teeth, remembering

reaching for her, reaching out to touch her slim

shoulder. But before he could make contact, they

were wretched apart. Voices, Edward's, Renesmee's,

Caohme's, Carlisle's, Leah's, all telling him not to,

that he couldn't, he shouldn't. He was fighting with

something, blindly tearing and pushing it away from

from him. It came from everywhere. There was no

retreat. He could only hope to get away. That was

when he woke up.

 He didn't know what bothered him

more, the fact that he was having these types of

feelings, or the fact that they were for Jim. Honestly,

maybe he liked her from the moment he saw her.

Knowing what she was now, shouldn't he be....put

off? Would this be considered masochism? Jurni

could have analyzed this to death if Jake, Renesmee

and Caohme hadn't arrived when they did. He

dressed and went down to to join them. They

looked tired, no doubt they were up all nigh discussing 'strategy' with Edward.

"Morning." Caohme yawned over orange juice.

"Yup." Jurni said. Renesmee was pulling things for breakfast fridge and cupboards tiredly. Jake was already nodding off at the table.

"Did I miss much?" Jurni asked, after no one volunteered information.

"No....well, Edward said he wanted to move, but I don't think anyone wants to leave. Oh, and Alice, she can't see the future anymore." Renesmee said. Jurni stared. They didn't seem too concerned, but it sounded serious.

"Is she okay?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at their listlessness.

"I'm sure she'll be okay." Jake mumbled. Jurni realized how very tired they must be.

"Emmett wants his Camaro back." Caohme said. Jurni suddenly rememberd that he left the car near Jim's house. He thought immediately of seeing her again, then caught himself. He felt that this could quickly turn into something unhealthy if he wasn't careful. That aside, Emmett wanted his Camaro back. There was nothing wrong with passing by her house to pick up the car.

All Jurni had to do was keep it that simple.









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Chpt 7


 Jim's expresson hadn't changed throughout the entire time Jurni was relating his life story. It was really strange how easily he could tell her everything. Maybe it was because he knew Edward wouldn't approve. Maybe because something inside him WANTED her to know, he wanted her to know about him.

".....and last year, we returned for another run through high school." Jurni finished. Finally Jim moved, but it was just to rest her chin on her fist. Jurni patiently waited for her to speak, glancing about her living room. It was modernly furnished with the scent of new paint and carpet, different the old fashioned exterior of the house. The kitchen also looked as if it had been recently remodeled.

He then shook his head, wondering how he could be thinking of petty things like that when he was quiet probably in mortal danger. This was really strange. It was really hard to be cynical or darkly sarcastic at the moment, which was how Jurni usually thrived. But how could he be even remotely unhappy right now? He never expected to be so close to Jim in such a short time, no matter how she felt about him. It was irrationally thrilling.

"This is unnatural. Even for the supernatural. I don't even know what to think. Your vampires aren't real vampires. Your werewolves aren't real werewolves. They both live so closely that they've actually become family, and you're both." Jim said, as though saying it out loud would make it sound any less insane. Jurni only shrugged, and smiled apologetically. Jim wished he would stop trying to charm her. It was annoying, besides the fact that it wouldn't work. She pushed this from her mind.

"So, hypothetically, what do you think would happen if your clan or family, or whatever it is you call it, were to find out that I'm a slayer. An ex-slayer." Jim asked, correcting herself.

 "I seriously have no idea. Edward thought you were part of the Volturi, and that was pretty much the only reason he was bugging out. As for being a slayer...if you don't plan to take out any vampires or werewolves, I'm sure they'll be fine with it." Jurni said. Okay, it was starting to get ridiculous, even for Jurni. It really wasn't suiting for him to be so...happy.

"But we still don't have to tell them." Jim said.

"Whatever." Jurni answered, trying to reinstate his uncaring attitude. From Jim's raised eyebrow, he might have over done it.

"It's you're business, really. I don't seem to have a choice in the matter anyway." He said, playing it down.

"You're right, you don't. Just keep your grandpa out of your head, and we won't have a problem. Other than that, stay out of my way." She said, standing up. This was Jurni's queue to leave, but he took his time. Things had just gotten interesting again, and he wasn't anxious to leave.

"I can keep Edward out of my head, as long as I'm focused." He said, slowly getting to his feet.

"Then I guess you'd better stay focused." Jim said, now suspicious of his sudden return to indifference.

"But even I can't keep my thoughts under control 24/7. I can stay away at night, I usually sleep at my house on the reservation anyway, but during the day at school, my mind can wander during those boring lectures and educational movies. I might let something slip. On accident, of course." Jurni said nonchallantly. Jim narrowed her eyes.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Nothing but perhaps some company at school. You know, a distraction to keep me from thinking about certain things?" Jurni said hintingly.

"So, what you're saying is that you want a friend at school?" Jim asked.

"If you'd like to use such strong terminology, then sure." he said.

"Some one who knows your secret and is also unfortunately 'gifted', some one you can level with? You just want someone to talk to, right?" she said. Jurni could feel this getting uncomfortable. She was reading into it too much.

"Something like that, yes." he shrugged. She grinned in a way that made him more unnerved than when she had a knife to his neck.

"I think I can accomodate you." Jim said confidently.

There was nothing left to say, so Jurni simply got up and left. Jim listened to him walk away before picking up her phone. International calls can take a while but she was patched through relatively quick. That familiar voice at the other line responded, and Jim couldn't help but grin.

"Hey Roman. You're not busy are you?" she asked, then listened for the reply. No, he wasn't busy.

"Great, listen, remember when you said you'd like to visit America sometime? How about now?" Jim said, sitting down and crossing her legs. Asking was a formality, Roman would never turn her down. He agreed, as expected, but he wanted to know why, if there was any trouble.

"Not trouble, exactly. Vampires, yes, shapeshifters, yes, but no trouble. Weird, huh? I'll explain more when you get here." She promised.


I had to re-post this chapter after realizing Jurni left in his car.




sorry to chum it up like that, but chapter nine is coming soon!!



Chpt 9


 After much nagging, Bella managed to

get Edward out of the house, not just for his sake,

but for everyone else. His obsessing would only be

get worse as his eyes grew darker. She made him

promise not to mention a word about Jim until they

got back.

"There's nothing around for miles. Mountain lions

are usually active right now, bears would be getting

ready for hibernation, there's never a shortage of

dear...." Edward was muttering out loud while he

and Bella were trying to pick up on some game. But

the scents were old, and there didn't seem to be

many animals in their usual hunting radius. Bella

diligently searched for something fresh, knowing

how grumpy Edward could get when he was thirsty.

Then she smelled something that made her stop. It

was strong and animalistic, but not like any animal

that would be present in the Olympic Range.

"Edward..." she said. He quickly appeared, then he

smelled it too. Bella wrinkled her nose a little. It was

starting to stink.

"Wow, that's almost as bad as Sam's pack." Edward


"What is it? A bear?" Bella asked, trying to place the


"No, but it's big." Edward said, following the scent a

few feet.

"And fresh. Should we follow it?" Bella asked.

Edward didn't answer. The scent was too strong to

be an animal, he would recognize it if it were one of

Jake's pack, Sam's pack wouldn't be anywhere near

here, and all of the usual animals seemed to have

been spooked days ago.

"I don't think so. Not yet anyway. It could be another

wolf, one that we don't know about and that doesn't

know about the treaty." Edward said, backing away.

Bella nodded.

"You still need to hunt. Maybe we should try

towards the lake." She said, pulling his arm. Edward

followed her, but he didn't stop thinking about that

scent. It was as strong as the wolves', the smell

wasn't the same. It didn't have the deep, wet, woody

dog smell of the wolves. That smell was like nothing

he had ever sniffed before.

  Taking a Walk in the Woods....

 This probably wasn't the best idea,

tramping about alone in the dense woods. Not that

Jim would get lost, but the smell of werewolf and

vampire was very strong and it was everywhere.

  She really didn't want to make any

trouble here, she had already had plenty of that. Of

all the places she had been, all the sunny and

mellow weathered states and countries, Forks

seemed to automatically top the list. It was

frustrating to find out there was so many

supernaturals here. And when Jim was frustrated,

she liked to walk it out.

 It wasn't just that there were vampires

and werewolves here, she could easily take care of

that problem, it was that they were weird vampires

and werewolves. Or shapeshifters. Jim shook her

head. She was familiar with shapeshifters. They were

supposed to be nature's way of ridding itself of

vampires. She was still trying to wrap her head

around that fact that these were shapeshifting

wolves, not the infectious kind. Real werewolves or

not, it was still mind boggling that there could be

vampires here.

 The vampires, 'vegetarian' vampires. Jim

thought there was something strange about their

yellow eyes. This was even more confusing than

shapeshifting wolves. It was easy to kill vampires

when she knew that they were just mindless

murdering machines. But vampires that didn't kill


  Jim had to admit she was intrigued by

this. but she still didn't trust them. Vampires and

werewolves can be infintely devious. Retired or not,

she couldn't afford to be caught off guard.

 She suddenly stopped, realizing that she

smelled something familiar. Roman, she thought

excitedly. That enthusiasm quickly faded when she

realized there was no way he could have gotten here

that quickly. This was puzzling, because that scent

was definitely his.

 Then she heard someone walking

through the trees. Jim recognized Jurni's smell and

hid. What was he doing back? She listened to him

stroll past her hiding place in the direction of her

house. Though she didn't want to admit it, Jim was

a little pleased that he was coming back. Maybe she

was looking forward to taunting him again.

 As quietly as she could, she followed

him. When they were close to turn off to her house,

he stopped, looking in that direction. Was he going

to chicken out? Jim waited.

  It seemed like forever, but Jurni turned

and began to walk toward the main road. She

huffed in disappointment, but still followed him. He

came to a car that was partially hidden by a large

tree. More disappointment, he just came for the car.

Jurni went around to the drivers seat, but Jim

decided she wasn't going to give up that easy. When

he went to open the door, she sprinted around and

place her hand on it. Like a delayed response, Jurni

looked at her hand with befuddlement, then looked

at her in surprise.

"Were you really going to pass by without saying

hello?" she asked.

"I, uh, well....yeah. Were you following me?" Jurni

asked, raising an eyebrow, hoping to cover his

stammer. Jim was a little taken back by his

reproachful tone and couldn't come up with an

answer. Jurni knew he had hit it right on the nose

without expecting to and couldn't help but feel

amused. Her cheeks grew hot, which made her even

more flustered.

"I heard you coming up and I wanted to make sure

you didn't come near my house again. Do you know

how much it smells around here without it being so

close to home?" she demanded. Jurni didn't answer,

too busy trying to fight his smile at her adorably

weak alibi.

"Ugh." Jim scowled and began to march away.

"See you tomorrow!" Jurni called at her. She threw

up her hand as if to swat his friendly good bye right

back at his face. Jim heard him drive away but was

still angry with herself. She never got tongue tied or

lost for words, she definitely never let someone best

her, not that easily.

 Jim only stopped when she crossed

Roman's scent again. She put her hands on her hips.

There was this matter now. It wasn't that she didn't

want him herem but how long had he been here? If

he was already running around, then he knew about

the vampires and werewolves. She was suddenly

anxious. Roman wouldn't start hunting on someone

else's turf unless there seemed to be a surplus of

dangerous supernaturals. Which was exactly what

Forks appeared to have.

  Jim didn't have any particular love  for

vampires, but these vampires were undeniabley

different. Something didn't quite sit right at the

thought of killing them. She had to find Roman

before something happened.

  The CHB house.....

 Bella and Edward had taken their time

getting back. The air was signifigantly happier after a

few hours of not talking about Jim, so Edward

decided to wait a little before bringing up the weird

smell. Carlisle was listing which houses they could

move into when it was time to leave Forks again,

from Isle Esme to Greenland. Rosalie was trying to

talk them into letting her and Emmett take a trip to

her island. It had been a century since the two had

last been there, but Esme would be perfectly happy

to wait another century to let them back. Bella then

noticed that Emmett was gone.

"Where is Em?" she asked, looking around though

she was sure he wasn't anywhere in the house.

"Emmett and Jasper went to hunt again, just to be on the

safe side." Carlisle said delicately. Everyone else

uneasily suspected that they were sparring so Jasper

could get his anger out. That was probably another

reason why the attitude of the CHB house had

improved, Jasper wasn't radiating negative emotions.

"Why don't you and Emmett take a trip to Alaska?

The animals should be nice and fattened up for

winter." Alice said, trying to help Esme on her

mission to keep her little island intact. Rosalie


"I suppose. We haven't been in contact with the

Denali in a while anyway." she said a little unhappily.

Edward then wondered if Emmet and Jasper would

pick up on that strange scent. If they did, they

would probably go after it. If the smell was a new

werewolf, Emmett probably wasn't the best

welcoming committee. He didn't want to panic

anyone, so he turned and made to leave.

"Where are you going?" Bella asked.

"Just going to talk to Jasper. Try to clear the air."

Edward lied smoothly. If they thought he was going

to work out a personal problem, they would most

likely let him go. He was right, and he quickly 

started after Jasper and Emmett's scent.



Bonus Story 3: the Shapershifters of South Africa

In 1737, a pioneer missionary named Georg Schmidt

set up the first Protestant mission in the Cape

colony of South Africa. It went okay for a while, but

ultimately, there was an upheaval amongst the

colonists about his teachings and he left soon after

that. Schmidt had gone to Holland to be ordained,

and was supposed to return, but he didn't. He left

several of the pioneers that had accompanied him

there stranded amongst people who wanted them

gone. They had problems with the natives and

disease and all the other things that come along

with pioneering, but they eventually settled on one

of South Africa's plains, and faded from memory.

Years went by, nearly a century, and the Cape

Colony had see a fair amount of conflict since

Schmidt left. Many British people had come to

increase the size of the white settlement, causing the

native people to relocate. A certain group of South

Africans settled near a river with the dull hope to be

left to farming.

 A member of this tribe, a young woman had taken a

walk up river to collect water. She waded into the

water until she was knee deep and used her hands

to splash it on her face. After only a few seconds, she

knew something wasn't right, she felt like she was

being watched. She turned around and gasped,

falling off balance and landing with a splash in the


 A dazzling figure stood before her, his skin

twinkled like a million stars were on it's surface. He

stared at her with black, unblinking eyes, standing

so still the woman wondered if he was real, he was

so breathtaking. But his beauty didn't completely

distract her from her anxiety.

She began to back away. He was suddenly next to

her, his hand on her arm. He moved so fast that if

she had blinked, she would have missed it and his

grip was icy cold, more frigid than anything she had

ever felt before. The woman struggled with his

grasp, but his skin was rock hard and unyielding.

Now she was really terrefied. But before another

thought formed in her head, they were slammed

into by something huge and furry. The woman was

free but stunned. The scene unfolding before her

eyes was unbelievable.

A lion, nearly twice as large as any lion she had ever

seen was wrestling with the cold, dazzling man. The

vicious growls and snarling caused the hair to raise

on the back of her neck. An earsplitting tearing

noise made her cringe as the lion ripped off one of

the sparkling man's arms. His inhuman shriek last

only a moment because his head was torn off

promptly after that.

The lion stared at the remains of the strange being,

then looked sharply up at the women who

whimpered in fear at his uncanny eyes. There were

much more than animal which was scaring than

being at the mercy of a regular lion. The marvels

weren't over yet. The lion began to change, shrink

and lose it's fur. In a few short moments, a tall light

skinned man stood where had just been a enormous

animal. He didn't mind her and went about

gathering grass and wood upon the corpse. It wasn't

long before he had a blaze going. He threw the arm

and the head into the fire as well. Without another

look at the young woman, he turned back into a

lion, then ran off into a distant plain.

When the woman finally made it back to her village,

she was so shaken that no one could make her

speak. But when she did, the tale she related struck

fear and awe into the hearts of her  friends and


 From then on, stories and legends sprung up

around the sparkling man and the giant lion that

turned into a white man, fueled by close calls with

the cold creatures and humongous felines and even

the occasional body that would turn up, drained of

it's blood. Some people believed that the

shapeshifting lions would protect them, and they

often left out entire antelopes or zebras as tribute to

the massive animals. Even today, this is still

practiced in more obscure parts of South Africa.


Your story is great, I really like it, you didn't just plunge into the middle of a sappy love story.




I do have just one question.....


The title is 'Hybrid', but it seems that it could mean Renesmee, Caohme, Jurni and maybe even Jim.


Who's the Hybrid?

That is the question, isn't it?




You'll just have to wait an see.

Please continue the story. Very enjoyable.  Thanks.


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