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   She wasn't ugly, but not remarkably beautiful either. Not too fat, not too tall, not too loud, but definitely not shy. Steelly grey eyes that matched the clouds that hung over Forks under serious eyebrows made her look continually determined. This, paired with a jet black, short, shaggy bob gave her a tomboyish edge. A delicate jaw shape and heart lips redeemed and otherwise solemn face.There was really nothing very special about her at all, and yet still, much more than ordinary.  

These were the thoughts of the Cullen/Hale/Black family, back in their old roost or Forks, Washington for another round of highschool. It had been nearly fifty years since they were last here, and yet surrounded by totally new people, the town itself had changed very little. This was just fine for the Cullen/Hale/Black family, who themselves had not changed either.  As the largest group of supernatural beings living together in North America, they counted themselves lucky to have a place to retreat to.

Forks was where werewolf Jacob Black is the Alpha of the wolves in La Push. He and his wife Renesmee had remained on the reservation while the rest of the family went to travel the world.  

Carlisle Cullen is the founder of the clan, he created Esme, his wife, Edward, a mind reader, Rosalie, the diva, and Emmet, the jokester. They were later joined by Alice, who can see the future, and Jasper who can feel and manipulate the emotions of those around him.  During there last visit to Forks, Edward met Bella, who was a human at the time. After war and conflict and a messy love triangle and a wedding, Bella became pregnant with Edward's baby, only possible because she was still a human. She had Renesmee, a half human-half vampire baby. An overdose of vampire venom saved Bella from near-death, and Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. A stand off with the Volturi came to a draw, and the Cullen/Hale/Black Family dispersed for a while.

 They came back together for a short time when Renesmee and Jacob had twins, a boy and girl named Jurni and Caohme. They were the closest thing the world had to a wolf/vamp hybrid, so everyone held their breath for what would come. Other than a growth spurt more dramatic than Renesmee's, Jurni turned into a normal werewolf and Caohme remains ageless.

 Now they were back, and they were watching the newest member of Forks High School, Janessa Marquez. She seemed to slide right into the routine, as though there were no new school shock at all, though still in the first week of attendance. All of her teachers already liked her, not surprising seeing how she always got her work done on time, early even. Popularity was common for new students, but sophomore Janessa seemed to like the freshmen more.  She was not unaware of the Cullen/Hale/Black family(CHB). It was impossible to live in Forks and not know about the CHB. Not only was their 'father' the best doctor they had ever had, their seclusive tendencies and perpetual good looks made them hard to ignore.  Edward had been the first to really notice her. As a mind reader, he had learned to tune out the insipid voices of teenage thoughts. It wasn't until he was directly adressed by Janessa that he realized he could not hear her thoughts.   In Environmental Science, they were supposed to be writing an essay about landfills. At the end of class, she said something to him, but he hadn't caught it. Edward was used to just looking into a person's mind to see what they wanted, but it was like there was nothing there. the affect was not unlike missing a stair at the top of the staircase, or perhaps falling because the wall you meant to lean on wasn't there.  She stared at him, large dark grey eyes boring into him in a way that made him feel as if she were drilling into his very soul. Not used to floundering in this manner, Edward forced himself to speak.

"What?" he said, with an air of helplessness and an ounce of defense.  Now, she looked a little annoyed.

"I said, 'Your chair is on my bag.' Three minutes ago. When the bell rang." she said. Edward then noticed that the room was very empty, except for the teacher, Janessa and him.

"Er, excuse me." he muttered, moving his chair.

"Thanks." she said flatly, then left.  Edward was puzzled by this. The only person's thoughts who he could not hear, were Bella's. But that was nothing like this. Everyone's mind was like a speaker, Bella's talent was being able to cover hers. But Janessa didn't seem to have one at all.  He wasn't the only member of the CHB to notice that Janessa was strangley immuned to their supernatural powers. Emmett had her in his Geometry class. He made an off color comment in his usual fashion. This, however, earned him an icy glare from Janessa that made even his century old vampire skin crawl. Jasper, also in that class, immediately hoped to 'help', but could not find her emotions. Emmett had been feeling uncomfortable, and those around him were amused, but there was no emotion for the expression on Janessa's face.

 It was now lunch time. Of course, everyone at CHB table had food, but no one was eating, except Jacob and Jurni. Edward had conveyed what he noticed, Jasper and Emmet corroborated, and now they were taking turns studying her, because it would definitely be noticed if ten pairs of unblinking eyes were trained on one person. Janessa sat with a group of freshmen, talking and eating. She didn't smile, but she didn't look bleak or angry.

The freshmen around her would spuratically burst into laughter or call out, but she did little more than nod interestedly. Of course, Rosalie went snooping. Janessa was an emancipated minor living in the house that her deceased grandmother willed to her, her parents were also dead. Her grandpa was some kind of entrepreneur that traveled all over the world selling planes or something. she had a perfect record. She was also part Quiliette Indian.

 None of this information was remotely helpful. Nor were Jurni's thoughts. Edward was a litte uneasy with Jurni's infatuation, it was his grandson afterall. he also recalled similar thoughts from Jacob over fifty years ago, and how painful it was for him. If Jurni was meant to imprint on someone, it would happen the at first sight, right? It didn't matter what Jurni felt right now. However human Janessa seemed to be, without his mind reading edge, Edward felt exposed, threatened even. Whether she was just a girl with latent abilities like Bella was, or something more sinister, he knew it was imperative he find out.


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Thanks a ton for the support guys, I love to write and this story has been bouncing around in my head forever.








Let me know if I mess some one up. I don't have any love for the vampires of Twilight, but for the sake of my story, I'm doing the best I can.    ^.~

Chpt 2

 Caohme was excited that she would be the one to befriend Janessa. She had found it hard to make friends while traveling with Alice and Jasper. They went to places even more secluded than Forks, including frozen tundras and dense tropical forests. They met a lot of interesting vampires, and tried a lot of things Bella and Renesmee were sure to disapprove of.  This was especially thrilling for Caohme because, not only was it allowed, but was also necessary. She didn't like being the 'baby' of the bunch, the neediest and most human.

Finally, Caohme was needed for something only she could do well.  If she could successfully gain Janessa's confidence, maybe she would seen as more than just the family invalid.  In the car, on the way to school, Bella and Rosalie decided to give Caohme a crash course on how to interact with humans.

"Don't talk too fast, they'll lose interest." Rosalie said.

"Don't keep constant eye contact, that makes them uncomfortable." Bella added.

"Try to get her to talk as much as possible, ask a lot of questions." Rosalie instructed.

"But not too many personal questions, that would be too obvious." Bella said.

"Yeah, try to keep it neutral." Rosalie nodded.

"And don't try to be concerned, you have to make it look convenient." Bella said.

"Convenient?" Caohme said, trying to fit this piece into the scheme.

"Don't hunt her down into the bathroom, don't block her path, don't stalk her around the school all day." Bella said. "....okay?" Caohme said, now unsure of how she was supposed to proceed.

"And we'll be close by, just in case you run into any trouble." Renesmee said, speaking up. Caohme just rolled her eyes, feeling henpecked and very mothered.


 Caohme ducked into the bathroom, praying that she had not been seen by Janessa. She thought she had spotted a 'convenient' opportunity to talk to Janessa. She was sitting on one of the benches, writing in a notebook. Just as Caohme had taken a step in that direction, she heard Edward's low hiss. "Not yet!" Caohme faltered but still ended up bumping into several people with enough force to cause a human domino effect. She escaped into the bathroom just as Janessa noticed a pile of bodies at her feet.

The first bell rang and Caohme sighed. This was turning out to be a lot harder than she expected.  By lunch, Caohme was very irritated with her family. Everytime she thought she could casually begin a conversation with Janessa, she was cut off by Edward telling her it wasn't good timing. She was beginning to see how ridiculous the entire plot was. Janessa was a person, not some sort of bomb. Even if she was some sort of Volturi plant, she wouldn't do anything at school.

 After getting her lunch tray, she didn't want to sit with Edward and Bella and Renesmee. For the first time in her life, she just wanted to get away from them. Instead, she chose an empty table in the farthest possible corner from her family. They had already settled into their table, there wasn't much of a chance that the entire clan would move just to sit with her.  Caohme was starting in on her lunch when someone appeared next to her. It startled her a little, she thought it might her mother or Edward. But of all people, it was Janessa.

"Hi, can I sit here?" she asked.

"Oh, er, yes." Caohme said, both surprised and relieved. Janessa sat and adjusted her tray, as though she wouldn't eat it until all of the green beans were lined up perfectly.

"You're Janessa, right?" Caohme said. Janessa wrinkled her nose slightly.

"I prefer Jim. It's what my initials spell out." she said. Caohme was delighted.

"Okay, Jim, I'm Caohme." she said enthusiastically

. "I know. You're one of the Blacks." Jim answered.

Caohme pursed her lips, not counting that her family's reputation would precede her.

"Why aren't you sitting with them today? They're all looking at you, you know." Jim said, now cutting the salsbary steak into tiny pieces. Caohme looked over at her family's usual table. They weren't looking now, they must have heard Jim's comment.

"Unless they were just staring at me everyone else does." she said, faltering slightly. Caohme sensed that she almost said 'again.' She felt suddenly uneasy

. "Anyway, what was it? A fight? Did one of your 'siblings' steal something from you? Did they get you in trouble?" Jim asked.

"Oh, uh, no. They just get annoying sometimes. It happens in big families." Caohme shrugged.

"Hm, well, I know if I had a brother like Emmett, I would definitely be trying to get away from him." she said. Caohme had to laugh.

"You get used to it. Unless he gets out of hand, then we just hand him over to Rosalie." she said. Jim lifted an eyebrow. "Uh, yeah, don't make me explain that." Caohme said. A ghost of a smile lit Jim's face.

"Don't worry, I'm curious, but not that curious." she assured. Caohme began to forget why she was supposed to get to Jim, and started to enjoy herself.  Across the cafeteria, every was listening intently, but avoiding looking in the direction of 'Jim' and Caohme. Edward knew Caohme was getting off track, but couldn't do anything about it right now. If Jim knew they CHB were watching her, then maybe she could also hear Edward's little whispers to Caohme. He would have to wait until Caohme remembered why she was talking to Jim, or wait for his turn.

Interesting story!  Please keep me updated.

Intresting Chapter :) I loved how Edward had to keep jumping in with the not know, stop and all that. Lol

Chpt 3

 Jurni was irritated. More so than usual. It had been a long day, and everyone was on edge. Edward had not stopped nagging since the moment they got off the school property.

"Caohme was too distracted, no one was there to back her up, we were too obvious, come on guys, we've done this hundreds of times." Of course, Bella and Renesmee backed him up 100%, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie were wondering whether or not to go hunting, and Alice was still trying to see the future.

 It wasn't that Jurni wasn't concerned about the Volturi, he would hate to have those psychotic weirdos anywhere near Forks, but this was ridiculous. There was no way that Jim was one of them. She was too normal. Normal and cool. She didn't treat the CHB like royalty, she didn't seem to like them at all. Jurni had a sneaking suspicion that this is why they were all so worried. Everyone like the CHB, they were so moody and good looking and too good to talk to anyone, so they must be important.

 The sound of Edward discussing strategy and Bella and Renesmee agreeing with him was starting to get to him, so Jurni got up, thinking he'd go to La Push.

 "Caohme, want to go for a walk?" He asked, hoping to rescue her from the rant.

 "Yeah, let's go see the pack." she said, perhaps a little too eagerly.  Caohme and Jurni's relationship seemed a little more polite than average siblings, expecially for twins. It was a lot more like strangers acting off of mutual feelings and respects. Their childhood had been extremely short, and perhaps this explained Jurni's lack of connection with the rest of the CHB. It took exactly five years from their birth for them to reach full growth. Jurni turned werewolf at the age of three, though he had the body of a sixteen year old. Caohme was perhaps a little stronger and faster than the average human, but it wasn't terribley extraodinary in the presence of wolves and vampires. This said, it was only natural that Caohme had been more....looked after than Jurni, who prefered to take care of himself anyway.  

"I can't believe Edward thought today was a disaster, i thought it went really well."  Caohme fumed, as they strolled into the woods. Normally, they might have had a race, but neither was in the mood. Jurni agreed, but didn't need to say that out loud.

 "And he was talking to me like it was my fault, like I'm the genius who was planning to practically kidnap Jim." she further huffed.

 "Maybe I'm just being naive, but he's seemed a little paranoid lately. We do need to worry about the Volturi, but we don't need to work ourselves up to the point of conflict." Jurni said, careful about his word choice.

"I know! I mean, if it is the Volturi, how is this whole thing supposed to help? Unless...." Caohme said, slowly to a stop with a faraway look in her eyes. Jurni waited for her to say what she was thinking. He followed her line of thought, and was forced to sigh.

"You think the Volturi sent her as a distraction?" He guessed, though hoping she was not catching Edward's anxiety. Her dark, worried eyes met his, telling him otherwise.  

"Jurni...the Volturi may not send a spy, but maybe..." Caohme said, trailing off once again.  

"Well...I guess you'd better tell Edward. In case he didn't think of it yet. I'm still going to La Push." Jurni said, not wanting to start a debate. Caohme nodded importantly, turned on her heel and sprinted back toward the house. It seemed a little mellow dramatic, and Jurni was once again alone in his plight of seeing Jim as something other than a threat.

 With no one to wait for, Jurni quickly undressed and phased. It was refreshing to stretch out and release pent up energy. Leah was out near the treaty line, no one else was in wolf form at the moment, no one in Jake's pack anyway.

'That bad, huh?' Leah thought, sympathetic after seeing the day's events.

'I suppose, but is there anything I can really do about it?' Jurni answered, a bit cynically.

'That's family for you.'

'I've heard that excuse before.'

'Well, I'd like to tell you it'll get better, but it's probably not.'

Jurni felt wryly amused about that. Though never very helpful, Leah always made him feel better. Maybe it was her rock hard grip on reality. Being the only female werewolf to date must be more sobering than anyone could understand, even for those who have been in her head for years.

'Thanks for that, Jurni' Leah thought gratefully.

 'I know that i wouldn't want anyone to think that they know me just because they can get into my head.' Jurni thought, a little uncomfortable with the warmth of her appreciation. She promptly stopped.

'Trouble with the mind reading vamp?'


'You know it's a little stupid to lie to me right now, don't you?'

'It's not really a problem with him...'

'It's a problem with everyone, I know.....sorry.'

'Nevermind. Where's Jake?' Jurni wondered, trying to get off the subject.

'Last I heard, he crashed at his house. I think Seth was with him.' Leah recalled.


Jurni was there in under three minutes. The place that Jake had lived as a boy had long since been replaced with a two story house that was subtley stylish. This was the Black residence. It had none of the Cullen flair, vampires weren't allowed on the reservation anyway, family or not. It served it's purpose, not that the Blacks spent much time here anyway. Jurni was the only one who came here on a daily basis.  

Jake was here, so was Seth, Paul and Sam. With a gentle leap, Jurni phased in mid air and made it gracefully through the upper floor window, left open for such occasions. After quickly pulling on some clothes, he tramped down the stairs.  

"Here comes the Mutt." Paul called out good naturedly. Paul was something of an uncle to Jurni, though he had daughters, his 'cousins', in their forties.

"What's up, Jurni?" Seth said.

"Nothing. Just went for a little run, that's all. What's going on?" Jurni asked, looking from Jake to Sam. While there may not be any bad blood between the two, it wasn't often that they talked face to face, each being the alpha of their own packs.  

"Just letting Sam know to be on the look out for the Volturi." Jake said casually, but there was a slight shift in the air.  When Jurni arrived, the numbers became uneven, three and two. Though being civil always came first, no one could trust the animalistic habits of the werewolf condition.

"Not that we aren't normally on patrol 24/7." Sam said, his jaw a little stiff. Jake nodded in acknowledgement to this.

"Like I said, we may have a reason to believe that they're active. You know I try to keep you informed." he said, his words giving over, but his tone far from surrender.

"Of course. Well, we'd better get going...great to see you Jurni, Seth...come on Paul." Sam said, jerking his head toward the door. Though  aware of the situation, Paul still grinned.

"See ya later guys. By the way, you all stink." he said. Everyone chuckled. Either forced or genuine, tension was broken.

"I kind of miss scrapping with them, you know?" Jake said, plopping on the couch.

"I can't believe they're still at it though, i mean, they look as old as their grandchildren." Seth said.

"Hey, don't insult me." Jurni said, not because he felt offended, but because it seemed like the only way to validate Seth's comment.  Many of the Quileutte wolves of Seth's generation have imprinted and re-imprinted several times. Only he and his sister have never had that experience. Jurni them remembered to count himself as well, but he tried not to think about that.  He knew that they were lonely, and often threw themselves into education stints, trying to stay normal in the hopes that they could pick up life where they left it off. This has obviously failed, but they still haven't given up hope.  They were quiet. There just wasn't much to say.  "Well, I'm going to get some sleep. I'll see you later." Jurni said, turning back toward the stairs.

"Yeah, okay. I'll with Leah." Seth said, as though without anything better to do. Promptly, Jake snored.

"Right back at you, Jake. See ya." Seth chuckled, then left.  Quiet. Different from silence, there was a lot of noise, Jake's snoring for one and the crash of the waves in the distance, someone's tv on in one of the nearby homes, but it was still quiet. No talking, no one to see inside of his mind, this was as close to relaxing as Jurni could get, and he wasn't going to to wait for something to shatter this rare peace.  

 Tomorrow was sure to be hectic, depending on whatever Edward was planning, and whether or not he'd decide to consider what Caohme deduced. Jurni knew it was stupid, but they weren't doing any real harm. Yet.

I like it, I wonder if there really is a spy or not

Jurni and Caohmi are both so different from the rest of the CHB clan, each in their own way.  It's interesting to see things from their perspectives (as in Chapter 2 and 3).  I wonder who Janessa is and what she really thinks of the CHB clan?  Will we see things from her perspective later on, or are everybody, including the readers, still watching her from the outside?

I updated the prologue to fit an upcoming chapter








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Chpt 4


 Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were on their way back from a hunting trip. Normally, they would have waited until the weekend, so they could take their time, but Edward had other plans. He was hoping that Jim would feel comfortable enough with Caohme to accept an invitation to the CHB house. It would be good timing, since Carlisle was preparing to host a dinner for some of the hospital's staff the next week. They were discussing what would happen if Jim did turn out to be a Volturi.

"If she's with the Volturi, we'll probably take her back to them." Jasper said.

"After we find out why they're spying on us. Well, we know why, I mean the real reason." Rosalie added.

"No, we can't take her back. That just reeks of 'trap'. We can just set the wolves on her, you know how the treaty goes." Emmett said.

"You're right, but how will we prove she's a vampire? Jake doesn't even know. It's going to be hard to convince them to attack a girl who looks like a human." Jasper said.

"Sam trusts Carlisle." Rosalie reasoned.

"But Carlisle wouldn't tell them to murder someone. Besided, even if she is a Volturi, she hasn't done anything wrong, really." Jasper pointed out.

"She's here to scope us out for Aro, who's probably planning some sort of attack. How is that not wrong?" Emmett asked.

 No one could answer that. Jasper could only think of Alice, and the lascivious greed in Aro's eyes everytime he looked at her. Anger and disgust tightened his jaw, and he felt a sudden urgency to get back the the house.

 Rosalie and Emmett watched as Jasper sped up, but didn't feel the need to keep up with him.

"And what if this girl is normal?" Rosalie wondered out loud.

"I don't think so, Rose. She's way too freaky to be normal." Emmett said.

"You just think that because she didn't laugh at your dirty joke. I hate to break it to you, Em, but you're not as funny as you think." Rosalie snickered. Emmett suddenly tackled her.

"I'll give you funny, honey." He said, pinning her down. Rosalie threw him off, and several trees crashed to the ground before he could reclaim his feet. By then, Rosalie was laughing so hard she was doubled over, even though vampires don't need to breathe.

"You're right that was funny!" she said between giggles.

"Now you're really going to get it, no more funny buisness." Emmett said, smiling. He made a grab for her, but she dodged him and sprinted away, still laughing at him. Emmett chased her, thinking that the forest could use some thinning anyway.

Back the the CHB house....

 Jasper arrived, and went straight to Alice. Her eyes were far away, and she was very still, searching the future for anything that might be useful. Jasper took her hand, though she would be unaware of him until she returned to the present. There was only so much she would be able to see, and even then, the Volturi knew how to play in the 'spots' of her vision. If she was wrong, or if she missed something, she would feel guilty for letting everyone down. It just seemed like a lot of unecessary pressure to put on her. Alice squeezed his hand, and Jasper looked at her. She was disappointed.

 "Nothing. The only thing I saw from the Volturi was that they were planning some sort of feast." Alice said, making a face. Jasper made her feel happier.

"Thanks Jazz." She grinned, then gave him a kiss. Edward suddenly appeared.

 "Okay, I think I figured it out." he said, ignoring the fact that he had interrupted a tender moment. Perhaps it was something of payback for something that had happened a few decades ealier.

"Let's hear it." Jasper said, knowing Edward was in his 'zone', and it would be pointless to try and ignore him.

"Alright, Jim already likes Caohme, so they're going to get lunch together again. Alice, you're going to join them, and just try to get a 'best friends' trio going, okay? By Friday, I want her to want to come meet the rest of us. And yes, Alice, I do have a back up plan just in case she's not a vampire." Edward said, retorting to Alice's dubious thoughts.

"Okay, smart guy, what is it then?" she demanded, standing up.

"If I thought we would need to use it, I would have told you." Edward said, calmer now. Alice rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen where Caohme was.

"So, apparently, we need to be BFFs with Jim." Alice said.

"Yeah, so we were just talking about Forks and stuff. She really likes it here, she said she loves rainy days and all of the trees. I was planning on asking her about her family and stuff, so if you and I act like we're close sisters, it'll be easy to ask her if she has any siblings." Caohme said. Alice nodded, agreeing.

"And I can be the stylish sister." Alice teased.

"Stylish last year." Caohme answered back, sticking her tongue out.

"That reminds me, I need to do some shopping. I think Bella wore the same shirt twice again." Alice said, as though the thought was appalling. Caohme mocked her mask of horror.

"Oh no, was it within the same decade and everything???" she gasped dramatically.

"Ha ha, I know you don't care about the finer things like I do-" Alice began with a sarcastic laugh, but Caohme cut her off with a real laugh.

"Trust me, Alice, no one does. Except maybe Esme. But at least she confined her love of the 'finer things' to decorating and wedding planning." Caohme sniffed. Even Alice had to laugh about that.

"Fair enough. Maybe we should be the kind of sisters that disagree and fight over everything." she said, shaking her head.

"It would probably be a lot more realistic." Caohme shrugged.

"Whatever Jim seems to respond to the most. Don't forget to include her." Edward said from the living room. Alice made a face in his general direction.

 "I heard that." Edward said. Caohme rolled her eyes. 

"And that." He said. Caohme and Alice giggled, then went to prepare for school.

It's an amazing story keep writing more!PLEASE!

I thought it was VERY interesting i hope you don't give up. I really liked it. keep me posted if you write more.

Chpt 5


 "Jake, Jake, wake up." Renesmee said, shaking Jacob's shoulder. She had come here to change her clothes for school to find both Jurni and Jacob still asleep half an hour before they were supposed to be at school. She had been out hunting with Bella most of the night. Something had scared most of the game so far north, Bella was certain they had passed into Canada a few times.

"Ugh, five more minutes." Jake mumbled.

 "Come on, you got thirty minutes before we need to be at school. You really should take a shower, splashing around in that stream while you're a wolf does not count as a bath." Renesmee said.

"Yes mother." Jake yawned, but did not otherwise stir. Renesmee huffed and grabbed his arm, attempting to drag him off the couch. A strange snap startled her, and Jake grunted in pain.

"Ow!" He moaned.

"Oh! Oh my God, I'm sorry Jake!" Renesmee gasped. But Jake was laughing, and she realized it was a joke.

"Ugh, you're such a jerk." she muttered, shaking her head and turning to walk away. Jake grabbed here and pulled her over the back of the couch.

"Jake!" she protested.

"You should have seen your face, you really though you broke my arm again." He chuckled, hugging her tightly.

"Yeah, I don't know why I keep falling for that, you'd think I'd learn after the twentieth time." Renesmee laughed, allowing Jake to kiss her.

 Upstairs, Jurni lurched out of bed and through the window without even getting dressed. He hit the ground on all four paws, racing away from the house as fast as he could. It was weird for anyone to know their parents were doing that kind of stuff, but something about it made Jurni almost want to rip out his own brain and throw it. Luckily, neither Seth nor Leah was in wolf form, so there would be no peanut gallery comments about his thoughts.

 He arrived at the place where he had stashed his clothes the previous night and got dressed. If he was lucky, maybe Alice would be too wrapped up in whatever Edward cooked up to notice he was wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

 But it only took half a second after he stepped through the door that Alice was practically dragging him up the stairs and into her room.

 "Seriously, does no one care about this family's reputation? Caohme! Start the car, we're late as it is!" She yelled unecessarily loud while she flew in and out of the closet with articles of clothing for Jurni to wear.

"Put those on, and hurry. we have less than ten minutes to get to school on time." Alice said, then disappeared from the room. Since Jurni wasn't particularly excited for today, he didn't get dressed as fast as he could have. There was the sound of Rosalie and Emmett arriving.

"Here we are, did we miss the train?" Emmett called.

"Almost, we're waiting for Jurni. Are you going to ride with me?" Alice asked, her car door shutting.

"I guess. Jurni! I know you're stalling, get down here!" Alice called. Jurni trudged down the stairs and jumped into the last seat of the deep blue camaro next to Emmett. Before the door could even shut they were out of the garage and well down the driveway.

 "Take it easy, Alice, it's not like we're going to be thrown out if we're late." Caohme said, gripping the leather seat and door handle like she would fly away if she didn't .

 "I know. I just like going fast." Alice smiled.

 Jurni had his own problems. Rosalie and Emmett were being smooch-y and touch-y and it was almost as bad as this morning with Jacob and Renesmee. He wasn't grossed out exactly, but something about being around other people acting so affectionate toward one another made him want to turn himself inside out. Or just jump out of a car that was surely going over a hundred miles an hour. Thankfully, the ride didn't take very long, but this didn't stop Jurni from running through the parking lot at a rule breaking speed to get away from the memory.

 The bell rang just as Jurni reached his first class, World History. It was probably the easiest World History class he had ever taken, due to an extremely apathetic teacher with a dry sense of humor. In short, Jurni liked him.

 "Cutting it a little close, aren't we, Mr.Black?" Mr. Daniels commented dully.

"I got here. Did I miss anything?" Jurni asked.

"I don't think so. We were supposed to get a new student in here today, but she hasn't shown up. You'll probably have to share your table back there when she does show up, though." Mr.Daniels said carelessly.

"Right...." Jurni said slowly, turning to got to his seat. The only 'new girl' was Jim, so maybe she wasn't here today. Jurni almost wanted to laugh. That might be a damper on Edward's plan.

 A Little Earlier.....


 "So, they're going to  ask her about where she came from, about any family and anything that might clue us to her past." Edward repeated for the umpteenth time. Even Bella was starting to get tired of it. They were in driving to school, Jasper was with them.

"Edward, you know she can just lie, right?" She asked, because he seemed to be puting a lot of confidence in the word of a girl who's mind he couldn't read.

"You didn't lie to me." He pointed out.

"Yes, I did." Bella said, making Jasper laugh a little.

"Not very often, and not very well. If she lies, it'll be obvious." Edward said.

"If you say so." Bella shrugged. Edward's hands tightened slightly on the wheel. The doubt was spreading, almost like a disease. The fact that no one else seemed to think so just made him more suspicious.

 When they arrived at school, there was a buzz in the air and an excitement among the students. This was a familiar, yet rare accurence.

"There's a new student." Edward said, trying to sort through people's thoughts to find out who knew the most about it. Blonde, big, good looking, smart..., of course, no one knew where he came from, at least no one thinking about that.

"Do you where he is?" Bella asked, scanning the parking lot for an unfamiliar person.

"He's probably inside." Jasper said.

"Let's go." Edward said. The bell rang, which meant they would have to wait to familiarize themselves with the latest addition to Forks highschool.



 A short walk later, Bella and Edward were sitting in English together, pretending to share notes about 'The Crucible'.

"Is this how you were when I first came to school?" Bella asked him, in a low voice so that their classmates and teacher Ms.Hether wouldn't overhear them. She was scribbling a passage from the play on the chalkboard.

"No. But that was before the Volturi was such a threat. And before our family was so big. And of course, I was in love with you." Edward said, grinning at her. Bella smiled.

"So, no planning, no forcing your family members to go along with it, no turning the world upside down for information?" Bella inquired further.

"Well, when you put it like that, I suppose it was a little like this. But still no Volturi." He said thoughtfully.

"Not until later. Rosalie was probably the biggest critic, I bet." Bella said.

"Everyone was a critic, Bells. They all thought I was going overboard. Just like now." Edward sighed.

"The most vocal criticizer, then." Bella restated.

"That was probably me. That's how they all knew I had it bad, I kept trying to justify everything I did, because everything I did was for you." He said. Then he was distracted by the arrival of Alice and Caohme.

"Jurni...." Edward growled, seeing that he had sprinted at supernatural speed across the parking lot.

"What?" Bella asked, wanting to know what had happened. Edward just sighed and shook his head. Alice appeared at the door and took her seat next to Bella.

 "Em and Rose were being a little too physical in the backseat, you know he can't stand that mush." Alice explained for Bella's sake.

"What did he do?" Bella asked.

"He ran in the parking lot." Edward said simply, knowing Bella would get the implied meaning. She looked surprised for a second, then shook her head. "Did anyone see?" she asked.

"No, but we can't take any chances right now." Edward said.

"I don't know, sounds a lot like someone else I know." Alice said carelessly. Edward scowled.

 "That was different. He just did it to get away from Em." He muttered.

"Mh-hm." Bella said. The bell rang, ending the conversation. The room had grown quite loud with chatter, and with Ms.Hether's attempts to quiet them. Edward slouched slightly in his seat, listening listlessly to the noise, voices and thoughts pouring through his ears. He then picked up on something that made him want to groan.

"Jim's not here today." He muttered to Bella and Alice.

"Ugh, do you mean we actually listened to your endless nagging for nothing?" Alice sighed.

"It's fine, we'll just do it tommorrow." Edward said.


 But Jim didn't show up the next day, or Friday, and the CHB began to argue about what they should do about it. By Saturday night, they were out of ideas and very tired of the subject, except Edward. He'd bring Jim up again, and they would go down the list once more.

"Let's just look her up and take a walk by her house if you're so worried." said Rosalie.

"We can't just 'take a walk' by her house in the dead of night in pouring rain." Alice said.

"And if she's a vamp, she'll know we're on to her, and bail." Emmett added.

"Perhaps Caohme could be a 'concerned friend' and call her, having found her number in the phone book." Carlisle offered.

"Her number wouldn't be in the phone book yet." Jake said.

"She might not know that." Jasper considered.

"She will if she's a vamp." Bella pointed out.

"He's right, but how do you get by a vamp you can't sense?" Edward asked.

"Do you think her talent only goes one way? Maybe she can't sense other vamps either, maybe she only knows who we are because she knows what vamps look like. Maybe when she's using her power, her senses are as limited as a human's." Renesmee said, after thinking about it for a long time.

"I can't take that gamble. People can't read my mind while I'm reading theirs, Jasper's emotions can't be manipulated by those he's manipulating, Jane doesn't feel the pain she's inflicting on others. From what we know, we can only assume that she knows how to appear human." Edward said.

"Not only that, but to be virtually invisible to supernaturals." Alice said.

 Esme was cooking for Jurni and Caohme in the kitchen while they all listened to the conversation. Caohme was sitting on the counter, slouching with her cheek in her hand. Jurni was sitting at the table with his head down and fists in his ears, as if to keep from hearing the voices of his family. Of course, it did little to help, he heard every word. If it was annoying the first time, it was downright infuriating now.

 Why couldn't they just leave her alone? Why couldn't they see that the reason they couldn't figure out what to do about her was because they didn't need to do anything about her? They were thinking and rephrasing and rethinking themselves in circles and it was painfully tragic to watch. Jurni knew it would be pointless to say anything, no one seemed to take his viewpoint on this matter seriously anyway.

"That's not true Jurni, I still consider that she may be human yet." Edward said, appearing next to him.

"And yet you turn down every idea that would rely on that fact." Jurni said, lifting his head.

"It's better to be safe than sorry." Edward shrugged.

"So, abandon logic and....sanity to creep around like amateur ninja spies?" Jurni asked, pausing a moment to find the right word.

"Why don't you trust me?" Edward asked, starting to drop his pleasantness.

"Has anyone had a choice of whether to do otherwise?" Jurni asked. The air in the Cullen house was growing stale, and many people quickly began to think of something other than the words being exchanged between Edward and Jurni. Edward clenched his teeth tightly.

"Despite what you think, no one is forcing you to do anything. You're not obligated to follow our ideals." Edward said very carefully.

"No, but if I don't, it'll be virtual ostrocism from nearly half of the vampire world, leaving the Volturi as the other half." Jurni said. There was silence. If Jurni ever did choose to leave the CHB, it probably would be awkward. He wouldn't be welcomed among the Quileutte wolves, he was part vampire. The friendly vamp clans wouldn't exactly welcome him because he was a werewolf. The Volturi would love to question and study him, but Jurni had a deep seated and homegrown hatred for them, so that wasn't very likely.

 Like a true mother, Esme was the first to speak up. "Jurni, we need bleach. Could you please get some for me?" she asked. Not that it would be difficult to go to the 24 hour store to get bleach, a task like that was made of pure distraction and impossible to turn down. Not that anyone would ever turn Esme down.

 Jurni got to his feet and walked away, knowing that he won this time, but it felt very hollow. He would love nothing more than to get away from all of them, and spend some time somewhere away from people who could read his mind, a chance for his thoughts to be his own. But he also didn't want to be alone. Thinking about it, Jurni wondered if this was a contradiction of terms. Being who he was, maybe this was the only place he could be....not hated.

 He got into the car closest to the door and raced away down the drive, as though trying to get away from those thoughts. They caught up with Jurni anyway, like a recurring nightmare. He was a hybrid, a mutt, abominable, even by supernatural standards. They thought they had seen the worst of it with half human vamps, but Jurni took the cake, vampire and werewolf. It was incredibly ambiguous, no one knew what would happen to him. Even immortality was uncertain. Jurni had grown used to the idea that he may spontaneously explode, he just wished that he wouldn't die having only lived in miserable apathy. That's all anyone really wants, right?

 Jurni considered going all the way to Seattle, but then decided against it. Someone had to be around to keep Edward grounded, or at least, keep him from becoming a creepy stalker. So, he stopped at the only 24 hour store in Forks, which was little more than a tiny corner store. Still distracted trying to force depressing voices from his mind, he walked right into someone coming out of the store. Reflexively, he reached out to steady the person who would have surely fallen to the ground otherwise. But when he saw who it was, he nearly let go in pure shock.

 Jim stared up at him, clutching a box of tea and water bottle. Her eyes seemed strangely bright in the darkness. Then, her face switched from mildly surprised to a harder, seething mask. She pulled away from him, with a little bit of attitude that Jurni couldn't help but like.

 "Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." He said.

"That much was obvious. If that's how you walk, I'd hate to see how you drive." she said flatly.

"Well enough to pass driver's ed." Jurni said, wondering why he couldn't keep the grin out of his voice. Jim rolled her eyes.

"Like that's saying much. What are you doing out here so late?" She asked, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"Just taking a drive." He shrugged.

"Hm. I guess if I had that many siblings, I'd take every chance I could to get away from them too." Jim muttered, turning away.

"Okay, I guess I'll see you Monday." Jurni called. When she looked over her shoulder at him, he waved. She raised an eyebrow at him, and waved uncertainly back. He quickly ducked into the store, feeling like the biggest idiot in history. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her car backing up. What was wrong with him? She was clearly uninterested, probably because of his family's reputation, why did he feel obligated to be nice to her?

"Can I help you with something?" The guy behind the counter asked, breaking into Jurni's thoughts. Without answering him, he left the store, hopped into his car and drove unnecessarily fast out of the parking lot. He spotted headlights turning a corner in the distance and flicked of his own before speeding to catch up with her.

 This was probably the most hypocritical thing he had ever done, but an unreasonable feeling of responsibility overuled it. Jim's car turned of onto a nearly invisible path. Jurni pulled over, parking so that the car was semi hidden from the road, then followed the trail to a small clearing, in the middle of which a quaint two-story house was nestled.

 Jurni stayed just within the shadows of the tree line, watching the house. Again, he began to scold himself mentally for making a fool of himself and then following her to her house. He must have looked like some kind of weirdo, smiling and answering so innocently. And then 'I'll see you on Monday'? That could easily be interpreted as being conceited, or even desperate.

  The back porch light unexpectedly lit up, and she came out. He took a step backwards, though he was sure she hadn't seen him. Jim stood there for a moment, staring into the darkness, concentrating. As though having decided something, she stepped off the porch and walked acrossed the clearing into the trees. This was really bizarre. Who goes out into the forest in the dead of night, save vampires and werewolves? Especially some one who lives alone.

  He began to move in the direction he saw her disappear. For a moment, he thought of phasing into a wolf so that he would blend into the night a little better, but something slammed into him with the force of a moving car. Numb shock quickly subsided, and for a split second Jurni thought it might be one of the wolves mistaking him for a vampire too close to the treaty line. He felt the pain of the scrapes as he slid on the forest for, and tried to phase to speed up the healing, but it was like pulling the trigger of an unloaded gun, nothing happened. Then he realized that there was something long and sharp against his neck, and that the person on top pf him was too fur-less and small to be a werewolf. Jurni slowly looked up into Jim's chilling silver stare.



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