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   She wasn't ugly, but not remarkably beautiful either. Not too fat, not too tall, not too loud, but definitely not shy. Steelly grey eyes that matched the clouds that hung over Forks under serious eyebrows made her look continually determined. This, paired with a jet black, short, shaggy bob gave her a tomboyish edge. A delicate jaw shape and heart lips redeemed and otherwise solemn face.There was really nothing very special about her at all, and yet still, much more than ordinary.  

These were the thoughts of the Cullen/Hale/Black family, back in their old roost or Forks, Washington for another round of highschool. It had been nearly fifty years since they were last here, and yet surrounded by totally new people, the town itself had changed very little. This was just fine for the Cullen/Hale/Black family, who themselves had not changed either.  As the largest group of supernatural beings living together in North America, they counted themselves lucky to have a place to retreat to.

Forks was where werewolf Jacob Black is the Alpha of the wolves in La Push. He and his wife Renesmee had remained on the reservation while the rest of the family went to travel the world.  

Carlisle Cullen is the founder of the clan, he created Esme, his wife, Edward, a mind reader, Rosalie, the diva, and Emmet, the jokester. They were later joined by Alice, who can see the future, and Jasper who can feel and manipulate the emotions of those around him.  During there last visit to Forks, Edward met Bella, who was a human at the time. After war and conflict and a messy love triangle and a wedding, Bella became pregnant with Edward's baby, only possible because she was still a human. She had Renesmee, a half human-half vampire baby. An overdose of vampire venom saved Bella from near-death, and Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. A stand off with the Volturi came to a draw, and the Cullen/Hale/Black Family dispersed for a while.

 They came back together for a short time when Renesmee and Jacob had twins, a boy and girl named Jurni and Caohme. They were the closest thing the world had to a wolf/vamp hybrid, so everyone held their breath for what would come. Other than a growth spurt more dramatic than Renesmee's, Jurni turned into a normal werewolf and Caohme remains ageless.

 Now they were back, and they were watching the newest member of Forks High School, Janessa Marquez. She seemed to slide right into the routine, as though there were no new school shock at all, though still in the first week of attendance. All of her teachers already liked her, not surprising seeing how she always got her work done on time, early even. Popularity was common for new students, but sophomore Janessa seemed to like the freshmen more.  She was not unaware of the Cullen/Hale/Black family(CHB). It was impossible to live in Forks and not know about the CHB. Not only was their 'father' the best doctor they had ever had, their seclusive tendencies and perpetual good looks made them hard to ignore.  Edward had been the first to really notice her. As a mind reader, he had learned to tune out the insipid voices of teenage thoughts. It wasn't until he was directly adressed by Janessa that he realized he could not hear her thoughts.   In Environmental Science, they were supposed to be writing an essay about landfills. At the end of class, she said something to him, but he hadn't caught it. Edward was used to just looking into a person's mind to see what they wanted, but it was like there was nothing there. the affect was not unlike missing a stair at the top of the staircase, or perhaps falling because the wall you meant to lean on wasn't there.  She stared at him, large dark grey eyes boring into him in a way that made him feel as if she were drilling into his very soul. Not used to floundering in this manner, Edward forced himself to speak.

"What?" he said, with an air of helplessness and an ounce of defense.  Now, she looked a little annoyed.

"I said, 'Your chair is on my bag.' Three minutes ago. When the bell rang." she said. Edward then noticed that the room was very empty, except for the teacher, Janessa and him.

"Er, excuse me." he muttered, moving his chair.

"Thanks." she said flatly, then left.  Edward was puzzled by this. The only person's thoughts who he could not hear, were Bella's. But that was nothing like this. Everyone's mind was like a speaker, Bella's talent was being able to cover hers. But Janessa didn't seem to have one at all.  He wasn't the only member of the CHB to notice that Janessa was strangley immuned to their supernatural powers. Emmett had her in his Geometry class. He made an off color comment in his usual fashion. This, however, earned him an icy glare from Janessa that made even his century old vampire skin crawl. Jasper, also in that class, immediately hoped to 'help', but could not find her emotions. Emmett had been feeling uncomfortable, and those around him were amused, but there was no emotion for the expression on Janessa's face.

 It was now lunch time. Of course, everyone at CHB table had food, but no one was eating, except Jacob and Jurni. Edward had conveyed what he noticed, Jasper and Emmet corroborated, and now they were taking turns studying her, because it would definitely be noticed if ten pairs of unblinking eyes were trained on one person. Janessa sat with a group of freshmen, talking and eating. She didn't smile, but she didn't look bleak or angry.

The freshmen around her would spuratically burst into laughter or call out, but she did little more than nod interestedly. Of course, Rosalie went snooping. Janessa was an emancipated minor living in the house that her deceased grandmother willed to her, her parents were also dead. Her grandpa was some kind of entrepreneur that traveled all over the world selling planes or something. she had a perfect record. She was also part Quiliette Indian.

 None of this information was remotely helpful. Nor were Jurni's thoughts. Edward was a litte uneasy with Jurni's infatuation, it was his grandson afterall. he also recalled similar thoughts from Jacob over fifty years ago, and how painful it was for him. If Jurni was meant to imprint on someone, it would happen the at first sight, right? It didn't matter what Jurni felt right now. However human Janessa seemed to be, without his mind reading edge, Edward felt exposed, threatened even. Whether she was just a girl with latent abilities like Bella was, or something more sinister, he knew it was imperative he find out.


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This chapter is really long, and I thought about Splitting it in two, but it seemed too choppy that way.








Hopefully you all like it!









Wow!  What is happening here?  Who is she and what does she want?  I can't wait to see what happens next!

AMAZING! XD Can't wait to see what is brewing between those two! XD Update soon! Keep me posted!


Bonus Story: Jim's ealier days.


Shock would not be the appropriate word to describe this feeling. Not devestation, not disbelief, not even surprise.  Maybe all of them, and then some. It seemed a unfair. I seemed to have the guy of every fourteen year old's naive little dreams. Tall, polite, nice, sensitive, not to mention irresistably cute. These had all blinded me to the obvious truth that had just slapped me across the face. Trevor was a vampire. I could see it clearly now. Pale, unnaturally smooth, poreless skin, that subtle clean scent, eyes slowly turning scarlet as brown contact lenses dissolved, and most of all, no heartbeat. I felt incredibly stupid that I had to be told by him that he was a vampire.

"Janessa?" Trevor said quietly, reaching for my hand. I backed up, but he misunderstood.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." he promised.

"I can't say the same to you." I said truthfully and almost genuinely sorry. He must really like me, and up until a second ago, I really liked him, but the fact that his eyes were such a bright red must mean he killed someone recently. Trevor was staring at me, wondering what I meant. It was as good a time as any.

 I seized his wrist, and of course he freak out but there was hardly anything he could do about it. I pulled and twisted it, using his weight to drive him into the ground. With both knees on his shoulders, I seized his head. For a fraction of a second, I stopped, feeling the rapid pulse of his heart. Then, I yanked until I heard a snap. I stayed there until I was certain he was dead, then got up and stared. this made eight vampires I had killed. I could still feel the thrum of his heart beat against my skin. I wondered if I would ever get used to it, if it would even be right to get used to it.

Now the body had reverted back to vamp form, but was still dead, then I remembered. How many people had he killed? How many would he have killed? These thoughts did little to comfort me, but it did seem justified. Maybe his friends will come after me, if I'm lucky. Now, to take care of the body....

Uh, This is from Jim's POV. I'm out of state and left CHAPTER 6 on my desk top computer back home =.=" sorry!!






I may write more of these until i get home. Short pointless stories to distract you, ha ha ha. ^.~


Interesting!  She hunts vampires!  What is she and what makes her so strong?

Hybrid Bonus Story 2:

In the Future.....


"You actually drank human blood?"

The young vampire asked, making

a face. Carlisle smiled.

"A few times, yes. That was a long

time ago, before we learned exactly

what happened to us. We thought it

was magic." He said with a chuckle.

The child smiled, then ran off to

join his parents.

Carlisle sat back and mused to

himself. That was a long time ago.

Today, they made the sustenance

they needed, which was much

healthier and less barbaric. It

revolutionized vampires.

 They no longer needed to hunt

humans or even animals to survive,

their eyes turn a pleasant blue, they

were even able to have children,

and their immortality and super

senses stayed intact. Perhaps the

only downside to it was that they

could not turn humans into

vampires anymore, and the

shapeshifters meant to protect

from vampires slowly began to


In any case, this innovation to

vampires came none too soon, as

humans also became more

technologically advanced. The

discovery of the vamps didn't turn

out to be as big of a surprise as it

could have been. Everyone already

seemed to know a vampire in one

way or another.

After some consideration, a formal

allegiance was developed, and all

things flourished on earth. Not

long after that, space flight and

first contact. Before anyone could

stop to marvel at it, Earth found it's

place in an official planet

association in which humans ans

vampires alike explored the infinite

glories of space.

Today, on a colony thousands of

light years from earth, Carlisle

smiled at the thought. It seemed

that only yesterday he and his

family were hiding in the forests of

Washington under the dark cover

of rainclouds. The centuries in

between here and then were but

short fleeting days, the

achievements and discoveries were

only brilliant moments in that time.

And here he stood, somewhere he

never imagined to be, knowing

things he'd never dreamed to

know, and still, he knew it was

exactly as it was meant to be.

"Carlisle, help me with these

samples, the reports are due

tomorrow." Esme called from a

nearby house. He sighed. Marvelous

as it was, there was still work to be



i watch a lot of Star Trek

This is obviously an optimistic out look of the future.






I thought it was a gud idea, non-bloodsucking vampires ^.~

Chpt 6


"Don't move." She said with a deadly calm. Jurni was too disoriented by the unusual pain and his inability to phase and the blade on his throat to even think about disobeying her. And even when he did think about it he could only gulp at the thought of what might happen if she were to slip and cut a crucial artery and he couldn't heal.

 Several long moments past, and Jurni wondered what was supposed to happen next. Jim's hand was very steady, and instead of being concerned with whatever weapon she had on his neck, he became uncomfortable with the way she straddled his waist. It was very annoying to Jurni that this type of thought came up amongst the more important things.

"If I don't kill you, will you swear not to tell the rest of your werewolf and vampire friends about me?" she suddenly asked.

"Er...I won't tell them, but that's hardly a guarantee that they won't find out." Jurni answered truthfully. In irritation, or perhaps reflex, she pushed the blade further into his throat. Fear really began take hold and in werewolves, can be more dangerous a thing than anger. They had grown used to living without it, and its sudden reappearance can lead irrational actions. Jurni seized the sharp end of the knife and yanked it from her grasp, simultaneously pushing her off.

 Of course he cut his hand, but the moment skin contact with Jim was broken, all of his injuries were almost instantly healed. Jurni sat up slowly, looking at the weapon in his hands. It was an ordinary kitchen knife. Somehow, he was concerned about Jim. He had shoved her pretty hard.

 Jim sat a short distance away, completely dumbfounded. She had been touching him, yet he still threw her like a rag doll. No vampire or werewolf could do that, especially not a werewolf in human form. A small noise made her look, and Jurni was about four yards away, looking at her apologetically. Stupid dog, doesn't know what's good for him, she thought, getting to her feet.

"I'm sorry I pushed you, but you were pushing a knife into my neck." Jurni apologized. Jim considered him. Young, good-looking, his strange blue eyes had that special 'sensitive' gaze she knew was reserved for pretty prey and tried not to puke.

"What do you mean they'll find out anyway?" Jim asked, watching him carefully. Jurni tittered a little.

"Er...Edward can read minds." he said. There was a heartbeat of silence as this sunk in. When she finally answered, it was with the calm that chilled Jurni from the bottom of his spine.

"I guess you need to find a way to keep him out of your head." She began to walk away. Jurni rushed to catch up with her.

"Hey, wait, you have to understand, it's not that simple..." he began, and she rapidly turned on him.

"You have trouble keeping away from a vampire that can read your mind?" She asked quietly, as though asking about an embarassing medical condition.

" don't know...." Jurni said, knowing he had never really tried to get away from Edward.

"I swear, the vampires and werewolves around here are so wierd. Just the fact that I can say there are vampires and werewolves in the same few hundred thousand miles is the most incredible thing I've ever done, and I've done a few." Jim muttered, starting to walk away again.

"They're going to find out, regardless of what I do. Maybe you should just-" Jurni said, once again following her, only to be cut off.

"Just what? Announce to the thickest vampire/werewolf infestation in North America that I'm a slayer? I figured you were a dumb werewolf, but I didn't think you were stupid." She snapped. Jurni was taken aback.

"You're a slayer?" He asked, having never heard the term outside of cliche vampire movies.

"I kill, or can kill, vampires and werewolves. Someone called me that, and it just stuck. But that's behind me." Jim said, as though leveling with him. Jurni stared at her, trying to imagine that someone like her could kill a vampire or a werewolf. Sure she had an attitude and the ability to keep him from phasing, but that seemed like a small token against a much larger, much more aggressive power.

"The point is, I spared your life, the least you could do is keep my secret. If that's too much to handle, I might rethink my dotage." Jim said, cutting through his thoughts. He took a deep breath.

"I'll try. I can't guarantee anything." he said. She huffed and turned away.

"I guess the world could use one less wolf to infect more people." Jim said.

"You think-? We're not that kind of werewolves, we're shapeshifters, we can change when we want." Jurni called, slightly insulted. She stopped, but didn't turn.

"Then why are there still vampires around?" She asked.

"That's kind of complicated." was all he could say. After a moment, her shoulders slumped a little.

"I guess you should come inside." Jim sighed.


Back at the CHB house....


Edward had made up his mind. They would just have to move. There was no reason to continue to worry and wonder about Jim. If it was the Volturi, they'd find out soon after. If not, then they didn't have to think about it ever again. He was confident the others would agree, they were getting tired of the conflict too. Caohme suddenly spoke up.

"Jurni's been gone a while, don't you think?" she asked.

"She's right, it's almost morning." Bella said.

"He's probably just blowing off steam." Carlisle reassured.

"Yeah, maybe he's running around out there with Seth and Leah." Jake added. Edward knew this wasn't true, Seth had just passed near the house. Leah was asleep, and he hadn't seen Jurni since he left for school on Friday. But he didn't see a reason to share this information, Jurni could take care of himself.

Caohme, however, didn't share Edward's feelings. It wasn't often that she cared about what Jurni was doing, but right now, she couldn't shake her concern. Maybe it was a 'twin' thing. Whatever it was, she was increasingly anxious about the fact that she didn't know what he was doing.

In the farthest corner of the house, Alice busied herself with her latest purchases. Sorting through clothes usually didn't take long, but since there really wasn't much else to do, she took her time. It was a break from straining to see the future, which only got fuzzier with the Jurni's every whim.

Of course, she still got little flashes and images, even when she wasn't trying. Half a sentence here, Jasper's face there, a sparkle of vampire skin which meant there was going to be sunlight sometime soon, useless things really. Depressed feelings began to creep up on Alice at that thought. Seeing the future made her who she was, and if she couldn't do it, what good was she doing here?

"Cheer up, Alice." Jasper said, appearing in the doorway. Alice looked at him, and forced a smile. He grimaced because her smile was sweet, but she was still feeling bad. Jasper hugged her, but he couldn't muster up any happiness to share. He was fighting resentment for those who were making Alice so depressed. It seemed wrong to be mad at family, but it also seemed wrong that Alice was giving her all and they were less than greatful to her.

"We are greatful, Jasper." Edward said, unable to ignore his thoughts. Jasper clenched his teeth in annoyance.

"Well, maybe you could show it once in a while, you know, instead of 'try harder'?" Jasper said, turning to face Edward who was just outside the room.

"Jasper, don't. I'm fine." Alice said, placing her hand on his arm.

"I appreciate everyone in this family, if not Alice especially. I don't want to argue with you Jasper, we don't need more contentions right now. In fact, we don't need any strife. I think it's best if we just leave Forks." Edward said, turning away.

Alice instinctively tried to see where they would go, but nothing came up. Absolutely nothing. Not a whisper, not a flash, it was all black. It was just gone. Alice took a deep, calming breath to beat down the panic that was bubbling in her stomach which was sure to set Jasper off for real, and tried to rationalize. There was only two options. Either there was going to be some sort of apocolyptic event in the next few minutes that would wipe out all existence, or her seer abilities were gone.

Edward barely percieved this from Alice. It seemed a little harsh, but she had barely been helping as it was. At least now that her talent was completely gone, she wouldn't be the topic of discussion anymore. And he seemed to have bigger problems. It wasn't the first time that a proposal from him was questioned so critically, it wasn't even the first time that proposal was to move, but each reproachful thought set him more on edge.

He went to Bella, who was outside on the porch. Even if he couldn't hear her thoughts, Edward was sure she agreed. He hugged her from behind, assuring himself that it was the only consolation he needed.

"Edward, are you sure we have to move?" she asked after several silent moments. Edward didn't answer, and didn't let go, but he realized how very alone he was in the matter.

I hope i didn't take too long, i was out of state for a long time.








Thanks to everyone for being patient!

Great chapter!  On the one hand we have the situation with Jurni and Jim/Janessa who are both discovering new things about each other.  On the other hand we have the situation with the rest of the family who have their own personal struggles.  I hope you'll update again soon!

I sort of forgot about this lol so had to catch up. I was not expecting this much drama. Rosalie and Emmett made me laugh in chapter 4. And a Vampire Slayer? mhh I wonder what will happen now


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