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   She wasn't ugly, but not remarkably beautiful either. Not too fat, not too tall, not too loud, but definitely not shy. Steelly grey eyes that matched the clouds that hung over Forks under serious eyebrows made her look continually determined. This, paired with a jet black, short, shaggy bob gave her a tomboyish edge. A delicate jaw shape and heart lips redeemed and otherwise solemn face.There was really nothing very special about her at all, and yet still, much more than ordinary.  

These were the thoughts of the Cullen/Hale/Black family, back in their old roost or Forks, Washington for another round of highschool. It had been nearly fifty years since they were last here, and yet surrounded by totally new people, the town itself had changed very little. This was just fine for the Cullen/Hale/Black family, who themselves had not changed either.  As the largest group of supernatural beings living together in North America, they counted themselves lucky to have a place to retreat to.

Forks was where werewolf Jacob Black is the Alpha of the wolves in La Push. He and his wife Renesmee had remained on the reservation while the rest of the family went to travel the world.  

Carlisle Cullen is the founder of the clan, he created Esme, his wife, Edward, a mind reader, Rosalie, the diva, and Emmet, the jokester. They were later joined by Alice, who can see the future, and Jasper who can feel and manipulate the emotions of those around him.  During there last visit to Forks, Edward met Bella, who was a human at the time. After war and conflict and a messy love triangle and a wedding, Bella became pregnant with Edward's baby, only possible because she was still a human. She had Renesmee, a half human-half vampire baby. An overdose of vampire venom saved Bella from near-death, and Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. A stand off with the Volturi came to a draw, and the Cullen/Hale/Black Family dispersed for a while.

 They came back together for a short time when Renesmee and Jacob had twins, a boy and girl named Jurni and Caohme. They were the closest thing the world had to a wolf/vamp hybrid, so everyone held their breath for what would come. Other than a growth spurt more dramatic than Renesmee's, Jurni turned into a normal werewolf and Caohme remains ageless.

 Now they were back, and they were watching the newest member of Forks High School, Janessa Marquez. She seemed to slide right into the routine, as though there were no new school shock at all, though still in the first week of attendance. All of her teachers already liked her, not surprising seeing how she always got her work done on time, early even. Popularity was common for new students, but sophomore Janessa seemed to like the freshmen more.  She was not unaware of the Cullen/Hale/Black family(CHB). It was impossible to live in Forks and not know about the CHB. Not only was their 'father' the best doctor they had ever had, their seclusive tendencies and perpetual good looks made them hard to ignore.  Edward had been the first to really notice her. As a mind reader, he had learned to tune out the insipid voices of teenage thoughts. It wasn't until he was directly adressed by Janessa that he realized he could not hear her thoughts.   In Environmental Science, they were supposed to be writing an essay about landfills. At the end of class, she said something to him, but he hadn't caught it. Edward was used to just looking into a person's mind to see what they wanted, but it was like there was nothing there. the affect was not unlike missing a stair at the top of the staircase, or perhaps falling because the wall you meant to lean on wasn't there.  She stared at him, large dark grey eyes boring into him in a way that made him feel as if she were drilling into his very soul. Not used to floundering in this manner, Edward forced himself to speak.

"What?" he said, with an air of helplessness and an ounce of defense.  Now, she looked a little annoyed.

"I said, 'Your chair is on my bag.' Three minutes ago. When the bell rang." she said. Edward then noticed that the room was very empty, except for the teacher, Janessa and him.

"Er, excuse me." he muttered, moving his chair.

"Thanks." she said flatly, then left.  Edward was puzzled by this. The only person's thoughts who he could not hear, were Bella's. But that was nothing like this. Everyone's mind was like a speaker, Bella's talent was being able to cover hers. But Janessa didn't seem to have one at all.  He wasn't the only member of the CHB to notice that Janessa was strangley immuned to their supernatural powers. Emmett had her in his Geometry class. He made an off color comment in his usual fashion. This, however, earned him an icy glare from Janessa that made even his century old vampire skin crawl. Jasper, also in that class, immediately hoped to 'help', but could not find her emotions. Emmett had been feeling uncomfortable, and those around him were amused, but there was no emotion for the expression on Janessa's face.

 It was now lunch time. Of course, everyone at CHB table had food, but no one was eating, except Jacob and Jurni. Edward had conveyed what he noticed, Jasper and Emmet corroborated, and now they were taking turns studying her, because it would definitely be noticed if ten pairs of unblinking eyes were trained on one person. Janessa sat with a group of freshmen, talking and eating. She didn't smile, but she didn't look bleak or angry.

The freshmen around her would spuratically burst into laughter or call out, but she did little more than nod interestedly. Of course, Rosalie went snooping. Janessa was an emancipated minor living in the house that her deceased grandmother willed to her, her parents were also dead. Her grandpa was some kind of entrepreneur that traveled all over the world selling planes or something. she had a perfect record. She was also part Quiliette Indian.

 None of this information was remotely helpful. Nor were Jurni's thoughts. Edward was a litte uneasy with Jurni's infatuation, it was his grandson afterall. he also recalled similar thoughts from Jacob over fifty years ago, and how painful it was for him. If Jurni was meant to imprint on someone, it would happen the at first sight, right? It didn't matter what Jurni felt right now. However human Janessa seemed to be, without his mind reading edge, Edward felt exposed, threatened even. Whether she was just a girl with latent abilities like Bella was, or something more sinister, he knew it was imperative he find out.


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I have found chapters 1, 7, 8, 9.  Where are chapters 2-6?

Chapters 2, 3, 4 are on page 2

chapters 5 and 6 on page 3 then the rest on pages 4

uh oh, did i mess that up when i reposted chapter seven? so sorry!!  v_v


Jurni is in a very difficult position between Jim and his family.  I do have a suspicion that she is starting to fall for him and she is also a little protective of him.  Is Roman the Lion?

That was the idea.

But not so much 'the' lion as 'a' lion.

Chpt 10


 As Jim followed Roman's scent, she was trying to figure out what she was so worked up about. Even if Roman did end up starting something, it wasn't as if they couldn't handle it together. She hd purposed to retire from being a slayer to try and live a normal life, but she hadn't planned on her place of 'retirement' to be so infested. So if that was relatively easy to accept, what was tying her

stomach up in knots?

 There was also the fact that the supernaturals here were so weird. The Vampires didn't feed off humans, the Werewolves could change at will. Shape shifters, shape shifters, like Roman. Sure.

Still weird, but it didn't seem impossible. And Vampires drinking animal blood? It sounded like a good idea, but Jim didn't necessarily like it. If they only killed animals, then that didn't make them any

worse than humans and she had already had enough issues with seeing vampires as human.

 Neither of these issues really fit the twisted tension in her gut. This was irritating beyond belief fo Jim. All this sick anticipation and she didn't even know what she was waiting for. It was like

waiting for the jack-in-the-box to pop out. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't realize she wasn't following Roman's scent anymore. She stopped and looked around, trying to figure out

where she strayed from the path. Then she could feel the faint but constant throb of a heart. Jim could always sense a heartbeat before she could hear it. It was like a vibration she could feel at the hollow of

her throat, if that made any sense. That meant he was watching her just beyond her field of vision. It grew a little louder, the thrumming a little more intense. He was stalking her like prey, but she couldn't

figure out where it was coming from. A little rustle here might be him, but there was a much louder noise  in the opposite direction, then a twig snap that didn't come from either direction. The heartbeat

was in earshot now, so she should have been able to see him, but she couldn't. Had Jim been off her game so long that she just couldn't percieve his form amongst the forest foliage? A massive animal of his

color wouldn't exactly blend in that well....

"All right, I give up. Where are you?" she asked. A signature laugh made her look up. Smug smile and golden blonde hair, it was Roman alright. But not much else. Jim's face burned and she tried not to

laugh as he jumped down.

"A little distracted?" He asked, standing up, placing his hands reprovingly on his hips. Distracted was a good word for it, she thought, covering her mouth and puffing her cheeks out.

"I was worried that you might get a little dull after retiring, but I didn't think you'd be that dense." He said a little mellowdramatically. There was no way this could get more awkward. For Jim anyway. For

him, nothing was wrong. Roman was used to being naked most of the time, in fact, he hadn't worn a stitch of clothing in a hundred years before Jim met him. So, she could only do her best to keep her

eyes averted.

"You're right, I was distracted. It's great to see you again." She said, some how able to rise above the nakedness to smiling genuinely for him. Roman laughed and suddenly wrapped her into a huge bear


"It's great to see you too! You don't know how much I missed you!" he said lifting her off the ground. Jim all but lost it. She pushed away from him, stumbling and gasping to breathe between her

embarrased sniggers. Roman stared at her, wondering why the heck she was having such a conniption. Then he remembered that she was uncomfortable with him not wearing clothes. He had to laugh a

little at her innocence. She could kill Vampires and Werewolves but couldn't handle seeing him naked. Since he didn't have any clothes with him, he phased. It was the least he could do for his only friend.

Jim looked up, both grateful and in awe at his magnificent secondary form.

 Any one could describe a lion. You'd here large and strong and maybe even have majestic thrown in there, but Roman was this and more. Larger than life, his fur was subtly golden and his mane

was a mantle of dignity. His size alone would command an automatic respect, but when you add such piercing green eyes and a general air of dominance, he was downright intimidating. Jim then

remembered why she had called him in the first place and smiled broadly. Roman tilted his head questionally at her mischevious look. From experience, he knew that she was thinking about


Much deeper in the the forest......

 Jasper stood on the ledge, looking out onto the endless trees of the Olympic Range. He didn't talk, he didn't blink, he didn't breathe. He just....stood there. Emmett sat some distance away,

resting his chin on his hand, waiting for Jasper to do something interesting. The only reason he followed him out here was to see if he wanted to spar it out, take his anger out in a...healthier(if that word is

even appropriate to use on a Vampire)way than starting a real family fued. Emmett switched sitting positions, not to get comfortable, but just as something to do. He dully wondered if he should try

provoking Jasper. There was a million ways he could do it, say something about Alice, say something about his inability to control his own emotional whims, say something about Edward, say something

about his girly power of 'feelings', the possibilities were endless. It wasn't that Emmett didn't understand what Jasper was going through, he would probably be pissed if Rosalie was upset, though the

chances of that were minimal to zero. So maybe he didn't understand and maybe Jasper just needed a little time to sort it out.

Not far away.....

 Edward was a little relieved that Emmett and Jasper's trail lead away from the strange scent. He slowed a little, knowing he should go after them. This was one of those times when he wished he

couldn't hear everyone's thoughts, it made it really hard to apologize. Maybe it was the all the negative doubt everyone had been having for his ideas lately but Edward was beginning to feel very much like a

teenager being forced to do the right thing. When his pace was barely a jog by human standards, he knew he was stalling and it was painfully pathetic on his part. Even 200 year old Vampires drag their feet

when faced with a difficult moral obligation.

 Emmett and Jasper heard him coming of course. When Edward appeared, Emmett stood, thinking 'He's all yours, good luck' before taking off. If he thought there would be a fight, he would

have stuck around, but he knew these two would jabber it out like chicks. Emmett smiled to himself. Maybe he did have a extra 'talent', the power to sniff sense whether or not there'd be a conflict worth


  Jasper hadn't stirred. He focused on what Edward was feeling, which was apprehensive. It was the best defense he had against his mind reading brother. Now that he was here, Edward knew

was what inevitable. He took a deep breath-a human gesture of 'sucking it up'-then stood next to Jasper.

"I know it's not helpful, but I'm sorry. I know I pushed Alice too hard and's probably my fault she can't see the future anymore. The only reason I didn't make a big deal of it was because I didn't

want to make her feel worse about it." Edward said, putting his hands in his pockets and waiting for a response. It was a long, quiet, quickly growing awkward moment. Jasper was still focusng on Edward's

emotions and he was growing nervous. When he finally let down his guard, Edward saw that he was already over it and he didn't need to read his mind to know that he had been psyched, Jasper's huge

smile said that much. He had him all worked up for nothing and made a fool of him by making him apologize so timidly.

"For a guy who's supposed to be sensitive, you can be a real jerk." Edward said, though couldn't keep the smile from his voice. Jasper laughed.

"I really had you going. I was done with it when Alice came back smiling." He admitted. Edward had to laugh a little too.

"Then why all the theatrics?" he asked.

"You know how the women are. If they don't think we've 'confronted' our problems, then they don't believe we've really made up." Jasper said waving a careless hand. They both shared a laugh, enjoying a

rare real 'brother' moment, then began their way back. Only when they crossed that strange scent again did Edward feel his mood drop. Jasper slowed down.

"What's up?" he asked. He could smell it too, but he didn't think anything of it. It was one of the wolves or some animal.

"That scent. It's not familiar." Edward said a gravely. Jasper back tracked a little. It did have a certain supernatural quality, the way the wolves stink, but it wasn't quiet Werewolf, not any of the Werewolves

he was familiar with.

"Should we go after it?" He wondered out loud. Edward thought about it. This was the perfect opportunity, he could hear its thoughts and Jasper could regulate its emotions. It was probably just one of the

Quileutte wolves that needed to be informed of the treaty.

"Sure, why not?" Edward said. Jasper nodded and motioned for him to lead the way.

Not far enough away....

 Jim had been telling Roman what she had learned about the Vampires and Shapeshifters here when they heard it. Two pairs of supernaturally fast feet running in their direction. Within a

heartbeat, she realized that a Shapeshifter's scent would not have gone unnoticed to the Vampires and she knew she had to keep him a secret for as long as she possibly could. Roman had stiffened into a

defensive position, instinctive and predatory.

"No! Haven't you been listening?" Jim hissed. Roman grunted as though asking her what she wanted him to do.

"Go to my house, I'll follow and cover your scent. Go!" she said impatiently. He huffed, but obeyed, disappearing through the trees toward her house. She took a deep breath and breathed out forcely. Then

she turned and followed Roman, huffing puffing like a overweight smoker climbing the stairs of the Empire State building. It was time consuming and made her light-headed after a while, not to mention

extrememly undignifed, but necessary if she wanted to erase Roman's trail. Jim was almost there when dizziness nearly over came her. She leaned on a tree and waited for the ground to stop rocking. The

Vampires seemed to be following Roman's scent back and forth, trying to figure out which way he was actually going and this bought her a little time. But even as she continued, she could feel them getting

closer. Much too close for comfort.  Jim hoped they would stop where the trail seemed to mysteriously vanish.

 Edward and Jasper knew they were getting close the treaty line, which made sense. The pattern, or lack of pattern, the scent had seemed to be someone who was curious. Finally they came to the

end of the trail. They were stumped. It was like reading a book that just stopped in the middle. Jasper and Edward looked at one another. Neither of them knew what to say.

"Maybe they...." Edward began but wasn't thoroughly convinced about it to finish his thought.

"....back tracked?" Jasper said, though he didn't sound like he believed it either.

"Yeah....come on...." Edward said, turning. Jasper followed. But right at that moment, the wind shifted, blowing in from the ocean, across the reservation into Forks. Amongst the familiar smell of the salt

water and the wolves was that same strange scent. Now they were on edge. Something that was not a wolf but still aware of them had deliberately tried to throw them off it's trail. While it wasn't exactly

hostile, it definitely wasn't friendly.

 Jim wanted to curse. Stupid wind.

That's my new favorite quote.


"Stupid wind."


This was a great chapter, but when are you going to get the hybrid part???



ps. i like roman. sometimes i wish i didn't need to wear clothes. but it makes people uncomfortable. XD

ah you. what am i going to do with you???







I guess you're the only one who regularly comments on my posts ~_~

that's not true, i looked at your posts. you seem really good at arguing with people! XD

i just realized how that much that previous comment must make me look like a stalker.



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