The Twilight Saga

Summary:  i didn't need love. i have great friends and a great life but something was missing. i tried to convince myself it wasn't love i don't need a man i am an independant women. then Eli came around his perfectness scared the hell out of me. i tried to convince myself. i Dont need love . i don't need love. I need Eli.

Tell me if i should continue!!!!! i love this story !!! tell meh wht yuh think=)=)


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wen i get five yess i will continue sorry i just wanna make sure ppl like it<3 i swear this is tha only time i will evr do this
it's nice...keep writing and keep me updated!!!!!!
OOOOH Pllllllllzzzzzz Keep Writing this i wanna read it, i will sic a rabid Chupacabra on u if u dont lol
wow okay i dont wnat tht^ hehe ill write some tonight tomorow or this weekend i have alot on my plate with school and stuff but i WILL update as soon as possible!!!!thanx so much love yuh guyz!!!dont be afraid to tell yo riends about mehhh !!!!!!!
awesome hope you continue!

"its over" his voice was ice cold like antartica in the winter. his burned inot mine."goodbye Emma" he got up from the bench we were sitting at and walked away. his long hair waved in the wind. he just took everything with him, my heart, my soul was with him and now hhe was gone. now i was gone.
my heart sank. i was nothing without him. i couldn't live without him. i wouldn;t live without him.

the water was cold. it felt like ice persing my skin, every part of me hurt. i creid out in pain which made the water fill my lungs. whatever air was in my lungs disapeared. i fought baging my hands against the car window , then i remebred what the hell am i fighting for? my body went limp, i felt no pain. it vanished the second i accepted it. i felt god in me the strength i felt with him around me. my eyes shut blackness was all i saw. i still struggled not willing to let go of eveything. i gave in letting myself drift away taking god into my heart.

sorry its so short!!!! i wanted to post at least alittle tel me what yuh think plzplzplzplzplz lol
i like it........................
wow, sounds cool, update ;]
I luv it. The Chupacabra was sad that it didnt get to visit you :) lol Plzzz post more soon.

Chuppie the Chupacabra says to tell u Eh-Oh!

This is good :) keep it up :)
just a word of advise...maybe read it over once before you post just to make sure you caught the few grammer errors you hav (srry i'm a little picky aabout grammer these days...dont blame me...blame my new teacher...he has to make sure everything is perfect :P)

anyway, i cant w8 to see what you've thought up for this story :D cant wait for more!!!!!
aw thanx so much:)


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