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This takes two years after Breaking Dawn. Most characters belong to SM.
Its PG-13, for now.....
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It's all about a girl named Olivia and about her long past, adventurous present, and unknown future.

Author’s Note: This is a story about Seth and the girl he falls in love with. She has a big family, and those are the only characters that are 100% mine. Everything
else except for plot belongs to Stephenie Meyer. For those of you that are
reading for this for the first time, keep reading. For those of you that are
returning readers and read Chapters 29-46 before October 17, 2011, you need to
read this author’s note. I am reposting and this is why. I have been struggling
the past 5 months on where this story was heading. I decided that throwing
additional characters into the mix would make the story even more convoluted.
Thus, I am editing some of the final chapters to give you readers a clearer
story. Starting with Chapter 29, I will be reposting over the next few weeks.
If you have already read beyond Chapter 29 you will need to re-read for the
story to make sense. If you haven’t read past Chapter 29 before October 17th,
2011, then continue on. You will know if a chapter has been edited if it has an
author’s note similar to this at the beginning of the chapter. If it does not,
that means it has not been reposted. I appreciate your patience in waiting for
a conclusion, and believe me it will be forthcoming now that I have decided
where this is going. If there are any confusions you had in the story and want
me to clarify, let me know by leaving a comment so I can change that. Thanks
again for bearing with me. 

Your author,


Table of Contents:
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Chapter 1
Blind Man
Edward Point of View

"Seth, do you want to go to the club with us?" I asked. Alice wanted to take us to this brand new club tonight, and Jacob was watching Nessie. I could hardly believe she looked about twelve years old. She seemed to be interested in boys, but continued to treat Jacob like a best friend, luckily.


"Sure, I would love to go dancing with a bunch of vampires, especially because I'm under aged." He chuckled.


"Actually, you won't be drinking anything with alcohol. And Alice picked out your outfit; it's up in my room."


"Good, because I don't think that torn jeans would be a very good idea for clubbing, but I'm kind of scared to see what she picked out." And he ran upstairs. I waited in the living room and was quickly joined by the love of my life looking absolutely stunning.


"You look really sexy." She whispered so no one else could hear. Forget the club, let's go to the cottage. She thought.


"You know I would love to, but I'm quite positive Alice won't let us go. And we haven't danced in awhile anyways. Did I mention how beautiful you look?"


"No, but thank you." And she gave me a peck on the lips.


"Get a room!"


"Shut up, Emmett!" My beautiful wife retaliated. And we were then joined by Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Seth.


"The girls are taking my car. The boys are taking Emmett's jeep." Rosalie tuned in.


"Race you!" Emmett said, running to his jeep.


"Make sure you put her to bed early enough Jacob." Bella told our babysitter.


"Sure, sure. Go have fun." Jacob said as we walked out the door.


The girls beat us to the club. It had an enormous line out front. But we just walked right in. I noticed that the bouncer was a vampire who looked about eighteen. He was larger than Emmett though. He told me as I walked past him, "Don't let the kid drink." And then went back to checking ID's of people in the line and seeing if the names corresponded with his list. Once we were in the club I immediately went to the middle of the dance floor with Bella. So did Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. I noticed that Seth went to the bar. He had the look in his eyes that like a blind man seeing sun for the first time.



Seth’s outfit:
*What do you think? I love comments. Let me know if I spelled something wrong or there is a grammar error, or something just doesn’t make sense so I can fix it. More is on the way. Add me if you want updates.*

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thanks i rohat
i will post more soon! i'm sorry that you're addicted.
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im sorry about your head. the next chappie will be super long so trust me its worth the wait
Note From The Author: I know I haven't posted on this story in a long time, and I am soo sorry! I kept writing this chapter and I realized I should have posted it a while ago. I cut it off at a good stopping point. And more is coming soon!

Chapter 40
Media Madness
Olivia Point of View

The alarm on my phone woke me up at four-thirty in the morning. I mindlessly dressed in my business skirt and jacket. I placed my hair in a neat bun at the back of my head and quickly applied some make-up. I threw my wallet, phone, and keys into my purse. I made sure that my laptop case had all of the papers, cords, and the laptop itself and left a note for Seth in case he woke up before I returned.

Went to the meeting. There is food downstairs if you want something to eat. I’ll be back before nine. Text me if you wake up.


I walked down the stairs in my comfortable business heels and made a bee-line straight for the kitchen. Jenna was there making my work smoothie. It had tofu, strawberries, banana, raspberries, ice, and berry juice. This single drink pulled me through the mornings of dealing with endless paper work, monkeys in suits, and problems that could have been easily solved without coming to me.

Jenna handed me the drink and caught me of guard.

“You’re not fooling anyone, no one has commented yet because we know there is a reason you want to wait, but don’t think that anyone is actually that stupid.” She eyed the ring on my finger. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I had been worried she was planning on talking to me about the upcoming battle with the Volturi.

“Yeah, we just wanted to wait until we got back and I actually met Seth’s mom before we told everyone else. It’s not like we’re in a rush to get married or anything like that.”

“Except that you’ve only known Seth for two weeks.” And then it hit me like a baseball bat, I had only met Seth two weeks ago. How was it even possible that I felt so connected to him after such a short time? These past two weeks had felt like months. But at this point I couldn’t fathom a life without him.

“Wow, how did that happen?”

“How did what happen?”

“How did I fall head over heels for someone so fast?”

“True love, imprinting, I don’t know?” Jenna replied with a shrug. Our conversation ended there. I finished my drink and went to the garage. I grabbed the keys to my Harley and my helmet. I threw my bags into the storage bags on the sides, threw a leg over, pulled on the helmet, and turned on the bike. The purr of the engine made me feel at home. I pulled out of the garage and waved the Ellen as she left her house for the morning.

The trip to the office was short because it was easy to navigate between the cars on my Harley. The new gate manager didn’t recognize me so I had to pull out my id. He frantically ran around apologizing and asking me if I needed anything. I told him not to worry and that it was alright. The bad part about dealing with interns or new employees is that they freak out when they realize they just met the big-bad-boss and that they might have just lost their job. Of course they wouldn’t lose their job because I thought it was ridiculous on TV when the boss would fire people who did nothing wrong. It seemed totally unrealistic to me.

I pulled into my space, hoped on the elevator, and hurried up to the floor of my meeting. Tom, Jim, and about twenty people were already there, some representing multiple companies. Jim was my lawyer and I had him around for just about everything that involved me signing something. Tom was just the negotiator between companies.

“It’s good to see you, Jim.” I gave him a hug and set up at the head of the table right next to him. Tom sat on my left and we shared a formal hand shake. I greeted everyone with a Hello, and head nod. I knew everyone but not as anything more than associates.

“So what do we have here?” I said looking over the papers once more.

“Multiple companies are hoping to merge with yours. This economy has people in sort of a bad spot and your company seems to be the only one completely unaffected. They want you to guide them and help them back on their feet. You will be a co-owner, will share an equal amount of the profit, and will have equal say in what is done regarding the companies’ management. Your company will remain untouched by them. They have agreed to comply with your work habits after this first meeting.” Jim stated implying they would send the documents to me up in Forks and there would be little requirement for me to ever come down to California.

“Jim, you’re my lawyer, do you see any tricks because I sure as hell don’t?”

He slipped on his glasses and reviewed his notes. “I don’t see any tricks, I simply think these companies want help and will do nearly anything to get it. All you have to do is decide which companies you want underneath your belt.”

I reviewed the list myself and it seemed rather hefty. I had previously high-lighted the ones that were definite possibilities. I told Jim the ones I was willing to merge with and signed those papers. The other people in the meeting didn’t say a word in trying to convince me to sign their company. They knew I wouldn’t budge.

After the companies had been decided on, I excused the people that belonged to companies I had no desire to merge with. Once they had left, everyone scooted closer to me to listen to what I had to say. I opened up my laptop and turned on the projector to start my PowerPoint.

I simply stated what I had done with my company. I reported what my relatives had done to improve the company. I told them that I would work individually with each company and their owners, presidents, or whoever was running the show. I gave them my business cards and told them I would start working with people individually now, and that the person in charge needed to contact me within the next two days or I would withdraw my agreement. If they weren’t going to cooperate then why would I?

I headed back to my office and talked with Jim for an hour about the details. Once everything was finalized I stood up and he walked me to my Harley.

“So when do I get to meet the lucky guy?” He said gesturing to my ring.

“Soon, before the wedding. Don’t tell anyone or make any announcements. We want to keep it on the down low for awhile, because the wedding won’t happen for some time.” He nodded at my request. I straddled my Harley and waved goodbye to the man who had been there as a mentor for as long as I could remember. I hurried back to the house even more quickly than I had on the way to the office. It was nine o’clock by the time I arrived back at the house. I pulled into the garage and dropped my bags next to the staircase and kicked off my heels. I headed to the living room and found everyone sitting around watching the news. I sat down next to Seth and saw what was on the TV. The announcement of what happened in my meeting this morning.

The reporter stood in front of the building and spoke, obviously not having a clue as to what was actually going on.

“This morning, deals were signed right and left, merging companies all over the world. Owner, Executive, and Business Titan, Olivia Coleman,” Business Titan? Who wrote this? “Agreed to give numerous other companies a hand in getting out of trouble, she handled the meeting in less than two hours and came out riding her Harley in heels.” It showed a shot of me with heels and my Harley. The blonde bimbo went on yapping as my cell phone rang. It was Ellen.

“Why didn’t you tell me that was what you were in town for?” She asked totally shocked.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal. I still don’t think it’s a big deal.”

“Would you come on the show today, as a guest?”

“Sure, we were planning on coming anyway, but as audience members. I’ll be there. Don’t you have John and Robert on today?”

“Yeah, but the producers want me to squeeze you in too.”

“I’ll be there. What time do you want me there?”

“Could you be there at noon?”

“Yeah, that sounds great. What should I wear?”

“Whatever you want, I’ll see you in three hours.” I snapped the phone shut and looked around to see everyone staring at me and the TV had been muted.


“Did Ellen just ask you to be on the show?” Rose asked.

“Yeah, I have to be there early for prepping and all that. You guys can come at that time or meet me there. But you boys have courtside seats at a Lakers game that you have to get to. And then the Premiere is right afterward. There will be a limo waiting for us at Ellen’s and one at the Staple’s Center for you guys. Make sure that you go all out for the premiere. Alice, I think you already bought the outfits?”

“Yes, I did!” She was clapping and bouncing up and down. “The outfits are in everyone’s closets.”

“And what is that whole thing with the mergers?” Evan and Ryan asked.

“That’s the reason we’re down here. For that meeting, because some people are having a really hard time in the economy and I can’t blame them. I had a tough time rearranging our budget last year.”

“You rearranged our budget?” Everyone in my family asked in unison.

“Yours and the company’s. You just didn’t know it. It’s not like our family needed it but I just wanted to be safe. No biggie. Now I am going to go get ready for Ellen’s and then Seth and I are going to head out for some fun. Make sure that you’re there in time. The back-stage passes for everything are in the kitchen, except for the premiere tickets. I have those. See you all later.” Seth and I journeyed upstairs and I flopped down on my bed the second the door was closed. Seth wrapped his arms around me and lay beside me.

“Would you pick out something for me to wear on Ellen?” I asked him.

“Absolutely,” He grinned and headed to the closet. What on Earth did he have in store for me? A few minutes later he came out with a red strapless dress with these layers on the left breast. “This is what was in there, for tonight at the premiere, but I think you should wear it to both. And I think you look hot in the color red.” He admitted unashamed.

“I’ll wear it just for you then. Are there shoes in there too?” He nodded. “Could you grab me a pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt? Because I need to get out of this outfit.” He went back into the closet and came out with my converse, jeans, a plain blue shirt, and his leather jacket. I smiled, thanked him, and took the clothes into the bathroom. I quickly changed, took my hair out of the bun and brushed out my hair. I exited the bathroom and Seth was waiting for me in faded jeans, shoes, and a light blue shirt that matched mine. How cute?

“Let’s go riding around for a while.” He agreed. I grabbed my keys, wallet, cell phone and jacket. I left the dress, shoes, make-up bag, and some accessories on the bed. We exited the room and I saw Liz walking by with Embry. “Hey, Liz, could you take the stuff on my bed to Ellen?” She agreed. “The limousine will actually pick you guys up here and take you to Ellen and the game. But I’m getting there by other means.” I slid Seth a sly smile. “See you guys later.”

“Bye, have fun.” Embry told Seth and wriggled his eyebrows.

“I will,” Seth retorted. I grabbed his hand and we flew down the stairs. I pulled him to the garage. I tossed him my spare helmet and pulled on mine. I threw my wallet and phone in the saddle bags and threw my leg over the bike. Seth did the same and wrapped his arms around my waist. I laughed as the engine revved up. I pulled out of the garage and drove to this little park close to the house. It was a nice day even with the cloud cover. We simply took a stroll through the park, conversing about childhood memories of trips to the park. Just enjoying the scenery and my man next to me was all I needed. After just under an hour, we hopped back on to the bike. I dropped Seth off at the game and then headed for the studio. I parked my ride in the VIP parking lot.

I called Ellen and asked her if my bike would be safe in the parking lot over night. She said it would be fine and that I should come inside for hair and make-up. I strolled into the building and checked in with different managers and security. I already knew where my room was. When I got there I found all of the girls waiting. Jenna was holding my dress and shoes. Meanwhile, Liz held my make-up bag. I did a quick change and let Alice apply my make-up and do my hair. Alice had a knack for dressing people up.

Everyone else was already dressed in their evening attire. Someone came by and took them to the audience. I wait for about ten minutes, until someone came and knocked on my door. I was escorted to this area where John and Robert were waiting.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” John greeted excitedly as I hugged him.

“I was in town, and with what happened this morning, Ellen asked me to come on the show today.” I replied as I hugged Rob.

“What happened this morning?” The two asked in unison.

“Do either of you watch the news?” They shook their heads. “I signed a few deals this morning that happen to be extremely important. Or so the media thinks. And how has it been with you two?”

“Premiere tonight for a movie that is based on a book series about a girl named Bella Goose who falls in love with a vampire. I’m the vampire.” I had to hold in my laughter as Robert spilled the details. I realized he looked similar to Edward. Just not so pale.

“Thanks for the tickets by the way.”

“No problem, I had a few extras. And I can’t believe you came to town with twenty people.”

“Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. So what about you, John?”

“New album coming out,” he responded.

“Am I going to get an autographed copy?”

“Absolutely.” He signed a CD and gave it to me. Robert was called and had to go on stage. The next thing John and I know is we are covering our ears to prevent the ear-shattering screams from piercing our ears.

“That’s madness.”

“You can say that again.” John replied.

“That’s madness.” I repeated, and we both burst out laughing. We talked about our lives for a few minutes until Rob came back. “Is it always like that?”

“Sometimes worse. I have even had people ask me to bite them.” I burst out laughing at the hilarity of it all. I mean if I said that in my household, things could get out of hand. Well, not in my household, but in the Volturi’s castle.

John went on next. It wasn’t as loud, but still decent. I could hear Rosalie screaming, “Marry Me, John!”, when she obviously was already married like all of the other women screaming the same words. Rob and I both laughed. John did a little singing, had an interview with Ellen, and then came backstage again.

“You’re up.” The backstage manager gestured me towards the entrance on stage. I walked through in my heels and the song, “Waking Up In Vegas”, came over the speakers. I danced my way to Ellen. She hugged me and we both sat down.

“How am I supposed to follow both of those guys?” I started off. “That’s a tough combo to follow.”

“It’s a good thing this is my show, or I would feel some pressure to compete with them too.” The audience laughed and then started getting to the details. “So you had an important meeting this morning?”

“Yeah, the media seems to think so.”

“It’s a good thing I’m not the media. Now let’s talk about the fun stuff. So you told me earlier this week you were in town with family?”

“Yeah, the boys are at a sporting event and the girls are in the audience.” The girls all waved as one of the cameras spun towards them.

“How many people are in this family?”

“We’re not all related by blood. In fact, we’re two families and then some additions here and there, but total, including myself, twenty-one.”

“Did you all drive here in a bus?”

“We might as well have.” Everyone laughed again.

“Did you bring someone along on this trip as your addition?”

“Actually, I did bring a special someone with me.”

“Do I get a name? Description? Come on throw me a bone.” I had to hold in another laughter thinking of the wolves and bones.

“He’s younger than I am, but not by much. He’s taller than you could possibly fathom. He also eats enough food to feed a family of four. I guess it’s a good thing I know how to cook.”

“You always were a good cook at those neighborhood barbeques.” Ellen commented reminiscing on the good old days.

“Actually, his older sister is in the audience.” Leah waved and smiled at the camera.

“Okay, I’m starting to imagine what he looks like.”

“You can see him tonight at the premiere.”

“I’ll have to check him out.” She thought aloud. “Well, thanks for coming on the show.”

“My pleasure, Ellen.” We danced our way to commercial. I hugged her goodbye and my party and I went out the back entrance to the limo. I could hardly wait to see Seth. Talking about him on the show did nothing to help the ache I had from wanting him by my side.
thanks Alex, and I'm glad you liked it
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Bella Goose????
I love this story!!!
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