The Twilight Saga

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This takes two years after Breaking Dawn. Most characters belong to SM.
Its PG-13, for now.....
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It's all about a girl named Olivia and about her long past, adventurous present, and unknown future.

Author’s Note: This is a story about Seth and the girl he falls in love with. She has a big family, and those are the only characters that are 100% mine. Everything
else except for plot belongs to Stephenie Meyer. For those of you that are
reading for this for the first time, keep reading. For those of you that are
returning readers and read Chapters 29-46 before October 17, 2011, you need to
read this author’s note. I am reposting and this is why. I have been struggling
the past 5 months on where this story was heading. I decided that throwing
additional characters into the mix would make the story even more convoluted.
Thus, I am editing some of the final chapters to give you readers a clearer
story. Starting with Chapter 29, I will be reposting over the next few weeks.
If you have already read beyond Chapter 29 you will need to re-read for the
story to make sense. If you haven’t read past Chapter 29 before October 17th,
2011, then continue on. You will know if a chapter has been edited if it has an
author’s note similar to this at the beginning of the chapter. If it does not,
that means it has not been reposted. I appreciate your patience in waiting for
a conclusion, and believe me it will be forthcoming now that I have decided
where this is going. If there are any confusions you had in the story and want
me to clarify, let me know by leaving a comment so I can change that. Thanks
again for bearing with me. 

Your author,


Table of Contents:
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Chapter 1
Blind Man
Edward Point of View

"Seth, do you want to go to the club with us?" I asked. Alice wanted to take us to this brand new club tonight, and Jacob was watching Nessie. I could hardly believe she looked about twelve years old. She seemed to be interested in boys, but continued to treat Jacob like a best friend, luckily.


"Sure, I would love to go dancing with a bunch of vampires, especially because I'm under aged." He chuckled.


"Actually, you won't be drinking anything with alcohol. And Alice picked out your outfit; it's up in my room."


"Good, because I don't think that torn jeans would be a very good idea for clubbing, but I'm kind of scared to see what she picked out." And he ran upstairs. I waited in the living room and was quickly joined by the love of my life looking absolutely stunning.


"You look really sexy." She whispered so no one else could hear. Forget the club, let's go to the cottage. She thought.


"You know I would love to, but I'm quite positive Alice won't let us go. And we haven't danced in awhile anyways. Did I mention how beautiful you look?"


"No, but thank you." And she gave me a peck on the lips.


"Get a room!"


"Shut up, Emmett!" My beautiful wife retaliated. And we were then joined by Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Seth.


"The girls are taking my car. The boys are taking Emmett's jeep." Rosalie tuned in.


"Race you!" Emmett said, running to his jeep.


"Make sure you put her to bed early enough Jacob." Bella told our babysitter.


"Sure, sure. Go have fun." Jacob said as we walked out the door.


The girls beat us to the club. It had an enormous line out front. But we just walked right in. I noticed that the bouncer was a vampire who looked about eighteen. He was larger than Emmett though. He told me as I walked past him, "Don't let the kid drink." And then went back to checking ID's of people in the line and seeing if the names corresponded with his list. Once we were in the club I immediately went to the middle of the dance floor with Bella. So did Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. I noticed that Seth went to the bar. He had the look in his eyes that like a blind man seeing sun for the first time.



Seth’s outfit:
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awesoe story!! update soon!!


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