The Twilight Saga

I decided to write a fanfic. But I wont be able to start until tomorrow afternoon. I just got back into school and I am going to have to have time for my homework.

I don't think I have much this week, so I should be able to get at least 1 chapter in. I might get to 2 though. No promises.

I would like for someone to make me a banner, but not until I get the plot flowing.

Here is the first chapter, A little early I might say.

Chapter 1: Coming Home

Seths POV

Jacobs cousin is supposed to be coming today. I am exited! I have no idea of what she is like. But if she is anything like Jacob, she will be awesome. Jacob doesn't want us around her for a while. Since we are werewolves and all. So I will keep my distance untill he says its ok.

Jacob just left for the airport. She is flying in from North Carolina. I think Jacob said that she stayed on the Cherokee reservation. I don't know why she stayed in the Cherokee though, since she is Quilleute. Hopefully she felt at home in the Cherokee Reservation. But I hope she feels even more at home in La Push. I researched on the internet and it says that they have their own language. I hope she knows English.

Jacob should be back from the airport in about-

My phone vibrated cutting me off mid-thought.

It was Jacob.

Hey Seth. Just picked up Katelynn. Will see you in an hour. -Jacob

Wait. I have been thinking about her all this time and I didn't know her name? Wow. I am just creeping myself out even more these days.

I am feeling very lonely. All of my other brothers have found their imprints. Sam with Emily, Jacob with Renesmee, Paul with Rachel, Brady with Avery, Collin with Tristan, Jared with Kim, Quil with Clair, and Leah with.... Zach. And I have yet to find my imprint. It has been seven years.

Jacob is happy with Renesmee, who stopped growing when her body looked 17 physically and mentally. But she is only truely seven. Jacob says he is going to keep phasing forever to stay with Renesmee. Sam and Emily now have 3 children. Josh, who is 6, Jessica, who is 4, and Joseph, who is 2. Paul and Rachel have one child, Aimee, who is 3. And Jared and Kim have 2 kids, Alex, who is 5, and Hunter, who is 1.

All of the sudden, I felt a pull. A pull towards the front porch and outside towards Jacobs Rabbit. Wait. Jacobs rabbit? Jacobs back. Oh shoot. Im in his house..... I have to get out before Jacob sees me.

I ran upstairs and through Jacobs room and out his window. Oh crap. Jacob will smell me. Oh well. At least Katelynn woulden't. Oh dang it. That pull... so weak.. pulling me towards his house. No. I have to keep running. I ran to my house, and went inside and shut the door, breathing heavily. Why am I breathing heavy? Oh well. Just gotta deal with it.

My phone vibrated again. It was Jacob again.


Oops. I got caught.

Hey Jacob. Sorry. I was still there from earlier. Didn't notice the time pass. Sorry -Seth

Oh well. Jacob is just going to have to deal with it. I decided that I was going to on a walk on the beach. Once I got there, I sat in the water, right where it washes up. I decided to keep going one I thought about if a big wave comes and waterlogges my phone.

Right as I was getting up my phone vibrated again. Jacob, again.

Sorry Seth. Its ok. I shouldn't have blown up on you. -Jacob

Oh. OK. So you are going to go all softy on me again Jacob. I don't like people going all softy on me! Once he gets away from Katelynn, Im going to show him a peice of my mind.

A/N: Hey all!! Im sorry it is a little short. I decided to go a little ways into my chapter. So I posted it tonight. This is what I wrote in 30 minutes. Sorry for my grammar and punctuation mistakes if I had any. Hope you all like it!! And just to let you know, Most other chapters will be longer. And Yes, I changed the name of the story... I thought of a new base line that I could write more off of. BE HAPPY!!


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I'm writing today, before I go on my cruise... So I should be able to post more today!!
Thanks... I want to know too!! lol. I will..

Love it! Its going good :) Keep me updated!
I'll add you as a friend in a minute!!
love it
Thanks. I will
Thanks =D
I'm writing right now!! Won't be long!!!
Awwww this is really good!!!
Can't wait for more!!!!!
please oh pretty please WRITE MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or i will have to cry! (not really)
I like it a lot hahahaha I have a Seth story too is called Full Moon series !!!! hope you read and like it. Can't wait for the update!!
hey tay whats gng on? You havent updated.


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