The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1 part
Leah's POV

chapter one part one i hated when mom when out of town, but this time i when with her and so did Seth, my stupid little brother, i love him he is my little brother and ever since Sam imprinted on Emily and dumped me i had become a distastful, bitter, unwanted whichy jerk. it was the only way i could stop myself everyday from breaking out and crying. we had just got off the plane in New York when i saw a boy about my age staring at that moment it felt like i had just drop every peice of my life for this boy. i couldnt help but star as he did the same. finally, he got the corage to come talk to me. i told mom to wait right there. she just nodded and talked to Seth. like i cared for a moment i forgot who Seth was.

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Chapter 17 Leah's POV
"Jake do you smell that?" I asked him. We are on the way to my house we have around 45 mins. tell Deven gets to my house.
"Ya, let me drop you off at your house and I will come back. It's a bloodsucker," he said with discusted in his voice.
"No way I want in on this one. You don't get to have all the fun, besides I have 45 mins,"I said. He looked out the window and nodded his head slowly. Ya I get to fight and date on the same night. "Thanks, pull over here. It smells liike there is two. One for each of us." We don't usually get vistors for Nessie anymore, the whole thing has died down...a little.
"Ok let's go," he said and pulled over to the side of the road. We both jumped out of the car and when to are own seperate places to take are clothes off and transform. I slowly slide the blue dress off and noticed the bikini. It was blue with the words 'Party' on oneside of the top and on the other was 'Girl.' I don't know why Alice picked this one. The last time I went to a party was when I was 13. That was the first time I met Sam. I quickly took the bathingsuit off and let the angry ripples control my body.
'Hey, Jake you ready?' i asked waiting for his answer.
'Yep let's go,' he thought. He was thinking how Nessie would be proud of him for killing evil vamps. Nessie, just like the werewolves, hated vamps that sucked on humans. Partly because she is half human. The other part was she just liked being on Jake's side.
'There they are,' Jake thought making me lift my head up from the ground. There was way more than two, maybe ten.
'Why do you think they are here?' I asked Jake. I have never seen so many, well except the Cullens and the Volturi.
'Looking for humans' he thought with venom in his voice. I love Jake, as a brother. He knew when to drop the subject. Aw, Seth was probaly eating right now. No other wolves were out.
'Let's get this over with I got a date.' Hm a date. Focuse Leah, ithought to myself. Jake and I stood back to back, so none of the demons could attack us. Jake got thrown into a big, hard bolder. I heard something snap.
'You okay?' I thought. If Jake broke something, he would have to transform into a human and pop it back into the correct position.
"No, I broke my arm and leg, let me pop it back, you take care of them,' he thought. there are only like what 4 left.
'Get Edward Jake!' I thought. God, 4 against 1 isn't good odds.
'It will be okay, I'm going to call Edward right now, bye,' that was it. he transformed. It was like a line went dead. The biggest one attacked me from the back, ripping off most of the skin on my right should. I yelped. Then another one stepped on my arm and broke it. The next one snapped the other arm, well my human arms at least. then the last one bit me, right on the neck. Edward and Emmet appeared and then everything went black. I tried to fight against it but it swallowed me. This is what I wanted when Sam dumped me, but not now. This was suppose to be my best day ever. I stayed in the darkness for who knows how long, thinking about Deven.

Deven's POV
Well I'm like 30 mins early, so I decided to just drive. Even here, they have people making out in the forest or in an alley or something. I see a blue sun dress and a bathingsuit, with something written on it, but I don't see a guys close. He probaly changed somewhere else. I wander who it is? I hear a painful howl and a tall muslcaur guy desend from the foroest.
"Jake?" I said to myself. His head shot up and I pulled over to see him. Why is Jake here?
"Jake, what are you doing?" I asked. I didn't know Jake very well, but he wouldn't do this.
"Edward we ran into some new ones," he said into his phone. New what? "Someone's here... hold on let me pop my bones back into place," he said. he held the phone out to me. Dang, it was really hot. I heard something snap and turned to Jake popping bones into place.
"HELLO-JAKE?" a voice screamed. I heard another snap.
"Tell him where we are," Jake said to me. I told him and he hung up. I saw a Jeep come zooming around the corner.
"Permission?" the bronzed hair asked as he jumped out of the Jeep.
"YES. NOW HURRY SHE'S IN DANGER, THERE'S LIKE FOUR OF THEM!!!" Jake was bacically yelling at them. the started torwards the forsest then the big one turned around and said "Jake take him to Carlilse, she wouldn't want him to see her in that form." It all fit back together in my head. Leah, my Leah is trouble.
"LEAH, LEAH!!!" I screamed, but the others were already gone and JAke grabbed me and flung my body over his shoulder.
"What were you doing with her? What happend? JAKE!!! Where is she?" he put me in the car and buckled me, then went to grab the dress I saw earlier.
"She will be fine... I hope," he said trying to reasure himself, not me.
"What were you guys doing?" I asked a little worried for the answer. She was cheating. Well we aren't together, but I thought she felt the same way, I guess I was wrong.
"Not what you think, but Leah will have to tell you, not me," he said as we pulled up to a big white house.
omg...... leah is dying, poor leah, poor deven!
Chapter 18 Leah's POV
Burning was all I felt...well physically. Mentally I am dying, all I could think about was Deven! I thought about the first day I saw him...the day he asked me out...and his smile. I thougth about how are first date might have gone, how we would be on the beach, hints the bathingsuit. The only way I knew I wasn't dead, was the fact I still felt the pull to him.

Deven's POV
"When is she going to wake up?" I asked which Felt like the thousands time today...ok, well with in the last hour. I still haven't figuired it out, though! Even if she was with him, I would still always love her.
"Daddy, daddy!!! Jakey said somethings wrong with Le-Le! What's wrong?" a little girl with bouncy brown curls said as she ran in. It sounded like she loved Leah almost as much I as loved Leah.
"Is that Deven-her im-" she said not able to finish the sentence before Jake cut her off.
"Um Ness you know we aren't suppose to be talking about that, you could get in trouble," Jake said while looking to Edward. Her what?
"Um I need you all to leave," Carlile said as he walked in. He looked torwards Edward to! What's up with this family? Is Edward their savor or something? A laughter broke my thought. It was Edward, of course. I don't know how he could laugh during this time, I guess nethier could Emment, the tall stronge guy. "What the hell is wrong with you, man?" Edward leaned in and whispered in his ear. Then Emment's roaring laughter started.
"ok out now!!!" Mr. Cullen said, cutting off the laughter. We all nodded are heads and walked out into the other room.
"I have to go, I will be back in 5," Jake said. Great, he decides to run off while his friend is laying in this bed and about to knows what could happen to her. That's when everything happend.
Deven's POV
"EDWARD,'' Mr.Cullen screamed and Edward went into Leah's room. so this is just the Cullen's house, but still there is a doctor here. I hope she's okay, I mean I know I need to do more than hope, but there is nothing more I can do. The pull got stronger and stonger and then I heard yelling. Loud, annoyed yelling.
"Where is he? Did you tell him? Is he here?" It was Leah's voice! She is alived! She is in the room next to me! Without think I walked strait over to her room, and opened the door. What I saw in there would scar me for the rest of my life! There was Dr.Cullen bent over, bittening on Leah's arm. The weird thing was Leah didn't seem to mind it! Leah looked up when she saw the door open and she was shocked that it was me.

Leah's POV
Deven was in here watching Carslile suck the venom out of me! I didn't know what to say. Edward do something! i thought towards him.
"Um deven why don't you go wait outside?" Edward said. Deven stood there for a moment then said "Wh-what are you doing to my girlfriend?" he was almost yelling, but the part thegot me by surprise was the word girlfriend! We hdn't even went out and he wanted me to be his girlfriend? that's so so great! i had expected him to hate me after he saw this.
"Girlfriend? Deven did you just call me your girlfriend?"I asked in a steady voice trying not to let my voice crack. I know what he said, but it was just shocking that he could like me this much!
"He does," Edward wispered in my ear.
"Um ya is that to fast?" Deven asked in a weak whisper. Hell no, it's not to fast! Where would he get that from? I started to feel a little dizzy, oh ya he whole vampire sucking my blood thing might have made that happen. Edward, its all out! tell your daddy to stop! I thought and he nodded his head.
"Hey you can stop now its all out," he whispered so Deven wouldn't hear. "Deven, she will be out in no time, do you mind stepping out?" Edward asked, probaly because he didn't want Deven to see the bite marks on my hand.
"Well i don't have a choice do I?"Deven asked, which he was pretty much right. edward nodded his head at Deven. Deven was on his way out when he looked back at me and then to Edward as to say, I would stay, but Edward would beat the hell out of me! Which Edward could do, but I know he wouldn't, he wasn't planning on killing anyone... today at least.
"Very funny Leah!" Edward said, almost in a defeated voice.
Chapter 19 Deven's POV
I...all I can think about is Leah. First, I tried watching a movie, but when the main charater was a brown eyed, and brown hair girl, not as beautiful as Leah though. After that I tried playing video games, but when my stupid dad came and ask where Leah was, I walked out of the room. Last, I tried reading, I grab the first book I saw and started reading, but the charaters name was Aleah, which was close enough to make me freak out. My dad was worried, the only way I noticed was the worry lines, he only got that once, when my mom died. I don't know wwhat to do! I still love her, she doesn't love me! My room still isn't unpacked though,so I could do that, i mean i'm in here right now. I grab the first box, it's pictures. The first one is of me and Beth. She's my ex-girlfriend. She is the head cheerleader, but she's pretty self-centered. Her curly blonde hair gives her face the perfect frame. She's pretty, but not beautiful, not like Leah. Everthing I ever wanted, is 5 mins. away from me, and I can't do anything about it. This is way different than it was with Beth because Leah is perfect, she is the best, and I guess I am not going to get the best.
Chapter 19 Leah's POV
Here I am walking to Deven's house, good thing he walked or Iwouldn't of had a sent to pick up on! Every piece of my heart is ripped. Nothing feels right, every step I talk reminds me of Deven. In fact, everything reminds me of Deven. I hate this wolf gene, I hate it! I hate it more than anything. If I haden't been a wolf I wouldn't have to run around in tthe middle of the night with Jake and have Deven thinking me and Jake are a couple! Why does are tribe have to have this gene? Also, it would be nice to have a normal brother. Normal everything would be nice. No vampires, no werewolves, just people! Is that to much to ask? I blew a big chunk of air out of my mouth, and continued walking down the deserted street. I soon gained the sent of Deven in a pretty good sized house. I walked around the house trying to hear something. It sounded like someone was unpacking. I could hear the boxs being moved around. I looked for a window, it was right next to the tree, just my luck! I climb the tree easily, the hard part was trying to make a quiet entrance. I jumped landing on my toes, right next to his window. I peeked in just to make sure it was his room, not his parents. Prew, it was him sitting there looking at a photo. It was him and a girl. I quickly and quietly jumpeed threw the window and layed on his bed. He just sat there and looked at the photos in the box. About 3 mins. he started to cry!
"Deven are you okay?" I asked as quietly as I could hoping he wouldn't hear me.
"Ya I am fine, gosh I really am crazy, sitting here talking to myself!" he said without looking around.
"Your not talking to yourself, see turn around," I said louder than the first time, just barely more than a whisper. He slowly turned around, when his met my eyes he jumped.
"Why are you here? Shouln't you be with Jacob?" he spat at me. heart ripped and ripped even more when he said that.
"Why would I be with Jake?" I ask, I knew what he would say, but I had to make sure I was right.
"You guys are dating or something," he said, hatred fillled his voice.
"NO we are so not a thing," I said as honest as possible. It is the truth, but me and Jake are best friends so we are a thing, but a friend thing.
"Then why do you spend so much time with HIM?" he asked. That was the one question I just didn't want to answer.
"I...we are really good friend, that's all," I said honestly.
"OH that explains why you and him were naked in a forest TOGETHER!" he said anger clear in his voice.
"We are good friends, and thats all!" I said as angerly as Icould, but I couldn't lie to him thats why i said that.
"Just get OUT!" he was yelling. I took a step out the window.
"Happy?" I asked in a joking voice.
"ok nevermind that, but what do you Jake do?" he asked kind of paniced.
"Oh are you jealous?" I asked in an joking tone.
"NO! what do you guys do?" he asked.
"We still on for that date?" I asked trying to change the subject.
"um ya sure," he said with NO emotion! I thought he would be happy.
"Ok well I got to go. Goodnight," I said and jumped to the tree.
"Goodnight," he whispered.
poor deven, he's being tourtured, just tell him already leah !
Im going to update as soon as I can, promise
Chapter 20 Deven's POV
I feel like I'm being strung around by Leah, but for some reason I just can't find any siccors to cut the string! The biggest problem is, I don't care that I can't cut the stupid strings! Happy Birthday I thought to myself as a pulled myself out my of bed and my own thoughts. I got out and then changed my mind about going downstairs. I layed back into bed, and continued my train of thought. I should really tell Leah that we should just be friends, that I changed my mind. I'm not good for her, she could do way better! I grabbed my phone and dailed my number and hung up before she could answer. Well I probably should plan this out. First, I will call her and tell her that I just want to be friends, for now. Then Iwait for her response. Ok, well not so much of a plan. Again, I dailed her nnumber.
"Hey Deven! What's going on?" Leah asked as she answered her phone. Her vocie was so perfect! Time to give that up!
"I just want to be friends, well less than friends," I said the words slowly spilling out of my mouth. I need to tell hang up, I knew I did.
"What? Why?" I could hear the tears in her voice. I didn't really know how to answer that.
"We just don't connect," I lied. Truth be told, Leah is the only girl I have only hada spark fly with.
"Ok well, bye. Have a good life!" she screamed. That would probably be the last time I hear her voice, yelling at me over the phone.
"Leah don't hate me, please," I begged, that voice didn't come up often.
"TO LATE," she screamed and hung up the phone.
"I love you," I whispered into the dead line.
"Happy freaking birthday," I said to myself as I closed the phone.
i really like ur story.. when r u gonna update??????? plzzz send me a msg when u do :)
waiting :)
gosh im really sorry, i just got outta school, better be ready for more!!!
<3 rhian
wow!! great story cant wait to read more!!


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