The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1 part
Leah's POV

chapter one part one i hated when mom when out of town, but this time i when with her and so did Seth, my stupid little brother, i love him he is my little brother and ever since Sam imprinted on Emily and dumped me i had become a distastful, bitter, unwanted whichy jerk. it was the only way i could stop myself everyday from breaking out and crying. we had just got off the plane in New York when i saw a boy about my age staring at that moment it felt like i had just drop every peice of my life for this boy. i couldnt help but star as he did the same. finally, he got the corage to come talk to me. i told mom to wait right there. she just nodded and talked to Seth. like i cared for a moment i forgot who Seth was.

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chapter 1 part 2
"hi, i'm Daren Thompson." the tall blonde boy said. my heart studdered.
"um... hi i'm... happy to meet you," i had forgot my own name. Crap this really does suck.
"may i ask what your name is?" Daren asked. I suddenly remember like i needed him to ask me or i couldnt say it.
"Yes. My name is Leah Clearwater."
"do you live here?" was his first question, wait where was i again um... New York thats right.
"oh no, no. I live extremely far away. do you live here?" i hope he lived close to me a long distance relationship. Super...NOT.
"Acually, i'm moving today. My dad said something like Spoons or Nives or something along that. he likes cold places," he said and my face felt red.
"i think you mean Forks, Washington," i said correcting. really attractive, smooth move i said to myself.
"Um were you spying on me or something?" he asked and right then i noticed he had a scar right next to his where his lips meet. i wanted to kiss it so bad and move on and keep kissing tell i got to his neck.
"no. not at all. acually i live in forks my mom came here to visit my aunt."
" wow. i guess i will be seeing you around but i have to go. may i have your number?" he asked. i almost just told him that its under angel of your dreams in the phonebook but thought maybe thats rude.
"ya." i pulled out paper and a pencil from my bag and wrote down my number but told him that im not there a lot and if idont answer im out doing stuff. neither of us were ready to say good-bye but had to.
love it about time she is happy
thanks this is my second one but first to get a reply to. lol (:
chapter 2
Deven's POV
"i think you mean Forks, Washington," this angel said to me. um thats weird how did she know that?
"um were you spying on me or something?"
"no. not at all.acually i live in forks my mom came here to visit my aunt," oh my god thank you dad! lets hope i have a chance.
"wow. i guess i will see you around. may i have your number?" i knew i was going to get rejected but that didnt matter i still wanted to try.
"ya," i almost turned around and jumped up and down but i didnt show anything on my face. she gave me her number but she said that shes not their alot and if she didnt answer then she was out doing stuff. great we all knew what that ment - um i dont really like you but i dont want to hurt you. i wasnt ready to say good-bye but i had to.
Something about this girl made me feel... whole like i had been missing a piece. Ok so today I was moving to some place called Forks, Washington. I wasnt to happy about that tell that's where this I girl i just met live, Leah. i was kiding myself she was so breath taking and im just a normal guy. well im still going to call her, but ill wait for like a week. i got on the plane my dad sitting next to me.
"why are you smiling so hard? i thought you didnt want to move," my dad had no idea how much i owed him.
"i met this girl, Leah. guess what?" i knew he would get it wrong.
"she gave you her number. because if thats it no long distance calling got it!" that reminded me i pulled my phone out and put the number in.
"well that and there will be no llong distance calling!" i told him my smile got wider.
"does she live in like Washington or something?" he asked. well of course duh.
"even better she lives in forks."
"ok well im going to sleep now. goodnight."
"goodnight, dad."
ok i know a lot of ppl arent reading my story. i dont mind thats find those of you who are thanks hope you enjoy if anyones out there. i hope you like it. i do thats all that thats matters.

chapter 3 Seth's POV
I looked at my mom, Sue, was starring at something. then i remembered Leah was talking to some boy. probaly telling him off. i laughed at that thought, then i turned to see Leah give me a really fast glance. as though she didnt wanna look my way long because sh like talking to this boy. im so glad i have wolfy hearing. i zoomed in on their conversation.
"wow. i guess i will be see you around. may i have your number?" that last sentence rememinded me of Edward always being polite. I could already see the rejection in the boys eyes, but to both, i think his name is deven and i, she gave it to him. i let out another chuckle not loud enough for Leah to hear. then it hit me like a wall of bricks. Leah wasnt being bitter she was sweet. i laughed loud enough for her to hear and as she turned to look at me i looked in her eyes and saw it their. she turned to face the boy again. she had just imprinted! i almost jumped for joy. her broken, mismatched heart had just been replaced with a full, shiny brand new one. My sister was happy. she wouldnt scream at the pack or break down and cry in her room. i knew she thought i couldnt hear her but i did. it made me had sam at some points. she knew and i knew that it wasnt really Sam's fault, he had imprinted just like she was doing! i turned to looked at my mom. oh great i figuired it out then Billy hadnt told her about imprinting.
"she imprinted," i said i knew what her answer whould be whats that?.
" what"s that?'' she said a smug smile spread acroos my face knowing i was right.
"that's her other half. that boy she will marry she ill give anything for that boy. she would drop the whole world for him. her heart that was broken, by sam who had also imprinted on Emily, is now sewed up."
"oh ok."
"just ask Billy later he will explain it more better. ok here she comes. she will be talking about him for like ever. his name is Deven," i said she just nodded.
OMG OMG love it more OMG
chapter 4 Deven's POV
I keep playing that moment i met Leah. after a while of playing it i remembered her loooking at a boy, but only for a second. i right then my heart stunk. that was probaly her stupid boyfriend. i wish i was that lucky, to have that wonderful pretty girl in my arms. the bot had dark brown hair and eyes. he had a white shirt on so it showed his abs off, probably for the girl i wanted, no needed, Leah. She was perfect. all i could ever dream of, pretty yet smart and not a big ego. i thought her face light up when she saw me, guess i was wrong knowing she had a guy waiting for her. didnt she say her mom came her to visit her aunt. i remember that sentence perfect. i thought then what if she was only here with family. what if that wasnt her boyfriend but her... husband? i gulped real hard trying to hold in a cry i didnt want the flight attendent to call for help or something.
I really wouldnt have a chance then. i wanted to cry for my mommy, but knowing i had never met her that would really not help. great my dad was looking at me... and hard too. i turned to face him.
"What's wrong Deven?" Oh please dont make me talk, well try to talk. i really dont want to scream. well here it goes.
"Dad you know that girl i was talking about?" he just looked at me like i was crazy or had a dumped face on. well i had something worst inside of me. Being dumpedd i can handle this was way worse, i dont think i can live without Leah.
"I think she's ma-ma-married," i stumbled over the last words. I saw my dad's face. it pretty much said oh. great my son is on crack or is crazy.
"really? you sure about that?"
"i hope not," was all i could manged to say.
"okay you know what i think you need to sleep," he said. ya like i need to have nightmares of her making out with that stupid boy. Oh please no images please i just keep thinging that and they never came.
"you go to sleep first, then i will go," is what i said.
"fine good night little worry bug."
"sure, sure. worry is my second nature." it really is. What if thats just her brother. i mean she does look a lot like him. my dad fell asleep and i followed soon after.

i know its extemely short. i have so much homework to do. i promise i will add more to his point of view tommorow. hope you like what is there. not a lot though. sorry.
OMG OMG MORE LOVE it I am Happy leah is happy I was read one of the leah imprints storys and she imprints on a girl but cant find it OMG LOVE this story
sorry i wont be able to post tommorow. its my birthday!! so this is going to be chapter 4 continued

chapter 4 continued Deven's POV (his dream)
i was running, running through a forest. i didnt know what from where i was going or where i am. all i could see is thick layers of branches with shapes moving though them. they looked like dogs i keep running. i soon reached a small house and next to it was.. was Leah? why was Leah out here in these dangerous woods? its one thing for me but for her she could get hurt. i stared at her not knowing what to do or say. i then noticed she was... shaking? why was she shaking? what was following me? who's house is that? i had never seen Leah outside that airport that one day. none of this make sense. i soon left where i stood to go hold her so she wasnt cold or scared. i took one step towards her, she took one step away. from who me? i turned around no ones behind me. great, now she's afraid of me. right then a ear peircing howl over took the forest. Leah's eyes looked into the forest and then to me and she took off running. i ran hard and fast trying to get to her. "Leah, Leah, Leah," i keep screaming it. where did she go? now i was shaking. whats going on.
"Come on Deven, time to get up," someone was saying, sounded like my dad. o i was dreaming.
"Eh, really Dad didnt you want me to go to sleep?" i had drowsy eyes and was opening and closing them slow.
"well the plane landed." What plane what is he talking about? oh ya Forks, Washington. Leah. i shot straight up.
"ok let's go!" i was so excited to see Leah.
"ok, ok slow down. i think i liked it better when you were sleeping."
"Whatever," really nothing could bring me down. Leah would soon be back and i would call her.

ok this is the rest of chapter 4 its short too. it just completes the last post. i will post chapter 5 maybe tommorow night or thursday night one of the 2. thanks to all my fans (1) haha. i made a joke.
i likey ... keep me posted and read mine its called everlasting wishes and its in the fanfic group :) if you search it it will be the one with my pic next to it :)
I will send a email to all my friend to read this OMG love it THANK u
I like the story is good the leah get imprinted too.


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