The Twilight Saga

I was thinking that everyone always needs to improve their writing, but sometimes it's hard to find ways how to. Or just writing down a story is hard because the mind goes blank but I have thought of an idea. We did this in English class to help with the flow of thinking. Someone writes a paragraph and then someone else writes another and it gets passed around. I think this would be fun, get four or five people to join. I know this sounds a lot like a Role Play but no one would have one character, it would be like a story. If anyone is interested please tell me. I'd love to start something like this. 

Thanks for listening! 


People Interested

 The Girl With Arrows {Olivia}™  (Me)


 Love Dance



Jesse Desplat 

 ηικκι (of TTS)™


Characters Of The Story 

Blair Evans - The main girl who is a vampire. 

Lily Evans - Blair's little sister who is human

Jensen Zorn-Everwood - Blair's best friend. 



Plot-Line (Idea By ηικκι)

There are a group of teenagers, each a supernatural being.

The main character a vampire, her best friend a werewolf, and maybe a ghost or demon along with them?

Blair can also be attempting to protect her young human sister Lily, because her parents aren't alive.

And maybe the friends fight eviler beings than themselves.

And then they find out they are about to face a much larger evil than their everyday supernatural?

Blair was bitten by a vampire when she jumped in front of her sister to save her. 


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I tried this too! I think i would like to try.

Yay, I am glad to get people on board. I think we should have a set number and order because we don't want things getting confusing. I hope more people want to along with you. :)

I like it, I am a big write, but I always get writers block, this could really help :)

Yeah I know, same thing for me. This really does help clear your mind. I really liked doing it in class which is why I brought it up here. :) I think, if ScaryEyes still wanted to do it then the three of us could start this :)

I like the idea and would like to help if i could.

That be great! 

We can soon, first I think we need to think of a small plot-line to follow, nothing to in depth bust something simple. Like I said above, this could be really fun! I mean this is very different from a Role Play.  

I can't wait! but to just let you know i won't be able to have internet acsess untill next sunday. :(

Alright - thanks for telling me, I will not start till then

Thank you. my parents are anoying with the parental settings.

I like this

Glad this is attracting people :) 

I was thinking that when we start, which I think will be very soon, we need to have an order of who goes after who. It will be more organized and will not be confused if two people post. 

okay, will we have like a story line or can we just post random paragraphs of stories or just thoughts that we had we wanted to write about


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