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A/N This is a story about Emmett Cullen, and his love interest when he was human. What happens when his love interest finds him when Emmett's a vampire?


Chapter 1 Heartbreak Love Song (Emmett's POV)


"Babe, it's okay, trust me." I grabbed my girl friend Ashley's waist, as we jumped off the cliff into the water; she screamed as I laughed at her, we hit the water soon enough. When I came up, Ashley was already half way to the shore; I swam after her, I caught her leg as I pulled her back to me.


"EM!" She laughed, as she put her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck; she kissed my lips softly, as it started raining on us in the water.


"Race ya Ash?"


"You're on my love." She said as she took off swimming away from me. I swam quickly after her, she beat me to the shore by a full 4 seconds; but just as I was about to grab her to kiss her; her brother Jared pulled up to the beach.


"Ash! It's time to go home!" She waved goodbye, as she got into the car, see the year is 1935, I am dating the most richest girl in Gatlinburg, Ashley Nova; but Ashley doesn't act like that what so ever. I began to walk home in my soaking wet clothes, I took a short cut through the woods; I quickly turned around when I heard the sound of a twig snap... There was a 9 foot black bear, standing over me with his mouth wide open; I tried running away, but the bear grabbed me..... 


Chapter 2 When Your Gone (Ashley's POV)


My boyfriend Emmett McCarty has been declared...gone. My soul went with him, when he left me there at the beach, I thought I'd be able to see him again; but no....... I wish I would've properly gotten to say goodbye to him, but all I did was wave; I will never, ever get to see my Emmett's smile, his dimples ever again.........................................


2 Days later......


"Ash! Come here please!" Jared screamed, see Jared's changed since he came back from college, he has golden eyes instead of his dark blue ones.


"Yes brother?" His eyes weren't golden anymore, they were a fiery bright red; he lunged at me, I soon felt something being taken out of me... But out of nowhere, a huge reddish brown colored wolf type thing came through the door tearing Jared off of me; after I saw the wolf rip apart Jared; Victoria, Jared's girlfriend came through the door smirking at me.


"Welcome to this life of burning H**l." She sneered, as I looked back at the wolf, I watched it go back to a human, it was my father's best friend, Ephraim.


"Ashley, it'll be okay I promise." He picked me up, running out the door; then what seemed like fire erupted into my body, making me go into convulsions.


"Ephraim where are we going?" I questioned through clenched teeth.


"La Push."




A/N Does this seem like a good start? Sorry, it's so short, I just needed to know...

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Sounds great! Please write more.
Okay(: Thanks, I will[:
ashley itss bomb!!!! txt me wen u update it!!! thnx
Lol thanks(: I think I might do a updated later today...
This story is not bad. Very good, perhaps. Must read MORE to make a good decision.... *HINT HINT*
Hahaha thanks(:

A/N This chapter takes place in the time of New Moon(: When Emmett and Rosalie go to Africa.


Chapter 3 I Hate Everything About You (Emmett's POV)


"ROSALIE HALE LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed, walking into our rental house slamming the door, she walked off crying tearless sobs; she just told me that she has been cheating on me for 2 years. I wonder what had happened to Ashley Nova, my soul mate; the only girl that would every truly love me it seems like; I miss her so much.......... But now that I think about it, I wish I had never walked home; I wish I would've asked Jared for a ride that down so I would have been able to grow old with Ashley, maybe have kids...... I can never have kids now, although I want them so bad; I want little Emmett's running around here....




A/N Now it skips to Eclipse while the Cullens are chasing Victoria through the forest.



"You sure this is where you saw her?" Carlisle questioned.

"She's almost here..." We waited for Alice's go. "On your left." We bolted after Victoria, I had my hand on her shoulder, but she flipped me off of her, making me land into a tree, we ran as fast as we could.

"Wait she's in their territory."-Carlisle. 


"She'll get away!!!" Esme screamed.


"No She won't!" Jasper almost had Victoria, but she flipped out of his way.

"EMMETT NO!" Rosalie screamed, as I stopped I was just about to jump the ravine; but something fast flew past us, as it tackled Victoria, Victoria crashed to the ground with this girl on top of her.


"My, my Vicky, you look good for being 90 years old." A voice like bells said, as she snarled at Victoria getting up.


"Ashley Nova, you think you can destroy me?"


"Watch me." Wait, was this my Ashley Nova? No it couldn't be... Just then, this Ashley chick bit down on Victoria's neck, tearing her head off; she tore the rest of her body apart. Her back was always towards us, so we could never see who she really was.


"Jake, give me my lighter." The reddish brown wolf kicked it's paw at something on the ground, as this chick caught it, lighting Victoria on fire. "Well you s****d little b***h that's what you get for making me live a life of burning h**l." The Quileutes ran out of the woods congratulating this chick, as Sam looked up towards us. 


"Cullens, this is Ashley Nova; the Quileute's honorary half-vampire... She's been in the tribe since even before the elders met you guys." Ashley turned around, and I saw the love of my life, a girl I haven't seen in almost 80 years, my soul mate Ashley Nova.


"Emmett? Is that really you?" I looked Ashley in her dark blue eyes, mesmerized like I always was by her eyes.


"Yes Ashie, it is me..." She ran towards me arms spread wide open, she jumped into my arms knocking me down on the ground; I hugged Ashley tightly, she kissed my cheek as she got up helping me up. "Ashley how are you a half-vampire?"


"Well, it's quite a long story.. So if I may, can I come back with you guys to your house?" I looked at Carlisle and Esme hopeful, they nodded as Ashley turned to the Quileutes. "All of you, run the perimeter of both Forks, and La Push; you smell something, you know which howl for me to come." They all nodded, as I motioned for Ashley to follow us...



Chapter 4 Girlfriend (Ashley's POV)


So here we are, sitting in my soul mate's house; him with his wife Rosalie, who seems like a stuck up b***h. Like straight up.


"Well Emmett after you were supposed to be gone, I was heart broken beyond repair, then one day Jared came home with fiery bright red eyes; he bit me, but Jacob's great-grandfather saved me... Jared only had enough venom in me to change me into a half-vampire; Victoria was Jared's girlfriend, so yeah... Ever since then I've been living in La Push, pretty much everyone of the tribe elders' families all know about me; but for the past 16 years, I've been studying in Italy, France, Rome, and then just recently I was in Mexico when I found Victoria... She ran from me, so I tracked her all the way here. But when I was in Italy I met the Volturi, and they told me about Carlisle's diet, and I adopted it." I said smiling towards Carlisle, my deep dimples showing.


"Wow Ashley that's some story..." Esme said, as I laughed.


"Um thanks?" Em and Rosalie left then, they went up stairs, I was starting to like this Cullen family. They were really cool, Alice and I seem like we're going to be close; if if we're complete opposites.


"ROSALIE REALLY! YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T DO IT ANYMORE! WHY DO YOU INSIST ON BREAKING MY HEART INTO A MILLION PIECES EVERY TIME YOU TELL ME THIS! STOP YOUR CHEATING ON ME, OR ELSE I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN, AND OUR MARRIAGE IS DONE!" Emmett screamed, as we all ran up stairs, Jasper kicked the door in, as Esme ran in grabbing Rosalie by the ear, and literally throwing her down the stairs.


"Rosalie Hale, get out of this house right this instant. You will never be aloud anywhere near my family ever again, goodbye Rosalie." Esme said as Rosalie ran out of the house; Emmett broke down crying tear less sobs.


"Emmie I'm so sorry......" I said sitting down on the floor next to him, I tried soothing him, but absolutely nothing worked.




A/N I hope you like it(: Please comment.

i love it post more please (:
YAY! DING!DONG!THE WITCH IS GONE THE WHICH OLE'  WITCH THE WICKED WITCH?!DING!DONG!THE WICKED WITCH IS GONE!!!!! lol i just had too sry teehee! post more its soo awesome!!!!!!!!
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Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!!
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