The Twilight Saga

Written By: Faith Burdine
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Why would he want me? What did I have to offer him? But then I realized, it wasn’t about love… it was about power. About money. It was all clicking together. He, who was next in line for the thrown, just used me. He didn’t love me, and no matter what he says, or does it was and still is all a lie. I believed with all my heart that he loved me, and I thought we would spend forever together, when actually, he just wanted to be king. He murdered my father and played with my heart. And I fell for it, I let him in. He knows everything… enough to kill me. That is why I am standing here, awaiting my fate. Will I be killed, for my secret past that only he would know about, or will I become a slave in the castle. Whichever was my verdict, it was better than sulking. Sulking in the fact that, he didn’t love me. And no matter what I want to believe, he still doesn’t. I can see the darkness of his blue eyes as he looks at me. I can tell he truly is heartless. “Katharine, we have come to your verdict.” I am Katharine McLane, 18 years old. I fell in love with the heartless creature that put me to trial, Matthew Simons. This is my story of love, betrayal and possibly…. Death.

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Chapter 1

“Katharine?” I heard my father call down. I was in my room getting fitted for our annual ball. We host a ball celebrating my fathers rule in the kingdom. But this time was different. You see, my father is the king of Trinivantin, and he has gotten older and will no longer be able to be king. This ball will be my father handing the throne over to me. The ball will be held at the end of next month, and I was being fitted for a gown to wear for that day. However, the reason, or the most likely, reason my father was calling me down to the throne room was because I was to be married to the one he thought was best suited king for me. Since I was to be queen, I would need a husband who could rule with me.

“There you are Ms. Katharine.” My aunt told me, she was the best tailor in the land, and it is only fit that royalty be fitted by the best. “Thank you Aunt Helen.” I gave her a hug. She was my mothers older sister. My mother died when she was giving birth to me. My father never remarried because he had loved and still does love my mother greatly and felt he was betraying her. Since my father never remarried, I am an only child. That is why I will be handed the kingdom. I undressed out of the purple floor length dress and redressed into my simple light pink dress that was also floor length, but was short sleeved. I went down to the first floor of our castle and met up with my father.

To my surprise, there was no young man wishing to be the king, just me father and his guards. “Good morning Lady Katharine.” “Good morning to you to Russ.” Russ had been my friend ever since I was a child. He is my father’s dear, and oldest friend. And also a loyal guard. I was 18 now and he was still my favorite of the guard. He smiled and escorted me into the throne room. “Hello my dear daughter.” My father got up from his throne and came over to me and hugged me. “Hello father.” I smiled my brilliant smile, that many people say dazzles them. “Daughter, could you go to the market and pick up a few things for tonight’s guests?” We had invited our sister kingdom, Dubonna. We had just made a treaty, ending the 3 decade war.

“Of course father.” He smiled. “Take Russ with you, for protection.” I nodded my head and kissed my elderly father on his cheek and was then led out to the market place by Russ. “Kathy, how do you feel about being queen?” He asked me when we left the palace walls. Him and I are very close, and when we don’t have to, we don’t address one another formally. “Oh, I don’t know Russ, I am very nervous yet excited. The one thing that really had me worried is that I must be married. How am I going to find someone who loves me for me, and not because I will be queen?” By this time we were in town and heading to the bread market. “Kathy, you don’t. Your father however does. He knows who will be best for you. You need not have fear that your father will choose the wrong man. How about you go get the bread and I will go over there and get the fruit?”

The fruit wagon was not faraway. I nodded my head. His words gave me some comfort, but not a lot. I went over and grabbed the freshest smelling bread. I leaned my hand down to get it, but instead of touching bread it touched…. A hand. I pulled my hand away fast and looked up. “I am so…” I couldn’t finish my sentence. I could barely finish my thought. I looked up and saw a dashing young man. He has light brown hair that shined in the sun. His bright blue eyes let me read into his mind. His smiled, was perfect. Straight. If this is what my smiled does to people, I now know what it is like to be dazzled. “I am terribly sorry Miss.” He said in his tenor, husky voice. “It is quite alright sir.” I barley made it out of my mouth. My voice was no longer working.

“My apologizes, my name is Matthew Simons. You are?” I shook my head to clear it. “My name is Katharine.” I put my hand out and he kissed the top. “Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Katharine.” “Miss.” I corrected him. He smiled his dazzling smile once more. I lost my train of thought again. “You may have the bread if you wish, I don’t really need it. It was just for diner.” He told me, handing me the bread. I smiled my brilliant smile to try to dazzle him, whether it worked I will never know. “Why thank you sir, but won’t your wife have a problem with that?” He laughed a little bit then replied, “No, I am not married, it was for a friend but I would rather you have it.” He smiled again.

“Kathy, you father will get worried if you are not home, we must be leaving now.” I heard Russ say, but was too lost in Matthew’s eyes. “Ms. Katharine? I think that gentleman was talking to you.” I heard Matthew say. I then snapped out of the trance he had me under and nodded my head. “Will I get to see you again?” I asked him, hoping I would. He smiled. “Perhaps, will you like to meet me tomorrow, right here?” He asked. “Yes, I would indeed enjoy that.” He kissed my hand again and said good bye and walked away. I went over to Russ and he had a smile, but it was a sad smile. “What is wrong Russ?” “You are a princess Lady Katharine, your father will not let you see a peasant.”

I was pulled back into reality. Russ was correct. Father wouldn’t allow me to date a commoner. “But, maybe… just maybe, he didn’t know I was seeing Matthew. What if he thought I was going to the market to get food?” I asked Russ, I was never the one to not follow the rules, or lie. But Matthew was a gentleman. And as far as I know, he didn’t know who I was. This could work. Russ sighed. “If you wish to date the young man, I have no objections. I will ,and so will your aunt, Help make it work. But if we get caught, you do know the consequences right?” He asked me. “Indeed…. I do.”
good start,keep writing it is very good.
Love it keep me posted
Chapter 2; Matthew’s Pov

Finally the day we leave for Trinivantin. My father was all for peace and love with them, but after his death my uncle was now king. My father and I never saw eye to eye. He always thought I was irresponsible and needed a lot of growing up before he could trust the kingdom to me. So, his younger brother, my uncle Vlad Simons, was the king. Little did my naive father know, my uncle was war and hatred to our sister kingdom. He wanted their demise and he wanted to be the one who did it. My uncle and I are terribly alike, alike in the way that we had no feelings toward anyone. We never cared who got hurt because we were selfish and did everything we could to get what we want.

That was another reason my father and I didn’t get along. I was too much like my uncle. I am selfish, I have lied, cheated and stole to get what I want, and this is no different. The only reason we are going to Trinivantin is because the king there has a daughter about a year younger than me and he needs to marry her off so she can be queen. My uncle and I have been going over the plans for quite awhile. And we finally came up with the best one. But before it goes into action, we have to meet her and the king. “Nephew, come. We are leaving now.” My uncle called to me.

I was in the spare room and making sure I looked good enough to leave. Did I mention I am very handsome. I have courted all the women in our land, even the married. They all love me, but can I really disagree? I then ran the comb through my hair once more and left to get in the carriage. It was about a two hour long ride there, so my uncle and I decided to go over the plans again. “Now Matthew, when you see her you know what to do right?” He asked. I nodded my head. I was the one who came up with the plan. “Before you go to the castle I want you to get a piece of bread, for our hosts.” He told me. “Why don’t you?” I asked back. He glared at me, “Because I am the king, you are the prince.” I grunted and looked out the window of the carriage, hoping that we get what we want.

We finally made it to the kingdom. The carriage stopped abruptly. “Get out. We are at the market.” My uncle told me, well more like threatened. I rolled my eyes and got out. As soon as I stepped foot out of the carriage it was off. “B-stard.” I mumbled under my breath. Then straightened out my outfit and ran my hand through my light brown hair. I had been thinking of what the princess was going to look like. Probably ugly. I am predicting horrid brown hair and an over sized nose. Like her father. Then probably too small lips, like her mothers. However I knew nothing of what the princess looked like, I only knew her name, Katharine McLane.

I started to smell the fresh smelling bakery. I was close to the bread. The first stage of the operation was to suck up to them. Make them think we want to be friends, then strike. The bakery was right in front of me, the town is too small to govern. I walked over and found the freshest piece, but a hand was what I got. I was going to say a rude remark, but I heard the sweetest voice. It was like the angels in heaven decided to give this human the gift of a beautiful voice. I look up and see the angels also granted her with beauty as well. She had dark brown hair, but not too dark. It was lightly curled at the ends, which went down to her waist. She had the most inviting brown eyes. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Her eyebrows lifted up a little bit but went back to normal. “I am terribly sorry Miss.” She looked bewildered but gained composure. She then spoke her beautiful voice again.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have never felt more than lust for a woman, it’s just this one that caught my attention a little better than the other women. “It is quite alright sir.” I decided to tell her my name, I didn’t want to sound rude. She then told me her name. She had a lovely name, to go with her lovely voice, that also went well with her beauty. I kissed her hands, not because I was trying to be regal, but because I wanted to feel her soft ivory hands on my lips. I couldn’t tell you what the conversation consisted of, because all I was aware of was this creature, too beautiful for her own good. Then a mad came over to take her away. I felt an odd feeling like I wanted to fight for her to stay with me, but let her go on her way. But what really made me happy, was she wanted to see me again.

Of course, who could resist this creature, definitely not I. She then left, my Katharine. Then thought, she will never be mine, the princess will. I get stuck with an ugly little girl, when this woman was walking around single.
LOVE it! =)
You were lying when you said this was going to be good.

Its amazingg !
I lovee it. Hope you update soon <33


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