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A/N This is a story about Emmett Cullen, and his love interest when he was human. What happens when his love interest finds him when Emmett's a vampire?


Chapter 1 Heartbreak Love Song (Emmett's POV)


"Babe, it's okay, trust me." I grabbed my girl friend Ashley's waist, as we jumped off the cliff into the water; she screamed as I laughed at her, we hit the water soon enough. When I came up, Ashley was already half way to the shore; I swam after her, I caught her leg as I pulled her back to me.


"EM!" She laughed, as she put her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck; she kissed my lips softly, as it started raining on us in the water.


"Race ya Ash?"


"You're on my love." She said as she took off swimming away from me. I swam quickly after her, she beat me to the shore by a full 4 seconds; but just as I was about to grab her to kiss her; her brother Jared pulled up to the beach.


"Ash! It's time to go home!" She waved goodbye, as she got into the car, see the year is 1935, I am dating the most richest girl in Gatlinburg, Ashley Nova; but Ashley doesn't act like that what so ever. I began to walk home in my soaking wet clothes, I took a short cut through the woods; I quickly turned around when I heard the sound of a twig snap... There was a 9 foot black bear, standing over me with his mouth wide open; I tried running away, but the bear grabbed me..... 


Chapter 2 When Your Gone (Ashley's POV)


My boyfriend Emmett McCarty has been declared...gone. My soul went with him, when he left me there at the beach, I thought I'd be able to see him again; but no....... I wish I would've properly gotten to say goodbye to him, but all I did was wave; I will never, ever get to see my Emmett's smile, his dimples ever again.........................................


2 Days later......


"Ash! Come here please!" Jared screamed, see Jared's changed since he came back from college, he has golden eyes instead of his dark blue ones.


"Yes brother?" His eyes weren't golden anymore, they were a fiery bright red; he lunged at me, I soon felt something being taken out of me... But out of nowhere, a huge reddish brown colored wolf type thing came through the door tearing Jared off of me; after I saw the wolf rip apart Jared; Victoria, Jared's girlfriend came through the door smirking at me.


"Welcome to this life of burning H**l." She sneered, as I looked back at the wolf, I watched it go back to a human, it was my father's best friend, Ephraim.


"Ashley, it'll be okay I promise." He picked me up, running out the door; then what seemed like fire erupted into my body, making me go into convulsions.


"Ephraim where are we going?" I questioned through clenched teeth.


"La Push."




A/N Does this seem like a good start? Sorry, it's so short, I just needed to know...

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Chapter 18 Smooth Criminal Part 1  (Ashley's POV)


Everyday I have to wear sweat shirts now, the Quileutes all knew from Sunday dinner when we went to First Beach to go swimming; they could see the little bump inside my stomach. Right now Alice is measuring for my wedding dress... Just great, that means Alice will know that I'm pregnant, so her, Carlisle, and Edward all know; I couldn't hide it from Edward that well when the Quileute's found out.


"Ash take your sweatshirt off."


"No." I'll try to fit it.


"I'll take it off for you." She growled, as I looked taken back, so I quickly took it off; as she stared at my growing tummy. "Your pregnant!" She screeched/whispered. I nodded, as she screamed and threw her arms around me in a hast; I laughed as she hugged me tightly.


"Okay Alice, hurry up and measure before everybody gets back, now the only people that know are you, Carlisle, and Edward so don't say anything to anybody. Got it little Pixie?" She laughed and nodded, as she finished measuring me; see the wedding is in one week, and I'm nervous as h**l. I put my sweatshirt back on as Jacob ran into Alice's room, and tackled me on the floor, kissing my cheek.


"Ash, time for some baseball with the Cullens." He smiled as he got up off of me, helping me off the floor; Esme came in then with a Cullen jersey on, she had 2 other jersey's in her hand. She handed me mine, and on the back of it, it said Nova instead of Cullen; I laughed at it, as I went into the bathroom to put on the really loose jersey; thank god it's loose, Alice handed me a pair of baseball pants, socks, and kleets. I put them on, and walked out of Alice's bathroom, she sat me down on her bed as she put my hair into a high ponytail, and then put a hat on me.


"Thanks Alice." I smiled, as Esme, Alice, and I linked arms and walked down stairs; the boys were waiting for us, Emmett ran to the stairs and bent down in front of me; I laughed at my soon-to-be husband, and jumped over him. He would feel how big my stomach is if he gave me a piggy back ride.


"Is everybody ready to go?" We all nodded, as Emmett grabbed my hand and smiled at me, we took off running out the front door; soon enough we reached the baseball clearing.



(Emmett's POV)


Ashley has been acting weirdly since we made love; I wonder if I wasn't good? Maybe that's why Rosalie cheated on me for all those years. We made it to the baseball clearing in no time; the speakers, food area, and everything else was set up perfectly; Ashley sat down then as she started to stretch her legs out.


"Babe, why are you stretching?" She shrugged her shoulders laughing, the wolves waltzed into the clearing then, Sam had Emily and Claire on his back, Paul had Rachael on his, Kim was on Jared's, Billy was on Jacob's, Old Quil was on Embry's back, and Sue was on Seth's; then the rest of the wolves had food and chairs on their backs.


"Do you guys need help?!" Carlisle yelled to Sam, as Sam nodded; Ashley got up then, and walked over to Jacob.


"Hello Billy!"


"Hi Ash! I miss ya, you haven't been around lately." He said scowling at me, she got his wheelchair down from his back, and then lifted him off of Jacob's back. "Thanks baby girl."


"Any time Billy." She winked, as the rest of the wolves went back to phase; Claire ran over to Ashley and I.


"Auntie Ashie, up, up, up!" Ashley picked her up quickly, as Clarie's hand went to Ashley's stomach. "Auntie Ashie, your tummy is bigger, have you been eating a lot more again!" I was confused...


"Why yes Claire, I have. Speaking of, I'm kind of hungry; Emmett can you hold Claire for a minute while I go find something to eat?" I nodded, as Claire's warm body was placed in my ice old arms. 



(Ashley's POV)



Phew, close one there; I found some hot Cheetos, as I walked back over to Claire and Em; they were playing a guessing game.


"Auntie Ashie! I want one! Uncle Jared gave me a bag the other day! I love them!" I laughed, as I gave her one. Jasper came over talking to Emmett; but when Emmett wasn't looking Claire shoved a hot Cheeto down Emmett's throat. "Uncle Emmett! It's good huh!" Emmett smiled  with a grossed out looking smile, while I dropped to the floor with Jasper laughing...




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luv it ash!!  oh and IM FIRST!! XD yay lol

Chapter 18 Part 2 (Emmett's POV)


After Claire shoved that Hot Cheeto down my throat, I swallowed it with a very groos look on my face; as Carlisle called all of us to go play basketball. Sam the team captain for the wolves, and then Carlisle was the captain for the vampires; but then Ashley came over and flipped the coin.


"Wait why is Ashley doing this?" I questioned curious.


"Carlisle told me I can't play, so I'm the ref." She said laughed, as Sam and Carlisle called it; Sam called tails, and it ended up being on tails. "So how my game works, whoever gets it on the coin toss is in the field first."


"Hey! That's no fair, Ashley's gonna give the Cullens special treatment!" Seth whined.


"Not even, I don't even like most of them..." She said laughing, as we all got set around the baseball field; Bella was sitting with Emily over at the food table while we all got set up. I was up first to bat; Sam pitched the ball at me, when I hit it, thunder struck through the field; I raced around the bases, I slid into home as Jacob threw the ball at Paul. Paul's glove hit my foot right before it touched home plate. "OUT!!!!" Ashley called smirking at me, as I stared at her with a open mouth.


"Your my fiancee, and your not gonna say that I made it home?!?" I kind of screamed at her.


"Yupp, I play fair." She said laughing, as I stomped off super pissed..................................................







more later(: btw this is written by ashley but on her cousins account(:

Hahahahah Emmett!!!! of course you're not getting special treatment!!!!! Hahahahah can't wait for more!!

*Sneak Preview since I can't update for a while*



Chapter 19 Bridges Burning (Ashley's POV)


Today, December 1st will be one of the most special days to remember... It's the day Emmett and I are getting married, finally. Alice is helping Esme get ready along with Emily, and Bella; see Emily is my maid of honor wearing a dark blue dress, while Bella and Alice are my bridesmaids wearing a light blue dress; and of course Claire is the little flower girl wearing a dark blue dress. I think it's finny because at the baseball game 3 days ago, the Wolves won, and all the Cullens are all mad at me because I didn't cheat for them; the only ones that aren't mad are Carlisle and Esme.


"So now we're all done, now let's help Ash put on her dress." Alice smiled, as I got down to only having my underwear on; Alice mad everyone else leave the room, as she helped me put on my dress. She carefully zipped it up; just in case if I've already gained a lot of baby weight. Finally we were done as the other girls came inside; as Esme handed them their flowers, she then walked down stairs and outside to sit down. I looked around at my very blue, black, and white house; our ceremony is taking place in a little meadow about 4 yards from my backyard; so Alice had lit up a little pathway for people to walk along....

awwwwwwww i cant wait for more!!!!!!! Cant wait for the wedding

"So now we're all done, now let's help Ash put on her dress." Alice smiled, as I got down to only having my underwear on; Alice mad everyone else leave the room, as she helped me put on my dress. She carefully zipped it up; just in case if I've already gained a lot of baby weight. Finally we were done as the other girls came inside; as Esme handed them their flowers, she then walked down stairs and outside to sit down. I looked around at my very blue, black, and white house; our ceremony is taking place in a little meadow about 4 yards from my backyard; so Alice had lit up a little pathway for people to walk along....


Our bridal party went to stand behind the little wall of trees and bushes, I looked around the wall to sneak a peek at Emmett; his black tux contrasted with his light skin color very sexily. Haha, finally it came time for us to start walking; the song Bridge Burning by the Foo Fighters came on, Alice walked down the isle with Jasper on her arms, next was Bella with Seth, then Emily and Edward.


"JACOB!" I screeched/whispered, he was late, and his eyes were red and puffy.


"Ash, I'm so sorry I'm late... It's just I was sad that you're not gonna be one of my best friends anymore..." He said, as I hugged him; Claire walked down the isle then throwing flowers on the ground. "Ash you look beautiful." Jake said as I blushed.


"Thank you Jake... But please, please, don't let me fall." I put my arm through his grabbing my bouquet of flowers; but I almost forgot, I slipped off my white heels very quickly, and put on my White Vans; I then got settled with Jake, as he laughed at me. We turned the corner of the wall as gasps came from all around us; I smiled and blushed; my face was mostly hidden with my veil as we walked towards the alter; when I got up there I took a look at Emmett again and him standing there with all his glory, smiling hugely at me.


"Who gives this woman to his man?" Carlisle aka the priest asked.


"Her best friend." With that being said, Jacob placed my hand in Emmett's, as I faced him. Carlisle went over the traditional stuff; but then it came to the vows. 


"Ashley, you go first..." Carlisle said.



A/N More later( :

Awwwww It's okay Jacob! I'll be your best friend! ;) haahahah can't wait for more!!!!!

Chapter 20 My Life Would Suck Without You (Emmett's POV)

I watched my soon to be wife walk down the aisle desperately holding onto Jake, (Bridesmaids outfits-  after Carlisle did some traditional stuff after the vows; Ash and I had everybody cracking up or saying awe at both of our vows.

"Emmett, please lift Ashley's veil." Finally I got tofullysee Ashley's face. "Now Emmett you may kiss your beautiful blushing bride." I grabbed Ashley in my huge arms, and kissed her, my ice cold lips pressing against her very warm ones; finally after whistles from all around I let go to see Ashley's beautiful blushing face. "It's my pleasure to announce for the first time, Emmett and Ashley Cullen!" Carlisle screamed as the crowd erupted in applause, as Ashley and I ran down the aisle. We went back into Ashley's house upstairs to her room, I tackled Ashley onto the bed laughing, as I kissed her very forcefully.

"Emmett Dale McCarthy Cullen, I love you till the end of eternity."

"Ashley Elizabeth Nova Cullen, your my soul, I love you too babe." I smiled, as Alice barged in grabbing me by the ear and slamming the door in my face.

"Emmett! Go down stairs for cocktail hour!" Alice screamed as I laughed.

(Alice's POV)

I ran up stairs to go change Ashley's clothes, after I threw Emmett out of the room, I turned to Ashley who was in la la land.

"Earth to Ashley!" I screamed waving a hand in front of her face, as she laughed.

"Yes Alice?"

"Time to get ready little girl." I dragged her to her bathroom, as I took off her dress carefully placing it back in the bag, and then grabbing her reception dress.

"Alice, thank you for the beautiful wedding, h**l this day couldn't be done without you Alice, thank you.." Ashley said as I slipped the dress over her head, and I started buttoning up the entire dress.

"Your welcome sweetie." I laughed, as she sat down in the chair, I took all the pins out of her hair, and combed everything out to make loose curls; there was a knock at the door then. Carlisle and Esme came in with a box in their hands.

"Here Ashley, you're apart of the Cullen family now." Esme and Carlisle said at the same time, as Carlisle opened the box; it was a Cullen Crest necklace.

"Oh my god! Thank you Carlisle and Esme!" She screamed hugging them, as they said you're welcome, and walked out. I put the necklace on Ashley, as she put her little ivory heels on, and the earrings.

"Okay you're good, now go and get your man." I laughed as Ashley smiled, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek; as she ran out the room and down stairs.

(Ashley's POV)

I ran down the stairs as people were congratulating me, and I finally found Emmett my husband. That sounds so right; he was outside standing with the Denali's.

"Look there Emmett, there's Ashley." I believe Tanya said as I walked over to them with a champagne glass in hand, I gave Emmett a hug and a kiss, as I turned to the Denali's. 

"Hello, we've never met but I've heard a lot about the "extended" family. I'm Ashley Nov- I mean Cullen; it's nice to meet all of you." I smiled towards them, as they came forward to give me a hug, the Denali's walked away as a couple of humans walked towards us.

"Hey Mike, Jessica, Angela, and Eric." Emmett smiled, as Mike turned to me.

"Hi there Ashley, I'm Mike, I just had to say you're absolutely gorgeous." I laughed.

"I don't think so, but thank you... Thank you all for coming to our wedding." I shook hands with everybody, Alice then called for everybody to sit down because it was time for Emmett and my first dance... This is it, I'm going to finally tell Emmett that I'm pregnant. Emmett spun me into a circle onto the dance floor, as I laughed at him; one of my hands went on his shoulder, and the other one held his hand, while his free hand went at my waist.

"Hey Emmett remember us talking a little while back about us not being able to have kids? And that we were both fine with that?"

"Yes babe why?" He questioned curious...

"Emmett Dale McCarthy Cullen, I'm pregnant..................................................................."

A/N Sorry for such a long wait, but I've been grounded.... I hope you liked the chapter, I'm thinking about writing a sequel but idk yet, so please let me know if I should... Please comment, and enjoy(:

new reader... awesome story(loved the weeding idea for emily/ sam also Ash/Emmett

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